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How to Make the PERFECT Domain Name for Your Shopify Store

To promote your store online, you need relevant accounts on social media. Imagine that somebody has created a Facebook account with the name that you have just picked. It would be quite a sad situation because it would make your buyers really confused. Plus, they will constantly mix you up with this random account.

Luckily, Namemesh has this adorable function of scanning social networks as well! Look at the picture below:

When you click on a suggested domain, the system checks the so-called Social Availability. It means that it analyses the existing Twitter and Facebook account names. You, in turn, can perform the same check on Instagram manually.

This way, you can choose identical names for all your social media channels. Surely, it helps you create a strong brand and boost your recognition.

Suggestions For Ecommerce Domain Name Suffixes:

  • Store
  • Galleria
  • Exchange

Keyword multipliers like SEOBook’s Keyword List Generator can combine lists of root keywords with suffix or prefix words like our store synonyms to make this process painless and ensure all combinations are captured. Just add your root keywords separated by commas to one of the input fields, with your appended words in the next field. Then click “Generate” to create a huge list of suggested names for your ecommerce website.

How To Choose A Domain Name

The domain name you choose for your online store will contribute to search engine optimization, branding and other marketing efforts. If you come up with a memorable name, direct site traffic could increase as a result.

In addition, a domain name can make your store more reputable. When you have a storefront registered under your own domain, customers are more likely to assume you’re a legitimate business owner with competitive products. Branded websites are one of the most trusted advertising resources .

Step one: determine your domain name

Keywords: Your domain name should reflect your business, whether it’s the name of your store or the product you sell. Conduct keyword research to locate keywords and phrases likely to lead customers to your store. Names like WebMD and Careerbuilder are successful because they give visitors a good idea of what the site is about.

Look at similar domain names: Research other websites with similar domains. Determine if any of them are competitors or if they’re popular websites that could easily be confused with yours. Avoid naming your website after others with high traffic volumes. If you still need some inspiration to find the right name for your site, try a domain name generator that’ll give you clever suggestions

Avoid copyright infringement: Visit to make sure your desired domain hasn’t been trademarked by another company. Even if they don’t own the domain, using it under their trademark could result in a fine.

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What To Do If The Domain Name Of Your Choice Is Taken

Given the fact that traditional domain names such as .com, net, and .biz have been around for decades and that the internet is crammed with over a billion websites, there is a very good possibility that the name of your choice wont be available.

This makes domain availability a major issue and as all short, meaningful, and memorable names are most likely taken. Here are 4 effective ways in which you can overcome domain availability issues:

  • Look for names on new domain extensions
  • Make a creative adjustment
  • Buy the name of your choice
  • Proclaim whats rightfully yours
  • What Should You Avoid When Picking A Domain Name?

    Finding the perfect domain name for your eCommerce website can get challenging. And while there are several best practices you can follow, there are a few things you should avoid when picking a name for your eCommerce business.

    Heres what you should avoid doing:

    • Avoid using long names

    Not only are long names hard to remember, but they bring in a sense of inconsistency and lack credibility. Long and complicated names dont do much to build confidence in the minds of your target audience and they wont do well to build brand loyalty.

    • Avoid including unwanted characters

    Pick a name that is devoid of any unnecessary characters that will clutter your brand name. Eliminate all confusion by picking a clean domain name.

    • Avoid clubbing numbers with words
    • Avoid using hyphens
    • Avoid using unusual spellings
    • Avoid using a name that sounds like someone elses name
    • .store

    What Is A Store Domain

    Essential Tips on How to Choose a Domain Name in 2020 ...

    A .store domain is designed specifically for businesses and startups that sell online.

    The .store domain is unassumingly and clearly indicative of what the business does and where its going.

    The word store has a long-standing association to be a place where people can buy something or a place where a business sells something.

    As a word that has long been associated with the act of selling or the place of purchase, .store clearly communicates what your business does.

    Which is why it makes for the perfect choice for any business that is selling online.

    Its easy to understand and this means you can pick a short and snappy name that has a tremendous brand-building potential.

