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How To Have Custom Email Domain

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Where To Buy A Custom Domain

Create your Own Custom Domain Email for Free

In the world of domain buying, GoDaddy is as synonymous with the space as Google is to search. Thats not to say GoDaddy is the only or best option, as alternatives like HostGator,, NameCheap,, Hover and Bluehost round out a list of well-known options. The cost of a domain varies, but generally speaking, a .com domain, the most popular extension, is around $10 to $15. The cost can go up or down if you look at different extensions like .co, .site., .net, .blog, .shop, etc.

Once you have secured your domain name, setting up a custom domain email is relatively straightforward. For example, the websites above will help you individually set up a Google Suite custom domain email solution for around $5 to $6 a month to start. On the other hand, an iCloud+ custom domain email starts at $0.99 monthly. Thats a pretty big savings over time!

Domain Owners: Outlookcom With Microsoft 365 Family/personal Or Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

When you own a domain and also have a Microsoft 365 Family/Personal subscription, then you can link your domain to so that everyone in your subscription can also use a personalized address with their mailbox .

The benefit of this method is that you dont have to configure any forwarder or Send Only POP3 account. You are however limited to only 1 personalized address per mailbox. The Microsoft 365 Family subscription allows up to 6 people with such a personalized address whereas the Microsoft 365 Personal subscription only allows 1.

To set this up, the one managing the Microsoft 365 Family/Personal subscription will have to do this in via

Currently, this benefit is only possible when GoDaddy is the registrar for your domain.

Setting up a personalized email address via Premium.

How To Get A Free Email Domain

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Having an email address that ends with your business domain is vital to maintaining a professional appearance. To avoid quickly racking up expenses for business email addresses, well show you how to get a free email domain legitimately through top email hosting services with providers you may already use, or may soon need to use.

Here are the three best ways to get a free email domain for your small business:

  • IONOS: The best way to get a free business email domain with ultra-low-cost email hosting for $1 per month
  • Bluehost: Best free email domain for businesses that need multiple email addresses
  • DreamHost: The best way to get a free domain name and free email hosting for businesses that need WordPress website hosting but dont want a long-term contract

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What Is The Storage Space Of Email

Email storage space is the total amount of data, in megabytes, that your email messages occupy on the server. Each character written in your email message is equal to one byte of space. The size of your email attachments like PDF, images, slides, etc. are also included while calculating the storage space used.

All professional email providers have a fixed storage space that they allocate to each email account. Once this limit is breached, all incoming emails will bounce. Also, you will not be able to send any new emails. Hence, it is important to monitor the current storage space consumed by your email account to prevent the loss of important incoming client emails.

Ways To Create Temp Email Id With Custom Domain

Top 3 Reasons to have a Custom Domain Email Address ...

In this privacy-focused digital world, the need for temporary email addresses has significantly risen up. These random addresses dont require any registration and are best for testing, signups, and non-tracking activities. In this article, you will learn 5 ways to create a temp email id with their own custom domains. Additionally, if you are using Gmail, you can also learn to unsend or recall an email.

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Get A Free Email Domain With Mailcom

If you want a 100% free email domain without needing to purchase your own web hosting and/or domain name, this is your best option.

This method wont enable you to create a custom email domain, so it may not be the best solution for established businesses. However, if youre a freelancer or just starting out and dont mind using a generic domain name, it could be optimal for you. enables you to set up an industry-specific email account thats completely free. You can pick from a variety of domain names such as or Simply sign up for an account to get started:

Once youve filled in your details and chosen your password, click on I agree. Create an email account now. Then, click on Activate your account now, and youre done:

Note that, unfortunately, this option wont allow you to send and receive emails via Outlook or Gmail. Youll have to log in to each time you want to use it.

How To Get Your Free Email Domain With Dreamhost

In order to get your free domain, youll first need to sign up for a web hosting plan. Start by going to and selecting a web hosting plan. Then complete the signup process by following the prompts, which include choosing your domain name.

After choosing your business domain, you can then create a new email address using your domain name. Navigate to Mail from your user dashboard, then click Manage Email and Add New Email Address.

Heres how to get a free email domain and set up your business email address in DreamHost in three steps:

  • Select a plan and register your domain.
  • From the DreamHost user dashboard, go to Mail and then select Manage Email.

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How To Get A Custom Domain

  • Pick your domain registrar.
  • If that name is taken, try different variations and domain extensions.
  • Add domain privacy and protection to your cart.
  • Purchase alternatives of your custom domain.
  • Select your term of registration.
  • Buy an email domain and other add-ons.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Connect your domain to your hosting account.
  • The details of each step may vary according to the platform youre building your site on and the domain registrar youre purchasing from. Below, well walk through the steps of purchasing a domain from and connecting it to HubSpot. That way, you can host all your landing pages, blogs, and website pages on HubSpot and start building search authority.

    Synching Tasks Notes And Journal

    [2021] How to Create Custom Domain Business Email Address without Hosting or Website

    While the Tasks, Notes and Journal folders sync with other Outlook for Desktop installations, these folders do not sync to all other devices when using Exchange ActiveSync or the Outlook app. You can consider the following alternatives

    TasksTasks syncing via the EAS protocol is supported but many Mail apps, including the Outlook app for iOS and Android, do not sync this folder. Microsoft has developed a separate app called To Do which is dedicated to Tasks management. It uses the Tasks folder in your for storage so everything stays synchronized. You can get the free app for Windows 10, iPhone and iPad, Android or use it in your favorite Internet browser.

