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What Does Custom Domain Mean

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What does Domain Name Mean in Computer Terms

Once your DNS records have been added, it may take some time for the DNS server to update them. This can take up to 24 hours in some cases.

Until your DNS records validate, your domain will be displayed as “Unverified” in your account. At any time, you can click “Refresh” at the top of the column to check the records again:

Once it says “Verified” , your landing pages are ready to use your custom domain!

Please note that your custom domain will not be available for use on your landing page until the records are verified.

Having trouble getting your domain to verify? Please check out our troubleshooting guide here.

How To Set Up A Custom Domain

Before you can configure a domain name to point to your website, you need to buy one.

The cheapest way to buy your own custom domain is to find one that isnt taken yet. All domain registrars where you can buy a custom domain name provide a search feature for you to do this.

The most popular and well-known domain registrars where you can search for and purchase a domain name include:

You can also usually purchase a custom domain from your web hosting provider as well, so that may be a good first place to check.

Expect to pay about $9.99 to $24.99 per year for an available domain name. If you dont want people looking up domain ownership from a service like ICANN or Whois Lookup, you can purchase whats known as Ownership Protection or Domain Privacy.

This is available for a small annual fee , and provides you peace of mind knowing that spammers or others wont be able to obtain your email address or phone number.

Redirect Your Naked Domain

  • Sign in using your administrator account .

  • From the Admin console Home page, go to Domains.
  • Click Manage domains.
  • Next to Primary domain, click Set up redirect or Change redirect.

    If your domain is managed through Google Domains, you may not see the see the redirect option. Click View Details, then Manage domain to set up the redirect in Google Domains. For details see Subdomain forwarding.

  • Enter the prefix or subdomain of the web address Save.Note: Address mapping is supported only by HTTP and not HTTPS.
  • Configure A records for your domain to map the prefix you entered above to the IP addresses of Google servers hosting your site.

    You configure A records using the administrative tools at your domain host, not the Google Admin console. If you don’t know how to configure A records, see A record values.

  • When you’re done, click I’ve completed these steps.
  • You might have to wait up to 48 hours for your A record changes to go into effect. After that, entering your naked domain address redirect to the web address you set up in your Admin console.

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    Why You Need A Custom Domain For Your Website

    Yes, it is true that you dont necessary need a domain name for your website. In fact, there are many website builders that offer free plans with free website addresses. But these free website addresses come in the form of a sub-domain. For example, if your website builder is , they may create a sub-domain called for you to use on your website. Visitors typing in will end up at your website.

    The sub-domain is free and it is not owned by you, but rather by the website builder and they can create and delete any sub-domain they wish. When a website builder decides to delete a sub-domain, the website that is associated with it is deleted as well. You may say, Simple enough, Ill just build a new website on another website builder.

    But you may not realize its not that simple.

    When you lose your website address, you lose all your regular visitors people who bookmarked your website and return frequently for updates and new information. When they click on their bookmark link, they will end up at a browser error page.

    Not to mention all the marketing work you have to do to publicize your new website and get your visitors back. It will be awhile before your website gets back to what it used to be.

    Configure A Custom Domain

    What does action required mean on my domain name

    This is the most technically advanced option and will allow you to put your landing page right on or more commonly, on one if its subdomains .

    With this option, you don’t have to use your account domain at all if you don’t want to.

    This option requires DNS changes on your hosting provider and is a little more complicated than the others, so we have a separate tutorial on it below:

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    Considerations Before You Buy A Domain Through Shopify

    Before you buy a domain through Shopify, review the following considerations:

    • Email hosting services aren’t provided on Shopify. Instead, you can connect your Shopify-managed domain to a third-party email hosting service.
    • Some domain extensions include WHOIS privacy, which is a service that keeps your personal contact information hidden from public domain registration records. If you want WHOIS privacy, then make sure that your domain extension isn’t on the WHOIS exceptions list.
    • Some domain extensions have specific residency or business registration requirements. Make sure that you can meet these requirements, because you might need to verify your registration information. If you can’t meet these requirements, then your domain might be suspended.
    • A new SSL certificate is created automatically when you buy a domain through Shopify. You dont need to buy SSL encryption for your domain.
    • Domain hosting services are only available with a paid Shopify plan. If you want to close your store or your Shopify account, and you want to keep using your domain, then you must transfer your domain before you close your store. You can transfer your domain to one of the following:

    What If The Com Domain Name I Want Is Not Available

    When it comes to domain extensions, people tend to prefer the more popular ones such as .com and .net. There is an undeniable familiarity with a .com that you will not find with any other domain extensions. But if your website targets local customers, you might want to consider using a country-specific domain extension.

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    How To Use Redirects

    Redirects can be very useful for ensuring people see your content. There’s one exception: the infinite redirect loop, which makes it impossible to visit your site.

    When you own multiple domains referring to one site

    If you own the three domains,, and, you need to choose the primary domain and attach that domain to your site. So, if my site is at, I’ll redirect traffic from and This way, people will always wind up at and see my content.

    Root domain to www site

    Your root domain, also called a naked domain, is when people type in rather than When you point your name servers to NationBuilder, we handle this process for you. If DNS is hosted elsewhere, you’ll need to sort out redirecting the traffic since we don’t support attaching naked domains to sites on NationBuilder. While root domain forwarding is not a DNS record, most DNS providers include this service. Ultimately, youre looking to create a 301 permanent redirect .

