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How To Backorder A Domain Name

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Tips & Tricks For Better Domain Backorders

How to Backorder a Domain Name on GoDaddy
  • Since a back ordering service only charges you if they are able to catch the domain for you, you can setup backorders for the same domain with multiple back ordering services. Doing this, you improve the chances of catching the domain and since you only pay the fee for a single service, there is no cost of doing this
  • If multiple users place a backorder for a domain name, and if the back-ordering service catches the domain, then the backorder service often places this domain in a private auction either between the multiple users who placed the backorder or in a public auction. This can drive the cost of acquiring a good domain into the thousands of dollars. To avoid this, try and place a backorder only when there is very little time left for the domain to drop

Got Any Tips On Finding A Good Domain Name

You bet. While it’s really easy to register a domain, having a good domain strategy helps you register the best domain name possible. Here are some hints:Make it easy to remember. This is why many businesses get domains with their business names in them. Some people even choose their business name only after they have a domain they like.Don’t register one that’s trademarked, copyrighted, or being used by another company. This can lead to losing the domain and legal problems.Shorter is usually better because they’re easier for customers to remember. It’s also easier to get matching usernames for Facebook, Twitter and any other social media accounts you have.Got a local business? Include your neighborhood, city or country in your domain so local customers can quickly see where you are. Check the list of geographic domain extensions .berlin .nyc to see if there’s one for your area.Avoid numbers or hyphens. Anyone who hears your web address won’t know if you’re using a numeral 5 or “five”. If your business name has a number in it, register both versions with the number and with the number spelled out .Get more than one. As traffic to your website increases, you may attract then attention of copycats who’ll snatch up similar domain names in hopes of drawing traffic away from you. Register similar or misspelled domains early so this won’t be an issue later.

Need Help Finding The Right Domain Name

SpamZilla compares millions of expired domains to help you get some of the cheapest backorder domains.

Set up your account, browse more than 350,000+ new domains every day at, and set up your desired domain name backorder. We provide a great customer support team among our services, too.

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How Do I Check On The Status Of A Domain Name I Backordered

In your Buyer Dashboard, navigate to Pending Orders, where you will see backordered domain names that have not yet been acquired. If you change your mind at any time and would like to remove a backorder, you can delete your order here.

If you have any questions about how to backorder a domain name with SnapNames, please contact our .

Is More Than One Person Able To Backorder The Same Domain Name

Indianapolis Domain Backordering Services

Yes, multiple people are able to place a backorder on the same domain name. Though, this wasnt always the case. Only since about 2009 have multiple backorders been able to be placed on a single domain.

So, even if a domain backorder has already been placed on a domain name that you want, you are still able to place your own backorder on that same domain name. What happens though with domains that have multiple backorders placed on it is that the domain will go into auction when it becomes available again for registration. The auction will be among all of the people who had previously placed a backorder on the domain name.

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The Best Sites To Place A Backorder

For backordering services, SpamZilla recommends these registration sites in order of their standard cost in USD.

If a host has a limited variety of top-level domains , their selection is noted in parentheses. Bolded sites are the most popular recommendations.

  • – $99
  • NameJet – $79
  • CatchTiger – $29
  • GoDaddy – $25
  • DynaDot – $15
  • Pheenix – $14

There Are Benefits To Domain Name Reservation

Placing a domain name backorder is a quick way to make sure that as soon as your desired domain name comes back onto the market, youll receive a notification. You can then snap it up before anyone else. Here at Domaincot, we dont just notify you, we do the hard work on your behalf and try to make the purchase.

For example, if someone has a common name like John Smith and wants a personal website using his name, he might have some strong competition! Its probably already taken? But as soon as a domain name contract lapses for whoever had that domain, he could purchase it for himself.

Domain name reservation can be compared to renting an apartment. When you move out someone else can take on the lease.

If you know about the end of the lease, you can view the apartment and sign the contract faster. Taking this metaphor a step further, here at Domaincot we also make the bid for the domain name on your behalf, automatically. That means it could be yours instantly as soon as its available again.

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The Best Backorder Domain Services

Theres a high probability that many other people want the same domain name as you. Therefore, its helpful to use multiple backorder service companies to stay on top of the competition.

Going with several different services can increase the probability of securing a domain name. The reason for this is because each one uses its own systems or software. On top of the list below, we backorder many domains via NameCheap.

What Is The Essence Of Backorder Definition

Domcop – How to Backorder Domains w Namejet and SnapNames

Most clients understand that there are inevitable situations of product unavailability, so for them, the essence of the backorder definition is holding on to a promise that they can have the chance to purchase relevant products soon.

A backorder system is designed to help customers diminish stress when they cant purchase the products they need. Maybe it is a domain that will establish a business identity, or a simple sweater as a Mothers Day gift, a backorder system is a reliable reservation option.

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Tips For Reducing Costs

  • Use multiple backorder services. If the service you use is unable to complete your domain name registration, you’ll always receive a full refund. Thus, it helps to use more than one backordering service when searching for a domain name. You vastly increase your odds of success at no additional charge.
  • Look for cheap backorder domain names. Among all available backorder domains, there’s usually a number of them that are within days of being deleted. During this window, the demand for the domain name will have reached a low point, and you’ll face a much lower fee. You’re also much more likely to avoid interference from one of the previous domain owners.
  • Avoid private auctions. While you can backorder a domain early, depending on the site you use, doing so runs the risk of multiple interested buyers using your same registration service. If this happens, you might find a GoDaddy domain backorder goes into a private auction. This situation dramatically increases the fee to buy your domain name. Waiting until the last few days reduces the opportunity for this sort of competition.
  • Why Would I Use A Domain Backorder Service

    Thanks to these services, any person or company can track interest in their favorite domains, whether they’re brand new or got reserved years ago.

