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How To Transfer Google Domain To WordPress

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How To Transfer WordPress Domain Name to Google Cloud Hosting

Changing your domain to a new host is exciting, but you mustnt disregard your Google Workspace email. Although switching your Google Workspace email may seem daunting at first, the steps arent too difficult to follow.

Once youve changed your email server, it might be a good idea to send a test email to your address. And if things dont seem to work within 24 hours, then Googles support team will be able to help you fix any remaining issues.

Option : Use Third Party Dns Server

Image: We are using Google Cloud DNS as our DNS server.

To set up with third party DNS provider such as Cloudflare, google cloud DNS, AWS route 53 etc, select Custom DNS from NAMESERVERS field and add nameservers. After that, click on the right logo to save the settings.

To complete your set up you have to add A record from your DNS providers admin console.

Migrating From Another Cms

If the source website is powered by a CMS platform, then we might have the good fortune of using a WordPress plugin to aid the migration process. As of March 2016, the WordPress codex list over 53 migration tutorials to import content from various content management solutions, blogging platforms, etc. Check to see if your CMS is in the list and follow the necessary steps for migration. If your CMS isnt listed in the WordPress codex, then you might want to check the WordPress Plugin Repository, or look for some tutorials online. Worst case, youll need to manually migrate the website.

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What Is Google Domains

is a domain registration service launched by Google in January 2015.

Google Domains helps you register the domain name that you use with your WordPress site .

Unlike a lot of other popular domain registrars, Google Domains does not offer any type of hosting. That means youll need to purchase hosting separately. For example, you could purchase your domain name from Google Domains and then connect it to Kinsta for hosting.

Google Domains also makes it easy to connect to other Google services, like G-suite, , and more, and you can access Google Domains by using the same Google account you use for other services.

Though it was launched in 2015 and is fully functioning, Google Domains is still technically in beta.

Option A: Point Nameservers To Cloudflare

How to Setup Email with Google Apps and WordPress

With this option, you will configure your DNS records at Cloudflare. First, open Cloudflare in a new tab. Click Add Site in the top right corner and enter your domain name when prompted.

While Cloudflare looks up your existing DNS records, you will have the option to select a plan. For the purposes of this article, we will be using the free plan.

When Cloudflare finishes querying your DNS records, you will see any existing records on this screen. If you have existing records, delete the existing A record and add a CNAME record using the information from your Overview page in User Portal.

If you dont already have DNS records set up with Google Domains, you can add them at this time using the CNAME on your Overview page in User Portal. By setting CNAME records, if your site is migrated internally with WP Engine, DNS changes wont be needed.

From here, Cloudflare will list name servers to use instead of your Google Domains name servers. This is a setting you will change in the Google Domains dashboard. Name servers are the first optionselect Use custom name servers in this pane, and enter the name servers from Cloudflare here.

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What To Do Before Transferring Your Domain

There are several blocks in place to protect your domain name ownership that can cause difficulty in transferring your domain to a new registrar. Before you transfer your domain to HostGator, you must ensure that the domain is ready to be transferred. Please refer to the instructions below for preparing a domain for transfer.

Pre-transfer checklist

The very first thing to do is check if your domain is eligible for transfer to HostGator or if you need help from Live Support to have it transferred. To know what domain extensions can be transferred via the front-of-site or what requires help from Live Support, please check out the article Transfer Domain Name Registrations to HostGator.

So once you’ve confirmed your domain’s eligibility, please do the following at your current registrar.

  • Update your name servers: Changing your name servers while your domain is being transferred may cause the transfer to fail. Be sure that you update your name servers before the transfer begins so that your domain will be working as soon as possible.
  • Disable WHOIS Privacy: If WHOIS Privacy is enabled, it will prevent your verification information from being retrieved and prevent your transfer from succeeding.
  • Update your WHOIS information: Your WHOIS information may be used to verify your ownership of a domain before the transfer completes. Updating your contact information to ensure that you can access the email addresses on your WHOIS will prevent transfer failure.
  • What Happens When Transferring The Domain

    When you transfer a domain name then your registration gets transferred from the current service provider to All you have to do is initiate the process of transfer and WordPres will take care of everything. You will be provided with renewal, cancellation or any other settings for managing your site efficiently. also takes care of all the DNS management.

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    Requirements And Considerations For Transferring A Domain To Shopify

    Before you start, review the following requirements and considerations:

    • You need to own the domain that you want to transfer. If you don’t own it and it’s available for registration, then you can buy it.
    • Before you can transfer your domain, you need to wait 60 days after registering your domain, transferring your domain to a different domain provider, or making changes to your registrar information. For more information, refer to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers .
    • You need to pay the registration fee to renew your domain for an additional 12 months. The 12 months are added to your domain’s current expiry date.
    • There might be additional costs associated with transferring your domain. Contact your domain provider for information about transfer costs.
    • You need to have access to your original domain provider account and the email account that you use to log in to it.
    • You need to monitor and respond to confirmation emails to complete the transfer process.
    • You need to use a third-party email hosting service with email forwarding from Shopify. Shopify doesn’t provide email hosting services, but does provide unlimited email forwarding accounts.
    • It can take up to 20 days to transfer your domain. Your domain continues working during the transfer process.

    Manage Your Data Use Consent Preferences

    How To Transfer Google Domain to Siteground Website Hosting

    After you complete your domain transfer, you’ll receive an email with the subject-line Control how your data is shared. The email contains a link that brings you to Tucows Inc’s Data Use Consent Settings. Tucows is the parent company of OpenSRS, the service that Shopify uses to resell domains to merchants. Giving consent is optional, and you can withdraw it at any time.

