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How To Transfer Domain From WordPress Com To WordPress Org

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Track The Progress Of Your Migration DomainTransfer Tutorial: How to Transfer Your Domain Name

Next, you can either wait for an email from the DreamHost team or watch the progress of the migration in your WordPress dashboard. This will let you know when your migration is complete.

Additionally, if there are any issues with your migration, youll receive the relevant information on this screen.

Installing The WordPress Importer

The first step of the migration process involves your self-hosted WordPress site so go there first and log into your admin dashboard.

Next, go to the Tools tab and click on Import, then on the Install Now button under WordPress on the list.

Install Now

When you see a message at the top of the page which states that the Importer was installed successfully, you can switch to your original blogs admin dashboard to export your content.

Check Your Site For Any Errors

If you followed all of the instructions, the content of your site should look exactly the same. But its still a good idea to go through and make sure all the content, especially images, was successfully imported. Large sites can be especially prone to losing some content so double checking is never a bad idea.

If you are missing pictures, you can use a plugin like Image Teleporter to import your old photos. The Import External Images plugin used to be great for this, but it hasnt been updated in over 2 years now, so I cant guarantee that it will work 100% of the time. The reviews seem to indicate mixed success nowadays.

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Moving From Godaddy To WordPress

The first thing youll need is a WordPress hosting provider. You can install WordPress on virtually any web server on the Internet. However, some systems like ours makes the process so much easier.

Unfortunately, you wont be able to use the Import function of WordPress when transferring data from Website Builder. This is partially why it will take a bit of time to move your site.

Luckily, its not impossible.

Make Your WordPresscom Site Private

How to Move From to Using a ...

Because youre no longer using your site, now is a good time to make it private so that you dont have a perfect duplicate of your self-hosted WordPress site. To do that, head to the dashboard of your site.

Then, go to Settings Reading and choose the I would like my site to be private, visible only to myself and users I choose box:

And thats it for migrating your content from to! If you dont care about keeping your old search engine rankings and traffic, you can stop right now.

But if you do care about search engine rankings and traffic, youll need to complete the next section as well.

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Install Your WordPress Theme

While it is possible to move your content and retain a bunch of other functionality offered by plugins – it is not possible to automatically migrate your theme, custom fonts, or plugins you have used with

Even with countless possibilities, you may want to be consistent in the eyes of your visitors and use the theme that you have been using with, making your site appear as close as possible to its previous look. To accomplish your goal, you should look for the same theme, make the same configurations, and add the needed widgets and plugins. So, you were either using a free theme or a premium one that you purchased separately.

Why Migrate Your Site From WordPresscom To WordPressorg

To understand the benefits of migrating your site, we first have to take a closer look at the differences between and is a free hosting service. While it provides plenty of functionality, security, and support to get your site up and running, it does have limitations. For starters, you can only place your site under a subdomain. Meaning, the name of your site will be instead of

You cant remove WordPress.coms branding or ads from your site. As a result, you cant monetize your site by adding your own ads. wont allow you to extend your sites functionality by installing plugins and, while you can install a theme, youre limited to those available in the directory.

For complete control over your sites appearance and functionality, you can host your own domain on You will need to download the software, pay for hosting, and manage a web server. In turn, you gain control over every feature on your site, including themes, plugins, affiliate links, ads, code, and third-party analytics.

Most site owners choose for its seemingly limitless functionality. If you need more customization and control to continue to grow your site, then follow this step-by-step guide to migrate your site from to

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Can Hostinger Migrate A WordPress Site For Me

Yes, Hostinger can migrate your WordPress site for free. After you get a Hostinger account, access the Migration Requests page and click the Add request button. Go to the WordPress tab and insert the required information.You will need to provide your WordPress admin panels URL and login credentials, and the login information of your previous hosting account. After that, click on Check connection to verify the credentials.Once its verified, click Add request and Hostinger will migrate the WordPress site for you.

Moving Your Website From WordPresscom To WordPressorg

How to transfer a WordPress website to a different domain
  • Tutorial
  • Moving your website from to
  • Wanting to take the plunge and move away from your hosted website or blog to a self-hosted WordPress installation taking your site along with you? The process isn’t as daunting as you may think. WordPress comes with the tools needed to do just that, with only a few mouse clicks.

    The differences between the two variations, and, may only be 3 letters. However, both of them offer entirely different platforms for you and your website or blog. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of transferring a hosted website or blog into your new, self-hosted WordPress installation. Please keep reading and follow carefully.

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    How To Move From WordPresscom To WordPressorg Using A Self

    In this guide, I assume that you have already set up your new domain name and installed If you havent done that yet, please follow my free guide on how to set-up to see exactly how to get a free domain name and install I can even do the install for you for free, just submit a blog install request here.

    If you already have a blog on and would like to move it to your own self-hosted domain using, this tutorial will show you how. has several inherent issues that make it less desirable for many bloggers. The main issues are the lack of control and security, along with the inability to profit from your blog. If you have run into these issues, it is time to move from to

    Make Sure All Your Images Are There

    This is the part of the migration process where most errors tend to occur. If you happen to have a lot of images over at, some of them may not migrate properly and you could be left with a new blog with images, or faced with the possibility of having to upload everything manually.

    Now, were not saying this happens all the time, but since its been known to occur, were going to introduce you to a handy little plugin which can help you in this scenario. Import External Images analyzes the code of your posts, pulls the accompanying images if it detects linking to sources outside of your site, then it uploads them to your local install and voilà youre fully migrated.

