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How To Change Ownership Of Domain Name

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How To Transfer Ownership Of A Domain Name To My Llc

How to change or transfer domain ownership inbetween godaddy accounts

In this lesson, well show you how to transfer the ownership of your domain name from yourself to your LLC.

Note: Some people may search for How do I put a website under my LLC?, however, putting under is an ambiguous term and its incorrect. The correct verb is transferring ownership.

Transferring domain name ownership to an LLC is commonly done after converting from a Sole Proprietorship to an LLC.

The process is rather simple:

First, youll sign an Assignment of Domain Names.

Second, youll update the ownership records at your existing domain name registrar.

The domain name registrar is the place where you buy/manage your domain names, such as GoDaddy, Wix, BlueHost, HostGator, NameCheap, etc.

Note: This article doesnt discuss how to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another registrar. If thats what youre looking to do, youll need to contact your domain registrar for instructions.

Key Things To Consider When Considering A New Registrar

1. FeaturesEvery registrar offers a suite of features and services, such as privacy protection, web hosting and email. If you don’t have all the features you want with your current registrar, you may wish to take advantage of a better package offered by a different registrar.

In addition to comparing features, it’s also important to look at how the features and services are priced and implemented:

  • Price: Do the features you need cost extra or are they included as part of the package?
  • Ease of use: Are the features you need easy to implement? Will they require manual effort on your part, or does the registrar offer some simple tools to make things like domain management easier for you?
  • Support: Will customer support be available when you need it?
  • Provider: Who provides the features they’re selling? Some registrars offer all their own services for email and web hosting, while others partner with third-party providers.

2. PriceLook critically at the price structure of your domain registrar, because each one is different. Some registrars might charge extra fees for services you consider critical, while others may offer the same services at no additional charge. Some may offer a low price for the first year, but then have much higher renewal rates. If your domain registrar is charging you more than you would be charged elsewhere, you may want to look for a less expensive registrar.

What If I Own Multiple Domain Names But Only Want To Transfer 1 Of Them To My Llc

In this case, we recommend creating a new account at your domain name registrar under your LLCs name. Create the account using your LLCs name, LLCs contact information, and LLCs debit or credit card.

Then sign the Assignment of Domain Names to LLC as mentioned above.

Then contact your domain name registrar and ask how to transfer a few specific domains from one account to another account.

The instructions vary a bit among the domain registrars, but overall the process shouldnt be too complicated.

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Transferring From One Registrar To Another

The exact steps youll need to take will vary depending on which registrar your domain is currently registered with and where the domain is being transferred to, but it will consist of these essential steps:

1. Disable WHOIS/domain privacy.

The new registrar will need to verify who owns the domain name, which wont be possible if you have WHOIS privacy enabled so make sure that privacy setting has been switched off.

2. Ensure admin email is up-to-date.

Double-check that the domains current registrar has the most up-to-date administrative email address so theyll be able to contact its owner during the transfer process. Note that changing this field can result in a 60-day transfer lock on the domain , so having an outdated admin email could delay the transfer process.

3. Unlock the domain.

The domain likely has a transfer lock applied to prevent unwanted or accidental transferring of the domain. In this case, it will need to be unlocked.

4. Get the transfer authorization code.

This is like a password that, in theory, should only be accessible by the true owner of a domain name. Some registrars may use a different term, like EPP key, secret code or auth code.

5. Request a domain transfer.

Have the new domain owner request a domain transfer. This will typically involve purchasing an additional year of registration, which will begin once all the remaining time on the domain name is used up. The authorization code from step 4 will be needed in order to request a transfer.

Transfering Ownership To A Different Registrar

How To Transfer Domain Name Ownership

The new owner may request to transfer a domain to a different registrar. They will typically have to pay a transfer fee and initiate the process themselves.

There are two things to remember when transferring to a different registrar.

