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How To Get Free Com Domain For Lifetime

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Important: Dont Forget To Renew Your Domain

How to Get Free Domain Name For Lifetime

Domains expire. This can take one year, two years, or three years based on the package you buy.

Setting up a website or blog is hard work. You put in a lot of effort to find the perfect URL, design a website, and publish relevant content on it, among several other things that help it rank high and attract customers.

Just imagine the horror when you get up and realize some random stranger has bought it. The reason? You forgot to renew your domain.


This is why you must understand the importance of renewing your domain. Many people have made this mistake in the past, and it cost them dearly.

For instance, during one presidential election cycle, Jeb Bush and his team forgot to renew their domain, which Donald Trump successfully purchased and redirected Bushs visitors to his own presidential election website. It was a stellar business move on Trumps part, but a disaster that Bushs team couldve easily averted.

Make sure domain renewal is marked on your calendar a month in advance. You can also put your domain on auto-renewal just to be safe.

Free Com Domain Name For Life From Mochahostcom

This is a service I found that gives you domain life free for life on the condition that you keep hosting with them.

The free registration is available for .com |.org| .net| .info, which is a great deal because these are the most commonly used domain extensions.

But these names aint just giving to any one that calls their names. You must purchase any of the following packages:

  • Business
  • Mocha
  • All Reseller Hosting packages
  • Cloud: Barista, Barahona, Matari, Moshi
  • VPS: Perfetto2, Perfetto3, Perfetto4, Perfetto5, Perfetto6, Perfetto7
  • Java Business Plan + Shared JVM
  • Easy SiteBuilder

3 Free .com domain name from for life from Hostinger.

Hostinger is a premium web hosting company trusted by millions of website owners since 2004. They have the most affordable premium service in the industry.

A recent update from them gives you free .com domain name for life with their hosting packages, beginning from 80cent a month.

This is by far the cheapest offer on the list of premium, top rated web hosts

Whats The Best Way To Get A Free Domain Name

The best way to register a free business domain is to use a domain registrar that offers free domains as a part of their web hosting plans. For example, Bluehost offers a free domain when you sign up for its $2.95 per month hosting plan. To begin, select a hosting plan, then follow the prompts to search for a domain, select an available one, and buy web hosting. Get step-by-step instructions on the process of domain name registration.

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How Do I Get A Free Email Using My Domain Name

Many hosting plans offer a free domain and at least one free email account with a matching email address . Bluehost offers the best deal, including five free business email addresses within its ultra-low-cost plan for just $2.95 per month. It also comes with many other money-saving extras, such as a free domain name and a free SSL certification. Learn more about how to get free email.

Here Are The Steps You Should Follow To Get Started

How To Get Free .com Domain

Visit FastComet

Visit the homepage & click on see plans.

Select Your Plan

Select your desired plan. It depends on your requirements & budget. If youre a newbie then StartSmart is the best plan for you.

Register Your Domain Name

Fill Your Account Details

The last thing you will need have to do in order to get your free domain with web hosting is to fill necessary account details. The details include your name, email address, phone number, etc.

After you have filled em out proceed to checkout. You can either pay with your debit card or PayPal, its up to you.

Congrats, for your free lifetime domain name. Now, its time you start learning about blogging to become a successful blogger.

Other Methods To Get a Free .COM Domain For 1 Year

Now, the other methods by which you can get a .com domain name for 1 year also requires you to buy web hosting. Theres no company which provides a premium TLD domain without a catch. If you want it truly free then good luck with that.

There are many other companies which provide a free domain name if you buy any plan from them. Heres the list of all hosting companies which offer a free domain name

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Hosting Plans And Features

Our service is about give you everything you need. You can host your own domain, your site can contain frames, you can put ads on your site, you can have as many web pages as you need, and we do not limit number of visitors. We provide ads-free hosting and will never put anything on your website: no links, no banners, no visitor tracking code.

How To Get A Free Domain Name: Free Website Domain In 2021

This tutorial explains how to get a Free Domain Name and explores the best free Domain Name Providers with comparison and steps to get a free domain name:

The first thing to be made clear is, What is a domain name?

A domain name is a substitute for your IP address.

An IP address, which is a combination of numbers, is the address of your website and can be used to browse your website online. But the problem with the IP addresses is that they are not so easy to remember for normal human beings.

For example, remembering or is much more difficult and troublesome than remembering . Facebook is the domain name assigned for a specific IP address.

A domain name is thus the address of a website. It should be such that it represents the idea of your business. For example, is a website for the online booking of flowers for your loved ones.

What You Will Learn:

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Start Your Journey With A Free Domain

Get a free domain name from Hostinger! Those who get an annual Premium or Business web hosting plan receive a premium .com, .net or another classic TLD registered free of charge for the first year. With Hostinger youll get all the tools you need, for that perfect running start on your way to success!

What Is A Domain Name

How To Get Free .com Domain For Lifetime

A domain name is the Internet

Most people want to get a short domain name, corresponding to their activities.

On the other hand, most of the unique single-word domain names have already been taken.

As a whole, there are over 112 million active domains only for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us TLDs, 82 million of which are .com TLD alone.

Every month there are over 420 000 newly registered .com TLDs.

You can have a free domain name registration with some of our hosting packages.

What is TLD / SLD / ccTLD / ccSLD?

TLDtop-level domain

For example in the domain name, .com is the top-level domain.

An SLD stands for a second-level domain and designates the word before the TLD. In the example above awardspace is the SLD.

A ccTLD stands for a country-code top-level domain, examples are .us and .eu domains.

