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How To Claim Website Domain

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Verify And Claim More Than One Website

Pinterest 101: How to Claim & Verify Your Domain / WordPress Website for Pinterest Business Account

Multi-client accounts allow you to manage multiple accounts, each of which can be associated to a different website address.

Typically, the parent account should verify and claim the top-level address, for example: Each sub-account will then automatically inherit the claim and can set its website address to any path under the claimed website address .

Alternatively, each sub-account can also choose to verify and claim a completely different website instead. Learn more about verifying and claiming website URLs for multi-client accounts.

Brand Protection For Startups

What Do Domain Hosting Companies Suggest?.in

Most of the owners we talk to, their view is that they have booked the domain and are running their website with ease. Who can take their identity away from them?

The .in registry has given on their site the grounds under which they accept the dispute:

If the domain name is similar to registered trademark or service mark.

If the domain user has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the domain name and

the Registrants domain name has been registered or is being used in bad faith.

In respect of these disputes, one can file the dispute with the registry by paying the required fees assigned by the registry.

Benefits Of Getting A Name Trademarked

If somebody says that getting a trademark registered is waste of money and time, then they surely would not know what benefits a registered trademark gives:

It helps in securing the identity of the trade name in the market , that no one can copy it and use the same.

It helps in securing the domain name of the company as discussed above.

Although by registering trademarks, one can use the same name if he/she wants to open a separate legal entity.

Procedure to Claim the .IN Domain Name with TradeMark You can file the claim application with .IN Registry. Process is here- Link

Procedure to Claim .Com Domain Name with TradeMark-

Is It Better To Use A Dispute Resolution Procedure For A Domain Name Dispute Or To Go To Court

A dispute resolution procedure can only be used if you have rights to a domain name which someone else has registered ‘abusively’ or in bad faith. By contrast, court action can be taken on other grounds: for example, if someone is breaching your intellectual property rights or libelling you.

In terms of outcomes, successful use of a dispute resolution procedure will result in the domain name being transferred to you. If you want to claim damages, you will need to take court action. Bear in mind that it can be impossible to enforce judgment, particularly against individuals or companies based overseas.

Where there is a choice, using a dispute resolution procedure is generally faster and incurs lower costs. In some cases, you might wish to use both: the successful outcome of a dispute resolution procedure can be presented as evidence in a court case.

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Do I Need A Domain Name

A custom domain name can make your website look professional online. It builds your brand, makes your website more memorable,and helps visitors find you online. With, you can start with a free website name, and all premium plansinclude a professional custom domain at no additional charge!

Web Hosts And Domain Names

How To Claim Website Domain

You needn’t go to a dedicated registration service to buy a domain name, though. The best web hosting services, such as DreamHost, HostGator, and Hostwinds routinely offer a registration mechanism as part of the sign-up process. Hosting services typically offer a free domain name when you sign up for a web hosting package.

Keep in mind, however, that free domain names are usually free only for one or two years, after which the registrar will bill you for the annual or biennial fee. In other words, the provider of the free domain name pays only for the first billing from the registrar. Also take note of whether or not the provider charges a fee for setting up a domain name. Most services offer to transfer an existing domain name to their servers at no cost, but sometimes you’ll find a setup fee over and above the registrar’s fee.

Please note that not all web hosts give you the option to register a domain name. Cloudways, for example, is a solid web host that requires you to purchase a domain name from elsewhere.

Registrars offer a wide variety of registration durationsone year, three, five, and even ten. Be careful about registering for more than a year, though. First, there might be restrictions on your ability to transfer the domain name should the registrar give poor service. Second, the registrar could go out of business, leaving your domain name without a host. Check the policies closely.

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Why Is Websitecom The Best Choice To Make My Website

With, experience the freedom to create a unique and professional website on your own. You can start with a designer-templateand personalize it, or hire our design experts to make your website for you.

When you choose, you’re choosing the best tools to create a professional website: a drag and drop website builder, royalty-freeimages and video backgrounds, free secure web hosting, and a committed support team. You can even make an online store entirely for free.

With over 1 million websites built with, you’ll be in good company.

How Do We Choose A Domain Name

Ideally, you want a domain name that reinforces your brand and is easy to remember. An obvious option is to base your domain name on the name of your company, a trading name you use, or a trade mark you have registered.

You will also need to decide which domain name extension to use . Most UK businesses use or .com. An individual guessing your website address is most likely to try these endings.

However, there’s a growing number of domain extensions to choose from. These include eyecatching extensions like .london, .email or .today, plus industry-specific options like .photography, .accountants or .plumbing.

You can find a list of the different .uk extensions on the Nominet website. Nominet administers most UK domain names.

There’s also a complete list of domain extensions on the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority website.

You may want to consider registering several domain names. For example:

  • You might want to register a different domain for each of your brands.
  • You may want to register domains with several different extensions. For example, and This makes it easier for customers to find your website, and helps stop anyone else registering domain names similar to yours.
  • You may also want to register different spellings or common mis-spellings of your company or brand name.
  • If you trade internationally, you may want to register the local versions of your domain name where possible.