  • The domain will need to be unlocked
  • The new owner will need the unique authorization code
  • Both of these options can be found by clicking on the domain in question from your Domain Manager and reviewing its information page. You can see these features highlighted in the image below.

    Check your email regularly for a notice from the new registrar. You will need to click a link within that email to approve the domain ownership transfer.

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    Inititate The Owner Change Procedure

    In the General information tab, go to the Plan section in the bottom right corner. Click … next to the contacts, then click Change domain name holder.

    Any changes to the owners first name, surname, organisation, legal status and email address are treated as a change of owner.

    If you are only changing owner details other than mentioned above, continue with the section Updating the owner information below.

    A new browser tab will open with all eligible domains. Select a domain name on the list by using the checkbox to the left of it. This step can also be used to launch a bulk operation: it is possible to initiate a domain trade for multiple domain names at once, for example to change the owner of all .ovh domains. When you have made your choices, click Continue.

    In the owner details form, make sure to enter valid information into all the required fields. Avoid spelling mistakes and using non-ASCII printable characters whenever possible. Please note that any inaccurate or false information may cause a technical error and therefore a delay of the entire trading process.

    Once you have confirmed your trade request, two emails will be sent to confirm or decline this change:

    • one sent to the current owners email address
    • one sent to the future owners email address

    The procedure can be validated by both parties during a period of 14 days.

    If the change is declined by one of the two parties, the action will be cancelled.

    How To Change Ownership Of A Domain Name

    Change of domain ownership was cost free for all domains until November 2016.

    With Premium domains this administrative service is still cost-free, where for Cheap domain transfer is charged according to this pricelist.

  • Before a transfer of ownership is concluded at Svenska Domäner all outstanding invoices related to this domain must be paid by current owner.
  • In order to change ownership of a domain name to another person/company you need to use the form found here:
  • Note that the form must be signed by both parties and that an ID document of both parties must be attached to the letter.
  • Send the original signed paper by post to the following address:Svenska Domäner136 50 Haninge
  • Alternatively, you can send scanned signed paper by email to
  • If a transferred domain is a Cheap domain, then Svenska Domäner will create an invoice according to the pricelist for up to 5 domains and notify the current owner about pending payment.
  • After invoice have been paid, transfer of owner will be completed.
  • If a transferred domain is Premium domain, then ownership change will take place after receiving correctly filled transfer form.
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    What Do I Do With The Assignment Do I Need To Send It Anywhere

    You dont need to send the Assignment anywhere. Meaning, you dont need to send it to your domain name registrar, the state, the IRS, or anywhere else.

    You simply need to keep a copy with your business records. Itll serve as proof of the transfer of ownership if there was ever a dispute or audit in the future.

    We recommend keeping a digital copy on your computer and printing out a physical copy as well.

    Com Net Org Info Etc Domain Name Ownership Change

    GoDaddy Domain Name Transfer/ Transfer Ownership of a Domain name

    Starting 01.12.2016, according to ICANN rules, changing any of the following domain contact data is considered an ownership change:

    • contact person name
    • companys name
    • email address

    You can change the contact information in My Zone via domain management. On My Domains page click contacts on the corresponding domain name row. After the information is changed, a verification email is sent to the current and new owners email addresses. Both parties must verify the change by clicking on the link in the email within 15 days. If the changes in domain contact information are not verified, the ownership change will not take effect and it will be cancelled.

    If domains contact email address is not working or verification email doesnt come through, please contact our support at .

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    Updating The Owner Information

    If you need to update some secondary information such as phone number, address etc., you do not have to start a trade procedure. It can be edited directly in the OVHcloud Control Panel.

    In the Plan section of the General information tab, click on … next to the contacts, then click Refresh owner information.

    With this operation you do not need to confirm changes by email.

    How To Transfer Web Hosting

    Once the ownership change is confirmed, you may wish to transfer your web hosting from the old ownerâs account to the new one.