A ccSLD is county-code second-level domain e.g.,, etc.

A gTLD, or generic top-level domain, is used to describe domains not generally associated with a particular country e.g. .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .edu, .name, .gov, .int, .mil, .pro, .aero, .coop, .museum.

What TLD / SLD / ccTLD / ccSLD do we offer?

ven though the most desired domains are .com domains, we offer a variety of other top-level-domains as well as second-level-domains and country-code top-level domains. We believe that offering the full range of top level domains is useful to many of our customers.

Why Should I get a Domain Name?

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How You Can Get Free Domain Like Com Net Org + Lifetime Unlimited Free Hosting

Typically purchasing a .com domain for a year cost at least $11-$13 and most of us make this mistake of booking the domain first. The thing is, we all are impulsive people and when we get an idea for an online business or even need a domain name for our offline business, we just head over to any domain booking website and purchase the domain. Most of us think that we should book the domain now and will think about creating the website later.

This impassive behavior not only cost you extra in longer run, and most of the time we waste such domain. Well, one thing which we miss out here is, we cant have our website up without the hosting. Until unless you are using a free platform .

How To Get A 100% Free Domain Name For Lifetime

Free domain name for Life

You want to get a 100% free domain name for lifetime, right? Maybe you just want to practice with it or you may have some other reason.

In this post, I am going to give you a way that you can use to get a free domain name for lifetime.

So before diving into the computer I want to give you a brief overview about what we are going to do in this post.

You may be interested reading in, 100% Free Domains: The Best 15 websites to Get a Free Domain Name

So first of all we are going to register our domain name with the help of Freenom and after that we are going to link that domain name with our previously hosted site.

If you had not watched my previous video about how to get a free hosting for lifetime then you should definitely check that out.

Okay so without wasting more time let’s go to the computer. Ok here at first I am going to register a domain name on freenom.

Then we are going to link that domain name with our previously hosted website now open any internet browser and search for freenom domain and then you will find a link of and click on the link.

Here you have to sign in with your ID and password if you don’t have an account with freenom then just sign up with freenom and then you can sign in with that.

After login go to services and from here go to register new domain. Here you have to check the availability of your domain name.

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Ways To Get Free Com Domain For First Year

I mentioned Im going to show you a service that gives you completely free .com domain names should you buy hosting from them. As a matter of fact, you are going to get any TLD for free from any of these companies. Before we get to them, here are some points to note:

  • These are not just hosting companies. They are top web hosting companies that have a name in the industry.
  • They are hosting millions of websites for their customers.
  • They have tons of exciting reviews from their customers.
  • Their offers are backed by rock-solid 30 day money-back refund policies.

Free .com domain from Bluehost

Bluehost is another worlds top, premium hosting company that gives out free .com domain name to its customers.

They have 3 hosting packages and the free domain is available with all of these plans. As with Hostinger, the free domain offer is yearly. That means you will be expected to pay a renewal fee subsequently.

How To Get A Free Com Domain Name For Life


So, do you want to get a free domain for life? I know you want to get a free .com domain name, but before that, you need to know why do some companies provide a free domain name.

Getting a domain name for free isnt hard. But theres a catch to get a free domain name especially if you want a .com extension, you will have to buy web hosting from some selected companies. Think of it as a free bonus while buying web hosting.

Some hosting providers give you a domain name free for one year and later charge a yearly fee which is around 14.99$/year. However, there is a web hosting provider which provides a free domain name for a lifetime.

Apart from a lifetime free .Com domain you will get lots of amazing features like

And these arent all, you will also get other benefits like free migration, free installation, 45-day money back guarantee, etc.

Since you want a .COM domain it means you are going to start a blog in some profitable niches and make lots of money with it. If youve been looking to start a blog for a long time then its a perfect time. The more you wait the more you will have to work later.

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Option : Using A Free Subdomain

Several website builders offer subdomains, which is a personal domain that exists within an existing domain name.

Remember that movie Inception where Leonardo DiCaprio dreams that he is in a dream? Something similar happens here.

You end up getting a domain name within a domain name.

Site builders like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly offer subdomains to their users. They have a free trial as well, so if you like their services, you can purchase their premium plans that include everything you require to build, launch, and manage a professional business website.

Out of the several perks on offer like drag-and-drop site builder, web hosting, templates, and search engine optimization tools, you also get a free domain name.

But why do I still say this method is not ideal?

Lets discuss this with an example.

Imagine you use a free website builder like Wix. You wont have to pay for a domain, yes, but your side will have the Wix subdomain. Itll look something like this:

Suppose your Wix username is My Stunning Website 123, and the domain name you want is myblogsite. Heres what youll get:

Think about it: Does that look professional? Have you seen any credible website have a domain like this?

That is why Id only suggest this method if you want to experiment with your website builders free features or new updates.

Hostinger and WordPress are your other options, and luckily, neither are as invasive as Wix.

Choose Your Billing Terms

Now time to choose your plan.

Bluehost offers web hosting for 12, 24, and 36-month contracts. The price varies based on your term length.

These are the price points for the entry-level Bluehost shared plan:

  • Basic 12 month $4.95 per month
  • Basic 24 month $3.95 per month
  • Basic 36 month $2.75 per month

These rates are only valid for your first contract. Bluehost Basic renews at $8.99 per month with a 36-month plan. With the 12-month plan, renewal is $9.99.

The 36-month contract gives you the best overall rate but requires you to pay the most upfront when you sign up. This is just a matter of personal preference. Some people would rather pay more to avoid a long-term contract. Others are happy to pay extra today for the best deal over three years.

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