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How To Buy Domain Anonymously

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How To Register A Domain Name Anonymously

How to Register a Domain Name – ServerPoint.com

In a traditional registration, contact details for the owner of a domain name are publicly available through an online directory. Although this is usually not a problem for most small business owners and can even be advantageous for getting in touch with other businesses, a few owners prefer to register their domains anonymously, so that their information is not visible to the general public, only to law enforcement or with a subpoena. In these cases, anonymous registration is just as easy and affordable as standard registration and can protect an owner from spam, identity theft or disloyal competition.


Choose a domain name registration service offering anonymous registration. Some large, national services include Go Daddy Private Domain Registration, Silent Register, Active Domain and Domains by Proxy. Go Daddy is the industry leader by market share and consistently receives favorable reviews, but you should look at other options and investigate offers or seasonal price changes. Look for ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers accreditation on your service for some added security and remember that the median price for domain name registration is about $15 per year.


Select a valid domain name and type it into the registration service.



Complete the purchasing process and be sure to keep the details for your website, such as registration details and operating instructions, in a safe place.


Name Experts Can Help You Buy A Domain Name Anonymously

When it comes to how to buy a domain name from someone else, we know it can feel a little overwhelming. But at Name Experts, well take the time to go over each part of the process with you so that you can secure the right domain name for your company. Working with successful brokers like us can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle when it comes to getting the domain name you want.

When you work with us, youre getting an experienced broker who has the knowledge of current market insights and the chops to negotiate and compromise on your behalf. Let us help you get the perfect domain domain name today reach out to us and let us help you grow your business.

Wed love to answer any of your questions about our services and get you feeling more confident when it comes to buying and selling domains.

Is It Possible To Apply For A Domain Anonymously

Domain registration BasicWHOIS

It is not possible to register a domain with us anonymously. In the public WHOIS-records the owner of the domain and contact details will generally be visible.

Using anonymous information for the WHOIS-data of a domain has direct consequences for the legal ownership of the domain name. Because of this we do not offer anonymous domain names. Using anonymous information for the Whois-data can lead to complex problems when you need to reactivate a domain from the redemption period. A domain name can only be reactivated by the legal owner of the domainname as mentioned in the WHOIS-data. If you use anonymous information for this data then it is not possible to reactivate the domain name.

Please be aware that not all tlds will show the same amount of contact information in the WHOIS-data of the domainname. You can consider this when making a choice which TLD is most suitable for your needs. For example with .nl domains only the name of the owner of the domain name and the e-mail address are shown if the owner is a company. If the owner is a private person then only the e-mail address of the administrative contact of the domain are shown and nothing else. For more information about this you can visit SIDN.nl.

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S To Your Dream Domain

Now that you are ready to take the plunge and go for that perfect domain for your project, lets look at a few final steps which will give you the best chance at walking away with that name. There are really only a few steps involved in buying a domain:

  • Find out who owns your dream domain.

  • Get contact info for the decision maker.

  • Start negotiating.

  • Pay for and transfer ownership of the domain.

  • Of course, you can apply variations and tactics to each step, but I am confident someone with little domain buying experience can make a decent go of getting the exact name they want if they follow the steps below.

    Can I Host A Website Anonymously

    Register Host &  Domain Anonymously

    The best way to host a website anonymously is through an Offshore Web Hosting provider that is not only located outside your home country, but is also located in a country that takes privacy protection seriously.

    In addition, that country should not be a part of any intelligence sharing organizations, nor has signed any international jurisdictional treaties.

    That country is Iceland and the company is Orangewebsite!

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    Is Private Domain Registration Worth It

    A private registration domain is most certainly worth it if you wish to increase anonymity on the web and operate a website with an extra layer of security. Having the option of hiding your personal contact details will help you to concentrate on building your business without having to deal with mountains of spam email or other unsolicited contact. Online threats may also be reduced as hackers will not be able to access your personal details.

    A private domain is also worth it if you currently use one of the supported TLDs which are: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, .name, .cc, .tv, .mx, and .com.mx. If your website is already associated with one of these domains, then transferring to a private domain registration on renewal is simple. All you need to do is access the IONOS Control Panel and click the “manage domains” tab. From here you can follow the “edit domain settings” link and proceed to update your settings. Once you have selected the “private” option, please wait around 24 hours until WHOIS updates the information in its database.

    Negotiate Without Emotional Attachment

    Whatever you do next, dont become emotionally attached to the asset, or transaction. Ultimately, this would add headache, stress and more money to the equation. When buying your domain name, you must not become emotional with any owner. Emotions should be checked at the door when entering into any active negotiation. Remember that a negotiation is a give-and-take and should always try to create a win/win for both buyer and seller.

    Once you agree on terms in most instances you would then either enter into a contract or Purchase and sales agreement with the prospective seller, or simply move right to one of the formidable escrow providers such as Escrow.com.

    Contracts and documents can become tricky and need to be completed diligently and professionally if necessary. You will also need to have proper legal representation to make sure you are protected accordingly. Documents can get stuck in legal, or need board approval and can certainly slow down the overall acquisition process.

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    Can Ionos Provide Me With A Private Email Address

    When you sign up for a domain with private registration, IONOS replaces the email address visible within the WHOIS database with a generic proxy address. Any emails sent to this address can be forwarded to your choice of email account. IONOS offers free email accounts as standard with our hosting packages, meaning you can easily create a private email address that also allows people to contact you through WHOIS. However, you have full control over the email you receive and our powerful spam filters help to keep out unsolicited mail.

    Changing the email address that your private domain forwards mail to is simple with the IONOS Control Panel. All you need to do is log in and enter the email address you wish to use. You may even use a separate email address specifically for this purpose to further cut down security risks. However you decide to set up your email address, IONOS will help you to stay safe and secure as you build your website.

