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How To See If A Website Domain Is Available

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Connect Your Brand To Your Domain Name

How to Find Great Available Domain Name for Your Website in Seconds

You want your domain name to be a differentiator. Having a unique domain name will always be better than a generic domain that sounds all-too-similar to competing sites.

When youre launching a brand, chances are youre doing something different than the competition. Make sure that your domain name reflects this.

For example, think of sites like Google, DropBox, Zillow, Facebook. All of these sites have unique and memorable names. Whether youre creating new words from scratch or combining two unrelated words, one thing is for sure: they stick in your mind.

What Is Domain Privacy And Do I Need It

Domain privacy and security is as important to us as it is to you. Without domain privacy, your private and sensitive information may be collected and displayed in ICANN’s WHOIS database when you register your domain. Domain privacy ensures that these details are hidden from the public view. Our Domain Privacy + Protection package will make ICANN display our contact information in lieu of yours.

How Can The Ionos Domain Check Help Me Find The Best Domain Name

With the IONOS domain checker you are guaranteed to find a great domain name for your site. IONOS can check the domain names that will best display your site to those surfing the net. It’s important when you use the IONOS domain checker to ensure that your idea for a domain name is clear and catchy. This will make your site easily identifiable and stick in the memory of visitors the next time they look for you. With the domain check you will be able to explore a huge range of options for your site at the best prices.

With only a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse, IONOS will immediately check whether the domain name you want is available or not. It’s that quick and easy. Use the IONOS domain check today and secure your ideal domain before someone else does!

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How Much Does A Domain Name Cost

The exact cost of your new domain name will vary based on the registrar, the specific top-level domain you’ve chosen, and the quality of the domain name. is proud to offer more than 300 unique TLDs to help your new website stand out. Some domains may be pricier due to their intrinsic benefits, like being short and memorable, or the use of very competitive keywords such as Browse our premium domains to jumpstart your website performance.

How Do I Buy A Domain Name

How To Check If A Domain Name Is Available

Congrats! You found an available name and youre ready to make it yours. Simply add the domain name to your cart and start the checkout process. During checkout, youll make some decisions like how many years youd like to register it for, if youd like to add site hosting, email, advanced security, auto-renewals, and other features.


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Godaddy Domain Name Search

GoDaddy is the worlds largest domain name provider that has more than 70 million domains under its management. It offers almost all types of extensions.

GoDaddy has an advanced domain name search tool that will help you to find the availability of a domain name. It will also show you some suggestions and alternatives based on your search.

Just go to GoDaddy Domain Name Search and enter your domain name. And click on Search button.

In this case, it shows that the domain name is taken as Ive entered my own domain name. It also shows the available domains for other extensions.

Now lets try with a different name. Ive added a prefix to the domain name and found it available.

Thats a pretty handy tool for checking domain name availability.

I Need To Check Whether A Domain Name Is Available Can Ionos Help

Before you use the IONOS domain check to see if the domain you want is available, it’s important that you think carefully about what you want your domain name to be. Choosing your domain name will be one of the most important decisions you make when it comes to building your website. Play around with some ideas and take the advice of friends and colleagues. As you begin to come up with potential domains, you can check which ones are available on the IONOS site. This will allow you to filter out ideas that are already taken and start whittling down your list.

All you need to do is visit and type a potential domain name into the checker. The IONOS check will immediately see if the domain name is available for you to register and also provide you with other possible top-level domain names if your initial choice is not available. In addition, it will display the domain names that may have been occupied in the past but are now free for you to register.

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What Is A Whois Domain Lookup

A Whois domain lookup allows you to trace the ownership and tenure of a domain name. Similar to how all houses are registered with a governing authority, all domain name registries maintain a record of information about every domain name purchased through them, along with who owns it, and the date till which it has been purchased.

Why Is Whois Data Important

How To Find Great Available .com Domain Names Get Good Domains For Free

Every time a domain name is registered, registrars need to verify the identity of a domains owner or registrant. This information is important because any domain name disputes and technical issues will need to be resolved by the domain name owner.

Beyond this, WHOIS information is used by different parties in many different ways. In some cases, domain names may be put up for sale and having WHOIS information is a way to determine and generate leads in the sale of a domain name. WHOIS information can also be used by network administrators to combat spam, fraud, identify trademark infringement and track down registrants that may be engaged in damaging or illegal activities.

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How Can Ionos Help Me If My Desired Domain Name Is Taken

If you are having trouble choosing your perfect domain name, IONOS is here to help. There are a multitude of options available to you and workarounds for any problem all leading you to a fantastic domain name for your site.

The first thing you can do is think about changing the TLD. This is the part of the URL at the end: for example .com, .net, .org. So if your desired domain name was and you find that this is already taken, you can try or The IONOS domain check will automatically generate your desired domain name with new TLDs if your first choice is already taken.

If these are also not available, or you have your heart set on one particular TLD, then you can think about adapting your original domain name. Having to rethink your domain name shouldn’t be seen as a problem and, in fact, it may lead to a spark of inspiration that helps your chosen domain name to really stand out.

Finding The Right Domain Name

Theres a lot that goes into choosing a domain name. Your domain needs to succinctly sum up what your site is about while being catchy and easy to remember.

Your domain will define your brand and be the first thing that visitors see. As a result, your domain will create either a good or bad impression of your website.

