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How Do I Get An Edu Domain

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Criteria & Eligibility :

How To Get An Email Address With Your Domain Name For Free

There is a strict list of criterias and conditions an educational institute should pass to get the domain name. And its only available for post-secondary institutions such as universities and colleges.

US-based Institutions can use EduCause. Its a non-profit organizations that can be used to lookup and how to register edu domain name. You can find more about the eligibility criteria and guidelines here eligibility FAQ.

How To Buy A Domain Name: Domain Registration Guide

What you need to know about domain names, how to choose the right one, and the steps to take to check if a domain name is available and to register your domain.

If you want to start a blog or a new online business, youll need to register a domain name, the name for your website. Getting the right domain for your needs might sound technical at first, but the process is pretty simple.

This domain registration guide will tell you what you need to know about domain name extensions, how to choose the right one for your needs, and the steps youll need to take to check if a domain name is available and to register your domain.

Check For Trademark Infringement

Both major and minor brands alike take issue with others using their trademarked names. Even if youve just made an innocent mistake, the legal hassle involved in a lawsuit and having to rearrange your web presence could be costly.

You can avoid these situations by using a trademark lookup tool before you finalize your choice.

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Account And User Set Up

How do I create a new user with specific roles?

You may create multiple role-based users for your account to help you and your team collaborate more efficiently while still maintaining the highest level of security for your .edu domain account.

Once established, each user has their own username and password to log in to the account with privileges that are personalized for their specific role.

Security is a top priority for us. To ensure your account remains secure, all changes to users will go through the account owner.

To create a new user, please take the following steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Select “My Account” from the drop-down menu under your username.
  • Click “Manage Users.”
  • How To Get A Domain Name From Domaincom

    How do I change my domain/document type?  Grammarly Support is a reputable domain registrar, launched in 1998. Over 1.2 million websites are registered with them. features the most popular top level domains such as .com, .net, .org, .co, along with over 25 county-specific domain extensions .

    They are mostly selling affordable domain names with most names priced in the $9.99-$12.99/year range. If you are lucky, you can also steal a deal and buy your domain name for as low as $2.99/year.

    For that price you get:

    • 1-year domain ownership.
    • Free SSL certificate for extra security.
    • Automatic email forwarding to your domain.
    • DNS registration and management tools.

    Also, you can purchase extra Domain Privacy+Protection for your domain . In this case, your personal details will not be displayed publicly in the WHOIS/ICANN directories. Plus, the registrar will also run extra security checks.

    Sounds sweet? Heres how to register a domain name on

    Step 1: Run a quick search to verify that the domain name you are eying is available.

    Step 2: Pick your domain extension. Go for .com since its the most familiar option among users and thus, people, tend to type .com before trying anything else.

    Your choice gets automatically added to your cart with a 2-year privacy protection subscription. This ones optional, so you can remove it during the next step. Also, you can change your domain renewal period from one year to five years.

    Moreover, you can pick some add-on services such as:

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    Visit Diablo Valley Colleges Website

    Here is the link to Diablo Valley Colleges website: Steps to enroll . Scroll down the page a bit and click on Enroll as a new student.

    A new page with plenty of information about the college will appear. You dont really care about all that, since you arent trying to enroll in college. You are only here for that juicy email and all the goodies that come with it.

    Create Your Openccc Account

    You will open the OpenCCC page, where you can create an OpenCCC account, which will include your student credentials. To begin the process, simply select the voice Begin creating an account.

    There is a lot of text on this page, but you can ignore it as you dont need to read it. All you care about is the mail address youll get.

    The registration form will appear. I know it feels pretty long, but dont worry, youre almost done.

    This step is self-explanator. You will need to put in various information about yourself. If you do not wish to input your real info, you can always use a fake address generator to create a person who doesnt exist and use their data to fill in the form.

    Ive had some issues with the generated addresses. The first 3 I tried didnt work, but eventually the 4th one worked. So dont worry if your first attempts get rejected.

    Once youve followed these steps, you will receive a mail from OpenCCC that will give you your CCCID, which is your global California Community Colleges ID. You dont really care about this, its only a necessary step to get your .edu mail address.

    Heres how the email looks like:

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    Register Edu Domain Name

    The power of the internet is overwhelming the internet has consistently outgrown itself from year to year. Everybody, every brand, every businesses are going online to tap into the vast traffic and huge market share that exist online.

    Those online businesses can only function effectively if they individually have a web address a domain name. A domain name is a unique identifier that is entered into the URL or address bar of a web browser that directs users to any desired website of their choice.

    You want to start an online business and youre wondering how to get a .edu domain name? Have you being wondering how they register .edu domain names?

    Well, is a non-profit organization which handles all .edu registration. Unlike .com .net .org which all has numerous registrars the sole accreditation of .edu registration is only awarded to one organization

    You want to know how you can get a unique .edu domain name with them? Make sure your institution meets all the eligibility requirements.

    Below is a simple way to register .edu domain name with

    1. From your web browser, go to and click on the Request a New Domain link situated at the top-most part of the website.

    If the domain name is available you will be taken to another page called Domain availability results.

    4. Still on the new page scroll down to the end of the page and click on Request This Domain.

    Institution Name


    How Do I Choose The Best Domain Name

    How do I transfer my domain name?

    Great question! Here’s a few core things to consider when choosing your new domain name:

  • Choose a name that’s creative and unique. This may be the differentiation needed to stand out amongst competitors. Take a domain name like, for example.
  • Keep your name easy to remember as well. The sweet spot is ideally one or two words that capture the essence of your website. is easier to remember than, for example.
  • If you’re a local business, consider adding your region to your domain name, such as .nyc or .asia, to help your site’s visibility.
  • Consider buying more than one domain. As your site’s popularity increases, you don’t want copycats to purchase similar domains before you do.
  • And lastly, avoid numbers, hyphens, or symbols of any kind.
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    Wait For The Diablo Valley College Email

    Youre almost there. You will receive your email with your new address within 24 business hours. Theres no proper way of predicting how long it will take, Ive had it appear as quickly as 10 minutes, but other times it took a couple of days.

