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How To Check Domain Age

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Googles Matt Cutts Point Of View On Domain Age

Domain Age Checker, Check Any website when its was created

Matt Cutts, a known blogger, and authority on SEO says that young websites will struggle to rank, and clarifies that new websites are small therefore they differ from older websites. However, he goes on to say that after a couple of months when a website has aged and established its place on the internet, it will be competing equally with older and established websites.

Older websites will have an edge as they have more backlinks as they have taken the time to acquire them. They are on search engine ranking and have established their credibility. Find out more about domain age wonders for SEO.

How To Find Age Of A Website Using Our Domain Age Checker

Every free tool launched by RankWatch, be it Domain Authority Checker, Reciprocal Link Checker, or Domain Hosting Checker, has only one motive: to save your time and efforts. Therefore, you will not face any issues in using our tools.

To find the age of a website using our Domain Age Checker is really easy. It includes 3 steps:

  • Enter The Domain Provide the Domain Age Checker with URLs to the website whose domain age you want to track. You can add up to 10 domains.
  • Hit the ‘Find Age’ ButtonAfter entering the domains, hit the ‘find age’ button right below the tool.
  • On clicking the ‘find age’ button, the tool will generate an online report instantly. You have the choice to download the produced report.

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    Why Should You Check The Domain Age Of Your Competitors

    Every business aims to rise above its competitors and intends to stay ahead of them always. Plus, it does not matter whether it is a small-scale business or a large-scale business, every brand studies their competitors. Our Domain Age Finder online is just another one of those tools that can help you conduct in-depth research into and gather information about your competitor’s domain.

    Through our Domain Age Finder, you will know since how long a particular competitor has been in the market. Depending on that domain age data, you can further analyse how much your competitor has achieved after it came into existence.

    If a competitor has been active for 10 years, there’s a strong possibility that it has gained a vast backlink profile, people’s trust, and brand loyal customers. Now, after determining the domain age, your data analysis will be thorough, and you will be able to formulate a full proof strategy that delivers positive results.

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    Why Would You Want To Know How Old A Domain Name Is

    There are many reasons that you may wish to know how old a domain name is. Some of these reasons include:

    • To see how old a company is, often the domain name is registered at the same time they started doing business.
    • Determining the trust of the brand, if a domain has only recently been registered they may not have had time to build a reputation.
    • Older domains can sometimes have SEO benefits as they have been around longer.
    • Verifying trademark claims by the date a domain was registered.
    • and many more!

    Want To Scan Website Ages In Bulk

    3 Ways to Check Domain Age of Any Website » WebNots

    The Website Age Checker was created in the summer of 2020. We are developing it to provide better results and paid features, such as scanning a list of websites at once. We are also considering adding more information in the scan, such as the SSL-certificate status and website CMS. For such features, we would love to hear from our users, on what you consider the most important.

    If you wish to get notified when these features are available, please leave us your email.

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    How To Use Website Age Checker To Get Domain Age Of Any Website

    It’s so simple to use as child’s play.

    • Go to the domain age calculator tool page.
    • Type your domain name.
    • Hit the “Get Domain Age” Button.
    • The result will display in front of you in few seconds.

    It’s the matter to type the domain name in the box and hit the enter button to obtain the various information regarding the website.

    Benchmarking Against Your Competitors

    If your website “authority” is higher than that of your competitors, then your site is stronger than theirs in terms of “link popularity.”

    For example, has a Domain Rating of 88. has a Domain Rating of 91.

    That’s because it has more backlinks from websites with strong link profiles, which leads to a higher “authority” score .

    TIP. If two websites have the same Domain Rating, then you should use Ahrefs Rank to judge their relative strength.

    Comparing your Domain Rating to other websites in your industry can tell you whether your competitors are doing better or worse than you. If they’re doing better, then you may want to analyze their backlink profile in Ahrefs Site Explorer for untapped link opportunities.

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    Importance Of Domain Age Checker

    Domain Age Checker is used to check on your age, competitors, or the domain you are likely to buy. It’s particularly beneficial in the last two instances. Checking for your domain will likely get used for knowing when the domain will expire, and you can renew it.

    You know that your competitor’s age will help you profile him. You will find a notion of how strong he is in your niche and what you are up against. So you’re able to equip yourself. Now checking for the domain age for a domain you’re going to buy is quite essential. It’s no mystery that aged domains rank better on search engines.

    So, you would do well to buy a domain name That’s at least 5 years old. All the SEO activities and campaigns have been done over the previous years. Creating a good hyperlink profile will be an added advantage for those going to buy a domain later.

    Furthermore, a domain that has existed for a long time will get more traffic, right, and perform far better. It also already enjoys an established trust and a positive reputation. It is the reason why Domain Age checker matters.

    Proceed with no inhibitions and buy our tool today. All the domain information our tool provides will come in super handy. It is for SEO actions and for purchasing the best-employed domain name.

    Why Lookup The Age Of A Domain

    How To Check The Domain Age Of .Com.Np ?

    The main reason a lot of SEO experts insist on checking the history of a domain is that older domains are regarded as trusted and stable, making the associated website a better bet for higher ranking on search engines.

    Other reasons include the fact that in the evaluation of the domain or even the associated website, the domain age also comes into consideration. As aged domains are more valuable and often come at a higher cost.

    As such there are many tools online to help in finding out the exact age of a domain, which age is determined from the time the domain was created and the current date.

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    Check Domain Age For Multiple Websites

    Domain Age is one of the big factors in the search engines ranking of your website. Domain which is registered more than a year ago can rank better as compare to the new websites. Moz also consider this factor when assign website authority to a website. A website which is registered more than 5 years ago is considered as a stable company.

