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How Do I Move My Domain To Another Host

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Why Transfer A Domain

How To Transfer a Domain from 1 Host to another Web Host

As you learned in the introduction, there are plenty of reasons you might want to transfer a domain name. The most common is because youre frustrated with your current registrar. Maybe the yearly renewal rate is too expensive? Or, youre looking for a registrar with more features?

For example, by using a domain name registrar like HostGator you can group your domain name and hosting all under one roof. This simplifies the technical steps of setting up your website, as well as the number of invoices youll have to remember to renew.

Theres nothing worse than letting an important domain lapse because you forget to check in and missed the renewal date.

Or, you could have sold a domain, or bought a domain for a friend. In this scenario, youll be switching the ownership of the domain along with transferring the domain to their registrar of choice.

Whatever your reason well walk you through both processes in the final section below. If youre not in the market for a new registrar yourself, then feel free to skip to the final section of this post.

From Starting Your Website To Growing Your Brand We’ve Got Your Back

Automatic & easy

Just give us permission to do the transfer, and we’ll take care of the rest. Nothing complicated about it.

Locked down

We’ll protect your domain from any unauthorized transfers or hijacks by locking it down until you tell us otherwise.

URL forwarding

You can always set up domain forwarding â which allows you to redirect traffic from one domain to another.

DNS management

Retain total control over the DNS for the life of your domain name registration â we guarantee it.

Email forwarding

Automatically forward email addresses under your domain to any other valid email address.

24/7 support

If you have any questions about your domain transfer, our helpful & friendly support team is always available at 1-800-403-3568.

Export Your Sites Database From Your Existing Host

There are two parts to most websites:

  • Your sites files, which you moved in the previous step.
  • Your sites database, which usually contains all of your sites content and settings.
  • If you just have a static HTML website, you dont need to move your database because your site doesnt have a database.

    However, most content management systems rely on a database to store your content. This includes:

    • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.

    To move your database, youll first need to export your database from your existing host. Then, youll import it to your new host in the next step.

    To export your database, you can use phpMyAdmin, which is a database admin tool that most hosts offer. If your current host uses cPanel, you should see a phpMyAdmin tool in the Databases section.

    Once you open phpMyAdmin, youll need to select the database for the site that you want to move on the left .


    • Go to the Export tab
    • Select Quick for the Export method
    • Choose SQL for the format
    • Click Go to export your database

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    Knowing When It’s Time To Change Your Web Host

    Making the switch to a new web host can be a stressful time which is why many site owners prefer not to switch web host unless it’s necessary. After all why waste time and energy when everything is working alright?

    So when is the right time to start looking for a new host? How do you know that your web host is the root cause of your website problem?

    Here are a few hints:

  • Your site is constantly going down
  • Your site is too slow
  • Customer service is not helpful
  • You nee more space, functionality, or other resources
  • You are paying too much
  • You have been hacked, more than once
  • You have heard about a great service elsewhere
  • How To Transfer A Domain

    How To Transfer Domain From WA to another host (GoDaddy)
  • Update your contact information.
  • Set up your email sending domain name.
  • Unlock your domain.
  • Make sure your domain is eligible for a transfer.
  • Create an account with your new registrar.
  • Enter the authorization code.
  • Pay for your domain transfer.
  • Finalize the domain transfer.
  • Cancel your previous service.
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    Transferring The Files To The New Host

    The most convenient way to transfer your websites files to your new web hosting account is via FTP. You should connect to your hosting account and download the files locally to your computer. Then upload them to your new hosting accounts main folder .

    More information on how to use FTP can be found in this FTP tutorial.

    Why Change Your Website Hosting Service Provider

    There are many reasons you may want to complete a domain name transfer.

    Moving to a faster, more secure and better supported hosting service is easy. The transfer domain process is not complicated. You could also use this process to transfer domain ownership. This article will help you complete your domain name transfer, in five simple steps.

    Let’s get started!

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    Let Google Know About Your New Address

    OK. Youve moved and unpacked all your stuff, have set up mail forwarding, are living in the new site full time, and are ready to turn in the keys to the old place. You probably even want to throw a housewarming party to let the world know about your new digs.

    Assuming youre already using Google Analytics and Google Search Console , you can use the search engines helpful change of address tool to notify the company of the change. Open up your old domains account and follow the steps, including confirming 301 redirects and verification methods.

    Google Webmaster Tools provides tools for notifying the search engine of your new domain name and sitemap.

    Youll also want to create and upload a new XML sitemap into Googles Webmaster Tools. Yes, that sounds complicated, technical, and time-consuming but we promise its not too bad. Sitemaps, which are basically a table of contents, make it easy for crawlers to see whats on your website and when it was last updated, and index it for search results. WordPress users can unsurprisingly use a plugin to generate a sitemap, or there are several free tools that will create one for you.

    Can You Transfer Your Domain Name To Another Host

    How To Move / Transfer A Domain Name To A New Host / Owner / Person / Or Account

    As we alluded to earlier, your domain name can reside somewhere different than your web hosting and site files. Say you took our advice in Step 1, opted to sign up for a new hosting plan, and have the companys support experts handle the move. Youve registered your new domain with the host but youd like to consolidate all your online properties into one account. What happens to your old domain name?

    Just like your website, you can move domains from one host to another. Experts tend to prefer to keep domains separate from hosting accounts, but we favor the simplicity and convenience of having everything under one roof.

    That being said, the highly regulated domain name industry means youre less likely to have a reason to move your domain name from one registrar to another. Web hosting providers can upset customers with new policies, pricing, and shoddy support, making it a much more volatile experience. Keeping your domains separate from your web hosting can protect your ownership in the event of a data breach or unexpected expiration.

