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How Much For Wix Domain

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When To Use A Wix Free Plan

How To Connect a Domain to Wix

Ultimately, wed recommend using the free plan from Wix when you want to test out the features that Wix can offer, without committing to anything yet. We wouldnt encourage you to really build your business on this plan, as youll need some extra features very quickly.

If you want a successful and professional looking website, then youre going to need things like a custom domain and email accounts upfront. That means paying for at least a monthly plan. The good news is that you can pay for the services that you need month by month, so youre not locked into anything for too long.

Since the free plan is so appealing, it can be difficult to know when you should upgrade. If youre having a hard time deciding when to move away from the free plan, here are some signs that you need to upgrade:

  • You want to start selling products and taking credit card or PayPal payments
  • You need to build a more eye-catching image for your brand or business
  • Your website slowing down and causing bad customer experience due to low bandwidth
  • You want to promote your site and your company on a bigger scale
  • You need a custom domain to start attracting more attention

What Does The Connect Domain Plan Include

The Connect Domain Plan is the cheapest website plan Wix offers. You can access this plan for $4.50 a month if you purchase an annual subscription . If you go with monthly payments, youll have to pay $7 a month.

Wixs most basic paid plan includes a free SSL certificate that secures sensitive data, the option to connect your Wix site to a custom domain name , and 24/7 customer support. And this is pretty much where this plans good features end.

The Connect Domain Plan has many weaknesses, such as that it is not available in all locations and the limited bandwidth and storage space . Whats more, this plan doesnt allow for Wix ad removal or allow you to add a customized favicon which makes it quite unattractive, especially for businesses and professionals.

In my opinion, this website plan is acceptable for personal and short-term business use only. In other words, if you want to own a tiny piece of the internet realm and familiarize yourself with Wix before upgrading to a new premium plan, this is the right choice for you.

Is Wix Good For Small Businesses

Wix is a great website-building platform for small businesses, including small online stores. Aside from being extremely easy to use , Wix is also incredibly feature-rich.With the Business Basic Plan, which is the simplest business & eCommerce plan, you can showcase as many products and collections as you want, sell on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, receive secure online payments, and recover abandoned shopping carts.

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Wix Website Plan Pricing

Up above are Wixs most popular and loved plans for those creating their first website. All of these plans includes their 300+ templates and drag and drop builder.

While the above plan selection may be overwhelming, the only thing you need to ask yourself is how much traffic do you plan on getting?

While the more pricy plans have more bells and whistles, figuring out your traffic number will give you the right plan for you needs.

Lets say you think your website will get under 2,000 visitors a month. Well, in this instance, the combo plan might be a great fit.

For anything over 2,000+ visitors a month, then the Unlimited Plan with unlimited bandwidth could be a good pick. Also if you need to upgrade in the future, that can be done with just one click!

Wix Photography Website Pricing & Plans How Much Wix Charges For Photographers With Each Features Price Breakdown

Wix Pricing &  Review  Is It Worth The Price? What Is The ...

Hosting package$13 $23. For photographers, I highly recommend the Unlimited plan that costs you $17 per month & $23/month plan if you want an art store or Merch eCommerce.

Domain Price $0 Wix offers you a premium photography-related domain for free when you buy any Wix plans for a year.

Wix domains such as .com, .net, .org, .pictures, .art etc are popular. If you want, you can also get .photos, .photography etc. Wix offers you a lot of domain extensions. Most of the domain extensions such as .com cost only $15 per year if you buy a basic plan. From the 2nd year, the domain costs $15 per year for all plans.

100s of ready-made fully functional templates\themes\websites are free.

Image editor, different types of galleries, list & grid, lightbox, strip & more apps you get.

Wix Pro Gallery $0

All photographers features $0

The total cost to create a typical/general photographers website is $13/month.

A photography website with high traffic $17/month

The photography website with art store, Merch eCommerce & unlimited products, with automated deliveries to USA & world-wide $23/month

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How To Get A Free Domain Name On Wix

Author: Howard Steele

Are you right about to start a website? Getting a domain name is a must-have and one of the first things to do. A good and memorable domain will make your business stand out from the crowd, contributing to its popularity and brand recognition in general.

There are several ways to get a domain name and you can also get the one absolutely for free to save your money and time. You can choose from multiple free domain name services that provide such an opportunity. Likewise, it is possible to make use of traditional domain name registrars that offer versatile plans to match any needs. Another option is to get a free domain from hosting providers. Its all about your budget, personal requirements and project financing to pick the method that appeals to you most of all.

One of the most popular and trusted solutions, however, is to get a free domain name on website builders. This is also a nice way to launch a website without having to look for third-party hosts. In other words, you get the all-in-one solution that will eventually help save your time, effort and money. If this option appeals to you, consider an opportunity to use Wix website builder as the undeniable leader of the modern web design niche. Read on to find out the details to help you get started with ease.

What Does The Combo Plan Include

The Wix Combo Plan costs $8.50 per month with the annual subscription . Unsurprisingly, it includes everything in the previous website plan plus a free domain voucher for 12 months and Wix ad removal.

The Combo Plan provides 2GB of bandwidth and 3GB of storage space. It also allows you to showcase and stream videos for a total of 30 minutes. All of this makes the Combo Plan a solid website-building solution for both pros and businesses that are just beginning their online journey. Great examples are small blogs and landing pages.

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Promotions: How Often Does Wix Offer 50% Off

Wix offers 50% off as often as every two weeks.

For example, I signed up to Wix and was served a Limited Time Offer that expired on February 3:

This offer expired on February 3rd.

Another 50% off Limited Time Offer was back by February 17!

The next time I logged in was May 12 and there was yet another Limited Time Offer! So dont stress too much about hitting the Limited Time Offer window.

