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How To Gain Domain Authority

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How To Create Quality Content

How to Increase Domain Rating (Website Authority)

I wont go over everything that goes into writing a memorable and SEO blog post, but Ill share some of the most important things.

1. Answer Your Visitors Question

When you hear SEO experts talk about satisfying user intent, this is what they mean.

Chances are someone clicked on your article because they needed help with something.

For example, if youre reading this article, you probably have a low domain authority and want to increase it.

If you noticed, I jumped right into how to increase your domain authority.

I didnt add a bunch of stuff on domain authority before giving you the answer youre looking for.

Right off the bat, I told you that you needed to:

  • Do a link profile audit
  • Create high-quality content
  • Increase your traffic

And now Im expanding on each of those.

After youve satisfied user intent, you can include other related questions you think they might have.

For example, after I finish telling you how to increase domain authority, youll see that I talk about other things like:

  • What exactly is domain authority
  • How is domain authority calculated
  • How to check it
  • Why you shouldnt stress too much about it
  • And more

Remember, blog posts are not about you, theyre about your reader and helping them with whatever issue theyre having.

2. Content Length

Youve probably heard some SEO experts say that your blog posts should be 3,000+ words for them to rank on Google.

The thing is both of them are right .

Dont write more just to hit a certain word count.

How To Check Your Current Authority Status

There are a number of tools that allow you to check your domain authority for free, but the best ones are Mozs Explorer tool or their free MozBar Chrome extension, both of which give you the domain authority right from the source itself. Mozs Explorer is not a free tool in general, but you can get up to 10 free queries per month.

When you search for a specific URL, youll be able to see what your domain authority is, and what the page authority is for that specific URL. The page authority is basically the same thing as the domain authority, but its focusing on an individual URL instead of the root domain.

If your site is newer or hasnt aggressively worked to build up site links, theres a good chance that youll be hovering around a 30 or less. Thats ok! While it does take time to increase your authority, which is no fun, there are strategies that can help, and its much easier to go from a 30 to a 40 than a 70 to an 80 it gets more difficult the higher you go, which is good news for everyone getting started.

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Step : Do Your Sites Link Audit

Just like Google, Moz has also not disclosed its algorithm that determines the DA of a site.

However, the fact that it mentions a link profile specifically as an essential DA determinant means that the link profile is really a significant player.

So your first step should begin by conducting a thorough link audit.

Link audit helps you check the health of your link profile.

That means checking:

  • Are your links fetched through white hat link building practices?
  • Are they broken or intact?
  • Are they good for your site or not?
  • Are they likely to become risky for your site?

Unlike the popular perception, the link audit is not only important if you have been once involved in fishy link building practices.

Link audit can be a good fit in many other ways as it can help to:

  • Build a good link building strategy
  • Enhance your SEO efforts
  • Design a strategy to outrank competitors

So your first step towards improving your sites DA should begin with a detailed link audit.

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How To Check Your Current Domain Authority

There are a couple of ways to check your domain authority, you can visit Moz Keyword Explorer or download and install their MozBar Chrome Extension.

With Moz, you only have 10 free tries per month though.

You can also see your DA from any other SEO tool that you might be using, such as:

Dont forget that you can check the website domain authority but also the individual page authority for the important URLs of your site.

Especially if you have created some amazing pillar content for a competitive niche and want to gain an advantage in the rankings.

If your website is new, dont expect to have high domain authority, usually, its going to be a low number under 30 or so.

But dont get discouraged, keep on working and publishing blog posts with awesome content and building backlinks and with time you will start increasing your domain authority slowly but surely.

Also, keep in mind that its easy to get from a DA score of 10 to 30, but its going to get harder the higher the score gets, so from 60 to 70 or from 70 to 80 is going to take years of hard work and again, quality backlinks through great content and outreach.

Maintain Percentage Of External Links Follow Vs No

How to Increase Domain Authority of Your Website/Blog ...

Here again, I think we must discuss What is Do-Follow and No-Follow

What is Do-Follow Link?

Dofollow links are an HTML attribute tag that is used to allow search bots to follow the links. If a webmaster is linking to your site with a do-follow link, search engine bots can follow you. They pass on SEO value which benefit your website to get high rankings.

What is No-Follow Link?

No-follow links are an HTML attribute tag that is used to dis-allow search engine bots to your links. These links dont pass SEO Value. Only visitors can follow these links. It is a notice for search engine not to count a link.

In Link Explorer, it is essential to maintain the ratio of the do-follow vs no-follow of your inbound links . If you have more do-follow external links when compared with no-follow external links, then it plays a vital role to boost domain authority of your website.

For this, you need to make sure to get do-follow links while creating links to your website.

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What Is The Domain Authority Of A Website

The DA of a website is a score between 0 to 100 , that tries to predict how well a website will rank on search engines.

It is not the same as the ranking score used by Google which can actually influence your rankings.

Moz are trying to simulate the Google ranking algorithm by taking into account all known factors that can possibly affect rankings and giving a score to domains that can be used for comparison purposes only.

In other words, the DA depends on the data Moz has about your website which is sometimes not as accurate as what Google knows about your website.

Its normal for a domain to have a low Domain Authority but rank high in Google.

Other things you should know about DA:

Qustion: What Do Backlinks Have To Do With Building Domain Authority

ANSWER: Backlinks are one of the building blocks of trust from a search engines perspective. Naturally earned backlinks are simply the incoming links from someone elses website or blog. If your website has achieved the favor of gaining a significant number of quality IBLs from reputable sites, then there are more chances that your website will be found more often in first-page SERPs. Good SEO requires a long-range plan it takes time but it pays off well. Each marketer developed their own perspective on how to go about gaining more business.