    Also, using a relevant, definitive, and meaningful domain extension such as .store is a smart way to bring innovation and creativity to your branding and marketing agenda.

    For instance, is a fitting example of a small business using .store to denote their space on the internet.

    This association with the act of selling or the place of purchase makes .store the perfect domain extension for building eCommerce websites and online stores.

    Search for your business name or category. or

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    Use In Offline Marketing

    Whether youre an online business or a physical storefront, your offline branding is as important as your online branding. In order to promote your website in newspaper ads, brochures, newsletters, banners, and other offline marketing collaterals, you need a link that is easy to remember.

    Which of these two links are you more likely to remember easily:

    Are There Any Similar Rules For The Selection Of A Second Level Website Domain

    Oh, this is the most exciting part.

    When youre choosing a top level domain, you dont have much room for imagination and inventiveness. All you need to do is simply pick one of 20-30 available options.

    But when it comes to the second level domain name, its a whole different story.

    When youre creating your store domain, there are 3 vital things to consider.

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    How Do I Choose The Best Payment Method

    Work out how many sales you expect to make and what type of person will be buying your products.

    Find out where your customers are from. If you have customers from different countries, make sure you meet each nationalitys needs. Shoppers in Canada, for example, have different payment preferences from shoppers in Texas.

    Dont pick a payment method without working out your stores needs first.

    How To Select The Best Domain Registrar

    How to Find Great, Short Domain Names! – Choosing an URL and Store Name

    Domain name registrars are companies that manage the purchase and sales of generic top level and country level domain extensions. Hundreds of companies have been authorized by the ICANN to act as domain name registrars. However, no two registrars are alike with some offering benefits and services that others dont. So, how can you identify the best domain registrar for your business?

    With a domain name search, youll discover that there are a few key areas in which leading registrars tend to shine:

    • Pricing: The best domain name registrar is the one that offers excellent deals on registrations and renewals. Sometimes you can find deals for as low as $5 per year.
    • Control panel: Ideally, you want to opt for a registrar who offers a simple user panel to help you control your domains. Maybe you want to transfer your domain name to someone. Perhaps you want to modify the domain names CNAME records. An intuitive control panel can simply such tasks.
    • Privacy protection: At the very least, the domain name registrar should give you the option to conceal your personal information from those who would to peak at your website records.
    • Payment methods: Popular registrars allow you to pay for domain name registration online by bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card, and that is what you should do. While some give the option to send checks via mail, that could be risky in the fast-moving world of the internet.

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    Keep Your Domain Name Short And Simple

    In the words of Leonardo Da Vinci, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

    A good domain name is short and simple. Thats what makes it memorable. Anything more than 18-20 characters or three words is too much for a domain name. Choose a web address thats easy to type and decreases the chances of being misspelt.

    For example, a one-word, snappy domain name such as is so much more efficient and striking than

    Choose A Domain Name That Helps Your Seo

    SEO is critical for an online store. It is how you will drive organic traffic. To maximize your SEO with your domain, stay relevant, use keywords and make sure you use subfolders rather than sub-domains, and also make sure you build a strategy when naming your blog.

  • Subfolders are similar, and look like this:
  • While these look similar, Google reads them very differently. Sub-domains are read as though they are their own websites. Subfolders are read as part of the original domain. This latter option increases your SEO by proving to Google that you are building a library of expertise of particular keywords and topics. When possible, choose a subfolder rather than a subdomain

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    Search Your Store Domain Now

    Search for your business name or category. or

  • Pick a name that is search-friendly
  • SEO, especially for new startups, is the basis of organic marketing, and optimizing for it is imperative for all online businesses.

    Most startup names, whilst being funky and trendy, are not well thought out in terms of SEO.

    Ideally, when hunting for a name from the business name ideas list, pick a name that is keyword-rich.

    A search-friendly name will help your eCommerce website or online store to rank high on search engines.

    And with voice search and semantic search playing a pivotal role in how people search the web, its best to pick a name that is rich in keywords and easy to understand.

    For instance, is a search-friendly name.

  • Pick a name that has brand-building potential
  • Startup names should be snappy and slick something thats easy to remember and one that sticks in the minds of whoever comes across it.

