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How To Redirect Domain To Another Domain

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How To Set Up Web Forwarding

Domain Name Forwarding – How To Redirect One Domain to Another Domain – Simple Steps One Caveat

After clicking on the domain to enter itâs admin, choose the âWeb Forwardingâ tab, and then select âCreateâ under âAdd your first web forwarding addressâ.

In the following form you can specify the subdomain you wish to forward from and the address you want to forward to. You can also select which protocol to use . For more explanation of the differences between these protocols see the section on HTTPS below.

You can also specify whether this is a permanent forward, a temporary forward, or a masked forward.

Redirect A Subdirectory To A Page On Your Site

When you created your site, you may have decided to create your blog page on a subdomain of your site. So, instead of your blog URL being you made it And now youve decided that it makes sense to switch your blog off of the original subdomain structure.

This is a case where youd set up a redirect. The same goes for any other reason youve created a site or section of your site on a subdomain, and now you want to switch the URL structure to something new.

Understand Domain Name Redirection

Before you create a redirection for your domain name, it is important to understand what it is used for. You can use it to redirect your domain name to a new target generally another domain name.

There are numerous reasons why you might want to use a redirection, but it is typically used it change the name of a website. In this case, the redirection will guide web users who are still accessing your old domain name, by automatically redirecting them to the new one.

There are two ways of creating a domain name redirection:

  • Through the OVH Control Panel, using the configuration assistant to set your redirection.

  • Creating the redirection yourself . This will require programming skills.

Please note that setting up a redirection will affect your websites SEO ranking. Take care with the changes you make, and contact an SEO specialist if required.

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Open Nginx Configuration File

If you are using NGINXs main configuration file nginx.conf, without virtual hosts, then run the following command

$ sudo vi /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

If you have configured separate virtual hosts for your website , such as /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/mysite.conf then open it with the following command

$ sudo vi /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/mysite.conf

Have You Ever Created A 301 Redirect Page

How to forward a domain name that I purchased from godaddy ...

After following the above-mentioned steps, I dont think you will ever ask again how to create a redirect page? I have come across many questions during my blogging phase. I am sure this tutorial will help you and you will get success to redirect your web page or website to another one.

Redirecting a website or a page is an important decision to take. So, I suggest you to think before you do that. You know sending your traffic to another page is a kind of crucial step to take. I am sure you will take the right decision. I am here to help you if you want any help.

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Forwarding A Domain To A Different Domain

You can make use of your internet address by forwarding your domain to a different domain. This will redirect the visitors of your website to a different internet address.


  • Your domain must not be used by a service or application, e.g. as a webspace or by a managed application. How to disconnect existing connections is explained in the help article Disconnecting Existing Connection of a Domain.

How To Implement A Domain Redirect

Setting up a redirect is probably something youll have to do as your site grows. Luckily, with the help of the bundled tools within cPanel setting up a redirect isnt too technical of a process.

Below youll learn how to setup a 301 redirect from within the HostGator cPanel:

First youll need to login to your cPanel.

Once inside, find the link called Redirects.

On the next screen youll choose the type of redirect and what link or domain you want to redirect.

Once youre done click Add and your new redirect is now in place.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what a domain redirect is, when youll want to use one, and how to setup your first redirect.

If youre interested in purchasing a domain name you can do that right within HostGator. Or, if you want to transfer over an older domain name you can do that too!

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Set Up A Redirect In Cpanel

When signed into your cPanel account, scroll down to the Domains section. Find the icon for Redirects and click on it.

In the dropdown menu under Type, you can choose between Permanent or Temporary . Make your selection.

In the next dropdown menu, choose which domain youre setting up the redirect for. You can choose All Public Domains if you want the update to apply to all the domains you own, otherwise select the appropriate one from the dropdown.

Then simply fill in the page you want to set up the redirect for, and the page you want it to go to. Note that in the first box, youll only put the last part of the URL, since the root domain name is already supplied in the dropdown menu. But in the second box, put in the full URL you want it to redirect it to.

Why Use A 301 Redirect

How to 301 Redirect a Domain Name to Another Using .htaccess

To redirect a site permanently, one should use a 301 redirect. This type of redirect is best for SEO purposes and also informs the search engines that the site has moved permanently. If you change your domain name and want to point to a different URL, a 301 redirect is your best choice.

This is also the preferred type of redirect to use when configuring an SSL certificate where you want to redirect your site visitors from a non-secure address like to a secure address like 301 Redirect setup steps are different based on how your website was built. For WordPress users, a Plugin can be used to configure the 301 Redirect . Or you may contact us for Professional Services.Once a 301 redirect is set, the update should be instantaneous.

Note: This is only recommended for advanced users. An error could result in your website being disabled

The .htaccess editor is a powerful tool with which advanced users can customize their website. When using this tool, your first step will always be to select the domain and directory where you are applying the changes.

  • Log in to your account Hosting Summary.
  • On the left pane, click on .htaccess Editor.
  • Select the domain from the dropdown and then a directory, and then click on Use Direct Editor.Note: It is important to select the right domain name in this field so the 301-redirect will be applied to the correct website.
  • Old to new domain – old domain namenew domain nameHTTPS – change domain nameSave

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    Redirect Old Domain To New Domain Via Htaccess

    When you migrate a site from one domain to another, it is very important that you dont break all the links that you built to your old domain. Proper redirection of all the pages on the old domain to the same location on the new domain will ensure that visitors to the old domain will end up in the right place. A failure to redirect will result in a loss of visitors as well as search engine rankings.

