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What Is A Domain Name Registrar

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Register The Domain Name

What Is a Domain Registrar

After you purchase a domain, next comes the domain name registration process. When you register a domain name, you will be listed on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number, or ICANN

The domain registration process is straightforward and ends when you make the payment. A part of the domain registration process is inputting information, like name, address, phone number, and domain details. All of these domain names and contact information go to the WHOIS list for people to see.

After finishing the purchase, you will gain access to the control panel. From here, you can start managing your website. If you purchase the domain name from a hosting provider, youll be ready to work on your site immediately. However, if your registrar and hosting arent udner the same companys roof, youll need to point the domain to the hosting companys nameservers.

What Does Domain Name Registrar Mean

A domain name registrar is company that has been accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or a national country code top-level domain to register domain names. Domain name registration is a competitive industry, in which domains may be sold in a number of TLDs, including “.com,” “.net,” and “.org.” among others.

Domain Registrar Easy Explanation

Domain Name Registrar is a company that reserves website names to firms and individuals for payment. Such company must be accredited by ICANN and certified by registries. It must be noted that by purchasing an available name, you actually lease it out for up to 10 years at a time. You can renew it anytime.

In this article, well explain the difference between registrar and registry, get into the details of the domain registration process and dispel common misconceptions about this relevant topic.

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How Do Register A Domain Name

Here are the steps for buying and registering your domain name.

  • Choose a Reliable Domain Registrar.
  • Find a Domain Availability Checker Tool.
  • Choose the Best Domain Name Option.
  • Purchase Your Domain Name and Complete Its Registration.
  • Verify Ownership of Your New Domain.
  • Find the Owners Contact Information.
  • Set The Domain Nameservers To Point To Your Hosting Provider

    Web Site Design

    Before getting to the how-to, lets first understand how nameservers work and how theyre connected with the web hosting.

    Nameservers are a part of the Domain Name System . They are internet servers that handle queries from your domains name services. They work to translate domain names into IP addresses.

    In this case, the nameservers will help point your domain name to your hosting. There are three steps to do this, which include retrieving your new nameserver, add that new nameserver to your domain registrar, and wait for DNS propagation.

    • The first step is to get your new nameserver from the new hosting provider. Locate your nameservers on the hosting account details, with a structure that looks like and Copy all the nameservers as they will be added to the domain name platform.
    • The second step is adding the nameservers to the domain name registrar platform. Login to the registrar platform the place where you bought the domain. Go to the domain management or overview page and start adding the nameservers.
    • Add them according to the nameserver slot. For example, ns1 goes to the first nameserver slot and so on. Pay attention to avoid mistakes. Alternatively, check online guides or ask the customer service team to help with the transferring process.
    • The final step is to wait for the DNS propagation. Keep in mind that the DNS propagation might take a few hours and up to 24 hours to finish before the changes apply.

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    What Is A Domain Name Server

    We talked earlier about how computers dont use domain names to recognize website addresses, they use IP addresses. Domain name servers are the technology that translates between the two. The domain name system is the protocol established to ensure machines exchange the right data for the average internet viewer to see the correct webpage when they type a domain name into their browser or click on a link.

    Domain name servers play an important role in that system, storing all the information required to connect a specific domain name address to the correct IP address. Each time a computer queries a domain name server for a particular domain name, it finds the appropriate IP address to serve up.

    What Is The Difference Between A Domain Name And A Website

    A domain name refers to the address of a website. It is what people enter in the URL tab of their browsers to access a website. On the other hand, a website is made up of a collection of files, pages, data, and images. It is what people see and interact with from their browser screens.The bottom line is that one cant create a website without registering a domain name. Similarly, purchasing a domain doesnt automatically give you a functional website. If you want to use your domain name for a website, you will first need to build the website and connect it with your domain name.

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    How Much Does A Domain Name Cost

    The exact cost of your new domain name will vary based on the registrar, the specific top-level domain you’ve chosen, and the quality of the domain name. is proud to offer more than 300 unique TLDs to help your new website stand out. Some domains may be pricier due to their intrinsic benefits, like being short and memorable, or the use of very competitive keywords such as Browse our premium domains to jumpstart your website performance.

    How Do You Use A Domain Registrar

    How to register a domain name using a domain name registrar

    First, you need to determine which domain registrar is likely to be the best for you based on your requirements and the price range. Once you make the purchase, you can move on to using the software.

    Im demonstrating the steps here with examples from an industry leader,

    First and foremost, login to your account and click on the purchase domain option.

    An editor will pop up so that you can type your preferred domain name, your niche, or any other related keywords. It lets you search and see various domain names that are available in the market.

    The status of the name of your choice is visible on the right-hand side. In this example, the first name is already taken. You can choose from one of the remaining three choices below by clicking on the Add button provided.

    Once you choose a name and add it, it automatically gets transferred to the purchasing cart. Youll get a detailed breakup of the cost youre incurring, domain information, and a sub-total in the cart.

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    Caching And Other Shortcuts

    Now that you understand how your browser gets an IP address out of a domain name, you may be wondering how long this process takes. With so many back-and-forth queries through the recursive resolver, it can take a few seconds â sometimes more â to load a webpage every time you want to access it. Isn’t there a faster way?

    Once you access or any other website for the first time, the query result is stored locally in your computer’s cache memory. That way, the next time you visit the website on your computer, your browser already knows the IP address associated with its domain. This means it can connect directly with the web server instead of having to start another query with the recursive resolver.

    Even if you’re accessing a website for the first time, there’s a chance that the recursive resolver already made a similar query recently. Maybe someone in your neighborhood is also advancing their development career with our courses.