  • From the old ownership account, back up your FTP and SQL data as well as the emails associated with the old account.

  • Cancel the web hosting service using the following link in your management console: .

  • Wait for the cancellation request to go through. This may take a few minutes. You then see that the hosting service is no longer visible in the old account.

  • Log into the mangaement console with the new ownership account.

  • Order the domain with web hosting.

  • Wait for the service to be delivered. This may take a few minutes.

  • Reconfigure the FTP access, any SQL databases and your email mailboxes and upload your backup to put the site back online.

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    How To Prepare With Your Current Registrar

    There are a number of steps you will need to take with your current registrar in order to complete your transfer. With your current registrar, you will need to:

    • Unlock your domain
    • Update your contact information so can send confirmation emails
    • Obtain your transfer authorization code
    • Make sure your domain has been registered for at least 60 days, or opt out
    • Ensure that your domain is not currently involved in any legal dispute, which could result in a registry lock
    • Contact your current provider in person in order to have your authorization code released to you. Some registrars do this for security purposes.

    Changing The Registrant Information

    Transfer domain name ownership

    After clicking the cog wheel next to ‘Your domain contact information‘, you will land on the page ‘Change contact details‘. On this page you will find an overview of your domain name’s current WHOIS information. Besides the registrant information, you will also find the administrative and technical contacts of your domain name.

    On this page, you can freely change the information for most domain extensions. However, changing the registrant information of some domain extensions require additional actions.

    For instance, some registries will charge you for performing a registrant change . This usually only applies to changing the name or company name of a registrant. If this is the case for your specific domain name, the notification below will be displayed. Go to the ‘Change registrant details‘ page to request the owner change.

    There are other domain extensions for which a registrant change can only be performed manually and not via the control panel. If that is the case, the fields of the registrant information are greyed out and a notification will be displayed. Contact our support team for more information on how to request an owner change for that particular domain name.

    You are also able to change the registrant information of multiple domain names at once. To do so, head over to ‘Domains & Hosting‘ and check the boxes of the domain names you wish to change the registrant of. Next, click on ‘Change registrant details‘.

    • In this article:

    Who Is The Owner Of A Domain

    When the contact type is Person and you change the First Name or Last Name fields for the registrant contact, you change the owner of the domain.

    When the contact type is any value except Person and you change Organization, you change the owner of the domain.

    Note the following about changing the owner of a domain:

    • For some TLDs, there’s a fee to change the owner of a domain. To determine whether there’s a fee for the TLD for your domain, see the “Change Ownership Price” column in .


      You can’t use AWS credits to pay the fee, if any, to change the owner of a domain.

    • For some TLDs, when you change the owner of a domain, we send an authorization email to the email address for the registrant contact. The registrant contact must follow the instructions in the email to authorize the change.

    • For some TLDs, you need to fill out a Change of Domain Ownership Form and provide proof of identity so that an Amazon Route 53 support engineer can update the values for you. If the TLD for your domain requires a Change of Domain Ownership form, the console displays a message that links to a form for opening a support case. For more information, see Changing the owner of a domain when the registry requires a Change of Domain Ownership form.

    Tlds That Require Special Processing To Change The Owner

    When you change the owner of a domain, the registries for some TLDs require special processing. If you’re changing the owner for any of the following domains, perform the applicable procedure. If you’re changing the owner for any other domain, you can change the owner yourself, either programmatically or using the Route 53 console. See Updating contact information for a domain.

    The following TLDs require special processing to change the owner of the domain:

    How To Check Domain Name Ownership History

    If that particular domain name has been registered earlier, It will have a history record. In this article, Ill show you how to check the history of a domain name via the best available tools in the market.

    First, you will need to choose a domain name for your business. Once done, It will be a perfect time to see whether this domain name was owned earlier or not.

    Luckily the internet users leave footprints behind them on the internet. And accordingly, you can easily find any domain footprint with a click of your mouse.

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