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What Is A Business Domain Email

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What Is Email Hosting Everything You Need To Know

How to Create a Business Domain Email using Namecheap and Forwarding it to Gmail

Email is a method of communication that almost everyone has used. In the case of communication between business colleague or from businesses to customers, some people use it daily. Hosting for email is a service that is offered in two ways free webmail and paid.

Free email providers are numerous and are usually used for personal emails. However, paid email hosting is typically used for businesses, schools, small business owners, large companies, and anyone with a blog looking to scale.

After spending hours researching everything there is to know about email hosting we have created this guide. In it, we will discuss who needs an email hosting service, the difference between free and paid email hosting, and much more.

What Does A Professional Business Email Address Look Like

While a typical domain name for a business email looks like this:

And heres what an unprofessional business email looks like:

To begin setting up a business email address, you will need a custom domain. The domain name, in this example is,

The first step will be to register a domain name for your brand or business. If you already have a website address, then you should use this for your business email unless you want to set up specific spam and security blocking for a separate email host or plan to have millions of traffic sent to a different add-on domain.

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Gives Your Business Greater Flexibility

Unlike a public domain, custom domains are highly flexible and versatile. Whenever you need to switch from an old email account to a new one, youll never have to create an entirely new account.

You can simply switch the information over with a custom domain. This flexibility means you can also easily scale your email up or down, creating as many or as few staff emails as you see fit.

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What Is Email Hosting

Email hosting is a service that hosts your email account and the files associated with it on a remote server. In addition to storing the emails and files, the email host also provides additional services such as:

  • Routing received emails to your network
  • Email authentication and security
  • Email management and filtering

Each email hosting service provides different services and emphasizes different aspects of email management. You should choose one that meets your business email needs while also fitting your budget.

Set Up Business Email With An Existing Domain

Use your custom email domain with Gmail and GoDaddy for FREE.

Use a domain name you already own whether youre using it for a website address or an email address at another provider.

  • Sign into the website that hosts your domain. Click a button to verify automatically or update the domain manually.
  • Customize the email address or leave it as is.
  • Sign out of Microsoft 365, and then sign back in with your new email address. Your employee email addresses are updated with the new domain.
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    Why Does Your Business Need A Domain Email Addressshare

    When setting up an email address for your business, youll have a lot of decisions to make.

    • Who will provide the service?
    • Should you use your own name in the email address, the business name, or both?
    • If youre the only employee, is one business email address enough?

    Theres one decision that should be easy: whether to use a domain email address or a generic one.

    A proper business email address should include your business domain name . Thats how you can project professionalism and represent your company as a legitimate and well-run business.

    Creating a domain name for a website is one of the early steps most small business owners take. Its how people find a company on the web, and its a central part of brand identity.

    Some business owners decide not to set up a domain email address, but thats a missed opportunity. Having all the branding power of a business domain name and then using a or an email address is an easy mistake.

    This article will explain why a domain email address is better for your business than a generic one. Itll cover the core benefits, like improved branding and the ability to set yourself apart from the competition. Well also compare a business domain email address to a generic one concerning privacy, security, accessibility, and portability.

    Well wrap up with some tips on how you can come up with the perfect, professional domain email address for your business.

    What Is A Business Email Address

    Business email addresses are those that use your company’s domain name, like Since they resonate with your business, your customers will be able to easily identify you. Thus having addresses like these help establish your identity and enhance credibility with your customers.

    You will use your DNS Manager to map your domain with your email provider, using the MX records recommended by your email provider.

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    Generate Sparkpost Api Key

    Youre going to need the API key to connect SparkPost with the WordPress plugin WP Mail SMTP .

    You can find your API key by clicking on the API Keys tab at the top of your SparkPost account area.

    Scroll down and click on Create API Key.

    Now, give your API Key any name that you like. For the API Permissions option, leave it to the default setting of All. Then, click on Create API Key.

    This will reveal the SparkPost API key. Note this key down somewhere safe or keep the browser tab open because were going to need this key in one of the later steps.

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    Next Learn More Ways To Use Your Free Business Email

    Create your Own Domain Business Email for Free.

    Thats it! Youve now created a free business email address at your own business domain.

    Do you want to do more with your new email account?

    Next, we can show you how to easily get messages from your contact form to your business email address. Check out this article on the best free WordPress contact form plugins to learn more.

