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How To Get A Ie Domain

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How to register a domain name in Ireland (.ie)

The tools demonstrated were:

  • Canva demonstrated by Dmac Media.
  • Doodle Poll demonstrated by Dmac Media.
  • DropBox demonstrated by Victor Leonard, OSD Digital Agency.
  • demonstrated by Mario Gheghici,
  • Google my Business demonstrated by Danielle Doran, FCR Media.
  • Hootsuite demonstrated by Rakky Curvelo, Matrix Internet.
  • Pixlr demonstrated by Darren Mahon, Ocean FM.
  • Slack demonstrated Conn Ó Muíneacháin, Blacknight Internet Solutions.

Each demonstration took approximately 15 mins so attendees could move around and review a range of useful digital tools to help develop their online presence or simply run their business more productively. The event was also a great networking opportunity with many business owners taking the opportunity to discuss and share ideas.

Website Healthchecks, 25 September 2019, Mayor’s Parlour, Town Hall, Sligo.

This event was an opportunity for a Sligo-based, small business to get an expert website healthcheck. The healthchecks provided the companies with a report and recommendations for improvements. The five companies that took part in these website healthchecks were chosen by the LEO and the Chamber.

These website healthchecks were provided at no charge by .IE, host of Digital Town 2019.

How To Set Internet Explorer Homepage Using Gpo

In this post, we will learn the steps to set Internet Explorer homepage using group policy. This policy would force the users to use the Homepage that you set using Group Policy Objects. Setting home page of Internet Explorer through group policy is one of the simplest yet effectual methods. It is very important requirement coming from many Organizations who wants to show a particular website as home page to their users.

Lets assume a scenario in which, an Organization wants to set Internet Explorer homepage for all the users that are in Sales department. To achieve the desired results, create an OU and add users in the same.

Requirements:On the Domain Controller, create an Organizational Unit with the name Sales.Create some users in Sales OU

Domain Name Registration In Ireland Has Never Been Easier

The IEDR has relaxed the previous restrictions on domain registrations, making it easier than ever for Irish people to buy their domain name.

If you are not running a business and want to register a .ie domain name. If you are based in Ireland all you need is to provide a form of identity such as a photo of your drivers licence or passport

The .ie domain name is Irelands national web address, so if your company is Irish based or has a genuine connection with Ireland, you should buy your .ie domain name now.

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A Quick Guide To The Requirements Of Ie Domains

As of December 2018, there are 4.1 billion internet users, which is more than half of the worlds population. This statistic has encouraged several businesses and individuals to build their online presence to reach more people with their marketing messages.

Creating and launching a website would be a great place to start when trying to establish your online presence. You will need a unique identity on the internet a domain name.

A domain name is a readable version of a websites IP address. It is synonymous with your physical home/work address. An excellent example of a domain name is

The last part of a web address is referred to as a domain extension. For example, the IE in is the domain extension. To get a web address, you need to register a domain name with ICANN through a registrar like

This guide will help you learn more about the requirements of .ie domains names.

Why Buy A Ie Domain Name

IE Domain Registry

If you are an Irish business trading within Ireland we recommend you register a .ie domain name as your Web Address because it proves that you are a genuine business and that you have a strong connection with Ireland.

There are also much more .ie domain names available so you can register a quality .ie domain name easily.

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Ready To Thrive Online

It is easy and fast to register a .ie online address which is preferred by businesses in Ireland.

If you are trading in Ireland, an Irish country code top level domain in other words, a .ie domain name makes you and your business stand out as either being based in Ireland or having a connection with Ireland. A uniquely Irish online identity. This is important in building trust with your customers who are based in Ireland and are more likely to click on local website addresses.

A .ie website address will also rank higher than a .com address on Irish based search engines, like Consumers can have confidence in your business as .ie is a well-established and trusted domain because every .ie applicants identity is checked and validated at the point of registration

Read more about the benefits of a .ie online address.

If you already have your .ie domain and you are looking to use it, talk to your .ie accredited Registrar about your options.

