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Can I Buy A Domain Permanently

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How Long Should I Register My Domain Name For

How do I permanently buy a domain name?

When it comes to how long you should register a domain name for, it all depends on your own personal goals.

Say you are just getting interested in web design want to make a website for fun. In this instance, registering a domain name for 1-2 years will give you plenty of time to become familiar with WordPress and other CRMs.

As another example, say you want to make a travel blog of your upcoming round the world trip. In this instance, a time frame of 2-3 years might be best as it takes some time to build an audience and following for a blog.

Lastly, if you have grand visions and want to make the next Facebook or Google. Then a long time frame of 5-10 years might be more appropriate as it will take some time to build out the platform.

No matter how long you plan to registrar a domain name, you should also check out my guides on how to register a domain and how to pick a good domain name for your website!

How To Buy A Domain Name Permanently

posted on November 4, 2020 by Jerome Peyton

If you are looking for a guide on how to buy a domain name permanently, and to see if its even possible. Youre in the right place!

In this guide, I see whether or not its actually possible to register a domain name forever, and things you should be aware of.

Also, if you are yet to buy your domain, I will also share with you some massive money-saving tips. Lets get started!

Check For Trademark Infringement

Both major and minor brands alike take issue with others using their trademarked names. Even if youve just made an innocent mistake, the legal hassle involved in a lawsuit and having to rearrange your web presence could be costly.

You can avoid these situations by using a trademark lookup tool before you finalize your choice.

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Can You Buy A Domain Name Permanently

Securing your domain name is important for businesses.

Much like the trade name that you register with regulatory bodies, securing a domain name is important because someone else might beat you to it.

Domain names are easy to get but need periodic maintenance, such as the renewal of the annual lease.

But your domain name is your identity, isnt it yours for good?

Is it possible to buy a domain name permanently?

While you can negotiate to buy a domain name with a one-time payment with the domain registry, this is still not counted as a lifetime purchase. The lifespan of a domain depends a lot on the existence of the domain registry. Hence, as long as the company is in existence, your domain name is safe.

If the registry shuts down for any reason, the domain name you registered also goes with it.

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How Do I Buy Domains In Different Countries

Can I ever get a free domain name?

Most countries have their own TLD. If you want to market a product or service in a country that isnt your own, its worth securing the ccTLD before someone else does.

Domains in other countries can have different registration rules which require you to provide certain information at the time of registering. For example, some ccTLDs may need a citizen to register, and others may be open to anyone in the world.

As your business grows and enjoys global success, registering the ccTLD for the countries you want to reach is a great opportunity to build trust, and become more recognizable. Try our ccTLD registration page to discover the ccTLDs we offer here at Namecheap.

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Why You Cant Buy A Domain Name Forever

When you purchase a domain from sites such as Godaddy, Namecheap you actually buy the right to use it and not the domain itself. It is some sort of license that you need to renew from time to time.

**Registrars are just the companies you interact with and the other 2 big players in the industry are the Registries and the nonprofits or the government-related entities that oversee both registrars and registries. This format is used for most popular domain name extensions but there are some exceptions too.

The policy of renting instead of buying a domain is in place for those reasons:

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Buying A Domain Name Permanently

Securing your domain name is important for businesses.

Much like the trade name that you register with regulatory bodies, securing a domain name is important because someone else might beat you to it.

Domain names are easy to get but need periodic maintenance, such as the renewal of the annual lease.

But your domain name is your identity, isnt it yours for good?

Can I Transfer My Domain Name To Hostinger

How To Buy A Domain Name Permanently – Register Domain Name

Yes, its possible to transfer a domain name from another registrar to Hostinger.

However, there are a few requirements before transferring a domain to your web hosting account:

  • More than 60 days must have passed from the registration or last transfer date.
  • You must have the domains auth-code from your current registrar.
  • The domains WHOIS privacy protection has to be disabled.
  • You have to point your domain name to Hostinger.
  • The domains status cannot be Pending Delete or Redemption.

To transfer a domain to Hostinger, go to the Hostinger Transfer Domain page and enter your domain name. Then click Transfer.

After finishing the order and entering the domain EPP code, the transfer process will begin and youll receive an email regarding the domain transfer that you will have to confirm.

The domain registration will also be renewed for a year after the transfer, except for ccTLDs like .es,, or

Keep in mind that your website might be unavailable during the DNS changes, which can take up to 24 hours to propagate fully.