    Ideally, your eCommerce startups name should be limited to 1-3 words and under 18 characters.

    Steer clear of names with misspellings or abbreviations or hyphens or numbers as this will significantly impact your brand building endeavors and ruin the searchable criteria mentioned above.

    For example, is a clean and clutter-free web address that makes for great branding.

  • Pick a name that passes the radio test
  • If you have to repeat your name or spell it out loud, your name has failed the test.

    What Is The Role Of A Domain Name In Branding Your Online Store Or Ecommerce Startup

    .STORE Domain  a Great Opportunity for Your Online Store ...

    There are many eCommerce websites with truly exceptional store names, and to stand out from the herd you need a name that breaks stereotypes.

    Picking a memorable and brandable domain name for eCommerce is the first step towards setting up an online business.

    Why? Because your domain name makes for the first touchpoint for people to get an understanding of what to you do.

    And theyre right. Because a long, awkward, clunky, and hard-to-understand URL will deter people from trusting your brand and typing in the web address of your online store.

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    Which Ecommerce Website Builder Should You Choose

    We know the choice can feel overwhelming, but it all comes down to the purpose and size of your online store.

    Having researched each ecommerce website builder thoroughly, were in a great position to tell you a little bit more about which platform matches your needs.

    For Small Stores

    If youre planning to build a small online store, then we recommend Wix. Its super easy to set up, the sales tools are excellent, and the designs look great.

    • Plans: $23 $49/month
    • Designs: Over 500 stylish themes
    • Features/Tools: A fantastic range of features including integration with ShipStation, selling on Instagram, abandoned cart recovery emails, printable shipping labels, and much more.
    • Commission: None

    Is Wix Right For You?

    When playing around with ecommerce website builders, ask yourself:

    • Is it easy to choose a template/theme and make custom changes?
    • Are the templates suitable for your business?
    • Is it easy to add products and categorize them?
    • Can you edit the navigation to include sub-menus and new pages?

    You want to find a platform thats not only easy to use, but offers everything you require. Once youve decided what you need, spend some time looking over our comparison chart to find a builder that ticks all your boxes.

    After that, take it for a spin! The key is to work out which builder you find to be the most natural to use, and which is the best fit for the type of store you want to build. Take a few for a test drive and see which suits you best.

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    The Seo Focused Approach

    • Exact-match domain names are usually already taken by someone else.
    • Buying an exact-match domain name can be expensive.
    • Having a very targeted domain name can restrict what products you sell – if your website is named you won’t want to sell digital cameras.
    • Exact-match domain names can be a little bland and impersonal.

    If the exact-match domain name you want is already taken, there are some other strategies you can take to get a relevant, keyword-targeted name for your ecommerce store. One reliable means of doing so is to append “store” or one of its synonyms to your market-wide keywords as a suffix. You can even select a variant that captures your brand best, such as choosing “boutique” for a touch of class or “emporium” to imply a market with large selection and low prices. If your root keywords are on the long side, youll likely want to choose one of the shorter synonyms.

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    How To Choose The Right Domain Extension

    With a variety of domain name extensions to choose from, how do you know which one is the best for your business? The simple answer is to use the .com extension if its available. I say this because .com is by far the most valuable and used domain extension. According toThe GrowthBadger Blog, its 33 percent more memorable than websites with other top-level domains.

    If youre unable to secure the .com extension, the next best alternatives are .net or .org. The latter is traditionally used for non-profit companies, so if that isnt appropriate, you should opt for .net. Alternatively, if you are a smaller company in a certain location, registering a country domain extension like .ca or .uk might be a logical move.

    You can also get creative and try some of the newer domain extensions instead of .net or .org. For example, registering the .STORE domain extension would immediately make your ecommerce store stand out from the rest. Whether you have an online store or a brick-and-mortar outlet, newer extensions like these can be a crowd-puller for your business. You can view the list of all available extensionshere.

    How Do I Search for a Domain Name? When learning how to find a domain name, there are several things to look into to help you figure out what the best domain name for your brand is. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect domain name:

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