    However, it’s essential to keep in mind that you should only resort to backordering domain names that are set to expire within the next few days.

    Most backordering services give a wealth of information on each domain name they have access to, making them valuable research tools in their own right.

    What’s more, many drop catchers will refund their customers if they can’t order a domain as requested.

    This policy means you can use multiple sites, like GoDaddy or SnapNames, to seek out backorder domains at no additional cost.

    Why backorder at all? Domain names should always give visitors the best possible impression of your business or products, which is why having the ideal name in the bag is incredibly important for marketing purposes.

    With your perfect domain secured, you get a high-quality website at a significantly lower cost and labor compared to building from the ground up.

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    A Backorder Service Can Be Used To Acquire Strategically Important Domains That Are Already Taken

    Thousands of domains that have been intentionally or sometimes unintentionally deleted by registrants become available every day. By using a backorder service to reserve a domain name early on, you can improve your chances of getting that domain name immediately when deleted, before it becomes publicly available, as the service automatically starts the registration.

    At the same time, domain owners can also monitor their own domains with the help of domain backordering software, allowing them to take immediate action if they are accidentally deleted or expire. It pays to be careful as the loss of valuable domains can result in enormous damage.

    Yes My Backorder Was Successful What Happens Next

    Backorder Domain

    Lets say you placed a backorder on and they managed to secure the domain name in which you were interested. If you were the only account who placed a backorder on that domain using Namejet then congratulations, you now own that domain.

    If however, you werent the only account that placed a backorder on that particular domain, then a private auction will begin. This is where all the accounts who placed an order on this domain will be invited to bid, the auction typically lasts around 3 5 days and much like eBay, the highest bidder wins.

    If your bid is unsuccessful, you will not be required to pay any costs.

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    How Do Domain Backorders Work In Detail

    When you decide not to renew a domain name and let it drop, that name doesnt automatically become free and available the day it drops, there are several phases it must go through first. These Phases are known as the domain life cycle and can take up to 80 days, depending on the TLD, to complete. Read more about the pending delete process here.

    In Short: When you decide not to renew a domain, you enter a 30 day grace period, in case you change your mind. After this grace period, the domain enters a Pending Delete Phase which typically lasts around 4 days, it is in this phase the domain will then become available for registration and backorders can be placed.

    Can More Than One Person Backorder The Same Domain

    Prior to March 2009, we allowed only one backorder per domain name. This means that if another customer placed a backorder on a domain name prior to March 2009, you can’t backorder the same domain so long as the original backorder remains in effect. If a backorder was placed on a domain after March 2009, you can still place a backorder on the same domain.

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    What Is Backorder How Is It Done

    One of these problems comes to the agenda is the first step when individuals or companies need to take to set up their websites and to choose the domain address or to get a domain name. As is known, everyone who wants to be visible on the internet must have a domain name and build the website on the domain name he bought, without any alternative. For this reason, institutions and individuals who exist as a user on the internet want to have domain names that express themselves best, where they can get maximum efficiency and quality. However, often the requested website address might have been taken by another user. At this point, in order to solve the problem, backorder, which is the pre-order system, has been developed so that even if the domain address has been taken by another person, the way for users to have the desired domain name has been opened. So what is the backorder that offers a unique solution to the problem many people who want to buy a domain name?

    What is Backorder?

    How to Make a Backorder?

    When is the Backorder Done?

    The backorder process is carried out with the expiration of the domain address of the relevant domain, which is done in a very short period of time. In short, it is almost impossible to do this directly manually without using any system or software, and there is no example of that being done. So when is the backorder done? We can answer the question by saying that this transaction was done in milliseconds after the domain name expired.

    How Much Will Backordering Cost You

    Backordering Domains using Investors Edge Tool

    Domain name backordering is mostly free. Although, that only goes for backordering requests, while registrars do have their own fees for successful domain grabbing. You only pay for a domain once the registrar secures it for you.

    If the domain name goes into the auction, then youll pay for it if you win the auction, which can be done by placing the highest bid. Be careful with bidding, as prices may go up to several thousands of dollars and more! Have you ever backordered a domain name before or will you try to get one now?

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    The Bottom Line: You Have To Be Quick Also For Domain Registrations

    Only milliseconds can often be decisive in acquiring the domain you want in the backordering process. The competition or other investors may also have an eye on it. So, its a good idea to submit a selection of domain names to various domain backorder providers or those specializing in specific TLDs.

    In particular, domain backorder services are specialized in registering deleted domains again. Over and above that, its also possible to acquire domains in advance when, for example, new TLDs enter the market. To secure your brand name under a new gTLD during the Sunrise Phase of a launch, you need to use a .

    The domain platform AutoDNS is the ideal tool for quick and successful domain searches and registration.

    Can I Compete With The Domain Backorder Services

    Can you compete? Yes. Of course.

    Will you be successful? Very unlikely, unless this is a domain that no one else cares for.

    Every registry gives a fixed number of connections to a single registrar for domain purchasing. Unless you are a registrar, you will need to go through a registrar to purchase a domain. To drop catch a domain you are therefore sharing this fixed number of connection with all the other customers of that registrar, making the chance of getting the domain very small.

    To add insult to injury, some services like have 750+ registrars.

    You really cannot manually compete with a back-ordering service!

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