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What Is Hosting And Domain

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Types Of Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Tutorial for Beginners: Domain Registration, DNS & How to Host a Website Explained

With numerous web hosting options available, it can be challenging to determine which one is best for your website.

Most web hosts offer different hosting packages for different types of customers from business website owners to personal blog creators.

Ideally, you should start with the simplest hosting solution. Once your site gets more traffic, you can upgrade to a more advanced plan. Feel free to check Hostingers hosting prices to get a general idea of the different types of hosting and their costs.

Lets take a look at some of the most popular ones available.

What Are The Benefits Of An Ssl Certificate

SSL certificates provide security to your website and are vital to protecting your sensitive and personal information. SSL certificates keep your online interactions and transactions private through encryption and gives your customers confidence. The benefits include:

  • Encrypts sensitive information – As info is passed from computer to computer on the way to the terminal server, these computers might have access to your important information. SSL certificate renders this information incomprehensible to everyone but the receiver and sender.
  • Authentication – Only verified companies that have undergone identity checks may be issued SSL certificates. This confirms that you are sending information to the right server.
  • Protects credit cards – To accept credit card information on a website, that site must obtain an SSL Certificate, which means that they have been audited and found to comply with PCI regulations.
  • Web Hosting Vs Data Center

    The term web hosting usually refers to the server that host your website or the hosting company that rent that server space to you.

    Data center usually refers to the facility that is used to house the servers.

    A data center could be a room, a house, or a very large building equipped with redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls ie. air conditioning, fire suppression, and security devices.

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    Look For These Features In Your Hosting Plan

    Free Domain

    Depending upon the plan signed, your business may be eligible for another free domain address. Lets assume your signed up for a business plan on WordPress WordPress, offers free domain name, mapping and transfer in addition to unlimited bandwidth and various other features. Free domains like these can be very tempting. We suggest getting that free domain but hosting your site still on the primary domain name you have already registered by now. You can use the redirect feature and use the secondary domain to route additional traffic to your website. Your brand might have additional visitors and some of them could convert into buying customers.Please look for those hosting plans which offer free domains. You can find some of those hosting providers in the Reviews Written by Tech Radar and Hosting Review

    Email addresses

    Your hosting plan should have email address setup or forwarding features on your domain. If you want outlook integration, look for providers that have easy and DIY setup options. Email services usually start at $5 per user per month. Brands like Zoho provide even lifetime free professional email addresses for up to 5 users. Please provide email support services to your customers and visitors on your website as well.

    Justified Renewal Fees

    Migration assistance

    Comprehensive Security features


    Hosting comparison charts

    Give a great deal of thought in deciding which hosting plan is the best.

    What Are The Main Types Of Web Hosting

    What is the Difference Between Domain and Website Hosting?

    All web hosting services have one thing in common they act as a storage place for your website but theyre not all the same.

    They differ in terms of storage capacity, control, server speed, and reliability, as well as the level of technical knowledge they require to set them up. Its important that you learn the ropes and figure out what type of web hosting service your website needs.

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    Ive Seen Companies Offering Both A Domain Name And Hosting In One Package Should I Get This

    There are a number of companies out there that will offer you the complete WordPress package under one roof, so to speak. What you get is:

    • a domain name
    • a hosting plan
    • WordPress preinstalled on the server and everything hooked up and ready to go.

    As you can probably tell, getting your domain name and hosting from a company like that is much more convenient than getting the individual website components separately.

    In most cases, a firm offering the package will handle everything related to setting it up and allowing you to get your WordPress website online as soon as possible, with basically no tech/server-related work needed on your part.

    A few of the leaders offering packages such as this include:

    Best Web Hosting Services

    Your website needs servers to make it available online. Your web host provides and maintains reliable servers that ensure your visitors have constant access to your site. Theyll also act as your domain registrar and register your domain name and IP address with ICANN. Here are the top five web hosts you should consider:

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    Domain And Hosting Conclusion

    There are plenty of concepts youll need to get acquainted with once you start working on your first website. Its important that you understand how they all relate to each other. For example, registering a domain and hosting a website are two key steps that can be separate, but can also be performed using a single platform.

    Lets recap what those two concepts mean and how they are related:

  • A website can exist without a domain by using a local setup, but we dont recommend this if you want to create a public project.
  • Registering a domain only means youre claiming ownership of an URL, which is something you can do without a working website.
  • Once you have a functional website, you can link it to any domain you own .
  • Difference Between Website Hosting And A Domain Name Registry

    Whats the Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain Hosting?

