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What Is Net Used For Domain Name

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Understanding The Difference Between Net And Com Domain Extensions

What is DNS? – Introduction to Domain Name System

A strong domain name reflects your brand. Whether you make it similar to or the same as the brands name doesnt matter that much as long as it authentically represents your business.

A good domain name gives you visibility, adds credibility, and reinforces your brand. However, coming up with a short, concise, memorable name is not always an easy endeavor. Even when you find it, your job is still not done, as another important decision awaits. Next comes deciding which domain extension to use.

Domain extensions are important because they reflect the purpose of a website. While there are numerous extensions on the web, .net and .com are the most popular. But how do you decide which one to go with? Is one better than the other? In this article, well talk about the difference between .net and .com so you know exactly which one to choose for your business. The topics well discuss include:

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When To Use A Net Extension

A .net extension is a popular option thats often recommended to buyers whenever the desired .com domain is taken. The .net stands for network and was originally designed for umbrella websites that serve smaller sites, such as web hosting companies.

If the .com name you want isnt available, find out if the current owner is in the same industry before settling for a .net. Thats because you dont want your customers becoming theres.

In general, the .net extension is trusted and perceived as authoritative by consumers. Its also been around enough that people can easily remember it.

From the SEO end of things, .net is better than other specialty extensions. But since it isnt quite up there with .com and .org extensions, you might not get the same benefits as using those alternatives.

If your ideal .com name isnt available, .net is typically a strong second choice.

What Is A Dns Resolver

The DNS resolver is the first stop in the DNS lookup, and it is responsible for dealing with the client that made the initial request. The resolver starts the sequence of queries that ultimately leads to a URL being translated into the necessary IP address.

Note: A typical uncached DNS lookup will involve both recursive and iterative queries.

It’s important to differentiate between a query and a recursive DNS resolver. The query refers to the request made to a DNS resolver requiring the resolution of the query. A DNS recursive resolver is the computer that accepts a recursive query and processes the response by making the necessary requests.

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Country Code Top Level Domain Cctld

Next in the tier are country-specific domain extensions. These extensions represent specific countries and are typically used in local SEO efforts.

When Google notices that your website uses a country-specific top level domain, it takes this into account when searches are made for businesses and organizations in the relevant local area.

Country-specific domains are usually harder to register and might require some proof that the business or organization is registered at the relevant national level. Some popular ccTLDs are for the UK, .au for Australia, and so on.

Technical Requirements And Process

What is Domain Name System (DNS) and its Significance?

In the process of registering a domain name and maintaining authority over the new name space created, registrars use several key pieces of information connected with a domain:

A domain name consists of one or more labels, each of which is formed from the set of ASCII letters, digits, and hyphens , but not starting or ending with a hyphen. The labels are case-insensitive for example, ‘label’ is equivalent to ‘Label’ or ‘LABEL’. In the textual representation of a domain name, the labels are separated by a full stop .

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Are Com And Net The Only Domain Extensions

The most widely known domain extension is .com and .net. Do you know that there are more than 800 domain extensions, and many are still coming up, but .com and .net seem to be the only two which most of the people in the world know about.

It is important for everyone, especially startup business owners, to understand what a domain is before they start to conduct their business on the internet. A domain is simply a location on the internet with a unique address sharing a common suffix or under the control of an organization/government.

A top-level domain is just the part of the domain name that comes right after the dot, such as com, org, etc.

Seo: How Each Performs

Search engine optimization has to do with complex algorithms that determine how relevant your website is to a given search. In terms of which domain extension you should pick , there is no evidence that suggests one does better over another.

It can be noted, however, that having certain keywords within your web domain can improve your SEO ranking. Having sewing within your domain will make your site more relevant for keyword searches around sewing. Its that straightforward.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using A Net

Again, just like .COM and .ORG, .NET is one of the original line-ups of domains created in 1985, and because of this, it carries more trust than a newer, generic TLD might. Popular websites like behance.NET use the domain for building networks for creatives and companies looking for creative people.

On the other hand, it may not be a good choice for an online store or portfolio. What TLDs are your competitors using? Is there a brand new TLD that might suit your organization more? When it comes to choosing a domain that suits your business, its vital to do some research to see whats out there before making that commitment.

What Is The Meaning Of Net How Should Net Be Used

What is DNS (Domain Name System)?

The meaning of .NET was network. See, its all rather logical, isnt it? You may be scratching your head by this point, thinking, but tell what domain would be champion in a .COM vs .NET vs .ORG showdown?

We already know that .ORGshould be used for non-profits, but you may be contemplating the difference between .COM and .NET. While .COM was intended for commercial organizations, .NET was designed with networking organizations in mind, such as Internet service providers and email service providers.

These days, like the majority of TLDs, .NET domains can be used for any purpose, whether you run a social media network or provide an online service.

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What Can I Do With A Ca

Host a website or build an online store

A website or online store is an obvious and powerful way to use your domain name.

Create your own .CA email address

Your .CA domain name can be used for personalized email addresses

Link your .CA to your social media profile

You can forward your .CA domain to another online or social media profile, like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Etsy – anywhere you want.

I think a .CA will always be the number one domain for us partly because of the brand value that Canada has abroad the quality that Canada brings, the brand recognition. I personally believe that a .CA has more brand appeal internationally than a .com does.

Connor CurranFounder and Chief Laundry Folder at

How To Transfer A Domain Name

Domain names can also be transferred between domain name registrars. Though there are a few special conditions that must be met:

  • 60 or more days must have passed since the registration or last transfer.
  • The domain name must not be in Redemption or Pending Delete status.
  • You should have your domains authorization code .
  • Domains ownership details must be valid and privacy protection services must be disabled.
  • While it is not mandatory to transfer your domain, having all services in a single place can greatly simplify the management process.

