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How Much Is It For A Domain Name

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How To Register A Domain Name

How much should a domain name registration & email hosting cost?

There are hundreds of domain registrars companies that sell domain names and help with the domain name registration process. Different registrars will offer different services, prices, and packages.

Due to the number of online websites, domain name registrations are overseen by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers . As a non-profit organization, ICANN has databases for all the available domain names and where they point to.

To safely register a domain, use an ICANN accredited registrars, such as Hostinger, GoogleDomains, or Hover.

The ICANN database stores all related information of a domain name. In other words, an ICANN accredited registrar has the permission to change your domain name information in the database on your behalf.

Another way to register a domain name is using a websitebuilder. Some website builders integrate registering a domain as part of the sign-up process. Its a popular option for beginners who dont want the hassle of finding a domain registrar.

The process of buying a domain name can differentiate depending on the registrar that you choose. Therefore, dont forget to consider every detail before selecting a registrar for your domain name.

How Can I Transfer A Domain Name

You can transfer a domain name to a new registrar by contacting the registrar you want to transfer the domain name to. You will then be sent a form to confirm that you want to transfer the domain name. You can learn more about how to transfer your domain to GoDaddy here.

If you want to transfer a domain name to another person, you will need to contact the registrar your domain is currently with.

Why Is Having Your Own Domain Name So Important

  • Your website is the first impression you make on the Internet. A customized domain name looks professional and alerts customers that your site is authoritative and credible.

  • It makes your website easier to find, as a domain name can be more easily remembered than an IP address . And if you change your web host , you will still be able to keep the same domain, making your online presence stable over time.

  • Acquiring your own domain is a necessary step if you plan on getting your own business email address .

  • From an SEO point of view, your domain name gives Google an indication of what your website is all about. Thus, increasing your chances of ranking higher in search results.

Altogether, these factors contribute to your online visibility, which translates into more business opportunities, and ultimately – more sales. This is why registering your own domain is a crucial step to take when creating a website.

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Avoid Hyphens Or Odd Spellings

How often do you use punctuation when searching for something online? My guess is rarely. The last thing you want is a domain name that requires extra effort from your visitors. Using something like, no matter how compelling wont do you any favors.

When possible, avoid using uncommon spellings or numbers. Is that a 4 or a four? What about 2, to, two or too? You catch my drift. If anyone ever shares your domain via word-of-mouth, your name could get lost in translation.

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Domain Name

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

Registering a domain name involves the initial cost to secure your chosen domain name, along with additional charges for privacy protection and renewals so that you can continue to own it.

For example, domain name prices are often in the £7-12 per year price bracket. Renewals can be charged at the same amount as registrations, as is the case with A2 Hosting. Or, they can incur a higher fee, such as, which charges $9.99 per year to register a .com domain name and $13.99 per year to renew it.

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Your Domain Name Should Be Optimized For Search Engines

A keyword in the domain name wont give you a huge advantage over your competitors in terms of search rankings.

However, it can give you a slight edge, which is nothing to scoff at given how crazy the competition to appear on the is.

That being said, it is not necessary, so if you cant find a way to incorporate a keyword in your domain name then dont push it.

What Should You Look For In A Domain Registrar

We discussed this in-depth in our How to Select the Best Domain Registrar article.

Here are the most important things that you should look for:

  • Low pricing. You dont want to spend more money than you have to. Fortunately, the competition in this industry is fierce, so all major companies offer affordable pricing.
  • Free WHOIS protection. People can look up the details of any domain name and find out who owns it. This might present privacy issues. Its best to use WHOIS protection which prevents snoopers from seeing this information.
  • Auto-renewals. If you dont renew a domain name it eventually goes back on the market. This might cause serious problems if some enterprising individual snatches your domain name and then offers to sell it back to you for a substantial amount of money. Thats why its best to go with a domain registrar that automatically renews your domain name.

Also, if a domain registrar is not transparent about their pricing, you should see that as a red flag and stay away.

Another thing to watch out for is a bad user interface. You shouldnt need a computer science Ph.D. to figure out how to do basic tasks such as parking or transferring domains.

Finally, if a domain registrar doesnt offer 24/7 customer support, it might be too risky to use their services. What if something goes wrong and you need immediate assistance? You can lose a lot of money in potential revenue if the problem isnt solved right away.

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Length Of Domain Name

The general rule is that the shorter the domain name is, the better. This is because shorter words can be remembered more easily than longer ones. Furthermore, people dont actually want to type a domain name that could fill up the web address bar of their browsers. Domains with six to eight letters can fetch a hefty sum compared to ones with 10 or more letters.

How Much Does A Domain Name Cost And Why Do You Need One

How Much Should You Pay for a Domain Name? (50 domain name prices compared)

The cost of a domain name depends on multiple factors, but the average price of a domain is around $10-15/year. You cant avoid it every website needs a domain name for users to access the web pages.

This article will explain what a domain name is, where to register one, and how your domain cost is adjustable to your needs. Also, it will introduce different types of domains, such as premium and expired domains.

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Domain Name Cost: Quick Overview

Every website owner will need to factor domain name cost into their budget. You have the choice of either registering a new domain name, or purchasing one thats already been registered. A new domain will cost around $10-20/year, while the price of a preregistered domain will be more expensive, and vary depending on popularity.