    Using this plugin should be a cinch, but just in case, feel free to take a look at How to Import External Images in WordPress, which is a tutorial focused on the plugin itself written by the folks over at WPBeginner.

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    Before You Move To Self

    To move from to self-hosted WordPress, youll need to get the right hosting. With your website, was your host, so, as the name implies, with self-hosted WordPress, youll need to provide your own hosting.

    Hosting is the service that powers your website, providing the storage for its files and allowing visitors from across the globe to access the public-facing pages. Getting the right host is exceptionally important a bad host will result in a slow website with poor security at best — or, at worst, one that doesn’t load at all.

    There are two types of hosting: Managed and shared hosting. Which is best for you will depend on your budget and how many visitors you expect to receive.

    Managed hosting is the best choice for just about any serious website. A managed host ‘manages’ your sites speed, backups, automatic updates and security for you, so you have an experience similar to — but with the extra flexibility afforded by self-hosting. Managed hosts are very easy to use, and have a well-trained support staff that can assist with any problems you run into . The best of the bunch, in our opinion, is WP Engine, which offers pricing plans starting at $29 a month.

    If you can afford managed hosting, you should use it. Managed hosting offers a very similar experience to what youll be familiar with from, and provides peace of mind from the extra security, backup and support features available.

    Migrating From WordPresscom To WordPressorg: Thankfully Not Rocket Science

    Is it Time to Move From to gives you so much flexibility to customize your website. That alone is worth the hassle and small investment involved in making the move. And as you can see, its not rocket science.

    Even without much technical experience, you can successfully do it in a short space of time, and without having to rack your brain.

    Speaking of racking your brain, check out our article on the best WordPress Migration plugins.

    These certainly help make migrating from to much easier.

    Ryan Robinson

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    Import Content To The New WordPressorg Website

    To import your content, prepare the exported XML file from the previous section.

  • To start the import process, head to Dashboard -> Tools -> Import. Here you will find different tools available.
  • The first step is to install the WordPress importer plugin. Simply click the Install Now button under the WordPress section.
  • After WordPress successfully installs the importer plugin, click on the Run importer button.
  • Import your content by clicking on Choose File and uploading the exported file from Click Upload file and import.
  • You will be presented with a couple of options after youve uploaded and imported the file to Assign Authors and Import Attachments. You can import authors from, create a new user with a new login name, or assign an existing user.
  • Click on the to get all of the media files attached to your posts and pages. To finalize the WordPress importer process, click Submit.
  • You will receive a message that will have a link to your website. It will show you whether the content has been imported successfully.
  • Migrating WordPress Site Manually

    Manual migration requires transferring the site files and database and then editing the wp-config.php file. You can do so via the File Manager on your hosting control panel or a File Transfer Protocol client like FileZilla.

    Despite requiring advanced technical knowledge and understanding of databases, this method is less prone to cause errors.

    1. Backup Your WordPress Files and MySQL Database

    First, you need to download all the WordPress files to your computer. Youll upload these files to your new hosting account later on.

  • Connect FileZilla to your old site server.
  • Open the public_html folder and select all the WordPress files inside it.
  • Right-click and select .
  • After downloading your WordPress files, its time to create a backup of your WordPress database.

  • Access the phpMyAdmin page from your hosting control panel.
  • Select the database where you store your WordPress files and select Export.
  • Pick the Quick method to export your WordPress database file, and then choose SQL as the format.
  • Hit Go. Your database file will be saved automatically to your desktop directory.
  • 2. Upload the WordPress Files and MySQL Database to Your New Host

    The next step of migrating the WordPress site is to upload the files you have downloaded to the new host.

  • Since the WordPress backup file is in ZIP format, you need to first.
  • Connect FileZilla to your new hosting account and navigate to the public_html folder in the Remote Site column.
  • Once thats done, upload the MySQL database to the new host.

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    Import Your Content To The New WordPress Site

    To import data to your new website, you need to have WordPress installed on your new site to continue moving the blog. Most hosting providers come with an easy 1-click installation that allows you to install WordPress at a glance.

    Log into the dashboard of your new WordPress site by going to Then head over to Tools again and click on Import.

    A new page will appear where youll install the official import plugin for WordPress. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Install Now link.

    WordPress will start installing the plugin without requiring you to leave the page. After installing the plugin, the same link changes to Run Importer. Click on it to continue.

    On the next page, youll be prompted to upload the file that youve already downloaded in Step 1. Click on Choose File and then select the .xml file. Then click on the Upload file and import button. WordPress will import your data from your local system in your new site.

    Next, youll see two options , as shown in the screenshot below. WordPress allows you to choose which author you want to assign free blog posts.

    Either create a new user profile and assign all the imported posts to an original author or assign the posts to an existing author profile.

    Dont forget to check the box to keep your posts from breaking. This also helps with importing all media files from the site.

    Export Your Website Content From WordPresscom

    How To Migrate From WordPress com to WordPress org 2021

    Once youve verified that you can log in to your new website dashboard, switch to your website and log in to your dashboard. From that dashboard, click on the Settings item on the left-hand-side menu.

    Next, find the Site Tools section, and click on Export.

    Although you can choose to export the individual elements of your site, choosing the Export All option is the recommended approach. Once the export job has finished, you can download the file by clicking on the download link. Be sure to save the file where youll remember it, such as on your computers desktop or in a personal folder.

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