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    How Much Business Email Accounts Cost

    Email accounts can be very affordableor even free. For example, if you already own a domain name, you can connect it to your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 account, both of which start out at $6 per user, per month.

    If you dont have a domain, you can purchase one from a top domain registrar for about $12 to $15 and then connect it to Google or Microsoft, or use Zoho Mail for free. On the other hand, you can get a free domain with purchase of email hosting from IONOS from $1 per month or with the best web hosting services, most of which include free email accounts on your domain in plans that start around $3 a month.

    Money-saving tip:

    If you still need to build a website, you can get both a free domain name and free email through providers you will likely already be using. Learn more about how to get free business email.

    Why Is It Important To Create A Professional Email Address

    Chances are incredibly high that you will email potential and existing clients regularly. Its often the first stage of networking and building a relationship online.

    That makes your email address a crucial part of your brand, one that you should protect and improve as much as possible.

    As a freelancer or business owner, you cant afford the first impression an email address like gives off.

    First off, its hard to correctly judge who the email is from, at a glance. Second, even with a more serious email like , your email recipients have no easy way of confirming your identity.

    Anybody can create a Gmail or Outlook address with any name. How can a potential client confirm that you are who you say you are unless your email address backs you up?

    An unwillingness to invest in a professional email address indicates that youre not very serious about your business. Thats why you want an email address like or

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    How To Make An Email Address For Your Business

    Before you choose where to set up a professional email account, compare and contrast each host to decide which works best for you.

    If you opt for an email host thats different from your website domain host, youll likely need to transfer your website domain to the same host as your email, unless the two platforms intentionally integrate. This is part of the security authentication where the host providers and domain registrar need to match.

    When your website domain and email address host are the same or integrate, its simply a matter of setting up each necessary email address. For example, if you buy your domain on Squarespace and use for your business email address, theres no need to worry about domain transfers. Instead, you can focus on what matters serving your customers at the highest level.

    How Do I Get An Email Address With My Domain Name

    Gmail for Business: How to Get an Email Address with Your Own Domain ...

    If your looking to move towards either of these providers, the first step is to ensure you contact an accredited digital agency whom are competent around domain names, web hosting and domain emails. There are various steps included inside the migration of business emails including:

    • Backup Original Emails

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    Create A Buzz With Your Personalized Business Email Address

    Having an email address that identifies who you are and what you do is the best way to stay ahead of the pack. Nothing says you mean business like a personalized domain name. Thats why at, we offer our customers over 200 domain names to choose from. Our domains cover a wide range of professions, from to Or you can select a domain name like or to express what makes your small business special. And with your account, you are not just limited to one office email id. Manage and create up to 10 email addresses in a single work email inbox.

    Choose An Email Hosting Provider

    The next step is to navigate to the email hosting or web hosting provider of your choice and create an account by following the registration prompts. Not quite sure which to choose? Learn more about email hosting providers and which might be best for your business, get a more detailed look at the best business email providers.

    Heres an overview of some of the top options for business email hosting:

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    Profession Email Hosting Service

    When considering the best quality email hosting provider, the features they offer should include:

    • An email with a personalized domain name, showing your customers that youre a professional business and building your brands visibility.
    • Youre more likely to work with a company with an email like instead of
    • The latter is not professional, and for the technically savvy, you may consider the email from a business at a free email address spam, a phishing scheme, or a fraudulent website.
    • More storage space in most cases.
    • Spam filters and robust antivirus software.
    • Ironclad security measures to keep out cyber criminals and hackers in the rare event of network failure and other catastrophes.
    • With professional, paid email, emails are secured with end-to-end encryption and other security features within the email hosts data center.
    • Professional email hosts also have optimal recovery solutions to mitigate any technical disaster.
    • No banners or advertisements in your inbox like with free email services.
    • You receive collaboration tools like shared calendars, address books, folders, task lists, etc., that can be shared and viewed among your team, which is helpful for small and large organizations and makes collaborations easier.
    • Synchronization on all devices via webmail, an email client like Outlook, or your smartphone.

    Includes secure authentication schemes like rerouting, filtering, and replication.