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Two Methods For Buying A Domain Name

Fortunately, it doesnt really matter where you buy your domain. At the end of the day, a domain is a domain, and you wont find any variations in quality based on where you buy one.

The biggest difference from one domain registrar to the next is the pricesome offer domains for just a few dollars a year and others can go as high as $20 per year or more. There are two ways to get a domain name, one of which is free for the first year and the other is not.

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How To Buy A Domain Name Permanently: Tips And Tricks

When youre starting a website, the very first thing you need to do is register a domain name.

This is your web address, and its how people will find your site online.

But what happens when you want to change websites or move to a new domain?

How can you make sure that your domain name is yours forever?

In this blog post, we will discuss how to buy a domain name permanently and protect it from being taken away from you.

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Are You Actually Buying Or Leasing A Domain Name

Technically when you purchase a domain youre not buying it, youre leasing exclusive rights from the registrar. This is a company like GoDaddy or NameCheap that customers interact with directly.

This is only one part of the hierarchy. To understand how the full process, it looks like this:

  • ICANN sets the governing rules enforced by a registry
  • A registry overlooks one or more TLDs
  • The registry does business with registrars, which offer domains to the general public
  • A registrant is a person who buys a domain from those registrar companies

This GoDaddy article goes into this system more in-depth and in detail.

The question of owning a domain name or leasing a domain name isnt helped by unclear language. Some registrars discuss selling a domain as transferring ownership which while true from a practical standpoint, is not from a technical one.

In short, youre leasing exclusive rights to use a domain name from a registrar. Once you have made that transaction you can continue to renew the domain but you dont own it. Although for all practical purposes, you have control as if you do.

Purchase Your Domain Name And Complete Its Registration

10 Places to Sell Your Web Site  SitePoint

Once you settle on a domain name, its time to purchase it. When you buy through Mailchimp, well let you know the annual cost of the domain name as well as any available discounts.

During the checkout process, youll be required to enter your contact information, including an email address, to register the domain.

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Through A Domain Registrar

If youre buying more than one domain name or want to manage your domain and hosting services separately, you can use a domain registrar like or NameCheap.

This route makes sense if youre launching a business website and want to buy all the possible variations of your business name to prevent others from doing so. Many domain registrars offer bulk discounts but you wont be able to get your domain for free.

Check out our top domain registrar recommendations, here.

Where To Buy Domain Names: Choosing A Registrar

From price to customer service and online reviews, here are the key features you should compare and consider when choosing a registrar. Watch our video for more details or read on to browse the list:

1. Compare price and promotions

Registrars offer domain names at different prices with promotions often running throughout the year. For example, there might be an offer to buy a domain for 99p, or maybe therell be an offer where you can get a domain name for three years at a cheaper price.

Compare offers from different registrars, paying attention to what happens when the deal expires or you want to renew your domain for another year.

2. Consider additional services

You may find that additional services are also on offer with certain registrars. When you buy a domain name, typically youre not just getting a domain, you may be getting a hosting package, email address or website builder too.

Make a list of the services that youll need in addition to your domain name and see what different registrars offer. You dont have to buy these additional services through the same provider as your domain name, but it can make things simpler.

Dont forget that there are web builders out there that allow you to build your website and buy a domain name through them. Examples include Wix,Squarespace or WordPress while these arent registrars in the traditional sense its worth comparing their packages and offers too.

3. Get some recommendations
4. Search online for reviews

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How To Buy A Domain Name Outright

Can I buy a domain name without paying an annual fee? 3

What you are asking is impossible. When someone registers a domain name, that person is not actually buying the domain, technically they only pay the right to use the domain for a certain period of time . Number of years). Domain).

Domain names are nothing more than an easy way for people to remember and find websites. With domains, we need to remember that 208.82.236208 is the IP address where we can post hacked ads, or is the IP address of a good site where we can buy books.

You will not be available.

No one can promise to do this for the rest of their lives.

Max I has been testing registered domains for over 10 years.

It canât be. If everyone bought a domain name for life, it wouldnât exist if people didnât use it. It will be very difficult to tell if they are being used.

When I read the 10 year limit on ICANNâs website, I immediately thought of the websites of companies that have been around for more than 10 years . Any thoughts or explanations on this?

But can you rent a domain name directly from ICANN?

