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What Are The Most Popular Domain Extensions

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What Are The 5 Most Common Domain Extensions In The Uk

The 5 Most Popular Domain Extensions

The ultra-short answer to this question is this : .co.uk – .com – .uk – .org.uk – .online. But where theres an ultra-short answer, theres usually a longer and, in this case, interesting answer, so allow us to waffle on a little.

The .co.uk tops the list of the most used domain extensions in the UK. That probably doesnt come as a surprise to anyone, but it might raise an eyebrow or two that it tops it with a nearly 55% share! That really shows how what we see is what we aspire to, and as the .co.uk happened to gain traction from the beginning, it has just been self-perpetuating, making it more and more popular in this country.

Next on the list is .com, with just over 25%. This domain extension is the most popular globally, so its no surprise that it would be in the top 2 of this UK list. Number 3 is .uk with 12% of the total, showing us that it really does matter in this country that we share with our customers and fans where were from.

Number 4 and 5 on the list, .org.uk and .online, each has just 1% of the total domain names bought in the UK.

How To Choose The Best Domain Name Extension

Are you looking for the right domain name extension?

If you truly want your website to be a success, you have to get the right URL.

There are a lot of different domain extensions out there to choose from. It might be hard to narrow it down.

In this post, were going to share what a domain name extension is, some popular extensions and why it matters to your website.

What Are The Worst Domain Extensions

On an ongoing basis, studies of the Spamhaus have shown the worst domain extensions. Their methodology is to search the internet through various domains and measure how many they see and compare it to how many are spammy in nature.

Remember, using the worst top-level domain isnt going to hurt you, as long as your website is high-quality and stays within the bounds of typical white hat SEO rules. It only hurts when you get lost outside of those rules and have a website of questionable quality that Google will use your spammy TLD against you. In other words, these cannot be the same as the best domain extensions for SEO. Their data comes from their domain block list.

The top five worst and spammiest domains, according to their data, are:

  • .science, with 92.7% of domains theyve seen identified as bad
  • .stream, with 89.9% of domains, theyve seen measured as bad
  • .men, with 73.9% of domains theyve seen identified as bad
  • .party, with 79.3% of domains, theyve been considered as bad
  • .top, with 60.6% of domains theyve seen identified as bad

If you aim to know the best htaccess mobile redirect generator tool, check this article out!

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Why Do Domain Extensions Matter

Your website is your digital storefront to the world. The first step in starting a website is selecting a domain name. For years, .com domain has been the go-to choice, but as the Internet has progressed, so has the world of domains. Today, there are hundreds of domain extensions to choose from that may align with your brand better than the legacy CNOBI domains .

The Initial Focus Could Be Domain Suffix

Five most common domain extensions

When you want to start your online business, you have to decide on your domain name and the best domain suffix that suits your business best. The entire domain name consists of three parts and the suffix consists of the top level. There is plenty of demand for a .com domain and as many as %52 of the website owners prefer it. There are some key factors to consider as you pick a domain ending amongst the most used domain extensions for SEO. Some of these factors are:

  • The readability factor is important and it should be easy to read
  • Use broad keywords and also completely avoid keyword-rich domain names
  • Avoid hyphens at all costs

If you aim to utilize a website name generator tool to help you choose the best domain name available for your brand new website, click on the link provided!

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The 10 Most Popular Domain Extensions At 101domain

Nov 23, 2020 | Domains

We know the most popular domain extension in the world is .COM domain. It makes up more than 50% off all domain name registrations on the Internet combined! But at 101domain, we offer way more than just .COM domain. In fact, we have the largest selection of top-level domains found anywhere. For this reason, we thought it would be interesting to analyze all domains under our management to tell you which are the 10 most popular domain extensions at 101domain.

What Does Org Net For

The .net domain extension is the second most used as a website extension. Many people are attracted to this extension as an alternative to its original, COM variant. It was originally intended for networks of smaller websites acting as a central platform for their interconnections.