    In that case, the recursive resolver will have stored the query results and IP address in its own cache. Instead of going through a whole new DNS query with you, it can then just provide the IP address it got from its last query.

    Choose The Domain Name That You Want To Register

    First, choose the name you want as it is your websites first impression. To name a domain, pick the ones easy to remember for you and other people. Keep the domain names short with simple pronunciations. Alternatively, use your company name for better SEO and branding strategies.

    Additionally, choose whether the name should be brandable or descriptive as it also affects your brand value. Place yourself in the customers point of view. Test out the domain name on the URL address bar and see what you can improve.

    If youre stuck or need more ideas, try using a domain name generator or keyword tools like or for inspiration. To further help you, think in both short and long terms for better decision-making.

    After that, always check the domain names availability with a domain name checker. Checking its availability ensures no other businesses or entity is using the name. During this process, it helps to create a list of name options and alternative plans if the domain you want isnt available.

    If the name is taken, some strategies you can take are to play around with the domain name, use ccTLD, choose an alternative domain extension, rephrase the branding, or try to buy it from its current owner. Actively research or use other keywords to overcome this challenge.

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    Recap Of The Best Domain Registrars For 2021

    Buying a domain name can be intimidating if youve never done it before. Finding a reliable domain registrar will make your life much easier. These are the best options:

  • Bluehost Best for creating your first website
  • Best for headache-free domain transfers
  • Porkbun Best deals on unique domain extensions
  • Network Solutions Best for locking down domains for decades
  • GoDaddy Best domain registrar for protecting your personal data
  • Namecheap Best domain registrar for tight budgets
  • NameSilo Most affordable domain deals with bulk purchasing
  • Regardless of your situation, budget, or website type, youll be able to buy a domain name from one of the registrars on this list.

    Starting from scratch? Bluehosts free domain name offering with their web hosting is the best place for beginners and brand-new sites to start. works great for most peoples domain-buying needs, plus its the top option for transferring domains. Dont forget, you can get 25% off with coupon code QUICKSPROUT.

    Got a tight budget? Namecheap is the most affordable option on the market overall and NameSilo will get you a deal on bulk domain purchases.

    What good is a domain if you dont have it for the long haul? With Network Solutions you can lock yours down for decades, even a full century.

    Now you know more than enough to go out there and get a great deal on a domain name. Good luck!

    Techopedia Explains Domain Name Registrar

    The 7 " Best"  Domain Name Registrars Compared (2020)

    Suppose that an enterpreneur wants to register a domain through which he intends to sell inexpensive laptop computers. The enterpreneur might approach a domain name registrar to register the domain “” If the domain name hasn’t already been registered to another person, the entrepreneur can register it and gain the right to use it by paying the registrar a yearly fee to secure the space.

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    Which Is The Top Level Domain In Liechtenstein

    Domains Registration ccTLD .li The extension .li is the country code TLD for Liechtenstein. Anyone may register a .li domain name. Secure yours today and establish your web presence in Liechtenstein. Namecheap offers not only the lowest prices on in-demand domains but also the best service in the industry.

    How Do I Find A Domain Name For Myself

    Hostinger offers a domain name search tool to help you find a suitable domain. Simply enter a domain name of your choice in the search box and press Enter. Our system will then display a list of available TLDs or extensions based on your suggestion.If your preferred domain name is already registered, choose another extension or try coming up with different variations using your brand name. Once you find your unique domain name, you can claim it by proceeding with domain registration.

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    What Is A Domain Registrar

    A domain registrar, sometimes called a DNS registrar , is a business that sells domain names and handles the business of registering them. Domain names are the main address a website uses on the webtheyre the thing that usually starts with www and most often ends with .com.

    While technically, computers identify websites with a different sort of addressan IP address thats a long string of numbers separated by periods humans wouldnt be much good at remembering and using that kind of address. So for us, websites also have an address made up of alphanumeric letters, that usually spell out a word or brand name.

    And theres a specific type of process behind how people claim domain names. There are registries that manage the different top-level domains. The registries are large, centralized databases with information about which domain names have been claimed and by who. But the registries dont sell the names directly, they delegate that job to DNS registrars.

    Registrars must be accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers . Then, each time they sell a domain to a customer, theyre expected to register it with the appropriate registry by updating a record with your information.

    What Is A Domain Name

    Domain Registration. How to register a domain & what is a web domain name anyway?

    A domain name is a unique string of text that’s used to identify a specific resource on the internet. This could be anything from a website to an email or FTP server.

    When you access a website, its domain name is converted to a set of numbers to communicate with the website server to send requests for and receive website content.

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    Do I Need A Domain For A Website

    The answer is yes. A domain gives your website a unique and searchable address, making it accessible to internet users. Without a domain, your visitors would have to look for the IP address at which your website is hosted. Since an IP address consists of a string of numbers and characters, this can make it hard for your visitors to remember.Remember that choosing a simple yet memorable domain name can help create a professional first impression.

    Register Domain Name Variations

    Even if your domain name is catchy and easy to remember, typos happen. The last thing you want is for a hiring manager or potential client to get an error message because they missed a letter when typing in your web address.

    That’s why you should consider registering domain name variations that redirect people to your website, even if they’ve mistyped something. For example, a lot of people misread or mishear Codecademy as “Code Academy.” But, when they type in, they’re automatically redirected to the correct domain,

    Similarly, say your domain ends in “.org,” “.edu,” or “.net.” You might want to consider registering the “.com” variant as well to prevent competitors from doing the same.

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