How To Buy A Domain Name Outright

Why Is It Not Possible To Downright Own A Domain Name Forever

Domains Lifehack: Buy Domain Forever

Owning a domain name forever is not practical for domain registries.

There are overhead costs to maintain, and having a one-time payment puts registries on the losing end. Even if they charge big for one name, the gross revenue for this sale may not be able to account for future maintenance.

Remember that the life a domain name relies heavily on the existence of the domain registry. If the registry shuts down, so does your domain name, and the money you paid for it.

Although, some moneyed businesses start their own top-level domains to secure in the long term their preferred domain names and extensions.

Also, some domain registries have offered 20 to 100-year terms for registration.

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Which Domain Name Registrar Isthe Best

Best could mean many things to many people but in terms of pricing and domain management features, Namecheap, Inc. is one of the best. It always has ongoing coupons and deep discounts for beginners, consistent pricing on renewals, and an easy-to-use dashboard with great support in case you will need one.

If you want to try out a free domain, go for DreamHost. Remember that you can always transfer your domain to another registrar if you dont feel comfortable with your current registrar.

How To Register A Company Domain Name For Business

Keen to start an e-business? A domain name gives your business credibility. If youve managed to register your company name, and have a landing page that confirms who you are and what your organization does, you gain instant trust points. It might be a good idea to pick up the same name with multiple TLDs, such as and, so that other businesses dont get their hands on it.

Once you have a company domain name, you can create a website for business, that includes products and service information for potential customers. As with any name, just start by searching to see if its taken. Fingers crossed its not!

Its easy to choose a domain to fit your brand. If you work in finance you can pick up a .loan, .accountant and a .finance domain. If you work with technology you can pick up a .ai, .app, or .digital. With so many options out there, the hard part will be deciding which you like best!

Keep in mind that if youre looking to register a company domain, you may be required to submit details such as your company registration number, specifically when registering for a ccTLD.

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How Do I Permanently Buy A Domain Name

You cant. Was that too upfront? Its the truth, though domain names are just not designed to work that way. While big and small businesses have been trying to permanently own their domain names for decades, ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, has made it impossible for anyone to own a domain name for life.

In fact, even when you purchase a domain name, you dont really own it. Its more like leasing the domain name. You head over to a domain company to register a domain for a year , but youre only renting it its not really yours. Domain names are like the addresses for websites, so while you can rent yourself an address for a couple of years, and then renew the lease before it expires, you cant really own the address itself. Yep, domain names are elusive like that.

But its not all bad news! First off, theres a good reason why the ICANN designed domain names in this way. Secondly, there is a way in which you can get as close as possible to being the permanent tenant of a domain name. Read on to find out why domain names were designed to work this way, and how you can make sure that youll remain the legal registrant of your domain name for as long as possible.

Identify The Owner And Find A Broker

Increase Your website

First, you need to go to the website and find the owners contact details. Generally, there are three possible situations here:

  • A domain trader owns the domain. A domain trader is someone who registers and sells domains for money.
  • Someone owns the domain, but they dont use it or have parked it
  • Someone owns the domain and is actively using it
  • Once youve figured out which situation youre in, its time to consider hiring a broker. A broker will act on your behalf and ensure the seller doesnt take advantage of you. Some brokers take a percentage of the money you pay for the domain, while others charge a flat or hourly fee.

    Youll likely need a broker if you dont know who owns the domain or if someone else is using it .

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    Buying An Existing Domain Name: Benefits But Also Baggage

    In some cases, buying an existing domain name can be a better option than creating a new one. A domain name thats been in circulation for some time can have more traction with search engines than a brand new one serving a website with no content or backlinks from other sites. Some domains that are up for purchase may already have content such as a complete homepage or an established blog, which saves the buyer the time and expense of building a new site from the ground up. These sites may also be making money or getting traffic, which gives the new owner an immediate boost.

    Domain names become available for sale for a variety of reasons. Some may have been purchased as original names but never used, while others may represent websites that were developed but abandoned when a business closed, or a user stopped maintaining the site and renewing the domain name. Some become available because of a practice called cybersquatting, in which marketers buy up large numbers of available domain names to take them out of circulation and then resell them for higher prices.

    Buying an existing domain name brings benefits, but these domains may also come with baggage. Potential buyers need to do their due diligence to make sure that theyre buying a name thats not associated with a website that has a dubious reputation, or one thats infected with malware or filled with backlinks to bad sites.

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