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How To Sell Your Domain Name

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How To Buy And Sell Domains From Flippa

How to Run a Domain Name Auction to Sell Your Website

To Buy or Sell Domain on Flippa, sign up with a valid Email Account and list your website or domain for sale. After listing your domain, it’s time for the description, people tend to write a long description, but thats not what it should be like. The description should be short and simple which does not bore the Buyer and gives the buyer a brief idea of your Blog or Website or domain.

Now the most important part is to Set Flippa bidding options.

  • Set the Reserve price after evaluating it properly
  • Set it to the price at which you can afford to sell your online property
  • Set a Correct and reasonable Buy it now price

Keep the starting Bid price as low you can to encourage more users to Bid. After the Auction is successfully finished, do research about the user who has won the Bid and his history of the transaction. So that you can take proper measures before you initiate Blog/Website/Domain transfer and receive payments.

Godaddy Is Not The Only Kingpin When It Comes To Domain Registration

Indeed, GoDaddy is perhaps the cheapest and biggest domain registrar in the world of domain flipping so much so that people use the term GoDaddy with domain registrar interchangeably. This is because they run massive marketing and advertising campaigns that pique the interest of buyers.

However, GoDaddy is not the only kingpin when it comes to the domain registration business. There are many other great places for buying domains with excellent customer service and security support like Namecheap, Domain.com, Name.com, etc.

How To Sell Your Domain Name: Ultimate Guide

Have you ever been paying a domain renewal fee and thought, Im not using it, I should sell that domain name. I know I have. You may not be sitting on a million-dollar domain name, but you could very well own one that has some value. So lets talk about how to sell domain names.

As I type this, there are over 1,500 TLDs. You can register a domain on about 1,000 of them. So clearly there is no shortage of available domain space. Yet the secondary domain market is thriving.

Why? Because people still want a domain name on a small handful of specific TLDs, .com being the most desirable.

The TLD is the part of the domain that comes after the last dot. TLD stands for Top-Level Domain. So com, net, and org are TLDs. As are club, store, and chat. Technically they are generic top-level domains, but were just going to refer to them as TLDs.

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Have Your Domain Appraised

The first step in the process is to determine the value of your domain name. This can be done through a variety of channels. You can appraise your domain name yourself or have the domain name appraised by a professional.

Self-appraisal is a bit more challenging than with tangible commodities like a house or car, but the same process can be used. Some people check out sale prices on similar domains and work from there. A good resource to use when trying to appraise your domain name yourself is NameBio. They have a keyword-based search engine that looks up sale prices of particular domain names. You can find information on lowest prices, highest prices, average prices, who sold the domain and other pertinent information.

But lets say you cant find a value for your particular domain name. This is when enlisting the services of a professional appraiser can help. A professional appraiser knows the market inside and out, and can provide valuable insight that can help you arrive at a fair market value for your domain name.

How To Sell Your Domain Names

Before Selling Your Domain Name

1. Organize your Domain Inventory

It all begins with understanding your domain inventory which comprises of the domain names that you want to sell. Probably, youll have some domain names that you use for a site or email address and certainly dont want to sell those.

You might also have a few domain names that arent in your use currently but you dont want to sell them. Or, you have a domain name registered in the name of your loved one or it represents your business service that you arent willing to give up on at present.

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If any of these fit your situation, simply set those domain names aside and look at the remaining ones in your portfolio. These are the domain names you want to sell, assuming that you can get the amount you want for them.

Start by creating a list in the spreadsheet like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Enter the domain names in one column and to keep everything well-organized, enter the expiration date in the other column for keeping the track.

2. Assign the Right Price

Once you have the list of domain names ready for sale, its time to define their prices in your inventory.

Setting a price isnt compulsory. You can add domain names without their prices and allow people to make an offer on them. However, setting a price for your domain names can be favorable many a time.

Here are some of the benefits of setting a price for domains in the list:

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Simple Strategies To Boost Your Ecommerce Salesfast

Have an online store, but just arent getting the sales you were hoping for?

Running an eCommerce business is all about consistency, effort, and sticking with it for the long haul.


That doesnt mean there arent things you can do to boost your sales and leadsfast!

In this post, Im going to share 6 simple strategies you can implement today to help you boost your eCommerce sales and get results as quickly as possible.

Designing A Domain Listing

If you have chosen a platform where you want to advertise the available domain, create an entry there. Like with other sales, there are a few rules to keep in mind: If you state your domain name and price, you probably wont attract too many customers. The platform entry might not be attractive enough. However, those who provide additional information are more likely to encourage prospective buyers to make a purchase.

While it might seem silly at first, you can also add a product description to a domain. For example, you can enter information about the domains previous ranking and provide information about what kind of areas the URL is appropriate for. Even adding a picture is possible: a graphic reworking of the domain name or a screenshot of the former website encourages marketplace visitors to consider your advertisement. If possible, you can also comment on the existing or expected future value of the domain, justifying a required price.

Not all marketplaces offer you the opportunity to store extensive information. However, in those cases, no-one can take advantage of this, so it doesnt necessarily have to become a disadvantage for your listing. Instead, many platforms allow you to promote your domain for a fee. So, if you assume that your domain name will fetch a decent price, it can be worth investing in the additional advertising.

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How Do I Manage The Domains I Have Up For Sale

Easily, by using your MyFreeola account. Every GetDotted customer receives a free MyFreeola Control Panel to manage and setup every aspect of their domain names, including putting domain names up for sale. You’ll be able to choose which domains to put up for sale, adjust prices and decide whether you’d like a holding page, or your own website at your domain.

