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What’s A Good Domain Authority Score

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What is Domain Authority/Score

Its time to start the most critical step in building the Domain Authority of your website.

Identify at least 6 long-form content within your website that people will love linking back to.

Find the low-hanging keywords with high search volume.

In the meanwhile, have a team lookout for prospective websites that you can reach out to.

You can follow the steps mentioned here to dosuccessful blogger outreach.

You can also try doing other link-building strategies such as broken link building, link reclamation, unlinked brand mentions, etc. to build high-quality backlinks.

However, if youre doing blogger outreach, which is the most successful link-building practice nowadays, make sure you have a series of well-crafted outreach emails ready.

Thesuccess of blogger outreach campaigns depends largely on the outreach emails that you send to the prospective website owners.

Ensure that the most relevant long-form content is used as the reference within the email.

Also, make sure you send follow-up emails to the prospects whenever required.

NB: For a fairly new website to earn 100 high-quality backlinks, you have to send a minimum of 500-800 outreach emails.

How To Calculate Domain Authority Rank

It is a complex process that combines core website characteristics into one. First, the number of unique root domains. This number is an essential indicator of all websites relative strengths and weaknesses. After that, domain authority checker defines the total number of external and inbound links applied throughout the website. You can find all links on a website and get to know more about links in our article. tool as well. MozRank and MozTrust scores are a part of single DA score too. In such a way, the domain authority checker tracks the strength of a website over time. To sustain a competitive domain authority score, you must check ranking power constantly with the use of such tools as SERP Analysis section of Keywords Explorer.

What Is Considered A Good Domain Authority

Generally speaking, a week domain authority score will fall somewhere between 0-20. Anywhere between 20-30 is getting there and between 30-50 is good. Once your score is in the 50-60 zone, its really strong and once youve cleared that and youre in the 60-100, youve got an excellent domain authority score.

And to get to the 60-100 zone, remember that youll want to spend the most time building your link profile, as its the most important factor and will help your domain authority in the long run. Always aim to get the best quality links, not the most links.

There you have it! You now should have a much better understanding of domain authority and its importance to your sites rankings. Plus, you learned how to improve domain authority through high-quality backlinks.

And now its your turn Any thoughts on DA that youd like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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What Is An Seo Score: A Short Introduction To Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This is a process of improving the visibility of your website in search engine result pages. SEO stands for improving your rankings only using “natural” and “organic” ways, not the paid ones. If you have no idea what SEO is, we highly recommend checking out SEO for Search Engines.

SEO is a major factor when it comes to the visibility of your website on the Internet. The goal is to be seen by as much potential customers as you can. Is there a better way to do that than to rank first in the Google search engine result pages?

The problem with SEO is that it’s often misunderstood. In order to have an effective SEO tactic, you need to do much more than just adding the keyword phrases to your website. SEO depends on every small part of your business’s website – there are variety of factors that you should take into account in order to improve your SEO scores.

Now that we have a better insight about what SEO is, it’s time to talk about what is an SEO score and why is it so important to your company.

Moz Domain Authority Vs Moz Page Authority

[Journey] Building An Authority Blog In A Competitive ...

The terms Moz has come up with are self-explanatory for this question.

Domain Authority refers to the overall score assigned to a website, whereas Moz Page Authority refers to the quality metric of an individual page within the site.

Domain Authority and Page Authority are relative in nature.

The higher the aggregate Page Authority of a website, the higher will be the Domain Authority.

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What Is Moz’s Domain Authority

The Domain Authority is a “Moz Trust” metric calculated by multiple factors. It is scaled on a 100-point scale.

One of them includes:

  • Total number of backlinks
  • Total number of unique domains

Having a high domain authority score is equal to a good backlink profile in Moz’s algorithm. In the same way, if a website’s domain authority score is low, it may not have high-quality backlinks.

+ High Domain Authority Backlinks Sites List

by Alok Kumar Updated October 3, 2021

TitleBacklink sitesHigh Authority Backlinks ListHigh DA Backlinks SitesHigh Domain Authority BacklinksLink building sites listoff page seoSEO

High DA authority backlinks list are one of the most dominant factors for Off-page SEO. High authority sites provides your website high authority , traffic and connect users from one place to another place. These high domain authority backlinks sites are updated which help your sites to gain domain authority of your websites and business. If you want to increase the DA of your website with dofollow backlinks list then you have to submit your website or business on the high authority backlink sites which has been listed below. Backlink means link one page to another page with a proper anchor text, keywords, and a brand name. More backlinks more values on the search engine. Search engine bot also crawls the backlinks and land into your page and fetch details about your pages. For any website, a backlink is the most important powerful techniques for ranking well and engaging users. If you want to increase authority, trust level, ranking then backlinks is a backbone of your supports which give you a great impact on your website.

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Does A Domain Authority Checker Help With Page Authority

Short answer, no. Domain authority and page authority are two different things. While a domain authority score tells you how well your overall website might rank, a PA score looks at the potential ranking for an individual page on your site. Tools that provide a PA score rely on AI to evaluate various factors, similar to the machine language that drives a domain authority checker.

You should evaluate your PA score similarly to the one provided when you check DA. You should judge it based on the metrics you wish to achieve with your SEO. You should avoid the idea of putting the score you get back when you check domain authority or page authority as good or bad. Look at what its telling you about the metrics you value.

How Is Page Authority Scored

How to quickly see the domain authority score for a website

Page Authority is scored using a logarithmic scale, which means its harder to improve your score from 80 to 90 than to improve it from 1 to 10. All pages start with a PA of 1.

Technically, PA functions much the same way as DA. However, it does not take on-page SEO elements like keyword usage into account. Instead, it relies more heavily on backlinking.