    Weve described a way to check website hosting whereabouts for free. But you may wonder how a website hosting is different from a domain name registry. Lets make it clear.

    A domain name registry is a database with all domain names and the associated information. Why do we need domain names in the first place? Each website has its unique ID called an IP address. That long string of numbers isnt easy to remember. A unique domain name is associated with the IP address. It serves as a human-compatible shortcut a user can memorize and easily refer to. A domain name is what people use to find your website. If you are looking for domain names for your business, you may use our Domain Availability Checker.

    Website hosts store, serve, and process files for many websites. When you use web hosting, you lease space on the servers to house your sites files and make them available for the visitors. If a website is a shop, then a website hosting company is a shopping center, providing you with all the necessities.

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    What Is Web Hosting Vs Domain

    When you first decide to create your online presence, you will need to start with two things: a domain name and web hosting.

  • Whats the difference between web hosting and domain?
  • Often you will purchase the two things as a complete domain and hosting package, so the difference between the two is not always clear. So lets break it down.

    Types Of Domain Extensions And Pricing

    Domain extensions or top-level domains refer to the last part of a domain name.

    As the name suggests, TLDs claim the highest spot on the internets DNS hierarchy. There are hundreds of TLDs available on the web, which are maintained and regularly updated by the IANA .

    IANA categorizes TLDs into four main categories based on their purpose, and location, including:

    • gTLDs . The most commonly used domain name as it fits any website purposes. This includes the well-known .com, .org, and .net. as well as other unique names such as .xyz, .biz, and .tech.
    • sTLDs . These domains are restricted to certain organizations and groups. Common examples include .gov for governmental sites, .edu for educational institutions, and .post for postal services.
    • ccTLDs . It notes a certain part of the territory or location under the ISO codes. For example, .us for USA, .in for India, .es for Spain, .id for Indonesia, and .co.uk for United Kingdom.
    • Infrastructure Top-Level Domain. It consists of only one domain name, which is .arpa, representing the ARPA . This domain name is primarily reserved to solve internet-infrastructure issues. Ideally, TLD should represent the purpose of your site. For example, a .club domain should be used for the sites of clubs, .org for organizations, .com for commercial websites and so on.

    If you want to register a domain name, it can be beneficial to know all of your options to find the perfect extension. Below are some TLDs Hostinger offers along with their prices:

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    Hosting Vs Domain: Can Each Be Purchased Separately

    There are a few different reasons why you may choose to purchase your hosting and domain name from different sources.

    For example, you might want to secure a domain name right now but youre not ready to choose a hosting plan yet.

    Or, you may want to set up your own business email accounts with your chosen domain, but dont yet have a website with that domain.

    Its good to know that youre able to register a domain name at a registrar your choose, but can later move or point that domain to a host you decide on later.

    As an example, you may want to register your domain on Namecheap, but use iThemes Hosting for your web host.

    Other hosts to consider include:

    • Nexcess

    What Is Domain Hosting

    What Is Domain &  Hosting? Beginners Guide

    As the name suggests, domain hosting refers to services that host domain names for your website. They sell domains and register them to an owner for a specific subscription fee. It is very different from a web host, where you can purchase both a domain and a web hosting account from the same place.

    When you buy a domain from a domain name registrar, the registrar will be your domain host. This means every domain-related requirement is taken care of by the registrar, such as managing IP addresses in the DNS records.

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    Important Things To Remember While Choosing A Domain Name For Your Website:

    Here are some important things you should remember while selecting a domain name for your website:

    • Evaluate the purpose of your website. For example, you want to create a website for your business, plan for personal use, or create a website for your organization.
    • You need to make sure that your websites domain name must be unique and not yet registered.The domain name should be easy to remember and not too long.
    • Do not buy domain names that are similar to existing sites or what we call trademarked domain names.
    • Avoid including numbers on domain names.

    Abuse Of Domain Names

    Two similar domain names at a glance may be mistaken for each other unless youre paying attention to the domain name extension. This system is often exploited by domain name squatters who hijack domain names or register similar domain names in the hops that legitimate businesses will buy those domain names from them.


    One example of this is if a scammer registers a domain name such as Citibank.tk and tries to pass it off as the real Citibank website. Some visitors may be fooled by the site and enter personal details there by mistake. Even if they do not set up scam sites, domain name squatters often infringe on trademarks, often with the intent of selling them at inflated prices to owners of those trademarks.


