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Where To Buy Aged Domains

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Buy Aged Domains – How To Guide

One advantage of buying an expired domain is that it lets you capitalize on an existing traffic. A lot of old websites already have the kind of traffic your business needs.

As you already know, online businesses dont succeed without traffic. If you dont attract visitors to your website, you dont generate any revenue. Its as simple as that.

Buying a brand new website allows you to work with a clean slate. However, it wont be long before site owners realize that growing huge traffic takes months to accomplish.

You need to do several things in order to attract a constant stream of visitors, especially the right ones. These techniques include creating great content, optimizing for the right keywords, and guest posting on other sites.

You can wait for your new websites traffic to grow or you can use an expired domain with the traffic you already need. If you want to streamline the process, you choose the latter.

Check Google Adsense Ban

You will find hundreds of expired domains which are Google Adsense banned. So if you are thinking to build a website on an expired domain then this must be your first step before buying any domain. Because at the end we are buying a domain to make money online and if it is already banned then it is no use for us.

AdSense Sandbox Checker is such a tool that will help you to find the AdSense ban.

Simply put URL and click on preview Ads.

If all the ads are being displayed then you are in a safe zone, otherwise, it is banned.

Relevance Power And Authority From Healthy Link Profiles

The aged domains are often comes with the high number of backlinks and healthy link profile, which will be very important for you in getting more traffic to your websites. You can purchase these domains from us at very attractive price. We can also research and find the domain names in the niche you are interested in. This process might take a week to 15 days.

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Check Past Website History

The best way to learn about the history of a website is to view multiple snapshots from .

Keep in mind that it is possible for a site to look unchanged even if it has been turned into a PBN site with unnatural outbound links to commercial webpages.

If there is a period of time with no snapshots, that probably means the website was not live during that period. It is optimal to minimize the time when the site is down to make it seem like a typical website ownership transfer which should not significantly affect traffic and rankings.

Takeaways: An extended period without snapshots after a domain expires can mean there was a long period of the site being down which may result in many of the pages dropping out of the Google index. This could make it more difficult to regain previous traffic levels.

Major Things To Look Before Buying Dropped Domain Names In 2022

Buy Aged Domains

1. Make sure to find out the DA and trust flow of the domain you buy

If a domain has DA more than 15, its a good one to buy. If it has a trust flow with more than 20, its a great domain which you dont want to miss.

For your information, trust flow of domain is determined by the trustworthiness of the domain and is measured by Majestic SEO.

2. Verify whether the domain you want to buy isnt banned anywhere

You need to check if the terminated domain you want to buy is or Google crawlers or not. If they are banned, then theres no reason for you to buy it because you will have a lot of troubles in the long run.

You can use tools like, BannedCheck etc to verify whether a domain is banned by Google or not.

3. Check the number of backlinks of the domain you are interested in

As I said earlier in the post, if an expired domain has good number of backlinks, it is much easier for you to rank higher for most of the keywords you try to rank for in the future. You can use tools like Semrush, Ahrefs etc to find the number of backlinks of any domain name.

You can check backlinks metrics like

  • Number of backlinks
  • Number of referring domains etc.

Now, lets talk about few top websites to buy these domains.

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How To Buy Expired Domains With Traffic

When buying expired domains, the first step is, of course, finding available domains. Instead of clawing at straws and chasing false leads trying to find domains, youre better off turning to SpamZilla.

SpamZilla is a service that will allow you to identify and buy expired and deleted domains with traffic from Google, Bing, and other popular search engines.

This means when your new site is ready to go live, it will have an excellent backlink profile and already be high-ranking in SERPs.

Even if these high-quality sites have not been active for a while, they can still generate significant web activity that could add considerable value to your main website.

When you buy expired domain names, you also:

  • Drive web traffic coming into your new site through valuable redirects.
  • Boost search volume for your websites content.
  • Obtain real SEO power
  • Track incoming links from other sites, increasing your search traffic

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Domain Authority And Page Authority Scores

Another approach to assessing the power behind a domain name is measuring how much the name influences a sites ranking in search results. This will of course be a function of the authority of the backlinks, but it will also try to tease apart other factors that might be at work inside the rankings black box.

Moz maintains their highly acclaimed Domain Authority and Page Authority scores with precisely this focus. Their free browser extensions make powerful SEO analytics available to anyone.

When searching for a name with high domain authority, it is important to keep one thing in perspective: you dont always need to be looking for the perfect DA, but rather sometimes you will be focusing on your main competitors and just trying to get the edge over their scores.

Check Number Of Indexed Pages

How to find aged domain names

When a website goes down for an extended period, the indexed pages will fall out of Googles index as Google doesnt want to send searchers to dead pages.

However, a few pages usually remain in the index if the site went down recently or if a bare-bones version of the site was put up by a service like ODYS. If there are a lot of pages remaining in the Google index, this is a good sign that Google still trusts the site.