How Can I Check My Page Authority?To check your PA score, you can use MozBar, LinkExplorer, or Keyword Explorer. Its also integrated into Moz Pro campaigns and the Moz API.

The easiest way to do so is to navigate to LinkExplorer and input the URL of the page youre interested in.

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Maintain Your Spam Score As 0

What is Spam Score by Moz?

The Spam score is a metric which is used to calculate the quality of the links which are pointing to your website. Moz has segregated the links based on the spam percentage. Moz has given the grade of 1 to 100% of Spam Score to the linking domains pointing to your website.

Below screenshot will give you a clear idea about it:

Make sure to get the links from 1-10% of spam score. In the screenshot you can see, external links to my website are majorly from Spam score 1-30% which is a good indicator for increasing the domain authority.

Due to the same, my website Spam score is 0. If your website spam score is low then you can consider the quality of the external links is good.

What Then Is Domain Authority

Domain authority was invented by Moz, a website that licenses software to help companies monitor their SEO through a variety of tools. Its software can provide companies with a lot of information and guidance with targeting keywords, tracking keyword ranking, improving page optimization, and examining every page and link for issues that would prevent search engines from fully crawling a site.

In the course of developing software, Moz also developed a score that ranks websites from 1 to 100 on what came to be known as domain authority. A higher domain authority score corresponds to a greater ability to rank on a SERP.

The Moz domain authority score is based on over 40 factors, including MozRank, a score indicating the popularity of a website based on the number of backlinks, and MozTrust, a score indicating the quality of backlinks for example, backlinks from universities, major hospitals, or government sites get a high trust ranking, whereas links from Crazy Bobs Mortuary and Steakhouse, not so much.

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What Is My Domain Authority Here Is How You Check It

DA is a Moz metric that is currently part of theirLink Explorer tool.

Earlier, this tool was called Open Site Explorer.

Enter a website domain name that you want to check and search for.

Another easy way to check the DA of a website is by installing MozBar.

However, if you are an SEO who uses so many extensions, there are chances that the Moz Tool Bar may not work.

Is Domain Authority An Official Ranking Factor

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Well technically, no. There is no direct evidence that search engines use DA as a factor for ranking. In fact some companies in the industry, such as Ahrefs , have conducted tests and have concluded that the authority of individual pages has a much higher impact on ranking than the DA of the entire site.

Google has stated as much here. But there is circumstantial evidence that points to higher rankings for sites with higher DA scores.

Domain authority is computed by measuring the number and quality of backlinks from a given website. So when a page has been linked to by a higher DA scoring site, the power of that backlink can be shared by utilizing internal linking. So for example, one page of your site gets linked to often by other high ranking sites. You can increase the ranking of a page with no backlinks on your site by linking to it from the high ranking page of your site. This is often referred to as spreading or sharing the âlink juice.â The links should be natural and relevant though. You want the user experience to be high.

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How Important Is Domain Authority For Seo

Tracking Domain Authority is a job that requires consistency.

It is like baking a cake: if you dont check the oven from time to time, the cake will surely burn.

With websites, the same monitoring is fundamental. If there is no strict monitoring of your Domain Authority, you take the risk of making your site less qualified than your competitors.

This need for constant monitoring and updating is very common for SEO.

There is always room for improvement, and if you dont work on it, your site will likely lose ranking positions.

Therefore, monitoring your Domain Authority is essential to ensure that more and more, you can get your site to rank high in the SERP and still get good traffic.

Next, check out some points that show how important it is to monitor this metric for your site!

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2. Create linkable content

If you want to know how to increase Domain Authority, start by creating linkable content. Content plays an essential role in improving your score, so youll want to invest time and effort into creating great content that people want to share.

So, how do you create high-quality, linkable content?

First, start by choosing relevant keywords for your content. Your keyword selection is crucial because it determines where you appear in search results. Choose industry-relevant keywords to help you drive interested traffic and earn links from industry authorities.

When you create content, focus on quality over quantity. High-quality content will provide your audience with a better experience, which can motivate them to share your content. It will drive better results for your business.

Additionally, youll want to publish content often. If youre consistently distributing content, you create more opportunities for authoritative sites to link to your pages. These high-quality links will help improve your domain score.

Overall, focus on posting high-quality content regularly.

3. Remove bad link profiles

When trying to earn credible links to your website, you may receive some not-so-great links to your page. There will be websites that link to your profile that hurt your Domain Authority score.

You must comb through your link profile to check on the types of links you receive.

Most domain checkers include backlink checker tools.

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How Can I Improve My Domain Authority

Your #1 priority for Domain Authority is earning good quality links back to your website.

The popularity and trustworthiness of a domain is, in part, measured by the number of inbound links and the quality of the websites that they are coming from. These links tell Google that your website has useful information that is worth linking to, sharing and talking about. This is why link building strategies like content marketing, blogger outreach, press releases and social media are so important. Its also vital to regularly evaluate your links, and get rid of any bad spammy backlinks that could be impacting on your own spam score. If you have one of these toxic links, your first step is to contact the linking party and politely request they remove the link. If they refuse, or dont reply, you will have to disavow it in Search Console.

#2 Wait a while

This is the easiest and most frustrating thing you can do to improve your Domain Authority. With great age comes great Domain Authority, as the old saying goes. Contrary to popular belief SEO is not magic and doesnt happen overnight. It takes time to improve your Domain Authority and you need to be in it for the long game. While youre waiting, make sure youre keeping the site updated with fresh linkable content.


If you have any further questions or need help with an SEO or digital marketing conundrum then please get in touch.

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