    NotesThe Notes folder of Outlook can be accessed in the Sticky Notes section of OneNote for iPhone and iPad and Android or by using Microsoft Launcher for Android. Sticky Notes is also available as a separate app for Windows 10. As an alternative, you can also access them with your favorite Internet browser.

    JournalThere is no real alternative to the Outlook Journal but you can create an additional Calendar folder and create a new view which is using a Timeline layout. Then you can use Appointments to create Journal entries. You could of course also leave it in the Day/Week/Month view for a more diary style Journal. This additional Calendar folder will automatically sync with any Mail app.

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    How Do I Create A Gmail Account With My Own Domain Name

    If you want to create a Gmail account, youll have to go back to the dashboard and go to GSuite under the Email & Office tab.

    From here you would have to set up a G Suite account. This feature is not free as it comes with a monthly premium, but its the only way you can integrate your Gmail account through Bluehost. For a full tutorial, take a look here.

    Generate Temporary Emails Using Email Fake

    Email Fake offers free temporary email addresses along with a list of several custom domains to pick from. You can also register your own domain here and create a temporary email for it to hide your real mailbox from spammers. Follow these simple steps to do the same.

    • Open EmailFake in your browser window.
    • Choose or create your own custom email address from the listed domains.
    • Click on copy button to copy the allocated email address.
    • Scroll down to locate the corresponding mailbox to check all the received emails.

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    How To Make A Custom Business Email Address Using Bluehost

    Bluehost is one of the leading web hosting providers. It offers a wide range of plans and is an excellent choice for making professional business email. Like other web hosting providers, Bluehost offers free email domain that can be easily personalized.

    Following are the steps to make a free domain email address for business using Bluehost.

    Step 1) Goto this link and select the basic plan.

    Starting out we recommend to subscribe to the basic plan. This plan includes 5 email addresses even though its not mentioned in the pricing table. Please do not get confused with the Microsoft office email that BlueHost is advertising. It is the premium service, and you can switch to MS email once your business picks up. Bluehost will assist you for email migration.

    Step 2) You can host your existing domain at Bluehost. If not already registered,Bluehost allows you to search your desired custom free email domain.

  • Enter domain name of your choice.
  • Many a times, your desired domain may not be available. You can usedomain name generatortools to come up with uniquedomain name ideas.

    Step 3) Enter your business information.

  • Enter personal information.
  • Enter any current email address. This could be a free email address like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • It is important that you select a 12-month plan. By default, 36 months is selected. There is no harm in selecting 36 months, but initially, its a good practice to keep things agile and minimize cost.

    Uncheck the following checkboxes:


    How To Get A Custom Email Address In Office 365

    Create Email address with your Own Domain for Free!

    A custom Gmail domain isnt your only option for getting a customized email address from a large and established company. Microsoft makes it possible for users to create a custom email address associated with

    To get a custom email address from Microsoft:

  • Sign in to .
  • Select the Get started option and follow the instructions.
  • Keep in mind that you can get a custom email domain only if youre a Microsoft 365 Family or Microsoft 365 Personal subscriber. If you dont already own a custom email domain, Microsoft lets you easily purchase one from GoDaddy for $5 to $25 per year . Domains from other providers are not supported at the moment.

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    Email Addresses: Creating Your Own Email With Gmail + Any Domain Name

    Follow our beginner friendly step-by-step guide on how to create a valid email address using your own domain name, and learn how you can send and receive emails using Google Gmail.

    Written by Frank Moraes

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    Your business image is important. From your online business profile to connecting with your customers, the way you present your company and communicate should always be well-thought of.

    When it comes to your company email address, you should set a boundary between your personal and professional accounts. Keep your personal email like between you and your friends and make sure to keep your professional email address formal.

    Today, the continuous innovation of website hosting platforms like Bluehost allows you to create an email address using your custom domain like and connect it directly to your Gmail account.

    Heres how you can send and receive emails using Gmail so that your customers will see the emails as coming from your own domain name. In this blog post, you will learn how to create a custom email address using your own domain to make your business look more professional.

    Setting Up An Icloud+ Custom Email Domain

    Once you have your domain purchased, you are well on your way to sending and receiving email with that domain name. A couple of quick caveats to point out before you get started:

    • To make use of the custom email domain, you must have an iCloud+ subscription or Apple One bundle. That means you are subscribing to any of the iCloud subscription plans:
    • iCloud+ with 50GB of storage
    • iCloud+ with 200GB of storage
    • iCloud+ with 2TB of storage
  • Your custom email address can be used with up to five personal domains with up to three personal addresses per domain.
  • If iCloud+ is shared as part of a Family Sharing group, your email domains can also be shared with family members. Anyone in the Family Group can also set up their own custom domain and manage that address individually.
    • Two-factor authentication must be enabled for your Apple ID in order to use any custom email domain.
    • A primary iCloud Mail email address must be set up prior to any custom email domain setup. Ideally, this will already have been set up at the time you first used a Mac, iPhone or iPad.

    With those caveats out of the way, its time to get started setting up your custom email domain. Note that the steps covered here work in any browser, including Safari, Brave, mobile Safari, etc. As there is no desktop Mac or Windows solution, you can only set up your iCloud custom email domain via a web browser. Thats true on both desktop and mobile.

  • This screen asks you to add the email you want to use. In this case we will use:
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