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What’s My Domain Worth

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Use Appraisal Services To Calculate Domain Value

How Much is My Website Worth?

A domain appraisal service will allow you to enter your domain name and see what they suggest your asking price should be. For example, a search on EstiBot for shows the following:

Appraisals like these are determined automatically based on SEO-related factors like keywords, the number of searches, Alexa rank, monthly searches and cost per click. Though these are important, there are also many important factors to consider that cannot be calculated by algorithms.

This wont be the end of your journey, but it can be another useful step in arriving at an estimated value of your domain. Since estimates can vary from service to service, get estimates from several different sources. Some other ones to check out are WebsiteOutlook and URL Appraisal.

About Twitter Username Worth

Twitter followers are worth a lot. The Twitter Username Worth checks how many followers a Twitter user has and based on the total of followers it will give you the value of the Twitter Username.

Followers of a Twitter user with a lot of followers are worth more than followers on a Twitter username with very few followers.

Icdsoft’s Opinion On Registry Premium Domains

We at ICDSoft believe that domains should be a commodity service, as reflected in our fair pricing for domains policy. Premium domains are against our fair pricing policy – they are a way to extract more money from domain owners, without putting any additional work, or creating any additional value. That’s why we do not sell premium domains on our site, and in general, we do not recommend their use.

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Choose Your Terms And Register

Once youve found a domain name that you like and thats available, all you have to do is choose your purchase terms and register the domain. If youre planning on holding onto the domain for a while it can be helpful to register the domain for multiple years at once, so you dont accidentally let the domain lapse.

Once youve registered a domain, you can either:

  • Leave it alone, if youre planning on selling it one day, or reserving it for a future website project of your own
  • Forward it to your host by changing the nameservers.

How To Appraise Your Domain Name

What Is My Domain Worth?

Now that you know what makes a great domain name, its time to start getting information about your own. The details in the previous section, while important, are all theoretical. They should be used as a guide to get a ballpark estimate. If you want more accurate data, you can employ the following methods.

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What Is A Premium Domain And Is It Worth Getting One

You have come up with a great new idea for a website and you only need a good domain name? A quick check on a WHOIS lookup website shows that the domain is available, but you see a price of $500 or even $5000 when you try to register it? You can get a new .com domain for as low as $8.38, so how come the one you want is so expensive? You have most probably come across a premium domain name. Below, we answer some of the most common questions regarding these domains.

See What Buyers Will Offer For Your Domain Name Right Now

Theres no better way to get the real value of your domain than to put it up for sale. This may seem a bit drastic, but its incredibly effective. You see, estimations will only get you so far. Your domains actual value is how much real people are willing to pay for it. Just because it seemingly fits all of the criteria doesnt mean that youll get a ton of money for it. On the other side of the spectrum, you may think that your domain name doesnt hold much value at all, only to find someone who has been searching high and low for something just like it.

This technique can be a bit tricky, but there are ways to minimize the risks. Essentially, youre going to put an ad up for your domain on a marketplace website as if you were selling it. Then, you simply wait to see what kinds of offers come in. To ensure that your domain name doesnt actually get sold, you can apply a reserve to your listing. This reserve prevents the sale from going through unless a certain threshold is met. On domain marketplace sites like Flippa, you can set the reserve amount pretty high and hide the amount from buyers.

Most domain auctions last for about two weeks. During this time, people will view your ad, check out your domain, and make offers based on what they think its worth. Because your reserve is hidden, theres no outside influence whatsoever. Just real and honest information about the value of your domain.

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Checking The Popularity Of Keywords

If youre unsure about any words in your domain name, you can turn to Google for more information. Google Trends allows you to see how the popularity of keywords rises and falls over time. You can even see how many monthly searches are made. When youre determining your domains value, use this tool to accurately gauge where those keywords currently stand.

While your domain may consist of a recognizable keyword, that doesnt necessarily mean its relevant to what end-users are after. Check to see how popular the word is to determine how it affects the domains overall value.

Tips For International Or Multilingual Websites


If you run an international or multilingual website and serious in getting the best result with your internationalisation then you need to make sure you cover all 8 tips in your website. This helps Search Engines to get a real value of your website and great for International or Local SEO.

  • Translation

    It is strongly recommended to have your content translated by a native speaker rather than using Google Translator or any other tools. There are two obvious reasons for this:

  • First one is to make sure the content is translated by highest standard. So when native speaker read it, they dont laugh at you because of poor grammar.
  • Second reason is the search engines specially Google whom are almost as clever as human being in reading your contents these days and they rank you easier for high quality and unique contents.
  • Language Localisation and Internationalisation

    This is a step to adopt and qualify your product or service with a culture, local desirability and language. The best results come if you start your product, service or business with internationalisation plans .

    When localising or internationalising a product, you need to make sure you consider following facts: Currency, Time Zone, gender roles, local colour preferences, age preferences, national holiday, service or product naming convenience, geographic or politic examples or any other important facts that you think can have role in this process.

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    How Do I Use The Godaddy Appraisal Tool

    The GoDaddy domain appraisal tool is the best choice for most small businesses. Its free, simple to use, and will provide you with the basic information you need to decide if purchasing a domain is right for your business. Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how much a domain is worth.

  • Visit .
  • Type the name of the domain youd like to appraise in the Enter a domain name box.
  • Click the Get Value button.
  • Once the Get Value button is clicked, the GoDaddy domain value appraisal tool will present you with three sections of information: estimated value, similar domains, and comparable domains sold.

    In the Estimated Value section, GoDaddy will tell you exactly how much it thinks a domain is worth and why.

    In the Similar Domains section, GoDaddy will offer a number of similar domains that are available to purchase.

