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How To Make Money Selling Domain Names

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How To Make Money With Domain Names

#9 Make Money Online By Buy And Selling Domain Names

Domain names are hot commodities in today’s tech-centric world. The $16 million sale of ‘’ to Quinstreet in 2009 may have set the world record, but even lengthier domain names are routinely sold for hundreds of dollars every day. The result is a unique opportunity for investors to invest in domain names that can be sold for a profit in the future.

Find Names That Offer Real Value

Think of ways that the domains you buy would be a valuable asset to the buyer.

Picture someone who would benefit from buying the domain in a space you are very familiar with. If this was you and someone was trying to sell you this name, would it be beneficial for you to own? Be honest. If so, why? If not, why?

Use those answers to refine your search for names.

Lets play this out with a real example. Say youre familiar with the real estate market in Tempe, Arizona, and you have the opportunity to purchase for $200. This might be a good deal. Tempe has a lot of rental property its a competitive market and theres ample turnover in the apartment space because the city is home to a major university. Ask yourself:

  • How much does one month of rent profit a landlord, property manager or other prospective domain buyer? How about a years worth of rental profit?
  • Would you buy this name if you were in the space? If so, why?
  • What kind of domains are landlords, property managers, etc., using?
  • How much do they spend on advertising?
  • How much would this domain help them to sound authoritative in their space?

If you can answer these questions with confidence and know this niche well, you probably already have an idea of who to contact and how to make a compelling case for how this domain could help their business grow.

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Never Sell Right Away

Domain flipping is not always about making quick cash. Sometimes you have to spend days in research before you make a profitable sale. Remember, it is better to wait for several months or years in order to sell a domain name for a greater profit than settle for normal profit. Think of domain flipping as more of an investment.

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Make Money By Buying And Selling Domain Names 5 Tried & True Tips

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Who doesnt like to earn great profit in any business? Of course, all of us want to earn a profit.

The buying and selling domain name is great to work from home business to earn good profits.

If you are new in the business of buying and selling domain name then, there is a need that you know the best place from where you can buy a domain name,

  • Check domain availability.
  • How to sell domain names?
  • Where to sell a domain name?
  • How to transfer a domain name to a buyer?
  • Cost of selling domain names.

To start the domain name buying and selling a business initially, you required low investment. If you want to make good profit online then buying and selling domain names will be a great idea for you.

Lets see basic about what is domain name and how the domain name buying and selling business does work?

Domain Trading: How Can You Make Money With Domains

How To Earn Money by Buying and Selling Domain Names ...

If you choose the right domain name, it can be worth a lot of money. It doesnt matter what kind of website you have published at the web address. In principle, you dont even need a website to start actively domain trading, since the address itself is the thing with value. If you own a domain that others are keen to claim, you could even make a fortune with it. But how? What do you need to do to sell a domain?

Register a domain name

Build your brand on a great domain, including SSL and a personal consultant!

Private registration

  • Transferring domains
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    Why Buy And Sell Domains

    Buying and selling domains can be a profitable side business. Freelancers or people with irregular schedules find it especially convenient, as domain auctions and sales operate on very limited time frames. Dont expect to be able to quit your day job and make a full-time living with domain speculation. Your profits will depend largely on market and search engine indexing fluctuations, and these can be difficult to predict. As a business model, buying and selling domains is relatively easy. All you need to get started is a laptop and an internet connection. You can do your own research to find out which domains are selling for the largest sums and how much money you should set aside for purchases. Some established domain speculators keep portfolios full of hundreds of domains theyve purchased, waiting for a particular search term to become popular and profitable. This type of investment can require a lot of money up front, not to mention a substantial understanding of risk.

    But What Really Is Flipping

    I have already said many times here that flipping simply means buying something at a lower price and then selling it at a higher price. As a result, you can earn a profit.

    I already talked about it here before. But I couldnt explain thoroughly how you can literally enter the market and make maximum profit.

    Since, this is one of the most powerful passive income ideas online, you really should not ignore it. Today I am going to discuss on how to enter the market and one of the best online platforms for this domain flipping business.

    If I am not wrong, domain flipping is going to be one of the fastest growing online businesses in the coming years.

    So its better to get into the market right now.

    You will surely make mistakes in the beginning. But soon you will be able to see its positive side and understand the income potential in this market.

    It is said that its difficult to make money online. While it may sound true to you, its not always true. I have personally made pretty enough money from my online activities as well as flipping domain names.

    Dont think small. Think bigger than what you can imagine. If you can dream, you have the ability to make it a reality as long as you have a burning desire.

    So I was basically talking about domain flipping. But before I start let me tell you that this article is a little long. But its sure that every word is valuable. If you dont have time to read it now, feel free to bookmark it.

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    Purchasing The Right Domains

    Knowing which domains have the potential to become profitable requires some luck, but you can get a better idea of what you should be looking for by having a basic grasp of Search Engine Optimization. Its easier to obtain valuable domain names when you have some idea of what people are searching for. Keep in mind that the types of domain names that are optimal for todays search engines may not be a few months down the road. In the early 2010s, very general domain names such as or were indexed high on Google because they closely matched common search terms. In 2012, Google launched the Exact Match Domain penalty for sites that have a generic domain but very little in the way of quality content. This can be bad for a domain value, as youre usually only purchasing the domain itself, not a fully-functional website. Recently expired domain names may be profitable because they can still have active back-links that help index them higher in a search engine. Back-links are links to the domain on other existing websites.