    Many web hosting companies use a single, dedicated IP address to connect a domain to a site. Our domain infrastructure pools IP addresses, providing additional protection against denial of service attacks. This is why we cannot provide an A record for domains hosted elsewhere.

    If you are connecting a subdomain to your nation, e.g. and maintaining your primary website elsewhere, then you do not have to worry about this issue.

    Technical Requirements And Process

    How to Create a Custom Domain on PeerFly

    In the process of registering a domain name and maintaining authority over the new name space created, registrars use several key pieces of information connected with a domain:

    A domain name consists of one or more labels, each of which is formed from the set of ASCII letters, digits, and hyphens , but not starting or ending with a hyphen. The labels are case-insensitive for example, ‘label’ is equivalent to ‘Label’ or ‘LABEL’. In the textual representation of a domain name, the labels are separated by a full stop .

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    When To Use A Subdomain

    Now that weve answered the question what is a subdomain and have seen how it works and compares to other types of subsections, lets take a look at the most common uses of this practice and existing subdomain examples:

    Regardless of your purpose for creating a subdomain, optimize your string to ensure visitors can easily understand the purpose of this stand-alone site and ensure that youre working with one of the SSL certificate providers that provide subdomain protection.

    What Is A Domain Name And How Does It Work

    Are you still wondering what is a domain name and how does it work? Building a website can be confusing, especially for beginners. Often, beginners have trouble knowing the difference between a domain name, website hosting, and your website itself. With so many different parts, it can be difficult to understand which part does what and what it all means.

    But dont worry, were here to break it down for you. In this post, well explain what is a domain name and how does it work so that its easy to understand. Lets get started.

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    Use Our Ckpage Urls With A Custom Account Domain

    Your account domain can be changed! Specifically, you are able to choose your own subdomain within some guidelines

    You can see what your account domain currently is on your account’s Domains page. This page is accessible by going clicking your account name at the top right of the navigation, followed by Settings> Domains.

    Only enter the subdomain in this field the part is already there for you.

    The best part is that changing this won’t break any links! Links using your previous subdomain will continue to work.

    Picking A Great Custom Domain

    How do I rename the Domain for the Default Directory for a ...

    The choice is yours, but there are a few tips to consider when you select your very own custom domain:

    • Keep it short, sweet, and easy to remember.
    • Think twice about using abbreviations, acronyms, or unusual spellings. What may look cool in your store header may look like a jumbled mess in the browser address bar, so when in doubt try it out yourself to see if it looks good.
    • URL already taken? No sweatmost domain providers will suggest other TLDs that may be available, like .net, .co, .org, and hundreds more.
    • If the TLD you really wanted is taken, try adding shop or store to your domain instead of

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    What Is A Subdomain And How Does It Work

    In spite of its low entry barrier, the internet is a mighty complex territory filled with technical jargon that at times may sound eerily similar to Klingon. Building a strong online presence starts in a fairly straightforward manner – simply create a website and purchase a domain name. However, things get more complicated once you want to grow your site, improve your performance and come across new terms such as subdomain.

    If you know what is a domain, you may already have a general idea of what a subdomain is, based on the obviousness of its name. However, there are several technical layers youll need to take into account in order to decide whether you want to use one on your site. This introductory guide will allow you to understand not only what is a subdomain, but also when it makes sense to create one and how it impacts your sites performance.

    How To Get A Custom Domain

  • Pick your domain registrar.
  • If that name is taken, try different variations and domain extensions.
  • Add domain privacy and protection to your cart.
  • Purchase alternatives of your custom domain.
  • Select your term of registration.
  • Buy an email domain and other add-ons.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Connect your domain to your hosting account.
  • The details of each step may vary according to the platform youre building your site on and the domain registrar youre purchasing from. Below, well walk through the steps of purchasing a domain from and connecting it to HubSpot. That way, you can host all your landing pages, blogs, and website pages on HubSpot and start building search authority.

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    Why Do You Need A Domain Name

    Are you still wondering why you need a domain name? Well, if you want to make your own website, youll need a domain name so that other people can visit your website from their computers.

    People want to start websites for a number of different reasons, which is why there are millions of register domain names. Its becoming more common today for people to have personal websites, for personal or promotional reasons, so many people register their name as a domain name. For instance, if your name is Catherine Smith, you might want to register the domain name That way when someone searches your name online, youll be easily found.

    The popularity of blogging has also led to more people registering domain names for a hobby or to make money.

    Plus, if you want to start a business, you need a website with its own unique domain name. Having a website for your business today is as necessary as having a phone number or FAX number in the past. You need a website so that your customers can get in touch with you online and browse your products and services from the comfort of their own homes. Your website needs a memorable domain name, typically that matches your business name, so people can easily find you online. Furthermore, youll want to register a domain name for your business to protect your name from being taken by your competitors.

    Other Uses For A Custom Domain

    What Does Eminent Domain Mean?

    Another useful benefit of registering and redirecting a custom domain is that you can also create your own email address that contains that custom domain.

    For example, if you create a custom domain for a profile website using a domain with your own name, you can then create an email address with your own name. To set up such an email, you first need to redirect the custom domain to your web host using the steps above.

    Then, log into your web host account and select Accounts in the Email menu .

    Here you can create any email account you like. For example, with my registered domain name of, I can create the email account, .

    A custom domain name lets you create your own email accounts using your own domain ending to the email. For many people, this is enough benefit to register a custom domain, even if they dont host a website to redirect it to.

    Whatever your reason for registering a custom domain, as you can see its easy to do and useful to have.

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