When choosing a new extension for your business, make sure that the one you choose will be appropriate for the nature of your business. The .net extension is compatible with businesses that provide software, internet services, cloud computing, application development and data hosting. A .com extension is typically used for a variety of kinds of small businesses.

Your website will need to have a .net domain for you to use the TLD. However, you should be sure to work with your prospective clients so that they remember your name and website address. A good way to do this is to integrate your websites TLD into your branding efforts.

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Design Design What Matters

After hearing the name of the extension, you must have understood what this domain extension was created for.

.Design domain extensions have been introduced to make all design-related or creative work-related websites more specific. .Design is called the Branding Revolution.

.Design is a generic top-level domain extension presented in the administration of the Top Level Design, LLC.

There are some more domain extensions presented by DTop Level Design, LLC E.g. .ink .wiki .gay

Top New Domain Extension Example: www.commercialmetropole.design

The Most Popular Domain Extensions Popular In 2021

What are the Most Popular TLDs/Domain Extensions?

One of the oldest TLDs in the world is still the most popular domain extension after over 30 years : the .com. This abbreviation of “commercial” was originally intended for businesses, but many users now associate .com domains with US web offerings. And for good reason: the .us domain extension, which was originally intended for the United States, is little appreciated there.


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Other Country Code Top Level Domains

Many countries are now making their own extensions available for registrationto non-residents. Something to bear in mind if you choose to go down this pathis you should make yourself familiar with the rules of the registry as what isacceptable under “western” registries may not be in some othercountries. Also be aware political instability in other countries can have aneffect on how those registries are run. It’s for these reasons that it’sprobably safest sticking with .au website address extensions, or the “global” TLD’ssuch as .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info – all of which you can registerthrough Domain Registration Services.

The Essential Guide To Inbound Marketing

Thanks to technology even the smallest of brands can gain worldwide recognition, your target audience will be searching for solutions, youve just got to provide the right information. If you dont offer the content theyre searching for, you cant expect anyone to find you. Download the guide to learn basics about Inbound Marketing.

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The Most Popular Domain Extensions 2021

One of the oldest TLDs in the world is still the most popular domain extension after more than 30 years: .com. Originally intended as an abbreviation of commercial and planned only for companies, many users now associate .com domains with websites in the USA. This is for good reason, as the domain extension .us, which was actually intended for the USA, isnt used as much as .com, although .us is on the rise for government websites, alongside .gov.


This ranking is taken from Analysis by W3Techs.com. This service provider measures published websites and tries to filter spam websites from its statistics. This therefore sometimes results in different statistics to other publications. Another source worth checking out is the Domain Name Industry Brief from Verisign, the operator of the .com domains.

No matter which statistics you look up, more than half of all Internet addresses have the extension .com. Also high up in the rankings are the other two generic top-level domains .net and .org. Like .com, these have been around since 1985. The other domain extensions in the top 10 are primarily country code TLDs , which are country-specific. .us isnt high up on the list at all possibly because most websites in the USA will use .com.

New Top Level Domains

The 5 Most Popular Domain Extensions

One way people judge the relative success of top-level domain names is how many domains are registered. So when new top-level domains started rolling out in 2014, all eyes were on how many domains were registered in each extension.

As of early September, here are the top 10 new top level domains in terms of registrations:

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What Are Tlds/domain Extensions

When trying to reach a website or an email address one always needs to add a dot at the end of its name followed by some letters. Those letters are the top-level domain , also known as domain extension or suffix. To illustrate with our own domain name ICDSoft.com: .com is the top-level domain and ICDSoft is the second-level domain. The name most meaningful to people usually comes at the second level to the left of the dot , or in some cases at the third level .

Does It Matter What Domain Extension You Use

The answer to this question is definitely yes. As an example, if you want to target local people, it would be better to utilize country-specific domain extensions as people can trust them more easily. You also have to consider the domain suffix validity to the search engine as you want to make your website rank higher in SERP to attract more organic traffic to your website.