    Risks You Should Be Aware Of

    How to make money FAST selling domain names – 2020 PT.2

    Do some people make a living out of buying and selling domains? Yes, absolutely. However, the main risks lie in expectations and mindset. Sure, it may seem like a lot of domains are selling for crazy amounts of money but how many domains actually exchange hands every year? Millions.

    Hence, those high-priced domains are obviously the exception rather than the rule.

    This is why its important to have the right mindset when starting out. Do not go in with the I will buy this domain and sell it for millions overnight mindset.

    The get rich quick scheme mindset is very destructive not just in the domain flipping industry but virtually in any business. Instead, focus on buying cheap, high-potential domains and selling them at modest margins first.

    Get the momentum going and build some experience. Finding the right domain names you can buy for $10 and flip for $300 with the right domain investor is actually very doable. But you need to learn the skills to get you to that point.

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    Making Money Buying And Selling Domain Names

    Now that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers , has opened up access to top level domains com, .net and .org etc., it might seem like the buying and selling of domains is no longer profitable. The truth is that you can still turn a tidy profit via domain flipping. With a bit of patience and planning, its quite possible to parlay domain flipping into a full-fledged side business. While its unlikely to make you independently wealthy, it can still provide you with a decent side income if youre willing to do some legwork.

    Flipping Theory 101Domain flipping refers to the practice of buying domain names from registrars such as Godaddy and reselling them later on for a profit. There are two types of domain flipping: the domain parking approach and the property investment tactic. Domain parking refers to a scenario where one would buy a domain with no intention of building a site around it. The property investment tack still requires you to buy a domain, though in this case youd publish content on it to improve traffic and make it more appealing to buyers.

    Parking Domain Names For Cash

    Another way to earn cash with your domains is by signing up with a paid parking service. What is paid parking? This is a program where you assign your domain with a paid parking company. The company then places pay per click ads with your domain. If someone clicks on an ad, you earn commission. As you can imagine, if the domain gets a large amount of traffic, you could earn a large commission. You could earn anywhere from a few cents to a few thousand depending on your domain quality & traffic. The best part is that this gives you a way to earn extra money while you are in the process of selling your domain.

    Sometimes you can get your entire investment back on the price paid for registration. If you have a domain with great traffic, you could earn a very nice passive income. There are several companies on the web that offer a paid parking service. The list below lists a few of the most popular programs:

    Paid Parking Services

    • Adsense for Domains

    Some of these companies are free to use , while others charge a small monthly fee. Usually the free companies offer lower commissions, while the companies that you pay a small fee offer higher commission percentages. Which company is best? Again, it depends on your preference. In my experience, I have tried several paid parking services. I like simply because I am often selling domains on the site & it helps me to keep everything organized. However, other programs have given a good return.

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    Selling The Domain: How To Sell A Domain Name To Someone

    While this section may seem like it would be the longest/most important, it actually isnt. Remember Neil Patels earlier quote, you make money on the purchase, not the sale? Well, weve already made the purchase. At this point, if you have a good domain name, its only a matter of putting it out there.

    Dont get me wrong, Im not saying marketing your domain is not important. But, if youve bought a bad domain and you do everything laid out in this section and more, its still very unlikely that it would sell.

    Its like car flipping and spending a huge amount of money, time and effort perfecting a cars paint job, except that this cars engine is completely fried. Youll never be able to drive it anyway, no matter how awesome the paint job is, its irrelevant.

    Try To Make It Easy To Remember

    How To Earn Money Buying and Selling Domain Names

    Everyone loves to buy domains that are easy to remember. A domain that is easy to remember is easy to market and promote to people. So businesses would love to acquire only domains they can easily promote.

    Nobody wants to build a company website using a domain that people would find hard to remember. So this is a very important point to consider.

    Try to keep the names as short as possible. It really helps. Please do not buy domains that contain hyphens and numbers.

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    What Is The Best Way To Make Money With Domain Names

    In todays tech-centric society, domain names are in high demand. The sale of to Quinstreet for $16 million in 2009 may have established a world record, but much longer domain names are regularly sold for hundreds of dollars every day. As a consequence, investors have a one-of-a-kind chance to invest in domain names that may be sold for a profit in the future.

    Developing a Strong Domain Portfolio

    It might take months or years to build a high-quality domain portfolio. Looking forward to what names may become popular in the future and hedging with numbers by acquiring hundreds of domains is frequently the key. Others opt to buy a few existing well-known domains and hold them in the hopes that their value will increase over time.

    Names that are generic

    Investing on words that define a product or service, especially new and developing products, may be a wise decision. However, any copyright or trademark concerns that might result in domain forfeiture are extremely crucial to avoid.

    Names of Places

    Names of towns or nations, particularly up-and-coming locales, may be excellent long-term assets that can be sold to web developers wanting to create community portals or other companies based on those locales.

    Names of Companies

    When coupled with regional names, generic company names such as dentist or chiropractor may be excellent investments.

    Domain Names: Purchasing and Selling
    Investing in Domains Comes With Risks

    How To Buy And Sell Domains From Namecheap

    Namecheap’s domain marketplace is a simple, easy-to-use platform to list domain names for sale. While there are many ways to promote domains you want to sell, this online shop makes connecting with interested buyers easy. To make a purchase, just view the listings, and click Add to Cart. If you have an idea for an interesting domain that no one has ever registered before, you can buy it yourself as a business investment.

    Once you have registered new domains, you can list them on the marketplace at a premium price, and sell them to other businesses for a profit. Alternately, if you previously purchased a domain, and no longer need it for yourself, it can be sold on the marketplace to other interested parties. For example, if you operate an online store, and decide to move on to other business ventures, other digital retailers might be interested in buying your domain.

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