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How To Find Out If A Song Is Public Domain

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Songs Under Public Domain

What Is A Public Domain Song

Older songs can enter whats known as the public domain. This means that sometimes when theyre old enough, they can be considered free from copyright. But how old do they really have to be?

  • Copyright of the song in relation to the publishing rights expires 70 years after the death of the songwriter
  • Copyright of the sound recording in relation to the mastering rightsexpires 70 years after the recording was released

This makes the pool of available tracks quite limited, but you can find some real gems available in the public domain. Dont just assume that a song is in the public domain simply because its old though, some copyright owners still renew licenses for older tracks, and in some instances, where a song has been re-recorded you wont be able to use that recording. Not sure what we mean? Heres an example:

  • Mozart writes the iconic Eine kleine Nachtmusik in 1787
  • Mozart passed away in December of 1791, a little more than 70 years ago
  • The publishing right for that song is now in the public domain
  • An orchestra records a version of that son in 2010

You guessed it, you cant use that particular recording of that score from 2010 as that will have its own recording rights.

Is Public Domain Music Free

There are some songs that do and some that dont.

In theory, the songs in the public domain are not copyrighted so you can download them and use them for free in any project.

However, there are companies and online platforms that charge for the download of these music tracks.

This may seem somewhat ambiguous and may lead you to ask yourself the following question:

Can We Make Changes To A Song

Under copyright law, until a song is PD, only the copyright owner has the right to amend or change their work in any way. Finding difficulty in how a song has been written, or concern with its theology, doesnt give you the legal right to change the work without the permission of the copyright owner.

Only once a song is PD may it be freely adapted, arranged and translated. Where significant changes have been made to the original song, the adaptor of the PD song may claim a new copyright in that adaptation. If you wish to adapt a song that is PD, always check that neither the words nor the music are already an adaptation/arrangement of a PD song for which a new copyright exists.

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How And Where To Use Free Public Domain Music Or Royalty

Perhaps youre a WordPress web designer or developer and want to showcase your work. Maybe put a portfolio of who you are. Having music in the background can enhance your online resume or clients site. Remember Who is Leon?You get the idea.

On the other hand, you may have your own business, a beauty salon or a yoga center like Yoga for mountain bikers and you film short how-to videos and exercises. Cant do itwell without proper music background that wont get you into trouble. Either way, these are the situations where knowing where to find free music for your projects come in handy.

Beware Of Copyright Strikes

Classical Music Background Free Stock Photo

Most of the time, it’s not a matter of whether a song is copyrighted, but a matter of understanding exactly what that copyright entails, or, in other words, how restrictive it is. YouTube shows all the restrictions, including whether playback is restricted in certain countries. Copyright owners can change their policy and take down all the videos containing those songs. If you use copyrighted music without a license, you can get a copyright strike. YouTube could block your video and mute its music. You may see a message like: “This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by all copyright holders. The audio has been disabled.” If you did get permission to use the track and still see that kind of message, appeal the claim via your YouTube Dashboard.

The other restriction for using copyrighted music is that you cannot monetize the video yourself. A song may be considered “ad-supported music”. In this case, the copyright holder may show and monetize ads in your YouTube video. You may lose out on reaping any monetary benefits from traffic and plays. That is why licensing royalty-free music is often the easiest and most trouble-free way to go.

You also need to pay attention to the attribution requirements. If you see an attribution-required icon next to a track, make sure to credit the original artist in your video description.

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How To Use Creator Studio To Check If A Song Is Copyrighted

YouTube creator studio has recently got a new feature that allows creators to check their videos for copyright issues BEFORE the video is published.

How cool is that!

Heres a quick tutorial how you can quickly any music for copyright.

Step 1: Make a quick video

Unfortunately, you do need to make some kind of a video before you can test the music for copyright.

Weve experimented with converting the file types from MP3 to MP4 and some other video types using both online and offline converters but apparently YouTube needs the real video.

Otherwise, all you get from YouTube is this error:

The footage can be literally anything. A simple video loop will do.

Ready? Upload your video to YouTube.

Step 2: Upload your video to YouTube

Start uploading in the creative studio as with any other video.

Look up the Checks tab this will come handy once the processing is finished.

Step 3: See the results in the Checks tab

Once YouTube has finished processing the video, click on the Checks tab to see the results.

If the music is free of claims heres what you will see:

If the music is registered with Content ID , you will see a big red exclamation mark in the Checks tab:

Now you click on SEE DETAILS to see how exactly your video will be affected if you proceed with the upload:

How this affects my video?

Copyright claims do not necessarily restrict you from using the music.

In fact, the claim details page gives us all the information we need to make the decision.

Is The Public Domain The Same As A Creative Commons License

Public domain music does not set any limitations on the use of a music track.

On the other hand, music protected by a Creative Commons free license has certain limitations on the reproduction, distribution, dissemination and copying of a musical work.

The limitations will depend directly on which of the 7 Creative Commons licenses is in effect. If you want to know more about these licenses, we suggest you visit this article.

However, there is one license that is often mistakenly confused with the public domain: the Creative Commons Zero license .

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Sometimes Music Megacorps Screw Up And Songs Like The Beatles’ Love Me Do Become Public Property

Copyright law is so arcane and inscrutable, you might as well be looking at a wizards spellbook most of time. The clarity of the rules governing intellectual property isnt helped by the fact that every country has their own territorial rights over the material, leaving many works that may be in the public domain in say, Italy, still vociferously guarded under copyright in North America. Sound recordings are especially incomprehensible much of the time, with a songs copyrights branching out to three main rights: the right to produce or copy the actual written music, the mechanical and synchronization rights, ie, digital audio copies and use them in conjunction with film and video, and the right to actually perform the musical work in public, either in person or through a broadcast.