Free Ie Domains From Blacknight

.IE is already great value but at Blacknight you can register or transfer a .IE for free* when you buy hosting or BaseKit siteBuilder!

.IE is the country-code top-level domain for Ireland. Its recognised and trusted by Irish consumers, and it is essential for anyone doing business in Ireland. Registration is open to anyone with a connection to Ireland.

Enter your chosen IE domain name and click search to go to our store and see if its available. Then add either Web Hosting or BaseKit SiteBuilder to your cart, and youll get the domain name absolutely FREE*!

* Offer applies to new .IE domain names or transfers of existing .IE domain names from another registrar. Only one free domain per hosting/BaseKit subscription. Domain names will renew at the normal price after the first year.

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Dont Have A Registered Business Number

No problem, if you are registering your .ie domain name to set up a blog or for personal purposes for example, all that will be required is proof of identification such as an Irish passport or drivers licence. Our technical support team will be able to help advise you on what is required as soon we receive your order.

If you have already registered domain name and still hold it, you do not need to resubmit the documentation.

How do I send the documentation to register my. ie domain name?

Just take a photograph of the identification with your phone and send it to us and we will upload it to the website for you.

Thank You Amywhat I’ve

How to Redirect Domain & Use Multi Domains On URLs Shortener Website

Thank you Amy,What i’ve decided to do is, add a Protocol version before each IETEST so that each IETEST looks unique with different versions, that way i do not have to change the numbering of the IETESTCD and it’ll be consistent with the protocol as well. The listings require to display the number of the exclusion criteria, for example: EXCL6, sponsor doesn’t like it to display it as EXCL5 if we change the numbering trying to fix the errors.

As shown below, i’ve added “Protocol V2:” preceding IETEST for version 2 and “Protocol V4:” preceding IETEST for Version 4, now each IETEST has one to one relationship. This should solve the error i was getting with Pinnacle and also makes sponsor happy and everything is consistent with the protocol.

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It Makes It Clear That Youre Located In Ireland

This is great for attracting:

  • Businesses targeting Irish consumers, who want to know theyre buying from a company based in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Irish ex-pats or emigrants wanting to ensure that websites about Ireland are clearly in the country.
  • Irish people looking for information on Irish businesses or services available to them.
  • People living abroad who want to find out about whats happening in Ireland, get access to news, radio and other content written by Irish journalists.
  • Newcomers to Ireland who want to get familiar with the culture and way of life here quickly.

The. ie domain registry is a fully managed registry that requires you to submit proof of identification before you can register domain. This means that a .ie domain has a much greater level of trust than other extensions such as .com.

Why Register An Ie Domain

Here are the top reasons why you should register an .IE domain:

Guaranteed Irish connection – your .IE domain will substantiate your connection to Ireland and will thus help you maximize your online presence in Ireland

Guaranteed trust – having undergone the strict .IE domain registration procedure, you will be legitimately connected to Ireland in the eyes of your visitors

Guaranteed security – .IE domains boast a much lower number of cybercrime instances

Higher search engine rankings – an .IE-adorned site stands a greater chance of ranking higher in local search engine results than a .COM-equipped site does

Brand protection – figures show that there are just a few .IE ccTLD-connected disputes a year, while the .COM gTLD-connected ones are thousands

Much higher availability – your preferred domain name is much more likely to be available under .IE than under the ‘overpopulated’ .COM namespace

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Hostingirelandie Is A Fully Accredited Ie Domain Registrar

New Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy – ADRP The IEDR is introducing a new dispute resolution policy should you feel that a domain name has been wrongly registered or you feel you may have rights to a domain already registered by someone else. For full details of the policy see here. To accommodate the new ADRP policy above the IEDR has made some amendments to registrant terms and conditions. For full details of the revised terms and conditions see here.