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Find High Da Linking Domains

What are Linking Domains as per Moz?

Linking domains are links which are pointing to your website from another website. Example if you are getting links to your website from other sites which related to the subject, recognized, have authority and give relevance to the content is called as quality linking domains.

How Can Linking Domains Increase the DA?

As per our research, we have found that if you have Linking domains to your website as per the below graph you can achieve DA 40 for your website.

Its about 550 linking domains in total to get DA 40 in just three months. Now you would have a question on how to create 550 links for your website. Its simple either you read the guide on how to create quality backlinks by Brian Dean or else check our DA 40 Package in just three months.

How To Increase Domain Authority Of Website In 2021

How to build Domain Authority (DA)

Almost all the web owners are familiar with the domain authority and the benefits of increasing it. There are a lot of efforts required to increase domain authority of website and usually, it takes months and years to increase naturally.

However, if the website owners could know these factors, this might increase domain authority of website within a small period and it would save a lot of time and effort.

If you are aware of the domain authority or you are willing to increase the domain authority of your website then this article is for you.

This article will explain more about how to increase domain authority of website and how it can be increased easily.

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This Is How Long It Takes To Improve Authority Of Your Website

As we have already mentioned, it is impossible to increase the authority of your website overnight. After looking at the criteria that determine your sites authority, you can get a sense of how long it takes to build your sites authority.

Building relationships with high-profile people can take time, especially the kind of valuable relationships you need to get links from their websites. It also takes time to prove that you are providing trustworthy and accurate information that is worth linking to.

High authority sites dont award links without careful thought and consideration, you should be prepared to invest a lot of time reaching out to editors and bloggers before any of them are willing to link to your site.

How To Improve Your Domain Authority With Seo Work

Although your domain authority score does not directly influence your SEO ranking, it can still impact the results of your SEO campaigns.

As mentioned previously, higher domain authority scores usually correlate with higher search engine rankings. So if you are trying to rank for a competitive search term or keyword, then it pays to improve your DA score.

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What Causes Domain Authority To Fluctuate

In order to understand fluctuations in your domain authority, you must first understand that the metrics that affect your DA depend on numerous factors. So, even if you work to improve your sites SEO, your Domain Authority score might not reflect that.

Here are some of the factors that can negatively affect your Domain Authority:

  • Your link profile growth hasnt yet been captured in Mozs web index.

  • More or fewer of your linking domains were crawled and indexed than done previously.

  • Your Domain Authority is on the lower end of the scoring spectrum and is thus more impacted by scaling fluctuation.

  • High-authority sites experienced significant link growth, skewing the scaling process.

  • You earned links from places that do not contribute to Google ranking.

The only remaining question at this point is how can you increase your domain authority? Lets get right into it.

How To Use Googles Disavow Tool

#1 Best Easiest Way of How to Increase Domain Authority

According to Google, you should only use the disavow tool if you have a ton of spammy sites and believe thats causing an issue.

They say that in most cases, Google can assess which links to trust without additional guidance, so normal or typical sites might not need this tool.

So, before using Googles disavow tool, contact the owner of the site and see if theyre willing to remove the link.

If they dont reply or want to remove it, go ahead a disavow it.

Heres how to disavow a list of websites:

Thats it, Google should take care of it within a few days.

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Tips To Increase Domain Authority Fast

Domain authority is one of the top metrics for SEO. Ranking a website in Google search results relies on various factors like keywords, quality content and high-quality backlinks. DA is a ranking factor that affects your website rankings. High DA leads to higher Google rankings.


  • Bonus: How To Check Your Websites DA?
  • Does Your Website Communicate In Ways That Win Trust

    TIP 1: Build Relationships with Industry Influencers

    TIP 2: Build on Social Media Platform including Google Posts

    TIP 3: Use Tools to Determine Trust Flow and if a Backlink is Healthy

    TIP 4: Be Bold and Ask the Right People

    TIP 5: Create Fresh Web Content that is Linkable

    TIP 6: Use Tools and Know How to Interpret Trust Factor Reports

    TIP 7: Eliminate the Impact of Bad Backlinks

    TIP 8: Build a Diverse Backlink Profile

    TIP 9: PPC Advertising Can be a Link Building Tool

    TIP 10: Get in Googles News Carousel to Gain Exposure

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    How To Regain Lost Domain Authority

    There are certain signals that can have a negativeimpact on your websites authority and thus affect its ability to rank high in SERPs . If your rankings have dropped recently, this may be the explanation. Fortunately, its very unlikely that you have destroyed your websites authority to the point of no return. If your website authority takes a plunge, there are several ways you can regain your previous rankings.

    You should first start by removing all badlinks that lead to 404 error pages. Remember that the pages you link to contain useful information. If you link to a bad page, it can speak volumes about how carefully you choose your sources at least to search engines.

    Make sure all your outbound links are high authority websites that provide valuable information to your visitors and are not broken links.

    Before You Start: Build On

    How to Increase Domain Authority Quickly

    What happens on your website is just as important as all other factors off of your site.

    Both on-page and off-page SEO tactics impact domain authority. Think of it this way: search engines are looking for the answers to two important questions:

    • Is the content on your website high-quality and relevant to your target audience?
    • Do other websites or outside organizations validate your content by linking to it?

    If you hone in on creating strategies that answer both of these questions, youll create a digital ecosystem that maintains a high domain authority.

    For a deeper dive, refer to our guide, Defining On-Page and Off-Page SEO .

    Now that you have a grasp on that fundamental concept, when figuring out how to increase your domain authority , try these three key tactics:

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