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How Can I Get A Domain Name For Free

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Option B: Get A Free Domain Name With A Site Builder Plan

How to get a Totally Free Domain Name

You dont have to be a web developernor do you have to hire oneto get a professional website. All-in-one site builders, such as Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix, all give you the ability to build your own site easily and code-free. And, because these plans are all-inclusive, youll get a free domain with your plan of choice, in addition to everything else you need to build and maintain your small business website.

Free domain with leading site builders Must purchase a plan to get a domain
Free .com domains with plans Site builders are generally more expensive than WordPress
Easiest way to build a site no web design experience required
Professional and credible appearance

Ways To Get A Free Domain Name

Option A
Free domain with a web hosting plan Free domain with all-in-one site builder plan Free domain from a domain name registrar
Best For:
Those building a site with WordPress Those building a site with a site builder Personal use
-Get a free .com -Professional and legit -Secure -Free business email -Get a free .com -Professional and legit -Secure -Free business email -Get a free .tk, .ml, or .cf -Appears unprofessional -Not secure -No business email
FreenomDot TKGetFreeDomain.Name

How To Create A Free Website With Your Own Domain

Apart from buying a new domain name from the website builder or hosting provider, there is a possibility to connect the one you have previously owned. It doesnt matter where you have got it you can attach or transfer it to your new account, following the guidelines the system generates.

Standard plan of actions looks similar to that listed in the previous part of the article. However, there are also a few nuances you need to consider to make the domain name connection process a success.

  • Firstly, there is no need to buy a new domain from the system you work with. This eventually saves your effort, time and money.
  • Secondly, you shouldnt forget to modify the DNS settings to make the domain eligible for transfer, if needed.

Typically, youll have to log into your domain name control panel and modify the NS records for your domain according to the instructions provided by the chosen website builder or hosting provider. The entire procedure doesnt take it long and can be completed even by a newbie.

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Way To Get Free Com Domain For First Year

I mentioned Im going to show you a service that gives you completely free .com domain names should you buy hosting from them.

As a matter of fact, you are going to get any TLD for free from any of these companies. Before we get to them, here are some points to note:

  • These are not just hosting companies. They are top web hosting companies that have a name in the industry.
  • They are hosting millions of websites for their customers
  • They have tons of exciting reviews from their customers
  • Their offers are backed by rock-solid 30 day money-back refund policies.

So lets get going

Free .com domain from Bluehost

Bluehost is another worlds top, premium hosting company that gives out free .com domain name to its customers.

They have 3 hosting packages and the free domain is available with all of these plans. As with Hostinger, the free domain offer is yearly. That means you will be expected to pay a renewal fee subsequently.

Important: Dont Forget To Renew Your Domain

Provide a free domain name and free hosting by ...

Domains expire. This can take one year, two years, or three years based on the package you buy.

Setting up a website or blog is hard work. You put in a lot of effort to find the perfect URL, design a website, and publish relevant content on it, among several other things that help it rank high and attract customers.

Just imagine the horror when you get up and realize some random stranger has bought it. The reason? You forgot to renew your domain.


This is why you must understand the importance of renewing your domain. Many people have made this mistake in the past, and it cost them dearly.

For instance, during one presidential election cycle, Jeb Bush and his team forgot to renew their domain, which Donald Trump successfully purchased and redirected Bushs visitors to his own presidential election website. It was a stellar business move on Trumps part, but a disaster that Bushs team couldve easily averted.

Make sure domain renewal is marked on your calendar a month in advance. You can also put your domain on auto-renewal just to be safe.

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How To Get A Free Domain For Your Website

When you invite someone to your home for the first time, you have to tell them how to find you. The easiest way to do this would be to simply give them your address. From there they can navigate directly to your home.

Similarly, a domain is your website’s address. Its how visitors will find their way to your website. Selecting your domain is an important step, as not only will it affect how easily your customers find you, but it can also help improve SEO for your brand.

Additionally, once youve selected your domain, you dont want to change it down the road. That can make it more difficult for established customers to find you, and youll have to make changes to all of your marketing materials.

We will walk you through domain registration, the reasons you need a domain name, the best ones to select from, and how to get a domain name for free.

In our example, if the domain is equal to our home address, then the web hosting is like our house. Your internet address is called an IP address. An IP address consists of a long string of numbers that really only makes sense to a computer. To make an IP address easily accessible, we purchase domain names that will route to our specific IP addresses.

In order to get started, youll need to register your domain.

Domain Registrar Ad Programs

Domain registrars sometimes offer to give you a free domain in exchange for running ads on your website.

Dont do this.

Theres nothing wrong with ads on your website. However, you wont have any control over the ads and their placement with this method. This will not only hinder the experience for your website visitors, but it will also damage your SEO ranking.

Plus, what if your website got one million views? You wouldnt see a dime from those ads. All you get is a free domain.

If you want to run ads on your website, do it through a legitimate advertising network, like Google. Dont exchange ads for a free domain.

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How To Get A Domain Name For Your Website For Free

Now that you are aware of two most popular options to create a website with your own domain name for free, it makes sense to provide more detailed guidelines on their application. This will help you figure out the major steps needed to start and manage a website with Wix and Bluehost as well as focus on the ways to get free domains from each of these systems.