    Prepostseo Domain is checker tool allows you to check the time, when your domain name was registered and when it was updated last time.

    What Is The Oldest Domain Name

    The first domain name to ever be registered was It was first registered on Friday 15th of March 1985. This means that it is 36 years old today.

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    If you find this service useful for checking DNS propagation, please consider donating to help pay hosting costs and keeping the site up to date.

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    About Domain Age Checker Tool By Rankwatch

    Through our Domain Age finder, we aim to help website owners in calculating the domain age of their site. Website Age Checker by RankWatch is one of the most convenient-to-use tools available on the internet. It provides you with every ounce of necessary information that requires to be known by webmasters and website owners.

    Unlike other Website Age Finders, our tool provides its users with information related to the first time a domain was created and the last time when it was updated along with the domain’s expiration date.

    Our Website Age Checker not only tells you about the registration or expiration date of the domain but also, about the approximate time as well.

    Our tool categorically segregates the collected data and formulates a report that can be downloaded easily. You can open the report only to find out more data about your domain age extracted by our Website Age Checker.

    Extra data related to your website age include:

    The IP address of the device that is hosting your website currently.

    Information about the servers on which your domain is running.

    Name of the registrar from whom the domain was bought .

    Extra details on the domain concerning its broad history.

    So, basically, through our Domain Age Checker you will not only know about your domain age but also, you will get data related to your domain expiration date, updating date, and the name of the registrar as well.

    And there is one other thing:

    How To Use Our Domain Age Checker

    How to check Domain Age free seo all tool#domain_age ...

    Our domain age checker is developed specifically for the purpose of checking the age of any domain name. Our tool is user-friendly. You might enjoy using it! You may check domain age of single or multiple websites with this free tool.

    1. Simply enter your website URL in the text box or you can add multiple URLs.

    2. Click on the Check Domain Age to execute the process.

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    Do You Need A Domain Age

    Of all the SEO tools out there, domain-name age-checkers are among the easiest to use and most misunderstood.

    Some SEO professionals say it’s unnecessary to check the age of a website before making a purchase, but its good to know . In contrast, others would never buy a domain name without using an age-checker first.

    Let’s take a deeper look at these domain age-checker tools and why you might want to consider using one and how to check domain age.

    First, let’s take a look at what we mean when we talk about domain name age.

    Is Website Age Important In Google Ranking

    Yes, age of domain plays an important role in Google ranking. Google examines the date a domain gets registered and starts crawling. How many links are established with other sites?

    Things are becoming easier by the day, and users can now use a backlink checker to check links to their site or rivals’ sites. Gaining high authority is not an easy task in the internet world. Every website needs to age and demonstrate its value and relevance to Google, or other search engines before it will index and rank it.

    For example, a new newspaper starts its business and sets up its site. It won’t get accolades and recognition straight away. It takes time to establish any business. Similarly, it also takes time to build a site for a business.

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    How Domain Age Check Works

  • Fill in the domain where you would like to check the age of.
  • and the domain age check will check the whois data.
  • View result and see how old a domain is and when it was registered.
  • Free Valuator offers free and professional domain and website appraisals.

    Appraise domains on your mobile! Download the Free Valuator app:


    How We Calculate Our Domain Rating Score

    How does Google determine domain age

    Domain Rating looks at the quantity and quality of external backlinks to a website.

    Here’s how we calculate this metric in simple terms:

    • Look at how many unique domains link to the target website

    • Look at the “authority” of those linking domains

    • Take into account how many unique domains each of those sites link to

    • Apply some math and coding magic to calculate raw DR scores

    • Plot these scores on a 100-point scale

    Domain Rating doesn’t take into account any other variables like link spam, traffic, domain age, etc.

    Learn more about Domain Rating here.

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    Domain Age Checker: Is Domain Age Importance

    The straightforward answer to this question will be a yes. Domain age is indeed important for SEO or Google ranking. Among several weighting factors that Google considers while ranking a website is the age of a domain. In other words, how long a domain has been around is important.

    Its worth considering that domain age doesnt refer to how long you have owned a given website name, but rather how long its been since Google first indexed that domain. That is why many companies prefer to buy age domains that have existed for a while to add an extra bit of Google oomph element. Nonetheless, if a domain was registered some 10 years ago doesnt mean that Google takes it as a 10 years old, Google must have indexed it

    Lets put it this way that even if a domain has been registered for 10 years but did nothing more than that, then it is same like you bought the domain just yesterday.

    Why The Authority Of Your Domain Matters

    Google representatives consistently deny the use of “domain authority” as a ranking factor. But according to Google’s John Mueller, they do have a sitewide score that “maps to similar things.”

    Plus, when we studied the correlation between Domain Rating and keyword rankings for 218,713 domains, we found that the two correlate well.

    This makes Domain Rating a useful metric by which to estimate a websites ability to get organic traffic from Google.

    Disclaimer: This is a correlation study. It does not prove causation.

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    What Is The Age Of A Domain Name

    The domain name age is exactly what it sounds like-how long the domain name has existed based on when the original owner created and registered it.

    You might sometimes hear it referred to as the website age, but it’s important to keep in mind that the term refers to the domain name itself, not just the website’s current iteration.

    For example, imagine that someone creates a domain on March 1, 2020, and it expires a year later.

    Someone else buys the expired domain on March 5, 2021. You’ll still use the March 1, 2020 date to determine the domain name age, not the date that the new owner bought the website.

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