Important Notice Changes to .IE Domain Name Registration Policies Coming in 2018 The rules for registering .ie domain names are changing, following an extensive consultation process over many months. From March 2018, the need to explain why you want a particular domain name when registering a .ie domain name will be removed. In the past, along with identification or proof of business, you would have to provide a Claim Letter explaining what you planned to use the domain for and why to chose that particular name. The removal of this requirement for .ie registrations is a big change with many benefits The removal of the claim to the name will make it simpler, easier and faster for businesses to get a .ie registered. It means that anybody with a connection to Ireland will be able to register any available .ie domain name they want. In addition, if you already have a .ie domain name you wont have to provide paperwork all over again to complete the registration as was previously the case.

  • IEDR Accredited

Ie Domain Registration Requirements

Press: New .ie domains to go on sale for the first time

.IE domains are open for registration to individuals and organizations that are somehow connected to Ireland.

The registration period is 1-10 years.

Applicants are required to provide proof of entitlement to the domain they want to register.

Generally, an individual is allowed to register their own name, or a variant of it, with a utilities bill or passport as proof of entitlement.

Organizations in turn are required to substantiate their registration rights by submitting a VAT number or a NIC number .

We’ve tried our best to simplify the registration procedure so that all future applications can be processed as quickly as possible.

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About The Ie Extension

The .ie extension was created in 1988 under ICANNâs authority. Since the .ir extension is reserved for Iran, the .ie extension was chosen for the Republic of Irelandâs country code top-level domain.

Foreign business entities can obtain a .ie domain name by providing proof of a link to Ireland. The Registry managing .ie domains is the IE Domain Registry.

Despite Brexit, Northern Ireland still benefits from the EU single market and customs union. It is therefore still possible to purchase an Irish domain name in euros.

Why Buy A Domain Name When You Can Get It Free

A .ie domain name is Irelands official Internet address and now you can register or renew your domain name free.

For a limited time only we are offering free .ie domain registration with all new web hosting accounts. Saving you 62 + VAT on the official Irish .ie Domain name registry price.

Just change domain name registrars to us

How do I change my .ie domain name registrar?

Once you have signed up, all we need is authorisation from you stating that you wish to transfer hosting to Nuasoft Domain Names Ireland.

How do I register a .ie domain name?

You can search for and register your .ie domain name using our irish domain name search form. Documentation will be required from you to complete the registration process. Once we have received your application we will contact you to let you know what is required for your particular registration.

Are there any .ie domain registration restrictions?

Because a .ie domain name is Irelands national address, you must be able to prove a connection with Ireland, for example a registered business number or photo id. The Domain Registry of Ireland has removed a lot of restrictions making it easier than ever to register a .ie domain name.

Get Your Free .ie Domain Names.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is your web space on the Internet, if you have a web site it is probably already hosted by another company. You can change hosting companies to us quickly and easily and avail of our free domain registration.

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Who Can Register A Ie

Anyone who can prove a connection to the island of Ireland!

All .ie domains need supporting documentation to complete the application process. What’s required depends on which category you fall under. The main categories include ‘individual, ‘sole trader, ‘company and ‘other.

Read our FAQ section for more information on the category most suitable to you.

Windows Is Deleting Internet Explorer

How To Repoint The Nameservers On Your .ie Domain Name

With the release of Windows 11, many users have checked if the PC can run Windows 11 and made a decision upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 to enjoy band new and improved features of this new operating system.

If you have installed Windows 11, you may find its default web browser is Microsoft Edge and there is no Internet Explorer . According to Microsoft, the IE browser is disabled in Windows 11 since Microsoft Edge now includes the IE Mode feature. Edge is the alternative.


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How To Get Full Facebook Pixel Domain Leads & Instagram Access Through Advanced Sharing

With our new feature, you can now get full manage access to your client’s Facebook pixels and domains. We are working to enable this for other assets, such as Leads + Instagram. In our default solution, we are only able to give you indirect access to Pixels through your client’s ad account.

With this new feature, we walk your client through manually giving you full access after you’ve been added as a partner. To see how you it works, check out the 2mins video:

To enable this feature:

Go to your advanced settings and switch on either pixel or domain sharing, or both.

Once activated, every request that asks for pixel “manage” rights will contain an additional step to walk the client through manually sharing these assets. Our app checks if the client has done this successfully.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out!

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