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How Much Should A Domain Name Cost Per Year

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Domain Names Cost OVERVIEW – Price Range, Expensive Domains, and Renewal Prices

For most people, buying a new domain is going to be the preferred route to take. Youll not only get the best deal, but the registration and purchase process will be the simplest.

In time, as your experience and online assets grow it might make sense to negotiate for a domain or purchase an expired domain.

But, when youre just starting out make it easy on yourself and find a solid new domain.

HostGators domain registration is easy, the prices are fair, and you can take care of your domain management and renewals in the same place you manage your web hosting services and website updates.

Domain registration doesnt have to be expensive or difficult. Simply use our domain search tool to find the domain you want, and it can be yours within minutes. Still looking for a hosting provider to help you build your online presence? HostGator is a leading hosting provider that offers a number of different hosting packages so you can build your perfect website.

So How Much Does A Website Cost If You Go Diy Not That Much

Ok, so if youre willing to go the DIY route, a website can be surprisingly affordable. Youre looking at just a couple hundred dollars for your entire first year.

Most websites just plain dont require custom functionality, which means you can be totally fine with off-the-rack solutions. Whats more, the technical part of creating a website has become a lot easier, and its possible for anyone to create their own website.

Our how to make a website guide shows the whole process

So if youre just looking to get your business online with a basic brochure site, or if youre looking to create a blog, you definitely dont need to spend a fortune or hire someone to do it for you.

In fact, you can create something that looks good and functions well for as little as ~$70, though a more realistic budget would probably be $200-$300 to allow for some premium extensions.

Why Does Ppc Matter

Businesses earn $2 for every $1 they invest in PPC, which is why its a trusted digital advertising strategy. Even better, people who click on ads are 50 percent more likely than an organic visitor to purchase a product.


With PPC, youre targeting users that are ready to buy, versus research a product. If you want consumers to complete their purchase, however, you need to provide them with an intuitive and easy-to-use website. Thats why its important to keep up with routine website maintenance costs.

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Want To Learn More About Website Maintenance Costs

Jump ahead to our breakdown of ongoing website costs, from regular maintenance to domain name renewal. If you want to learn more about our website maintenance services, contact us online or call us at 888-601-5359 to chat about your website!

How Can I Pay For My Wix Subscription

The Best Stay Home Jobs

Accepted payment methods at Wix are Visa/Mastercard, American Express, JBC, Diners and Discover. If you are based in Europe you can also pay by direct debit . Direct debit may take 2-7 business days to process. Wix also issues VAT invoices that can be found in your account under Billing History. Paypal is currently not accepted by Wix.

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How Much Does A Domain Name Cost Per Year

Its hard figuring exactly how much domain names cost . On average, if you intend to purchase a new domain, it should cost you anywhere between $10 to $15 a year depending on the TLD and the registrar.

When searching for a new website name you will run into dozens of domain registrars, each with their own set of packages and perks.

When considering domain name costs, dont always fall for the cheap packages. Keep in mind that sometimes cheap is really expensive.

You can also check out our post on cheap domain registration to find out if it is worth it for you, but oftentimes, the packages that are slightly higher priced pack additional tools and other bonuses that will help build your website quickly and easily.

Is It Cheaper To Get Your Domain Name From Your Web Host

When signing up for a web host, you will have the option of purchasing a domain name as well. In fact, a lot of web hosts, like GoDaddy and HostGator, will provide you with a free domain name for the first year. This can be tempting, but you need to make sure it is actually going to be worth it overall.

In a lot of cases, getting your hosting and domain name from the same place will work out cheaper, but it really does depend on the specific company you select.

My advice: sit down and do the math! And, when I say do the math, make sure you look beyond the first year!

So, lets say I wanted to purchase how much would it cost me to buy the domain name and web hosting?

Ill start off by purchasing them separately. This domain would cost me $8.88 per year if I were to buy it on

I then purchase Economy web hosting from GoDaddy, which costs $5.99 per month, equating to $71.88 per year.

So the total for one year is $80.76 . For two years, the cost is $161.52. For three years, the cost is $242.28.

Now, what if I were to opt for the domain name and hosting package from GoDaddy?

Well, for the first year, the domain name is free, so its only going to cost me the $71.88 for both. However, in the second year, I need to pay for the domain name, which will be added onto my package.

By searching on, I can see that would cost me $18.17 for the year.

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Profit From Your New Website

If you havent already done so, now is the perfect time to create your business website. Maybe its a blog about freelancing writing, or maybe its an online store for your hand-whittled whistles.

Either way, the sooner you get your site up and running on the web, the sooner it can drive more customersand profit.

Customize your website with an easy-to-use site builder thatll make your brand look professional and polished in no time.

How Much Is A Custom Domain

Want to Buy a Domain Name? Watch This Before You Pay Too Much

Essentially every domain is a custom domain, as its possible to create any name that your heart desires. The only thing stopping you is if it has already been taken! Why not use our domain name search to see if your customized name is available?

The price tag of a custom name depends on the extension you choose and how long you wish to register it. For example at the time of writing, a could cost you as little as $4.88 a year. However, for business essential .incdomains, come at a fixed price of $1,898 a year.