Still, even with any copyright worth anything vigorously defended by increasingly-irrelevant music megacorps, some slip through and the songs actually end up in the public domain, as they should. Here are 6 of them.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

The original 1908 music and lyrics to the ballpark standby are now in the public domain in the US and the UK, so all youve got to worry about when creating your perfect beer league soundtrack is lugging an organ out to the diamond.

House of the Rising Sun

Happy Birthday

Love Me Do

Rockin Robin

Thats All Right

Sound Recordings Vs Songs In The Free Public Domain

What is Public Domain Music?

Before we go much farther, a quick note: a sound recording is a separate entity from a song. This is an important distinction, because if you want to use a track in your video, both the song AND the sound recording must be in the public domain.

This means that last years rendition of Beethovens Fifth recorded by the London Philharmonic may not be legal to use, even though the song itself is.

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Differences From Public Domain Music

Lets take this opportunity to refresh your memory.

Do you remember this image?

At the beginning of the article we showed this image to you so that you could get an idea of the licenses.

Now, we show it again so you can see that the Public Domain and the Creative Commons Zero license appear as the same.

In practice, there would be no difference, since both allow a total use of the music track without any barrier.

However, the difference is that:

  • In the public domain, a work becomes available for public use at least 70 years after the death of its author
  • In the Creative Commons Zero license, the author is the one who decides to release his work from the moment of its creation

Now that the differences between public domain music and Creative Commons licenses have been clarified, and specifically the differences with respect to the Creative Commons Zero license, it is time to answer another of the big questions.

Copyright And The Public Domain

Normally, the authors of the songs have exclusive rights to their compositions.

These compositions are considered intellectual property.

Intellectual property is any product of human intelligence whose ownership can be claimed and protected by law, including musical works.

The exclusive rights to the compositions are known as copyright, which protects the musical composition for a long period of time, even if it has never been registered with the copyright office.

These rights are usually in effect and associated with a piece of music until they expire. The exact time depends on the laws of each country but it is usually between 70 and 95 years after the death of the author of the original piece.

After that time, the piece of music ceases to be copyrighted, i.e. it is no longer protected by law but becomes a musical work in the public domain.

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Under Creative Commons Licenses

If you have downloaded the song from any website that offers free royalty-free music, it is most likely to be under one of the several Creative Commons licenses.

What you will have to do in this case is go to the download website and read its section on licenses carefully, to make sure that this is so and to know what kind of restrictions you have when using it.

Can You Use A Cover Of A Popular Song On Youtube

Music Score Sheet Vintage Free Stock Photo

A long standing myth is that you can simply cover a song and youre good to go, waltzing off into the sunset without having to worry about copyright infringement. Unfortunately, thats just not the case. This cover will just fall under a different type of copyright license. You can record and distribute a cover, sure, but youll need to be granted whats known as a mechanical license.

For YouTube it can get even more complicated. If youre adding a visual element, i.e. your video, you may need a synchronization license too. This is all particularly important if youre aiming to monetize your video. If youre just covering a song for personal use, youre good to go, but adding one to your YouTube video without a license? You could find yourself in hot water very quickly.

Wed recommend steering clear of covers. Theyre a minefield you dont want to try and traverse. Youre much better off using the real deal and licensing popular music through Lickd.

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Understanding Public Domain And Where To Find Public Domain Music

StringOvation Team

Selecting the right music program for a class or a recital is always a challenge. You want to present something that balances the students skill level with an audience favorites, without being too redundant. And dont forget about creating the program around a theme! Frankly, youve got a lot going on.

On top of all that, you have to think about copyright issues, such as how to handle music rights for teaching purposes and recitals. Copyrights, which are the rights an owner has to a work or performance which prevents others from using it without permission, are complicated. In every discussion on copyrights, the issue of works in the public domain comes up as an effective way to sidestep specific copyright issues. Yet, the matter of understanding what’s in the public domain can be murky too. However, using public domain music can save you some money and some headache, so it’s worth understanding how to use it to your advantage.

In this post, we’ll clarify what it means for a work to be in the “public domain,” and provide links to some useful resources that will help you find public domain sheet music.

Public Domain Outside Canada

When determining whether or not a foreign work is in the Public Domain in Canada, the first step is to determine whether the work would be in the public domain if it had been published in Canada.

If the work would have been in the public domain if published in Canada, it is in the public domain in Canada. If the work would not be in the public domain if it were published in Canada, check to see whether the work is in the public domain in the country where it was published.

If the work is in the public domain in the country where it was published, then it is in the public domain in Canada. If the work is not in the public domain in Canada nor in the country where it is published, then the work is not in the public domain.

Therefore, if a U.K. author passed away 60 years ago, his work in the public domain in Canada, but not in the U.K., where works do not enter into the public domain until 70 years after the death of the author.

If a country has a copyright term that is less than 50 years, say 30 years, then the work will be in the public domain in Canada after 30 years.

If you wish to use a work that originated in a country that has not signed the Berne Convention, then you should seek permission from the copyright holder.

If you have any questions about the above information, or if you would like assistance in determining whether or not a foreign work is in the Public Domain in Canada, please contact us at .

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