How To Sell A Domain Name At The Highest Price

How to sell your domain name and communicating the price.

Are you in domain flipping business and want to learn the art and techniques of selling a domain successfully and profitably?

Then this article is certainly going to help you.

Domains are like internet real estate and as a domain flipper, its crucial to learn the art of selling a domain name at the highest possible price.

There are domains that have been sold for millions of dollars.

Heres an Wikipedia article listing the most expensive domain names ever. Its true that people have paid that much to acquire just a domain name.

So you can imagine how much you could have earned if you were the owner of one of these domains. What could have happened if you registered such a domain on your name before it was sold.

You would have been a millionaire now.

But what made those simple domains sell for millions?

The fact is that the names may look pretty simple in your eyes. But the people who purchased the domains definitely saw something entirely different or they were made to see something different.

This is the art of selling a domain name at the highest price.

You need to learn the art of showing the highest possible value of your domain names in the eyes of buyers.

Thats what will make people buy your domain names.

A domain name is not just a name. But its so much more than this.

Every online business starts with a domain name. Its the first thing people would have to remember when they want to visit your site.

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Brandable Names Always Sell Morefact

Brandable domain names are sold so much than any other types of domain names. These are domains that sounds like a great brand and can easily be associated with any businesses.

Big businesses spend thousands of dollars to build their business.

They wouldnt mind paying you that much money to acquire a great domain name that you own.

Dont believe me? Visit BrandBucket and see how much most of their domains cost just because of their great brandability.

Its one of the most visited online marketplace for creative and brandable business names. Most of their domains are sold for thousands of dollars.

And yes! People do purchase these domains.

So if you are into buying and selling domains, buying brandable domain names puts way ahead of the game and ensures your success.

Look Up Average Domain Prices

Once you’ve developed a powerful vision that’ll make up the core of your sales story, your next step is to estimate the general value that you can expect from your domain name. Use any of the domain auction sites listed at the bottom of this article to search for domains that are similar to the one you own. Search those directories for your domain name, or for a similar one.

Review the ask prices that other domain owners seem to expect from their domain sale. Sometimes, these prices will range quite a bit, but you should notice a clear average price for domain names that are very similar to yours, or that cover a similar niche. Make note of these other prices. If you want to take it a step further, you could compare keyword search trends for those other domains. If your search trends are better, then the odds are good you could get a better price for your domain.

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Coms Dont Always Rank Higher Than Other Domain Extensions

There is a misconception that good .COM domain names are hard to find and so they are more expensive to buy. But once again, this statement holds no water. You can easily check out the .COM domain names that are on sale at highly affordable prices. However, the only downside to flipping .COM domain names is that you will have to discover them at different places like Flippa.com or private seller portfolios.

All Good Domain Names Are Not Taken

How to Sell a Domain Name: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Hey, the possibilities are endless when it comes to domain flipping so do not think that all profitable domain names are already taken. At this time, almost 90 million .COM domains have been registered, so people tend to think that there are not many good domains left. That is not true since you still have the opportunity to incorporate two or three word target keywords.

Also, you can still explore new avenues with domain names that have never been used before or are about to expire anytime soon. Such domain names inevitably make their way into the marketplace again where you can get hold of them. You can easily get hold of such domain names by using advanced tools for filtering and research.

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Employee Development: How To Empower Your Team To Reach Their Full Potential

Posted on March 8, 2021 by Amber Fogel in Business

Employee development is different from employee training. While training focuses on optimizing the performance of specific tasks, development programs are more broad. Employee development programs go deeper with emphasis on personal and professional growth in an effort to help employees reach their…

The Harsh Truth About Selling Domain Names

Lets begin with two important things you need to understand and accept :

Most of your domain names are probably un-sellable.

Before I dive into how you can boost your domain sales, its time for a reality check. The number one impediment to what is referred to as secondary market domain name sales is the quality or lack thereof of the inventory.

In general, the kind of inventory that sells best in todays world is one-word, two-word, and sometimes three-word English language .com domain names that directly relate to popular business products or services.

If you are holding non .com inventory , or domains that consist of invented words, or are phrases, be prepared for the sad probability that this inventory will not sell in your lifetime.

Of course there are going to be exceptions to this, but they are, by their very nature, exceptions. The cold, hard reality is that secondary market domain names are not very liquid assets. This probably means that most of your inventory is not going to sell. Ever.

Its still a horrendously inefficient market.

Most end user buyers dont know where to look for secondary market domain names. They dont know how to contact the owners, nor do they have any idea of how to actually purchase and transfer a domain name. As a result, they become generally confused and frustrated by the whole process.

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Park And Monitor Traffic

Odds are good that if you’re reading this, then you already have a domain and you’re looking to sell it for the largest profit possible. If this is you, you may just want to skip down to the next section. Otherwise, if you’re wondering what buying and selling domains involves, then you may be interested to know that there’s a little bit of a waiting period after you buy a new domain.

You typically won’t sell it immediately. While it’s in this holding pattern, you’ll want to basically “park the domain”. For example, I currently have about 10 domains or so that I purchased a year ago, parked them, and haven’t really done anything with them yet.

This means that the domains sit in your registrar account, and they don’t do anything – except display a website notifying the visitor that the domain is parked.

You could just keep that parked web page up, but that really doesn’t do you a whole lot of good, does it? Instead, you should actually forward that domain to a simple web page that you set up specifically to generate leads for that domain. I’ll cover more about what that specifically means further below.

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