    The SteveJob.com domain case is another example. The domain used to be owned by a South Korean who goes by the name Steve Jobs Kim and he used the domain to publish technology-related news and articles. The case was resolved in December 2019 where The Steve Jobs Archive, LLC, a trust run by Steve Jobs’s widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, won the right to own the domain name.

    In some cases, similarities could be entirely innocent, such as in the case of Canadian teenager Mike Rowe, who registered the domain MikeRoweSoft for his web design business. Microsoft was not amused and sued, issuing cease and desist notices.

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    Ready To Launch Your Business Website

    If youre ready to launch a website for your business, these tools can help you take the next steps:

    Business name generators: These online tools help brainstorm new ideas for your business name. Theyre a great place to start for owners having difficulty finding the perfect name for their business.

    Domain name generators: Do you have a business name but cant find a good domain name? These tools are very helpful, suggesting a wider range of creative domain names and extensions to choose from.

    If you already have a business name and a domain name, youre ready to select a hosting provider:

    Need a great web host? Want to save some time? This shortlist is your best place to begin:

  • Popular Host Choice for 2022Bluehost
  • Does It Matter Which Domain Registrar I Choose

    What is domain and web hosting?

    No. There are no situations in which some domains are only available with one registrar, but not with the other.

    Every domain registrar can basically sell you the sameglobal domains.

    One caveat: Please notice the word global in the paragraph above. In some situations, if you want to purchase a local domain for instance, a pl domain for Poland you may need to go to a local domain name registrar operating in the country of your interest.

    For most cases, again, GoDaddy or NameCheap will work just fine.

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    What Is The Difference Between Web Hosting And Domain

    The easiest way to understand the difference between the two is to think of them this way:

    If a domain name is your houses address, then web hosting is the actual house that the address points.

    A domain name is an address forwarding service. You need to type the address of the website they wish to visit. It directly points to the IP address, which contains your website.

    The main reason behind using a domain name instead of IP addresses is that names are easier to remember than long string numbers. An IP address is a series of numbers, such as This IP address points to the location on the server, which includes your website files.

    So, we can say that the domain name points to your IP address, which points to your website. That way, users around the world can easily access your website by just typing your website domain name into their web browser.

    How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Company For Your Website

    Our website host checker can help you to come out with some options for your website. The offers are numerous. The best web hosting companies have few issues with uptime and ensure a fast page loading. Besides, they provide 24/7 customer support, efficiently coping with any problems. And all that comes at a relatively reasonable price.

    But which web hosting services are the best for your needs? A student might need something cheap with basic options and, perhaps, monthly plans. For an e-commerce business, reliability and speed matter much more. Entrepreneurs may also pay attention to free domain name offers the availability of the content management systems, such as WordPress.

    Weve done extensive research for you to make a choice easier. Here are the articles, which may help:

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    Well Then Whats A Dns Host

    Once youve purchased your domain name, you have to tell it which domain name servers will be authoritative for that domain. A DNS hosting provider hosts these servers, which authoritatively respond for your domain. Sometimes domain registrars also offer DNS hosting, however the two services should never be confused.

    What Is Domain Name Hostgator

    Whatâs The Difference Between Hosting, Domain, and Server? â Digital ...

    Domain name HostGator is a web hosting company founded in 1997. It is headquartered in Houston, Texas. HostGator offers a variety of web hosting services, including shared, reseller, and cloud hosting. HostGator is a member of the International Web Hosting Association , the Association of American Online Services , and the Cloud Hosting Association . HostGator is a leading provider of cloud hosting services and has been named one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States by Forbes magazine.

    The company has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2007. In May 2013, HostGator announced that it had entered into an agreement to be acquired by Endurance International Group. The acquisition was completed in October 2013. Today, HostGator provides web hosting, cloud hosting, and managed services to over 1 million customers in more than 150 countries. .

    The popularity of HostGator services has led to the company becoming one of the leading providers of web hosting solutions in the world. HostGator has a reputation for providing high-quality customer service, and the company has been praised for its innovative approach to web hosting.

    In conclusion, HostGator is a leading provider of web hosting services, and its customer service reputation is second to none. The company has a wide range of web hosting solutions, and its customer service team is available 24/7 to help customers with their hosting needs.

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