    Finally, in the More Comparable Domains Sold section, GoDaddy will provide you with a list of similar domains and the amount of money they were sold for.

    If the domain isnt currently up for sale, GoDaddy will offer to serve as your broker and contact the owner to see if they are willing to sell it.

    After reviewing the value of your domain, you may wish to sell it. Access our How to Use GoDaddy Auctions article for complete instructions on how to sell your domain through its auction service

    Valuing Exact Match Domains

    When it comes to value, the EMDs that will be typically worth the most are the ones that have a high search volume on search engines, and a high cost per click in AdWords.

    Although anything that describes the exact service of a business, provided it is not too narrow in its scope will most likely be worth something.

    If we take a look at the top domain sales of domains, most of them are exact match domains in competitive or valuable niches such as gambling, travel and finance.

    Biggest Reported UK Domain Sales Of All Time

    1. £1,200,000


    Although they can also be dictionary words , first names and surnames . They are essentially anything you would name a brand.

    ProsAs brandable domains are often made up, they generally can be registered more easily, take for example our own brand name which was available to register because nobody else was using it.

    ConsSometimes brandable domains can be difficult to remember, pronounce or communicate. Amazon was initially going to be called Cadabra, as in the magic word abracadabra. However, after Jeff Bezos lawyer misheard it as Cadaver over the phone Jeff decided to change it to Amazon.

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    Domain Age And Other Seo Aspects

    Domain age refers to the date on which the web address was registered. Domains that, for example, were registered in 2011 celebrate their 10-year anniversary in 2021. Whether the time of registration itself has an influence on how Google and others rate them isnt known. However, if the domain has already been active for years, this will surely influence the ranking and therefore also on the domain value. Especially the content and the number of backlinks that link to the domain determine the reputation of the web address. Another thing to consider is the trustworthiness of the web projects that were published under the domain in the course of time. From a technical, SEO point of view, this is relevant.

    Even though websites published under the domain play a role in SEO evaluation, the domain value, as already mentioned, is not the same as the value of these websites. In other words, you only buy or sell the address, unless other conditions have been agreed upon.

    Discover Your Domains Value

    What Is My Domain Worth?

    If you have a premium domain name and want to determine the domains worth, MediaOptions can help you price this valuable online real estate. Looking for a valuation of your entire portfolio? We can help with that, too.

    We know how to accurately appraise some of the most valuable domain names. We charge $1500.00 for a professional and documented domain name appraisal including the key metrics used to establish the real value of your domain name.

    A discount may be available for bulk or multiple appraisals of your own domains or new domains. In many cases, we may provide a free domain appraisal to clients who utilize our premium domain broker service.

    CONTACT US for more information about our domain appraisal service.

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    Understanding Domain Name Valuation

    Domain valuation is the process of determining the value of a given domain. Its a similar process to when companies are valued, but much less intensive.

    Before we jump into how to do a domain appraisal, lets have a quick overview of how domain names work. If you already have the basics down, such as how to register a domain, feel free to skip to the next section.

    If youre just getting started building websites online, this section is for you.

    Domain names are synonymous with URLs , but essentially its what a user types into their browser address bar on their search engine to access your site things like,,, etc.

    There are two primary parts that make up a domain, the second level domain and the top level domain. These two factors will also contribute to a domain valuation,, but more on this below.

    Heres how top-level and second-level domains work together:

  • Top-level domain. Even though its called top-level, this portion of the domain name is what comes at the end. It can also be referred to as a domain name extension. This is the .com, .org, .net portion of a domain name.
  • Second-level domain. This portion of the domain name is the central portion of a domain and often refers to the name of the website, in,hostgator is the second-level domain and also the name of the company.
  • Whether youre purchasing a domain name for a new project, or simply to hold onto and sell one day, the process remains the same.

    Keyword Tool For Google

    If a keyword, product, or service is in high demand and being searched for, you can use this tool to determine whether it is available. Make sure youve selected exact match in the search box. In addition to keyword competition, Google also provides information on how much people are paying for advertising, as well as traffic statistics. From Googles search history and user behaviour tools, you may learn a lot.

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    Has Been Around For A While

    An older domain name has had more time to be indexed and ranked by Google, making it better for SEO than a recently-registered domain. Plus, you are likely more attached to a domain youve had for eleven years than one that youve had for eleven days. Both of these can be helpful as leverage during negotiations.

    Invest In Domain Valuation Tools & Services

    Domain Valuation – How to Price and Sell Domains

    If you want the most accurate information about how much your domain name is worth, a valuation service is a great option for you. These sites take care of all the research for you. Theyll make comparisons to similar domains and consider every factor to come up with an estimate.

    The great thing about using a valuation service is that the reports they produce are filled with hard data. Many tools will provide analytics for everything from page views to keyword values.

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    How Much Is My Website Worth

    The website worth checker analyzes the data about your site, evaluates a range of metrics and provides you with the results in the form of a table.This table represents your potential and approximate monthly earnings from the site if you decide to place 1, 3 or 10+ ads on its pages.This data gives you a deep insight into the value of your site and answers the question: How much is a website worth?.

    Ten ads? Isnt it too much? – you ask. No, not really. The ads you place using MageNet services are contextual.Which means they are placed inside the text, and dont distract or annoy users, so you can have 10 of them on a page,and not worry about their obtrusiveness.

    Another benefit of ads placement with MageNet is that you get paid per placement and not per a number of impressions, views or clicks.So the earnings amount you get with the website value calculator can be quite precise if you specify the category correctly.*Moreover, with the aid of our online website value calculator you can easily track your websites earning potential.

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