Here are some tips for finding the best possible domain name for your new website:

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Assert Your Rights If You Already Own The Trademark

If you are already in business and want to use your existing business name as your domain name, then you may have the upper hand in a dispute with someone who’s already using the name online.

Under trademark law, the first person to use a trademark in commerce is considered the owner. So if you used the name to market your products or services before the domain name registrant started using its domain name, you may be able to prevent that registrant from continuing to use the name.

If you are a trademark holder and you want to challenge the use of a domain name, you will first need to decide on a strategy for going after the registrant. You currently have three choices:

Use the dispute resolution procedure offered by ICANN. ICANN, the international nonprofit organization now in charge of domain name registrations worldwide, recently implemented a process called the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy . This administrative procedure works only for cybersquatting disputes — that is, when someone has registered your name in a bad-faith attempt to profit from your trademark. Compared with filing a lawsuit, ICANN’s dispute resolution procedure is potentially less expensive and quicker .

File a cybersquatting lawsuit. If you take a cybersquatter to court and win, you may get not only the domain name you want, you could also win money damages from the cybersquatter.

How to Find a Domain Name Registrant

  • Briefly tell us about your case
  • Provide your contact information
  • Wait For The Domain Name To Expire

    How to check domain name availability

    If youre in no hurry to have the domain you want today, another option is to wait for it to expire. When it does, it may become a dropped domain. This means that the owners havent paid to renew it, so it will go up for auction.

    Waiting for a domain to expire may seem passive, but you need to be prepared for when it does. To get an estimate for when you might be able to make a bid, you can visit to see if the domain has changed hands recently.

    One unfortunate side effect of waiting for a domain is that if you need to get your site online now, you may need to work on re-branding after you change the name. Doing so can be a time-consuming process, and one that might impact your search rankings.

    However, there are ways to alleviate those problems, such as by setting up a redirect to your sites new address. Plus, if you dont actually need the domain right away, theres no harm in waiting to see if it becomes available. Keep in mind that most domains renew on a yearly basis, although some site owners may pay for multiple years in advance.

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    Use An Alternative Domain Extension

    If your preferred domain is taken and you dont want to opt for an alternative, you can also try using a different TLD. Most site owners purchase domains that end in .com, but that isnt your only option.

    Of course, you do want to be careful when choosing your TLD. Often, people will instinctively include .com when trying to visit a website directly, and this is especially true for older demographics. If thats your target audience, or if theres already a popular website at that your site might be confused with, it might be better to try an alternative second-level domain.

    However, sometimes it does make sense to choose another TLD for your domain. In such cases, keep in mind that certain TLDs apply to specific types of sites and may even be restricted, such as .edu, .gov, and certain location-based domains.

    When looking through the available TLDs, consider what might work best for your particular business. For example, if you run a jewelry business and you want an e-commerce website to go with it, you might choose to opt for .jewelry. Of course, there are a lot of fun ways to get creative with your TLD as well.

    Make Your Domain Easy To Pronounce

    Your domain name needs to be easy to remember, and part of that is making it easy to pronounce. When someone thinks about your domain name, they shouldnt have to look it up in a dictionary to get the spelling right.

    You want to make it easy for other people to pass on your domain name, whether thats written or spoken.

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    Choosing A Different Domain Name Extension

    The most common domain name extensions are .com, .org, and .net. But, that doesnt mean your search should end, just because these extensions arent available.

    In some cases, a different domain extension might even work better, but overall it depends on the type of site youre running.

    When considering a different domain name extension, keep the following questions in mind:

    • Does the extension I want belong to an existing website?
    • If I choose another extension will it work with my brand?
    • Can I get a different extension that doesnt feel like spam?
    • Is the new extension memorable?

    Overall, if the domain is taken by a website thats currently live on the internet, then youll want to choose a new domain name. Otherwise, youll run the risk of copyright infringement and run into all kinds of legal issues. This headache isnt worth it, and your time is better spent coming up with a new domain.

    However, if your first choice domain name extension is taken, but isnt being used for a website you could get away with using another extension. For example, I really wanted a domain name, but the .com was already taken but wasnt being used for anything at all, so I went with the .net version.

    This allows you to start building your site if youre absolutely attached to a given domain name, while in time you can acquire any other extensions with the profits from your new site.

    Look At Alternative Tlds

    How To Find Great Available Domain Names For Your Website

    In most cases, if your domain name is taken, it means the .com is taken. Often, the other TLDs arent taken, so you could technically opt for one of those.

    But wait! Dont rush off and buy whatever TLD you can find.

    This is a complicated decision.

    Here are some of the factors to keep in mind.

    First,people trust .com URLs more than any other TLD.

    The .com extension has a lot on its side. Its familiar, its been around for a while, and its been the gold standard of TLDs for years.

    Second, many people think some TLDs are spammy. People tend to think of .com URLs as safe and other TLDs as unsafe or untrustworthy.

    Obviously, thats not always the case, but some people will think that no matter what. They cant get their heads around the idea of a trustworthy site that doesnt end in .com.

    Third, alternative TLDs have no SEO advantage. No TLD is inherently better than any other.

    That information :

    So what does this mean for you?

    If you want to use a TLD thats not .com, you can do so without losing any SEO power.

    However, your audience might not trust it.

    It helps if the TLD is directly related to your business or niche. Twitch, a site that broadcasts users playing video games in real time, smartly uses the .tv TLD:

    In the end, you have to consider how easy its going to be for your users to remember your URL and whether or not theyll trust a domain thats not a .com.

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