    We are assuming that your web server uses Apache for the purpose of this tutorial. If you have not made any changes to your overall site structure, but have simply relocated the site in its current state, you can add the following lines to your .htaccess file located at the root of your old domain:

    < IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteCond % ^$  RewriteCond % ^$ RewriteRule $$1 < /IfModule> 

    If you have made changes to your site structure, you can still use the lines above on your old domain, but you will also need to create redirects in the .htaccess file on your new domain to handle the specific site changes.

    To redirect a single page to a new location on the same domain, use the following syntax:

    Redirect 301 /old/old.htm

    NOTE: Due to the sheer number of comments on this post, Im closing comments at this time. Ive noticed that a lot of the same questions are getting asked over and over, so please look through the thread and you may find exactly what you need.

    What Is Masking In Url Forwarding

    URL masking, also known as cloaked URL forwarding, or link cloaking, uses your domain name for your website in a different way. In this case, the domain points to a browser with a frame which shows your website within it. No matter which page you click on your website, the URL in your address bar stays the same.

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    What Is A Website Redirect

    A website redirect points your old URL to a new page. When anyone types in or clicks on that original URL theyll be taken to the page you set the redirect up to instead. It ensures visitors dont end up on a 404 page and instead find something relevant to what they were originally looking for. And it keeps you from losing the value of any links youve built to that pagewhich is important for search engine optimization , as well as the user experience of anyone that clicks one of those links.

    Knowing how to set up a redirect is a valuable skill for anyone that runs a website. You can implement redirects on a page-by-page basis, or at the domain level.

    Why Is My Squarespace Domain Not Working

    htaccess Redirect to Another Domain: How To Guide

    If you can access your built-in domain but not your custom domain, theres probably an issue with your DNS settings. If you use a Squarespace Domain, go to your Advanced DNS settings panel, click the Nameservers tab, click Use Squarespace nameservers, and save your changes. If you still have trouble, contact us.

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    What Is Url Redirect

    URL redirect 301 , 302 , and Masked redirectsBasicDNSPremiumDNSFreeDNSdifferent types of redirects.NOTE secure connection .htaccess fileNamecheap SSL pluginSSL certificate is installed3rd Party Services Setuppoint the domain to your hosting nameserverslog in to your Namecheap accountManageNOTETLD Using the Domain tabUsing the Advanced DNS tab

    Point The Nameservers Of The Old Domain To Your Host

    You might have space to add an addon domain at the same host you use for the destination domain. That’s typically where I prefer to host this redirect, just to keep things in one spot.

    It’s perfectly fine for you to host the old domain where it was or at another host.

    The main thing is it has cPanel. If it’s a Windows IIS server, Parallels or something else, the implementation will be different from what’s shown here.

    In DNS Management, click “Change” next to the nameservers.

    Switch from Default nameservers to Custom nameservers.

    When you setup the host, you would’ve received an email listing the two or more nameservers for that hosting account.

    If you can’t find the email, you might be able to find it in the sidebar of your cPanel. It will probably be listed under Primary and Secondary Nameservers.

    For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ll be using

    There will usually be two nameservers, sometimes three or more.

    Enter the nameservers at the domain registrar as shown and click “Save”.

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    How To Redirect From One Domain To Another

    Redirects are a simple tool, but tricky to manage. I like to think of them like the person of interest boards you see in crime shows that connect peoples headshots to one another with a red string.

    The more connections you create, the more difficult it becomes to manage, and harder to remember it begins and ends.

    The same can be said for redirects which is why you should only use a redirect when its absolutely necessary. The last thing you want to do is create a redirect loop or increase your load times because of too many redirects.

    How Can I Redirect My Domain To Another Domain Using Cloudflare

    How To Redirect A Domain – Redirecting A Domain To A Different Domain!
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    Redirect means send any domain visiting request to another domain address. In many domain providers, a domain can be redirected for free from the domain management option. But it may not be done in all providers. Then you have to do it from your hosting. If you have a hosting package in any provider, you can redirect your domain to another domain for free from the hosting control panel. But if you donât have any hosting package and you want to redirect your domain, you can do it for free using Cloudflare.

    For redirecting your domain using Cloudflare you must need a Cloudflare account first. If you donât have a Cloudflare account, open an account and log in.

    Then add your domain to Cloudflare that you want to redirect. If you donât know how to add a domain in Cloudflare, you can follow this guideline: How can I add Cloudflare for my Domain and Hosting?

    Now click on your domain name.

    A new window will appear in front of you. Here click the Rule option and then click Create Page Rule.

    Now type the domain name that you want to redirect on the box named If the URL matches and select Forwarding URL from the drop-down menu named Then the settings are.

    After selecting the Forwarding URL two other options will appear in front of you and they are 301 Permanent Redirect and 302 Temporary Redirect. Selce any of them.

    Congrats! You have successfully redirected your domain.

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    Redirect Location To Another Domain

    Lets say you want to redirect /product to new domain , then add the following location block inside your server block


    Lets look at the above location block in detail

    rewriterewrite command tells NGINX to change one or more URLs that match a given pattern to another URL.

    ^/product URL paths that start with /product. You can change it to another URL as you need it.

    match one or more characters. In our case, it means anything that follows /product

    $ end of string

    $1 URL part after /product

    redirect tells NGINX to redirect to another URL. It can also be a new domain, subdomain, subdirectory or even URL.

    Dns Settings And Domain Forwarding

    Domain forwarding is automatically set up using DNS entries. Before you check with your browser whether domain forwarding has been successful, clear your Internet browser’s cache to remove outdated redirect information.

    To view DNS settings for a particular domain redirect:

    • If you have not yet done so, please log in to your IONOS Customer Account.
    • Click on the Domain & SSL tile and select the desired domain.
    • Switch to the DNS tab.
    • In the search field, enter “redirect” and complete the entry by clicking on Search. All DNS entries for the redirect will be displayed.

    TXT records for redirects are only required for creation purposes and you can delete them afterwards.

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