    S To Buy A Domain Name Anonymously Including Using Tor Private Registration Cryptocurrency

    How to Purchase a Domain Name (Where to buy a domain for website)

    To buy a domain name anonymously, you will need to take a few extra steps when purchasing to protect your identity so you can setup your website privately. All domain name purchases and the buyers contact information are listed on a public database where anyone can look up payment method that cannot be traced to you.

    When you register a domain name, called a Top-Level Domain Name , it is purchased and registered using a domain name registrar service. Most website hosting companies also sell domain names. People buy a domain name and must pay an annual fee to renew and retain the website URL. The name, the buyers information, and the registrars information are all registered with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which maintains a public, online database of domain owners. If you dont take measures to protect your identity your name, address, and contact information are all publicly available through a simple web search of ICANNs WHOIS database.

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    How To Buy Domain Names Anonymously For Free

    Yes, you heard it right. You can buy a domain name anonymously, which is free also.

    So a quick solution is to use a site called freenom.com, which provides free domains to people. However, it will not be registered under your name.

    But theres a catch. As the domain is not registered under your name, you dont have any ICANN support and protection. You might lose your domain name anytime.

    And if you want to host your website for free, you can use any of the solutions like Heroku for dynamic sites and Github Pages for static sites. Because these services only require an email address to create an account.

    How Do I Register A Domain Name But Keep Who I Am Secret

    Over the years I’ve seen a number of owner proxy services, but have never used one, and have no idea if they work or for that matter if there’s any legal risk to using them, such as making easier to lose the domain, or drawing the attention of someone for some reason. Also, clearly, there’s also the risk of losing the trust of users of the site, but for now, I’m okay with that.

    • I have no rep to answer but there is brand new service Njalla created by Peter Sunde njal.la dmncMay 20, 2017 at 18:36
    • Now, most of domain registrars provide privacy for free out-of-the-box . As per specific domain registrar suggestions, check out the review:

    Swedish company PRQ offers anonymous domain registration for $40/year.

    They’re the company who hosted The Pirate Bay and Wikileaks websites, and have a good track record of not interfering or giving out customer data unless what you’re doing contravenes Swedish law, which makes domains and sites hosted with them somewhat resilient to take down orders.


    The only thing that you need to be aware of is that linking fake, anonymous, or masked information to whois records could waive your rights to the website and its content in a court of law, at least in the U.S. In effect, you are passing the rights to the site and its content to the anonymous or private registrar they now own your site. From Wikipedia:

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    How Do You Choose The Best Anonymous Hosting

    Good anonymous hosting does not disclose any personal information. With that in mind, finding the best anonymous hosting provider depends on a few important criteria.

    Simple registration process: since youre paying for data privacy, the registration process shouldnt ask for personal information such as your name, billing account, and other sensitive information.

    Cryptocurrency payment: good anonymous hosting does not disclose any personal information. With that in mind, finding the best anonymous hosting provider depends on a few important criteria:

    Domain privacy protection: this feature conceals your personal information upon domain registration of the DNS. Basically, if you don’t have this, then anyone can view your contact details on the WHOIS public database, assuming you’re the domain registrant.

    Additionally, the web hosting provider must deliver the necessary features for great hosting. This includes generous storage space and bandwidth, robust customer support, and excellent site performance among many other qualities.

    Watch our video to discover what web hosting is, and how you can find the right provider for your website.

    What Is The Difference Between Public And Private Domain Registration

    [SOLVED] How to be anonymous on buying Webhosting and domain ...

    A Public Domain Registration is when a domain name that is purchased from a Domain Name Registrar is registered in whats called the WhoIs Registry or Directory.

    Every domain name that is purchased and registered through ICANN is automatically put in the WhoIs Registry or Directory.

    The WhoIs Directory is an open and public directory where anyone can find the information on the ownership of a website or domain name by simply looking it up.

    The name, address and other information that belongs to the person who registers the domain name is entered in this WhoIs Directory.

    This is what is otherwise referred to as a Public Domain Registration.

    A Private Domain Registration is when a domain name is purchased through a Domain Name Registrar and either the Registrar or a Company representing a buyer buys the domain name from a Registrar, offers a WhoIs Privacy Protection Service.

    If a Domain Name Registrar offers WhoIs privacy protection, then the name of the Domain Name Registrar is entered into this WhoIs directory.

    A Private Company can also offer this service by buying a Domain Name for a client from a Domain Name Registrar as well. Then have their Company information entered in the WhoIs directory on behalf of their client.

    This protection basically shields the person and their information from public view.

    Most domain name registrars nowadays offer WhoIs privacy protection for free when you buy a domain name through their service.

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    Best Anonymous Hosting Solutions In 2022

    BySead FadilpaiContributions fromWill Roszczykpublished 16 February 22

    Find the best anonymous hosting, and strengthen your privacy online

    When it comes to having an online presence in the modern world, anonymous hosting can provide you with an untraceable website. Offered by some of the best web hosting services, anonymous hosting is particularly ideal for users wanting to both maintain privacy online, and protect their identity.

    With anonymous hosting, this is easily achieved, because signing up does not require personal data to be shared with a provider. As an example, many anonymous hosting platforms utilize cryptocurrency payment gateways, such as Bitcoin, to ensure that no personal or identifying information about the customer is revealed.

    However, it’s worth noting that it can be difficult to find the ideal anonymous hosting provider when it comes to building and publishing a completely anonymous website. In this scenario, it may be that a given provider doesn’t offer domain name privacy protection. Such a situation would in turn risk you, as the user, having people track you via information registered via a DNS server, on sites such as WHOIS.

    We’re here to help though: below, we’ve run through our top five best anonymous hosting providers, and explored the key factors you should take under consideration before you choose a service.

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