    The email youll get will include your Student ID, your username, and your .edu email address. You are now free to use this address however you please.

    Dont worry if you dont get your mail immediately. In the case 3 days pass without you getting your .edu mail address I advise trying again with a different mail address and fresh information.

    This is the only method that I tested and that I can guarantee still works. On the internet youll find other guides that mention Virginias community colleges, but the method doesnt work anymore.

    Virginias community college website explicitly states that:

    Note: New applicants will not receive a functional email account until making a financial commitment to a VCCS institution.

    So you need to actually enroll and pay up your tuition before getting your .edu address.

    There is an alternative to going through this process though: you can purchase an .edu email address.

    What Is Domain Privacy And Do I Need It

    Domain privacy and security is as important to us as it is to you. Without domain privacy, your private and sensitive information may be collected and displayed in ICANN’s WHOIS database when you register your domain. Domain privacy ensures that these details are hidden from the public view. Our Domain Privacy + Protection package will make ICANN display our contact information in lieu of yours.

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    Advance Your Cause With A Dot Org Web Address

    Where would the world be today if it werent for organizations working tirelessly to make the world a better place? Good thing theres people like you. When youre looking to register .org, please keep in mind a few things:

  • Youre awesome. Thank goodness for people dedicated to a cause like yours. So, thank you, in advance, for all the amazing things youre about to do with your .org domain name.
  • Dont hesitate. Apparently doing good is a popular activity. Theres a chance someone else out there has an idea similar to yours and theyre getting ready to buy .org for themselves. Get there first.
  • Welcome to the community. Youre about to become part of a global force of over 10 million people, all working hard to do great things and make this world a better place. Congratulations on your membership.
  • New Applicants To The Edu Domain Faq

    How do I get started with the Applications Tab ...

    How does an institution apply for a name in the .edu domain?

    Eligible institutions may apply for a name in the .edu domain by visiting the Request a New Domain section of our website. Eligibility criteria, advice for avoiding duplicate domain name requests, related policies, timelines, and other information are available on the EDUCAUSE .edu domain web site.

    May I request more than one .edu domain name?

    Yes, institutions or organizations that meet the current eligibility requirements for .edu domain name registration may apply for as many as two names in the .edu domain.

    Is there a cost to have a name in the .edu domain?

    Under the terms of Amendment 11 of the .edu Cooperative Agreement with the Department of Commerce, EDUCAUSE is authorized to assess an annual $77 registration fee per domain name to recoup the expenses of managing the domain.

    Must an institution join EDUCAUSE to apply for or obtain a name in the .edu domain?

    My institution has applied for accreditation and we have been assured it will be awarded. Can we apply for a .edu domain?

    Your eligibility for a name in the .edu domain will begin as soon as your accreditation is final. Current .edu policy does not recognize pre-accredited status for eligibility.

    My institution already has a name in the .us domain. Can we still request and use a name in the .edu domain? Do we have to give up our existing name?

    When is a deleted domain name available again?

    When might I be notified of a policy violation?

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    Faq For The Edu Email

    • Is using the Edu email from this method legal?

    Ans: We wont say that creating the Edu email this way is totally legal. But doing so is also not totally wrong. So it is somewhere between legal and illegal.

    • Can we get Github students to benefit from these emails?

    Yes, you can get Github student benefits from an Edu email. But for many to get free .edu email or Edu email you have created from some methods as we have shared GitHub may ask for the verification. For such verification, you have to submit the student card associated with the .edu email. As we dont have such cards the request may be rejected.

    • Does that mean we cant get GitHub student ourself?

    If you wanted to get the GitHub student pack only then you can do that without the edu email only. Yes, you heard this right you can get the GitHub student for free without any .edu email. For this register to GitHub using your Gmail account. Go to the student benefit portal and apply for it. It asks for your academic proof . Note, The name of such documents should match with the name of the GitHub account that you created and the Gmail account you created.

    Still worrying because you dont have the transcript and all stuff. We have already shared this stuff on our telegram channel you can get it from there.

    • I created the edu email but my friend purchases the .edu email from a seller. What is the difference between them?
    • I tried all the methods but none of them are working?
    • What are the benefits of free .edu email?

    How To Get Free Edu Email Address

    Basically edu email only for the student , But if you are not a student and want an .edu email for discount purpose without being in school then this is a correct article for you. With our method, you can generate free edu email example The method 100% working in 2020 and I have already 3 edu email from different university sites.

    Here I will give you a proper tutorial to get Anne Arundel Community College edu email. To get edu email, first of all, you follow all the steps one by one.

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    What Does Edu Actually Mean

    Before we get into the ways you can have an .edu email address, we should look into the meaning behind this domain extension. Now, .edu is a domain extension that is clearly restricted to educational institutions. This domain extension is usually used by the US-based educational invitations, but it is also used in Europe, however, to a smaller extent. Nevertheless, people who are able to obtain the .edu email address are, of course, students and college/university staff .

    The .edu domain extension was first implemented in 1985 by six universities, UCLA being one of them. Ever since the first implementation, the rule of .edu only being used by educational institutions has lost its initial power. Nowadays, different institutions and individuals use the .edu email address. That is why there are so many .edu domain restrictions in the US, especially when it comes to community colleges. To gain access to the .edu domain, one needs to be eligible for application, regardless of whether it is an individual or even an institution. Each eligible institution or individual get only has one registered .edu domain.

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