You may decide to choose a personalized domain name, and pay for your name followed by a .com, a .me or a .biz. This option is ideal for those looking to build a personal brand. Why not find out if your personal domain is available?

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What Affects Domain Name Price

When you visit some domain name registrars website to see their prices, keep in mind that those are introductory prices for a year of service. After one year, you pay renewal prices that can be significantly higher.

On top of that, there are other costs to consider when choosing and buying a domain. Lets break down the most common additional costs that affect domain name price.

What Is The Average Domain Name Price How Much Does It Typically Cost

There are hundreds of domains available on the market. A top-level domain is the part of a domain that follows the dot, for example, com or inc. A domain will either be a generic top-level domain such as .org and .net, or a country code top-level domains like .us and .fr.

As the Internets popularity grew throughout the years, so did the need for domains. This resulted in the introduction of new gTLDs, such as .blog and .music, which actually help the audience to understand the type of content they are about to see before the website has even loaded.

Due to the variety on offer, it can be difficult to work out a common price for an online domain name, however, there will be a typical price tag for each TLD.

The newer TLDs such as .club, .online, and .site can cost anywhere between $10 and $25, whereas traditional TLDs like .com, .net, and .org are usually priced between $6 and $15.

The most expensive range of TLDs includes .inc, .protection, and .security, which can cost in the region of £2,000. These domains are more expensive due to their keywords and brandability.

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Your Domain Name And Traffic

Your domain name plays a role in search rankings.

As the SEO expert Brian Dean explains in his article , while putting keywords in the domain name doesnt give you the boost that it used to, it still serves as a relevancy signal.

Also, if the target keyword appears as the first word in the domain name, it will give you an edge over websites that have that same keyword in the middle or at the end of a domain name .

Moreover, theres also the direct traffic aspect to consider, meaning the people who get to your website by typing your address in their browser.

If your domain name is hard to remember you will lose some of these people because they will misspell it and will get taken to God knows where.

Remember, buying traffic is expensive, so you need to do everything you can to maximize your organic traffic.

Why Is Having Your Own Domain Name So Important

How To Start A Blog That Makes Money: Ultimate Guide
  • Your website is the first impression you make on the Internet. A customized domain name looks professional and alerts customers that your site is authoritative and credible.

  • It makes your website easier to find, as a domain name can be more easily remembered than an IP address . And if you change your web host , you will still be able to keep the same domain, making your online presence stable over time.

  • Acquiring your own domain is a necessary step if you plan on getting your own business email address .

  • From an SEO point of view, your domain name gives Google an indication of what your website is all about. Thus, increasing your chances of ranking higher in search results.

Altogether, these factors contribute to your online visibility, which translates into more business opportunities, and ultimately – more sales. This is why registering your own domain is a crucial step to take when creating a website.

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Want To Learn More About Website Marketing Prices View Our Handy Cost Breakdown Below

In comparison to web design and website maintenance costs, you have immense flexibility with website marketing costs. Your company can invest in the services that offer the most value, like search engine optimization , creating a custom marketing strategy that fits your budget.

Can Domain Registration Costs Rise

You may be wondering if the domains you own can go up in price. In short, yes, registration costs can rise.

As a registrar, it is our job to communicate with registries and tell them to reserve the domains that you want to purchase.

If an increase in price occurs on the registry side, that means we may raise our prices to help cover costs.

But dont forget, that here at Namecheap, we also provide expert customer support, helpful features and account management everything you need to build your online presence.

Another external factor to consider is ICANN the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which announced last year that it would remove historical price caps for the .org top-level domain from the Public Interest Registry contract.

Our concern is that removing the price cap for these legacy TLDs could lead to large and unpredictable price increases that would harm Internet users and stifle innovation. Its worth checking out our CEOs blog post on how were standing up to ICANN.

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What Are The Wix Plans We Recommend The Most

Based on 1,292 completions, our Smart Finder tool recommended the following plans:

You can see that Wix Combo was the best match for most people wanting to create a regular website. It was the top recommendation 474 times . For ecommerce, Wix Business Basic was recommended 409 times .

This result is based on 1,972 Smart Finder engagements, of which, 1,292 were completed, in a time frame of 7 weeks. Another 2% were recommended the Free plan. The Pro and Enterprise plans werent included in the results as they are only relevant to a tiny segment of all Wix users.

What To Do If The Domain Name You Want Is Already Taken

How Much Does Hosting Cost for My Small Business?

If your desired domain name is unavailable, youll need to decide how much using it is worth to you. Youll likely have to spend a lot of money if youre determined to buy it from the current owner.

Because of the California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR regulations from the European Union, its not quite as easy as it used to be to look up a domain owners contact information on the WHOIS directory. However, you can still use the directory to see the organization name related to the domain.

Even if the owner has opted for full domain name privacy protection, their domain registrar should be able to help you connect with the domain owner via a third-party company, such as Tiered Access. This helps to ensure privacy for the domain owner. You should expect the process to take several days.

Once youve made contact, the next step is to make an offer, either directly or through a domain name broker. For a fee of 1520% of the transaction cost, a broker can assist in managing the negotiation process and provides protection for your money.

Of course, you have other alternatives as well.

You could use a different TLD, set up a domain lease, or search for a very similar name that is available. Well discuss some tips for doing that next!

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