    Here on Hostinger, you can perform a domain transfer from any domain name registrars. The process can take somewhere between 4-7 days to be fully completed. However, our dedicated customer success team will be there to assist every step of the way.

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    Web Site Domain Seizure

    In March 2012, the US government declared that it has the right to seize any domains ending in .com, .net, .cc, .tv, .name and .org because the companies administering the domains are based in the US. The US government can seize the domains ending in .com, .net, .cc, .tv and .name by serving a court-order on VeriSign, which manages those domains. The .org domain is managed by the based non-profit . In March 2012, Verisign shutdown the sports-betting site after receiving a court order, even though the domain name was registered to a Canadian company.

    Com Vs Net Why Are They Popular


    Going far back, this has something to do with when they were registered. The first domain ever registered was from a company called Symbolics Inc. However, the first domain name created was

    These two are not widely popular just because they were registered first and second, but also because of their differences in terms of how they are used, which we will get into in a bit.

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    Which Is Better For Seo

    Alright, enough of the semantics. You want to know how to get your website in the eyes of thousands. I get it.

    Generally speaking, it’s much better to register your website with a .com domain when it comes to ranking for specific keywords. While this is an overall minor factor in terms of how your website directly ranks via an algorithm, the credibility that comes with a .com domain over a .net domain means there is more opportunity for link building and outreach, which is a crucial part to any pages’ ranking.

    When You Should Use A Com Domain

    The .com is the most registered domain name extension in the domain name system on the internet.

    Due to the vast popularity of the .com domain name, its easier for users to remember a .com domain than any other extensions.

    You should use a .Com domain extension:

    • For commercial businesses: As the .com extension represents commercial, it would be a perfect fit for an eCommerce store or any kind of online business. The .com extension looks much more legitimacy than any other domain name and adds credibility to the site.
    • Personal blogs: If you want to run a blog whether its a personal blog, news portal, portfolio, or photography website, then choose the .com extension.
    • All types of profitable sites: If you want to run any kind of profitable website whether its a blog, business, online store, marketing, online services, consulting, affiliate website, or anything from where you generate money, then you should go with the .com domain.

    However, due to the massive popularity of the .com extension, most of the proper domain names are already registered, which cannot be registered again.

    If this happens, then a .net or any other domain extension would be a great choice.

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    What Are Domain Names

    Your domain name is connected to the specific IP address of your website it serves as the online address of your website.

    The domain name of this website is Thats what you type in your browser every time you want to check out the latest posts on our blog. For Apple, that is For Bright Side, that is Still, the easiest way to explain what domain names are and what they are not, is to look at the anatomy of a URL.

    Lets say you were searching for cool and edible Halloween crafts and ended up here:

    URL or Uniform Resource Locator is the whole string of letters and numbers. It points to a location of a specific page/image/video, or resource in general, on the web. As you can see, its comprised of several components, all of which let the server know which resource you want and in which format it should be presented in.

    https:// represents a transfer protocol and directs how data from a web page will be transferred to your browser. You can see that, same as we do, uses S, like in Secure HTTP Secure protocol, which adds a layer of security on information that is being transferred from its server to you and back. This is especially important if you are on an e-commerce site or any kind of site that asks you to make a payment or send any kind of personal information. As for us, we just like to keep things extra secure for you.

    A Quick History Lesson

    What is a Domain Name and How it Works

    Lets head back to 1985 when .com was introduced to help in the organization of the World Wide Web.

    Interestingly, MIT Internet pioneer Jack Haverty, believes that .com originally derived from company rather than commercial. He went onto explain that at the start they were for companies doing government contract work.

    Despite these beginnings, the meaning behind .com and any website that uses it has changed. Today .com is the most well-established domain and a trusted choice for businesses and individuals across the globe.

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    What Alternatives Are There To The Com Domain Extension

    There are many worthy .COM alternatives that you might not have considered, like country code and geographic top-level domains. You can choose from hundreds of other TLDs that are suitable for your business or passion project, you just need to scout them out!

    Now, lets dive into learning more about some of the most popular generic top-level domains, .ORG, .NET, .CO, and .BIZ.

    What Are Extensions

    Domain names are website addresses that Internet users use to access your website on the internet. In other words, its what your visitors will type into their browser to access your site. For example

    Domain names come in various extensions such, .org, .net, and much more.

    You can freely pick a domain name from these extensions to create a website however, these extensions were made to distinguish between different websites.

    Choose a domain name extension that suits your business and, at the same time, helps you create a brand and authority that is recognized in your market area.

    Now, without further ado, lets compare the difference between .com vs. .net domain extensions and find out which is the best extension for your type of business!

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    What Does Com Mean

    The .com top-level domain is, by far, the most popular extension, and thus the one with the highest value for professional websites. While it was originally conceived to host commercial websites, nowadays its use has extended to any type of site, despite the long list of alternatives devised for other purposes.

    Ever since the phrase dot-com was used to describe the rise and subsequent fall of online start-ups in the 90s, this domain extension has become synonymous with the internet. As of today, 48% of global websites use a .com TLD and consumers perceive it as the de facto default extension for web addresses. This means that not only is .com much easier for your audience to remember, but also that they might actually type in the wrong URL if youre using a different extension.

    The sheer reputation of the .com TLD means that its availability is quite limited and can significantly complicate the process of choosing a domain name. With this in mind, its important to check your domains feasibility in the first stages of starting a business and, ideally, take it into account when coming up with your business name.

    That being said, not using .com is far from the end of the world and in some cases, you might even want to actively choose a different domain extension.

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