Takeaway: If you enter the site: search operator into Google and zero pages appear in the index, that could indicate an issue with the domain such as a manual link penalty or complete removal from Google for violating Google Webmaster Guidelines.

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Where To Purchase Aged Domains And How To Evaluate Them

Each day at ODYS Global a platform that curates brandable aged domains we receive inquiries about the best acquisition methods. From questions like how to purchase aged domains, to where to find them, and what to look for, we offer our expertise so that investors get the best opportunity. Our team of SEO experts spend most of our days attending auctions and checking the myriad of marketplaces to curate the most valuable ones.

There are millions of available aftermarket domains and around 500k that expire every day. That is a massive amount of domains to go through. Over time, the industry has evolved and there now exists services and software to help sort out those domains using SEO metrics, existing authority, and valuable names. Even with those tools, finding and purchasing aged domains takes time.

However, the main risk is not in the time required to sort through them and pick one, but in the lack of expertise when hand-picking an aftermarket domain. Finding one that hasnt been abused in the past is a difficult task. A good purchase is one that doesnt infringe any trademarks and wont get you into legal trouble.

Therefore, its highly recommended to make your first aged domain acquisition with a company thats not just selling you a domain, but is also willing to vouch for your purchase and point you in the right direction on how to use its existing authority and traffic to their fullest potential.

Alex Drew is Co-Founder at ODYS Global.

What Is An Aged Domain

An aged domain name is any domain that has had something active for a certain number of years. While many aged domains will have had websites on them previously, that isnt always the case.

Some may only have had landing pages or domain for sale pages. However, if Google recognized the domain that started the clock ticking on its age and older domains tend to have a positive SEO benefit.

A domain that Google first saw 6, 10, or even 15 years ago has the potential to bring major benefits to a new niche site.

For more details, read this all-inclusive guide about aged domains.

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Are Older Domains Worth More

Yes, older domains are worth more. There are two reasons for this. First, an older domain may mean a branded domain with a shorter number of characters. Second, an older domain that had a business website on it may have obtained natural quality backlinks over time that increase the worth of the domain.

Citation Flow And Trust Flow

Where To Buy Aged Or Expired Domains?

When you buy a domain with backlinks, you are not necessarily interested in just the raw citation flow, or the number of links pointing to the domain. You are also looking for a level of quality in the domains from which the links are coming.

The authority of a site is high if it is recognized as a well-maintained provider of high-quality original content. The site is further boosted if its linked to from high-quality sites. At the other end of the scale, sites that are automatically generated link farms have very poor rankings.

The authority of the sites pointing to the domain you are considering becomes part of the metric of trust flow, which is citation flow aggregated and corrected for the quality of the originating sites. Majestic maintains trust flow metrics for backlinks as part of its powerful suite of domain checking tools.

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Manual Penalty Was Applied By Google

A domain may have received a manual penalty from Google which limits organic traffic and makes it difficult for the site to grow.

The acquirers of asked John Mueller why they couldnt rank for any keywords. It turned out that the previous owner had linked out to a lot of questionable sites and the domain had received a manual penalty from Google.

Three signs that there may be a manual penalty on the domain are:

  • The link profile of the domain has an excessive amount of spammy inbound or outbound links.
  • The historic organic traffic looks very low in Ahrefs during a time when the site was live.
  • There are no pages indexed in Google.

If you acquire a site that received a manual penalty, you can submit a reconsideration request and let Google know that you just acquired the site and have fixed the issues.

Takeaway: You can not confirm whether a site has been hit by a manual penalty until you acquire the site and check Google Search Console, but you can look for signs of a potential penalty.

Site Was Previously Used As A Pbn Or Spammy Site

You can check the Ahrefs Outgoing Links Anchors report for the domain to see if there are any outgoing links using spammy anchor text.

If there are links with spammy commercial anchor text, this may indicate that the site was used as a PBN by a previous owner.

A commonly used tactic by PBN builders is to acquire expired domains with a good link profile and then change the links to point to commercial pages .

If you use the site: search operator in Google you can sometimes find evidence of unrelated pages in the description of the Google search result snippets on some of the indexed pages. This indicates that a previous owner has already tried to use the domain to link out to spammy commercial sites which can damage the domains reputation.

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Powerful Links That Are Expensive Or Difficult To Replicate

The most valuable aspect of an aged domain is that it has quality links from niche-relevant websites or highly authoritative publishers like major magazines or news websites. The quality and quantity of links could cost several thousand dollars to replicate.

For example, if you hire a link building service to build links at an average cost of about $100 per link, then it would cost $10,000 to replicate an aged domain with 100 linking root domains. However, you can find aged domains with over 100 linking root domains for around $1,000 on ODYS and it can be much cheaper through GoDaddy Auctions .

The previous owner of an aged domain may have spent thousands of dollars and many hours acquiring or earning links over several years.

Takeaway: An aged domain gets you high quality links from high authority sites that you would otherwise not be able to get.

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