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    # Export The Database Using Command Line

    If you have terminal access then database migration is an easy task. If you are using VPS or Dedicated server then surely you can access command line, but if you are using shared hosting then you have to take permission from your hosting provider.

    Open your servers terminal then execute the following commands to complete the export process.

    mysql -u root -p

    After that, execute the command to create database SQL export file.

    sudo mysqldump -u -p --opt your-database-name> give-a-file-name.sql

    How to Download the SQL database file?


    On Google Cloud Server:

    After you successfully created .zip and .sql on your existing websites root directory, now is the time to configure your Google cloud WordPress.

    To migrate WordPress to google cloud follow the GCP WordPress configuration steps:

    • Create and import MySQL database.
    • Import your exiting WordPress and configure your wp-config.php.

    Check Out And Purchase Your Domain Name

    Once youve added your domain name to your cart, open your cart to check out.

    Google Domains will show you a summary of your cart, along with two options, both of which are enabled by default:

    • Privacy protection: this 100% free service keeps your personal information private. We recommend leaving this on.
    • Auto-renew: auto-renew ensures you dont accidentally forget to renew and lose your domain. This is totally up to you, but we recommend leaving it on if you have long-term plans for your domain name.

    Once youve made your choices, click the Check out button:

    On the checkout page, youll need to enter your contact information. But remember: as long as you left the free privacy protection feature enabled, this information wont be public.

    Then, enter your payment information to finalize your purchase:

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    Advertise Your Domains Best Features

    You dont technically need to market your domain name. A lot of sites will let you post it for sale with just the name and price. While this might be the easiest method, it may not be the best way to maximize your profit.

    Thats why we recommend that you compile some key pieces of information to supplement your posting. Not only will this demonstrate the advantages of your domain name, but it can also show buyers that you wont settle for less than its worth.

    For example, consider using analytics to track a parked domain names traffic. Even if the domain is currently empty, a high visitor count could suggest that a lot of people are interested in it. This kind of exposure may be attractive to buyers.

    Why would random people visit your domain even though it doesnt hold any meaningful content? you ask. Well, the most likely scenario is that your domain name contains a popular-enough keyword as part of it. Not only that, but it might also rank for that keyword on Google. This is where the traffic comes from.

    Another element to focus on might be how memorable your domain name is. Short, simple names are usually the best candidates. If youre in doubt, try using the billboard test: if you saw the URL on a billboard, would you remember it when you got home? If the answer is yes, chances are you have a marketable domain name on your hands.

    Upload The WordPress Backup Files

    Migrate WordPress Site To New Host Manually

    Youve got the Installer and Archive files downloaded on your computer.

    Now you need to log into your new domain name with an FTP client. On the root directory, you can upload the Installer and Archive files.

    After uploading the files, you can go ahead and visit this URL on a browser tab:

    In this URL, will be replaced with your new domain name and installer.php can help with the migration as discussed above.

    Once you run this URL, the migration process will begin automatically.

    On the next screen, you can leave all the settings as-is. Start by checking the terms and conditions option. Click on the Next button to continue.

    Next, youll need to enter the database information.

    In the Host field, you should enter localhost and the other fields will get the details that you copied previously.

    Make sure to click on the Next button.

    After that, itll upload your WordPress backup files to the database that you created for the new domain name.

    Itll display the new settings, including the URL, Path, and Title of your new domain. If the information is correct, then click on the Next button.

    The process will be finished and your website will have moved successfully to your new domain name.

    Last, youll see the Admin Login button that will take you to the WordPress login page for your new domain name.

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    Transfer Files To A New Domain

    This step is essentially the reverse of the first step. Youll need an archive of all the files from your original sites directory, as well as the database, which tells your web server where all the content goes. Its important to make sure both are in the right place.

    First, you need to make sure theres already a database created on the new site. Then, using phpMyAdmin, import the archive file’s content into the existing database. Select the Import options in phpMyAdmin, choose the file on your PC, and click Go. This should import all the database entries from your old site into the new one. Now, you can transfers your site files.

    Check Your Dns Settings

    Did you acquire a new domain name from an independent domain registrar? Did the new domain come as part of a web hosting package? Regardless, make sure that your domain name system settings are correct.

    A DNS record ties your domain name to your website and server. These DNS records are usually in the form of an IP address, a subset of four numbers . There are also general nameservers that come in URL form. Youll get these from your web hosting provider. If your registrar and web host are the same, you can skip this step. If not, you must add that information to your domain name registrar. Heres how to do it:

  • Log onto your new domain server account and check the server details. This will be in a different spot on each hosting provider. This should include your DNS record and nameservers.

  • Log onto your domain registrar and edit the DNS record and nameservers to match your new domain.

  • Wait, as it can take 24-48 hours for the process to work.

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    # Export Your Database Using A Free WordPress Plugin

    Login to your existing WordPress account and navigate to Plugins > > Add Plugins, Then install and activate the UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup plugins.

    After you have activated the UpdraftPlus Plugin, Go to Backup/Restore, Then click the Backup Now button.

    Next, select only the first option which is Include your database in the backup. After that, click the Backup Now button.

    After the backup process is completed, Click the Database button to download the SQL database file.

    Transfer Your Domain To Siteground

    How to Migrate WordPress to Google Cloud (with Domain Free SSL)

    This tutorial covers the following topics:

    Transferring your domain to the same provider where your website is hosted makes managing your website and all related services such as the domain and the hosting more convenient since it spares you the need to communicate with two separate organizations. When you transfer a domain with any of the most popular top-level extensions , you get one additional year added to your registration. Here is a list of all domain extensions that you can transfer to SiteGround.

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