If you decide to give preference to using the website builder and choose Wix for this purpose, mind the following list of steps youll be expected to undergo to launch a website from scratch:

  • Sign up for the website builder, providing your login credentials. You can use either your email or social network account to register with the system.
  • Pick a Template. The website builder will offer you a list of niche-specific templates to choose from. All of them are responsive, free and customizable. As soon as you make your template choice and proceed to its editing, the system will automatically offer you to make up a free subdomain for your website. This will be enough to design the website and test the feature set of the system before publishing it.
  • Edit the Theme. There is no need to possess coding expertise to develop and edit websites with the system. Just add the required content, upload media files, edit SEO settings, integrate widgets and apps to give your project the required design.
  • Get A Free Domain Name With Site123

    How to Get Free Domain Name for Website (Forever!)

    Best for complete beginners who want to try out a website idea or bring their business online

    Site 123 offer a free domain name when you purchase one of their annual subscriptions. This comes with a free SSL certificate and email accounts . Not sure what Site123 is? Its basically another website builder that lets you use their website templates and drag and drop builder to create pretty slick looking websites.

    Site123 is extremely easy to use, you can sign up with facebook, google or with your email and have your website up and running in minutes. To get your free professional domain name, youll need to upgrade to one of their annual subscription plans.

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    Option C: Use A Free Domain Name Registrar

    You can get a domain name from a free domain registrar, but these dont come with a web hosting plan and are not suitable for business use. Why? The only truly free domains use untrustworthy-looking domain extensions, such as .tk, as opposed to a standard .com. So sure, you can save $12 per year, but a free domain like will immediately make you appear unprofessional to prospective customers.

    .com extensions are not available for free
    You dont own it
    Often unreliable
    More susceptible to hackers

    How Does This Work

  • Refer the GoogieHost domain to any of your friends, but you need 10 ACTIVE referrals, and you get a free .com domain.
  • If you want to get five years of domain validity, then you must have 20 ACTIVE referrals.
  • It is a fair deal that no other company is offering. You get a fair shot to get a free .com domain from a company like GoogieHost.

    Basic Terms

  • Signups under your referral link will count as active referrals who have a complete website and getting 25 visits per day
  • Users from India, the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands will be counted as your referrals other countries will ignore
  • The domain will move to your account within 7 working days after application
  • We do required login details of your control panel on the renewal request
  • You can not renew the same domain for more than 1 years within 90 days
  • Note:

    We are authorized to change our terms anytime and we can refuse your reward request on any kind of suspect detected by our team. You are requested to be honest to claim your reward.

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    Wix Free Website Builder And Domain Name In One Place

    Wix is the top web building platform that occupies the highest position in the list of contemporary DIY website builders. It currently empowers millions of websites across the globe, providing myriads of advantages like bogging and eCommerce engines, free responsive highly customizable templates, professional design customization tools, versatile approaches to the web development process and pricing policy.

    Wix makes it possible to start and manage website for free and, thus, it offers a free neverending plan that lets you launch a project without any hidden charges.

    All websites created with a free plan are initially created on a Wix-branded subdomain. This is enough to test the features of the service and practice your web design skills. However, Wix subdomain will certainly not be enough to publish and promote your website.

    To be able to boost your website popularity, recognition and search engine positions, Wix makes it possible to upgrade to one of its paid plans. Each of them comes with an opportunity of your own domain name connection. Such domains are provided at no cost for those users, who decide to get annual plans.

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    Get All Of This And More

    Can I get a free lifetime .in domain name for free?

    Live Editing

    View changes to your website in real-time as you build, before publishing.

    Stock Image Library

    Enjoy access to hundreds of free-to-use photos.

    Custom CSS

    Design beyond the template. Manage your CSS rules directly within the builder dashboard.

    Quick-Start Smart Templates

    Unleash your content on the world. Upload custom images, videos, music, ect. without limitation.

    1-Click WordPress Access

    Easily jump back and forth between Builder and WordPress as you customize.

    Custom Fonts

    Choose from our suite of fonts or upload your own favorites.

    Trusted Web Hosting

    Every Builder plan comes with WordPress recommended Bluehost hosting at its core.

    24/7 Support

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    Some Companies That No Longer Offer Free Domain Names

    A few years back there were more options for snagging a totally free domain name. But several of these companies have since started charging. used to offer a free domain name, much like Namesco however both now charge £1 or less to buy a domain name. Which is cheaper than most, but still not 100% free.

    Faqs About Getting A Free Domain Name

    There are some common questions people often ask about being able to get a free domain name. Lets look at some of these questions:

    Q. How can I get a free .com domain?

    Ans: The simple way to get a free .com domain name is to buy hosting from any hosting institution that gives a free domain as a bonus. Some of these will give a free domain for the first year. A few company gives free .com domain for life, for as long as you host with them.

    Q. What is a free domain?

    Ans: A free domain is simply a bonus domain name given to you by a web hosting company. This only happens when you buy hosting package from them. For the most part, you need to buy a hosting package whose price tag is big enough to cover the cost of the domain name given you for free

    Q. Which free domain is best?

    Ans: There are generally two types of free domain names:

  • Free domain name for life
  • Free domain name for 1 year
  • Of course, website owners would always want the life option. The 1 year option requires you start paying a domain name fee from the second year of buy hosting.

    Here are common free domain extensions: .com,,, , .tk ,, etc

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