The offer was back again when I logged in in May.

Live Photography Websites Built On Wix & Its Pricing & Plans

How to Add a Domain to Wix Websites? – Wix Tutorial

$13 plan Example was created using Wix & their complete website was created with the $13 plan.

We Shoot Food is the worlds top food photography team. They already shot photographs for the worlds top hotel and food companies including McDonalds, Dubai World Trade Center, Emirates Airlines & Palace, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donut, Americana, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Shangri La hotel & Almost all USA top hotels! The surprising thing is that they created their website using Wix PhotographyAnother big surprise is that their website costs only $13 per month even though it is a big company!

$17 Unlimited plan website example Nigel Barker created his website using Wix Photography

He is a very popular photographer with a million followers . He gets a lot of visitors for his website & so he bought the $17 unlimited plan. The video takes a lot of storage & bandwidth. He just inserted Youtube or Vimeo videos on his website so that he doesnt need to buy a higher plan. This is because, when a video plays, Youtubes bandwidth is used, not from his website!)

Here is his Instagram

Peter Tarka

Peter Tarka, who created art for the topmost companies in the world including Apple, LG, Airbnb, Nike, Audi, AT& T. For Adobes 25 Year Celebration, he was inveted to create Google UK Bring Questions Art , Singapore Airport Design, Adobe Gov. Design, Lenovo Ideapad

He created his website using Wix Portfolio

See his website screenshot.

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What Is A Domain Name

As you may know, search engines find your website on the internet using a string of numbers called an IP address. But thats not the way your readers look for your website they type in your website name in the address bar of their browsers. This name by which your users remember and find you is called a domain name. The domain name system then directs them to your IP address.

Once you understand that a domain name is what folks use to search for your website online, its easy to see why a relevant, catchy, and easy-to-remember domain name is important. It enhances trust and credibility. Moreover, the right keywords in your domain name can also tell search engines what your business is all about. This makes it easier to find your website on the internet.

Which Business Plan Is For You

If youre reading this, chances are you are just starting. Thus, the Wix Business Basic plan will probably be the wisest choice unless you want to create a logo. If your business is established and you will need technical support, the Business VIP plan will save you time, which could make the overall cost worthwhile.

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Does Wix Own My Domain

Short Answer: No

You are the owner of your domain and you can easily move your domain out of Wix at any time you like.

There are certain limitations put in by ICCAN though.

For example, if you cannot move a domain immediately after purchasing a domain. You need to wait for 60 days before starting a transfer.

Refer to this post to know about how to transfer a domain away from Wix.

Wix Pricing & Plans Quick Overview

Wix Domains: Want To Save Some Money?

Wix pricing usually ranges from $13/month to $500/month. The $13 Combo plan is enough to make almost all types of general websites. The $23 Business Basic plan is enough to make almost all types of online stores. The $17 Unlimited plan is for high traffic websites& the $27 Business Unlimited plan is for high traffic eCommerce websites. $10 Wix ascend is an additional plan for advanced business websites. The $500 plan only suits big corporate companies, so may not be suitable for most people .

With the $13 Combo plan, you can make a professional business website, photography website, portfolios, blogs, and almost any type of general website.

Wix offers you hosting, domain, templates, marketing tools, 24X7 support, 100s of apps, 1000s of features & almost everything you could ever need. So, you dont need to look for other services that happen in most website builders.

Why Wix did not mention all 1000s of features in the plan? Because all those features are available for all plans. The storage, visitor capacity & eCommerce nature differentiate the plans. You get almost all the features even for the cheapest plan.

Here are the most popular Wix pricing & plans

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Wix Pricing In Canada And What It Depends On

What is the difference between buying a domain from buying a premium plan?

Domain and premium plan are two services with different subscriptions:

  • Domains: a domain is a unique, virtual address of your site, for example, In order to connect your domain, first of all you need to purchase it, from Wix or from a third-party domain registrar.
  • Premium plans: the purchase of a premium plan will allow you to connect a domain , remove Wix advertising banners and more.

Its important to know that in order to connect the domain to the site, you need to purchase two services: the domain itself and Wix premium plan.

If you purchase one of the annual plans of Combo, Unlimited or eCommerce, you can receive a voucher for a free domain for 1 year. You have already seen Wix website pricing above. So, is Wix really free? It doesnt look like that. It will be free of charge exactly as much as your requirements to the site will grow. You have to pay for the expansion of the site, increase the traffic limit, when you connect your own domain and you want to remove Wix ads from your site.

Wix domain cost depends on some factors:

  • Domain Expansion
  • The currency you buy the domain in
  • Term of subscription for a domain
  • Private registration addition
  • Use of the domain voucher
  • Local tax rules.

Connect Domain: $450 Per Month

Its name comes from its key featureit allows users to connect their own domain names with their Wix website. Compared to the 500MB bandwidth of the free plan, Connect Domain subscribers can enjoy a faster 1GB bandwidth. However, its the same as the free plan in terms of storage and presence of Wix ads, which is not ideal for business users.

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Business Vip The Best Choice If Your Business Depends On Urgent Support

Price: $49 per month

Along with 15GB of extra storage, the main benefit of the Business VIP plan is priority customer support. Agents will respond to your online tickets first and prioritize your phone calls . Note that you cant call Wix directly but can instead request a callback.

Is Business VIP right for you? This plan comes with a steep price jump of around $20 per month, so youll have to decide whether priority support is really worth the higher cost.

If the uptime of your site is crucial in your industry, then you might appreciate the extra safety net of VIP support. Otherwise, unless youre in the rare situation of needing more than 35GB but less than 50GB of storage, theres no reason to upgrade from Business Unlimited.

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