    Also just like your website, moving a domain to a new provider can be annoying, confusing, and complicated. The process can be further exacerbated if you also use the domain for hosting your email, but its still quite doable. This guide will show you the basic steps, or you can consider following the suggestions in Step 1, sign up with one of the best domain hosts, listed below, and have them transfer your domains for you:

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    How To Transfer Domains Without Disruption To Your Email Or Websites

    If youve decided to transfer your domain name to Name.com, you may have some questions: How do you do it? How long does it take? And what will happen to your website and email in the meantime?

    The answer to all of these questions depends on the type of name servers you have. So if you have host name servers or your own custom ones, then do a little happy dance because youre in the clear! Your name servers will follow the transfer with no downtime or extra work on your part.

    But if youre using registrar DNS services, youll have to get a little more involved to successfully transfer your domain. But dont worrywell walk you through the process.

    How To Transfer Domain Name To Bluehost

    Maintaining your domain registration and hosting services within the same account allows you to manage both services with only one login password, making it easier for you to stay on top of everything related to your website. This article explains the process to transfer your domain to Bluehost so there aren’t any surprises along the way.

    This process includes transfers to/from our partners, Bluehost.mx or Bluehost.in


    • You can transfer the following domain extensions to us: com, net, org, us, co, info, and biz.
    • To avoid any delays, please complete all five steps before initiating the transfer.
    • Avoid transferring your domain within 45 days of renewal, or you could lose that renewal year.

    Want to host your website here and keep the domain registered elsewhere? Try assigning a domain to your account, instead.

    Pro Tip: Buy a new domain. Help grow and protect your brands reputation. Keep others from buying domains similar to yours and avoid losing visitors or customers to competitors.

  • Check the Progress
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    Back Up Your Website Files

    If you end up not having your hosting provider move your website for you, never fear. Were here to walk you through the process, and you should be able to accomplish it without much difficulty. Just in case, however, the first step is so important we recommend doing it twice.

    Any time you mess with important parts of your website, youll want a recent backup on hand to restore your site in case something goes wrong. We recommend having two backups on hand: one for the actual transfer and one as a just in case. For those using a content management system like WordPress, be sure to get backups of both the database and the static files .

    cPanels Backup Wizard, a standard part of most hosting plans, walks users through the process of saving a copy of their site.

    Depending on how much of a control freak you are or how much you want to get involved, there are a few options for how to go about making a copy of your site. From easiest to hardest:

    Once your websites files have been gathered and packed away, lets make sure the new home er, domain name is adequately prepared for the moving truck full of boxes to arrive.

    Wait 24 Hours Before Acknowledging The Transfer

    How do I move my Domain to another hosting provider?

    Even if your registrar allows you to acknowledge the transfer, you should still wait 24 hours after you complete step 4 before you do so. Otherwise the old registrar could stop resolving your domains if anyone else has their name servers cached. If they dont allow you to acknowledge the transfer, youll need to wait the whole 5 day transfer period before your domain is with Name.com.

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    The Transfer Domain Name Registration Process Is Easy:

    You can change your website host with just five simple steps. Webcentral offers six different website hosting plans, starting from as little as $9.95 per month. If youre about to start your transfer domain process Webcentral is Australias leading online service provider and wed be happy to help. Contact our helpful support team today if you need to know how to change website host.

    Transfer My Domain Away From Godaddy

    Transfer your domain from GoDaddy to another registrar by using our transfer away checklist. You won’t be able to transfer your domain away if it’s within 60 days of registration or a previous transfer, or if a 60-day lock was applied after updating domain contact information. You’ll need to verify your identify to confirm the transfer if your domain has Domain Protection enabled.

  • Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center.
  • Select your domain to access the Domain Settings page.
  • Under Additional Settings, select Transfer domain away from GoDaddy. You won’t be able to transfer your domain within 60 days of these events:
  • Initial registration
  • Transfer from different registrar
  • Change to first name, last name, organization or email on the registrant contact information
  • Review the transfer checklist, then select Continue with transfer. If your domain ends with .UK, you’ll need to enter the IPS tag for your new registrar, then select Complete Transfer.

    Note: You’ll need to verify your identity if you have domain protection on your domain. We’ll send a verification code automatically if you’ve had 2-step verification enabled in your account for more than 72 hours. Otherwise, select Send Password and we’ll send a one-time password to your registrant email address.

  • Select > Copy to Clipboard to copy your authorization code. We’ll also send an email with your authorization code to the administrative email address on your domain name.
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    Get The New Nameserver Values

    First things first, find a list of nameservers from your new hosting provider. The information is usually provided on the companys documentation page or in the post-purchase email.

    If you still cant find the info, you should contact your hosting provider.

    At Hostinger, you can find all DNS-related information in Hosting -> Accounts -> Details.

    The list of nameservers often look like this:


    Web hosts usually provide two or more nameservers. Take note of all these addresses because youll need to enter them into your domain registrars control panel.

    Pay For Your Transfer And Wait For The Process To Complete

    How to Move / Transfer Domain FROM GoDaddy to Another Host (Namecheap)

    A lot of platforms enable you to transfer domains in for free, but require you to renew them for an additional year. This means that for your transfer to happen successfully, youll need to pay for the renewal beforehand.

    Once you complete the payment process, the transfer itself shouldnt take long. With some registrars youll need to wait several days, but with others it can take less than a day. When the transfer is complete, your new domain will appear under your management screen on your new platform:

    If you have other domains you want to transfer to the same service, the process will be identical. Just rinse and repeat until youre done!

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