    • Contact and folder management

    Google Workspace For Gmail Business Email

    how to create free business email with free domain and free hosting
    You can register a domain in the checkout process, so its automatically connected to your email Plans dont include a free domain, unlike Bluehost and IONOS
    Plans start at $6 per month and include business productivity and collaboration tools While value-packed, its not as cheap as Zoho Mail or IONOS
    Intuitive, reliable, secure, and packed with small business-friendly features Email software isnt as advanced as Microsoft 365
    Integrates easily with thousands of third-party apps

    enables you to host business email on Gmail using your own domain name. If you dont have a domain yet, you can get it directly from Google during the account setup process. When you do, its automatically connected to your account, making it even easier to set up professional email addresses on your domain.

    Pricing starts at $6 per user, per month, and its best for those who want to create a business email on Gmail. It also comes with the complete suite of Google Workplace business collaboration and productivity tools most companies need, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Meet. Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up Gmail for business email if youre ready to get started.

    Trying to decide whether the Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 software suite would be better for your small business? See how they stack up and what makes each unique in our comparison.

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    Is A Free Email Domain Worth It

    A free email domain can be worth it if it reflects your websites domain name. If you have to choose a random email ending, it will do little to distinguish your address from,, or similar. Therefore, we recommend checking to see if your website hosting provider enables you to fully customize your domain and retain your company branding.

    Creating Business Email Accounts Using Email Hosting

    Nowadays, website and email hosting is often bundled together. Still, some businesses prefer dedicated premium email services.

    Email hosting is a straightforward solution for businesses that want to use email exclusively or separate their email activities from their business website. Hostinger offers two types of email hosting powered by and Titan.

    Google Workspace allows you to use Gmail, Googles powerful mail client, with a custom address. For $6.00/month per user, youll gain access to 30 GB of cloud storage, unlimited mail filters, and advanced security features. The plan also includes tools such as Google Meet, Docs, Slides, and more.

    Titan Email Hosting, meanwhile, comes in two packages. The first one is Business Email, priced at $0.99/month per user. This plan includes 10 GB storage, advanced security features, an inbuilt calendar and contacts, and 50 email aliases.

    The other plan is Enterprise Email and costs $2.49/month per user. In addition to all the features included with the Business Email plan, Enterprise Email offers 30 GB of storage and unlimited mail filters.

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    What Do I Do If My Email Name Is Taken

    With more than 200 domain names to combine with your user name, the odds are good that you can create a unique and memorable email address. If you want to create an email id based on your name and it is not available, you could check to see if you can register it in combination with a different domain name. Or you could try changing the order of first and last name or adding an initial, for example smith.john, j.smith, or john.w.smith.

    Do I Need A Com Domain Extension For My Business

    How to Create a Professional Email Address

    The .com domain is the original extension for e-commerce companies, and its still the leading domain extension today.

    However, the domain doesnt have the same effect it used to in search queries. Today, Google prioritizes local searches to local domains.

    Therefore, if youre running an accountancy business in New York, you dont need to go with the .com or .org extension.

    Choosing a local domain extension, like .nyc, is a better option, especially for rising through search and SERP rankings.

    These custom domain extensions look great on your business card and online, adding more value to your brand identity.

    One of the biggest issues with choosing a .com domain is the cost. Some premium domains sell for thousands of dollars. If youre bootstrapping your startup, you cant afford that expense.

    A local custom domain like .nyc is more affordable, and youll probably find what youre looking for, and it costs you less than $10.

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    The Only Business Email Account You Need

    Professional features for freelancers and small businesses

    Choosing your ideal domain name and professional email address is just the first step! As part of the numerous webmail features offered by, by signing up you will get the productivity tools you need to run your business effectively. Our easy-to-use interface makes managing your communications intuitive and straightforward. Be even more productive in both your personal and professional life with our:

    With 2 GB of free online storage, this tool is the ideal secure solution for managing and sharing your business files. Plus you have the option to upgrade to up to 110 GB.

    Use Your Domain Name To Build Your Brand

    Your domain name almost subconsciously plays a role in growing your brand. Think about it how powerful would the GoDaddy brand be if it had a domain name like

    Businesses should look at the domain name as an opportunity to cement their brand identity into visitors minds.

    Not only is the perfect domain name to grow GoDaddys brand, but its easy for consumers to remember and type in their browser when they want to visit the website directly. Look for branded domain names whenever possible especially if you can find an exact match brand name.

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