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The Different Types Of Top Level Domains

There most common types of domain extensions or top level domains:

  • Generic Top Level Domains are generally the most recognizable and popular TLDs. Its simply an extension with three or more characters. An example is a .com or a .net.
  • Sponsored Top Level Domains are sponsored extensions by a specific business, government organization or group. For example, .edu for education-related organizations, or .gov for a government-affiliated websites.
  • Country Code Top Level Domains are top level domains that represent specific countries or locations. For instance, an extension for India might be .in or the United Kingdom might use .uk.
  • Now that you know the various types, we can check out some popular extensions.

    The Most Spammed Domains

    What are Domain Extensions and How do I Choose a Domain Extension?

    Not every domain extension has an equally good reputation. Especially cheap domain extensions or ones that arent controlled TLDs are often used for illegal purposes. The organization Spamhaus checks the Internet for spam and identifies the top 10 most spammed TLDs. To do this, the project takes into account both the total number of spam domains and their share of the total.


    Just because a TLD appears in the Spamhaus list doesnt mean that the domain extension is automatically bad. So, if the extension fits your web project, you should not exclude these TLDs! As you can see .london is an internationally popular domain extension, but also appears on the spam list.

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    Does Domain Extension Affect Seo

    Its always beneficial to think about SEO when creating or changing a website. Your sites generic top-level domain will not affect its performance in search engines. Your top-level domain influences brand perception and trust more than anything, but s it does not take TLD into account when listing search results. Youre better off implementing other SEO best practices to climb the rankings.

    There is one caveat here. If two or more websites share the same name and implement the same SEO practice, but have different extensions, the website with the .com domain extension will rank highest in most results. This is because people tend to trust .com websites and will generally choose them over .net or .biz alternatives, and websites with more traffic perform better in search engines.

    Unlike the TLD, the name component of your domain does affect SEO. Your sites name tells people and search engines what your organization is and/or does.

    Disadvantages Of Using Custom Domain Extensions

    The biggest concern with using a new domain extension is that youre going against the norm. People are used to .com and .org. So .food or .radio might be confusing for users.

    Theres also the issue that new domain extensions arent as easy to remember. A GrowthBadger study found the most memorable TLD is a .com domain name at 44% correct recollection. And .com was the most-guessed option when an extension was forgotten.

    Another concern is trustworthiness. Will people trust a domain extension they dont recognize?

    GrowthBadger also found .com was ranked as the most trusted domain extension. But at number six was .blog, which proves new domain extensions have the potential to be as trusted as the main extensions.

    While these disadvantages may be deal-breakers for selecting your domain name, custom TLDs will become more common as the internet evolves. That gain in popularity will also make custom TLDs more recognizable.

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    Net Vs Com Differences

    The most obvious difference between a .net and a .com domain is their purpose, as they were created for network and commercial sites. If your goal is to provide internet-based services or networking platforms, such as creating a forum, you should buy a .net domain. On the other hand, if your goal is to make money online, whether it is with a personal blog or an eCommerce website, youll want to purchase a .com domain name.

    However, with nearly half of all domain names registered with a .com extension, .net has risen as the go-to alternative for unavailable web addresses. With time, the semantic differences have significantly diluted and the original purposes of these TLDs are no longer the main difference between the two. When it comes to comparing .net vs .com in 2020, the most significant distinction is the effect each of them has on mobile websites.

    While choosing a .net or .com extension does not impact your site’s SEO capabilities, mobile browsers UI design can negatively affect sites with a .net domain. Most smartphone keyboards have a button dedicated to domain extensions, but as youve probably noticed its default option is always .com. As a result, searching for .net domains is more time-consuming and less user-friendly. With mobile accounting for more than half of all online traffic, this small detail can have a significant impact on the success of your site.

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