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The Domain Name I Want Isnt Available What Do I Do

Nowadays youd be considered lucky if you were to find the domain name you want on your first search. The fact is that many desirable domain names are already registered by businesses or individuals. Some individuals even register domain names with the intent of selling them to their rightful owner at an inflated price. This is known as cybersquatting.

The good news is that if you hold a trademark to a name that has been registered by someone else, you can challenge that reservation.

If your organization is new and you havent chosen a name yet, you may be able to buy the domain name you want if its for sale by the current registrant. Domain prices vary widely. If the domain name you want is prohibitively expensive, youll probably have to find an alternative name.

Choosing A Name Branding Considerations

MAKING A WEBSITE – Claim a Domain ASAP | Vlog 014

If youre registering a domain name for an existing business, youll likely want to incorporate the name of the business in the domain name.

For a completely new business, youre more likely to be free to choose from a wider range of possibilities.

Here are some general tips or strategies for choosing a brand name:

  • Make the name memorable, short and easy to pronounce
  • Effective names often use rhyming , imagery or alliteration
  • Avoid using location in a name because you risk turning off potential customers when your business grows
  • Avoid using .biz or .net domain names. This leaves the impression that youve settled for what was left over. Use an alternative .com instead. Regional domain names may not be ideal from a branding standpoint, but you can get away with using them
  • Avoid using another companys name or trademarks in your domain name. Otherwise, youre just asking for trouble.

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Let Us Give You The Free Domain Name You Always Wanted

Starting a project is no easy task. But a free domain with web hosting can fill two needs with one deed. Youll have all the crucial ingredients to make a website and publish it on the internet. We’ll stand by your side every step of the way!

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Free domain name registration

How To Register A Domain Name: 4 Options

To get a domain name, youll need to call dibs with ICANN. ICANN is a global non-profit authority that maintains records on which domain and IP address belongs to whom and manages access to them.

But ICANN doesnt provide registration services, it only maintains records. Thats where domain name registrars come into play.

The primary role of a register is to:

  • Coordinate claims on different domain names.
  • Match specific domain names with Domain Name System nameservers.
  • Ensure that there are no duplicate domain names.

Technically speaking, you are not buying a domain name from a registrar company, but reserve its usage for a specified time. You can pay to reserve a domain for 1-10 years at a time, depending on the registrar. After your initial subscription expires, youll need to renew it and pay a fee again. You can re-purchase your domain name over and over again.

When registering a domain name, you sign a long-term lease of your domain . You can read more about the domain costs here.

In practice, all of the above is much simpler than you think as we will show below.

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Adding A Txt Record To Third

The process for adding a TXT record to your DNS settings varies depending on the domain provider. In general, you should be able to access the TXT record by finding your DNS settings, domain management area, DNS configuration, or similar.

The following are some steps for specific domain providers. If your domain provider doesn’t appear in this list, or if you can’t add a TXT record, then contact your provider for assistance.

Sample list of third-party domain hosts

If We Go To Court Over A Domain Name Dispute Which Country’s Laws Apply

Cincinnati Ins Co Claims: How To Claim A Website Domain Name

A court case might be heard:

  • In the country where the domain name was registered: for example, in the UK for a .uk domain name.
  • In the country where the plaintiff suffered damage. For a libel case, this might conceivably be anywhere in the world where the website can be seen.
  • In the defendant’s home country.

The choice of country can make a significant difference to each party’s costs, the prospects of success, and the likely scale of any damages.

At the start of any international dispute, both claimant and defendant may present arguments to the court as to why it should or should not hear the case. Expert advice is essential.

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How To Get A Domain Name From Namecheapcom

Namecheap is another popular website for buying domain names and getting website hosting. As their domain name prompts, they often have a lot of good deals and somewhat lower annular prices than GoDaddy, for example.

So if you love a good bargain, heres how to buy a domain name via Namecheap.

Step 1: Run your desired domain name search first and review available options. Namecheap has a really huge collection of new TLDs such as .art .digital, .luxury among 400+ other options.

Also, if your name isnt available or youd like to get some more ideas, switch to their advanced search view aka the Beast Mode:

As you can see from above, you have a lot more features to play with such as price range, suffix/prefix, and so on. This can help you drill down to that perfect domain name that is short, memorable, available, and yet cheap!

Step 2: After youve chosen the best contenders, proceed to your cart to start the checkout process. At this point, you can also add some extras and customize your order:

With Namecheap, you get a lifetime free WHOIS protection for every domain name, plus they recently added a bonus premium DNS offer . When you enable it, your domain gets yearly protection against DNS/DDoS attacks , plus ultra-fast global DNS response. This gives you some extra leverage in terms of your website speed.

On top of that, you can select some affordable up-sells such as:

Also, you can play around with your renewal. Namecheap provides a small discount for 2+ years.

Verify With Google Search Console

Verify your domain via Google Search Console if youve already activated it for your website.

  • Log into the Google account that is associated with your Google Search Console.
  • Click Add property. Enter your domain name, then click Continue.
  • In the Verify ownership dialog box, choose one of the verification methods. Continue the verification workflow to verify with Google.
  • Back on Trustpilot, click Verify domain to confirm.
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