Domain Extension Or Tlds

While there are thousands of domain extensions or Top-Level Domains , only a few are known to your average Internet user. Domain extensions such as .com .net .org, .gov and edu are some of the widely used TLDs that people actually use and recognize. Hence, domain names that end with these extensions are more expensive compared to newer ones such as info, .xyz and

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Cost Of A Domain Name That Is Already Owned

Just how much is the cost of a domain that is already owned? Well, not as cheap as registering a new one. Having the right domain counts a lot when you look to having a business or platform that will catch the attention of web users. Dont we all also hate lengthy domains that put our minds to task when we try to remember them?

But have you ever thought of a domain name and tried to get it only to find that its already registered? Of course you will have the option to opt for other extensions but if thats not your wish, you will certainly have to try your luck in the aftermarket domains market.

What Affects Domain Name Costs

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost

So, detailed in full below are the typical costs and fees associated with buying a domain name and what you need to know to better help you in estimating just how much you can expect to pay for yours.

Domain Registrar Pricing Structures and Deals

There are typical deals that domain registrars offer when youre looking to buy a domain name, and heres an incomplete list:

  • A discount for the first year, then higher renewal rate.
  • Free domain with website hosting purchase.
  • If you also get email hosting, you can register a domain for free.
  • Or the other way around, where you get free email hosting after buying a domain.
  • Free WHOIS privacy with domain name.
  • A discount for locking your name in for multiple years.
  • Various free services with domain.

It may also be important to note that you should check the fine print with any deals you see as there may be extra hidden fees or additional domain name costs associated with any add-ons you purchase.

For example, domain name privacy is usually around seven to ten dollars per domain if its not free.

Domain Name Costs: Type of Domain

As previously touched upon, there are also two types of domains that will affect the domain name cost: Premium domains and the type of TLD.

Premium domains can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands or millions.

There are different prices for TLDs and ccTLDs that range from 99 cents to around $10 or $25 yearly, and there are also many others that come to more than a hundred dollars a year.


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Buying An Expired Domain Name

At this point, you may be wondering if its possible to buy a domain back after it has expired. The good news is, if you renew it within the grace period, you can still keep it.

Every domain registrar differs, but this can be anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Sometimes, the grace period is entirely dependent on the type of TLD of the domain. The grace period could be as low as ten days or even zero.

So, its definitely worth it to check the fine print with the domain registrar before finalizing your order.

Most of the time, youll get an email to notify you in advance that your domain name is expiring soon. Often, youll also get offers to renew early at a discount, which can help to bring down domain name costs. Then, you can log in, select your domain name for renewal and check out.

In many instances, you can also search specifically for expired domains that you can buy as well. You can check the documentation of your registrar or contact them for specific steps.

Domains And How They Affect Seo

While domain names dont play a starring role in and of themselves when it comes to Search Engine Optimization , theyre still a notable factor when being considered alongside your websites SEO.

However, its not so much the domain itself that affects SEO, but the surrounding factors of the website and the websites historically attached to the domain.

Here are the main ways a domain name can positively impact your sites SEO:

  • The IP address previously associated with it wasnt blacklisted.
  • The domain has a past of high traffic.
  • Its highly memorable, marketable and short.
  • It contains one or more popular keywords.

Please note: If a domain contains a popularly searched keyword, but the website doesnt contain related content, then the sites SEO wont be positively impacted.

If youre wondering just how long you should register your domain for, go for whatevers comfortable to you.

Its a common suggestion to purchase a domain for multiple years on the grounds that the domains age is a factor for SEO. However, :

To the best of my knowledge, no search engine has ever confirmed they use length of registration as a factor in scoring. If a company is asserting that as a fact, that would be troubling. The primary reason to renew a domain would be if its your main domain, you plan to keep it for a while, or youd prefer the convenience of renewing so you dont need to stress about your domain expiring.

Matt Cutts

Buying Domain Variations for SEO

Trust Is a Factor for TLDs

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How Much Does A Domain Name Cost Per Year

Its hard figuring exactly how much domain names cost . On average, if you intend to purchase a new domain, it should cost you anywhere between $10 to $15 a year depending on the TLD and the registrar.

When searching for a new website name you will run into dozens of domain registrars, each with their own set of packages and perks.

When considering domain name costs, dont always fall for the cheap packages. Keep in mind that sometimes cheap is really expensive.

You can also check out our post on cheap domain registration to find out if it is worth it for you, but oftentimes, the packages that are slightly higher priced pack additional tools and other bonuses that will help build your website quickly and easily.

What Makes A Domain Name Valuable

What is a Domain Name & Web Hosting? How much is it?

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to find out, estimating the value of a domain doesnt have to be too difficult. However, it will require you to understand what makes a domain desirable in the first place.

Of course, its significant to note that as with most evaluations of this nature, this is not an exact science. A domain will always be worth what people are willing to pay for it, and the bottom line is that sometimes the theory may not line up with the practical reality. By calculating the estimated worth, however, youre providing yourself with a handy baseline so you dont end up selling a valuable domain for pennies.

With that in mind, lets look at some of the features generally considered important when it comes to domain names. These include:

These points are all worth paying attention to as you research your domains potential value. However, remember that there are no guarantees,and that the value of a domain can shift dramatically over time.

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