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What Does Net Domain Mean

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How To Improve Domain Authority

Internet Domains: what Web addresses mean

Many businesses and websites want to know how they can go about increasing domain authority and page authority.

Firstly, its important to point out that higher DA has no value as an end goal. Its just an indicator. Higher DA is a fine thing to strive for, but we try to avoid having clients set DA targets as a goal because improving your DA wont make you any money.

What a higher DA should do is increase your traffic, which should lead to more conversions, which should make you more money. But if youre measuring DA, youre at least four shoulds from your real goal, of making more money. So we prefer to measure conversions and traffic, and if at all possible, revenue.

But if you are looking to improve your website domain authority, start with a backlink audit. From there you can identify what types of sites link to you, and start taking the next steps towards strengthening your DA:

  • Earn high-authority links
  • Eliminate low-quality and spammy links
  • Focus on earning links that refer traffic to your website
  • Backlinks can further help boost your DA when they stem from authoritative websites, drive traffic that stays and interacts with your content, and are linking to helpful resources audiences.

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    Why We Recommend A Com Extension

    A .com domain name is the most common extension and still generally carries more significant value for companies.

    Thats because most of your customers are going to assume your website is .com. That is unless the extension is part of your trademarked business name .

    The big question is: does a .com extension have any direct impact on your search rankings?

    While it seems that .coms are Googles preferred extension, its probably not the case.

    Googles only reason to prioritize one extension over the other is that Internet users default to .com domains. People expect sites to use the extension many associate real businesses with .coms, and Google tends to play on user assumptions.

    In fact, more than50 percent of all websites on the web use the .com extension.

    So one could say that a .com extension helps your rankings because users are more likely to click on than abcd.anythingelse. Additionally, .coms are easier to remember, and a person is more likely to type in the wrong URL with other extensions.

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    When To Use A Com Domain Extension

    The .com domain extension is short for commercial, and it is the most widely used extension. Its recommended that any professional entity use .com because it conveys credibility and is easier to remember than other lesser-known extensions. It is also the most recognizable and is seen as a reliable marker for trustworthiness and professionalism. For that reason, many individuals and organizations use it in addition to commercial businesses.

    Given the popularity of the .com domain extension, it can be very difficult to find an available .com. In the case where there are no suitable .com extensions available, businesses may consider using an alternative domain extension, such as a .net or a country code such as .us or .ca if it means getting their desired domain name .

    Want a .com but struggling to find an available one? Get ideas on choosing a domain name.

    What Is Net Extension

    Domain name

    .net domain name extension is derived from the network, which indicates that it is created for organizations involved in networking technologies.

    The .net domain is the second most popular domain name extension. It is often presented as an alternative to .com when you try to buy a domain name that already exists. The .net domain name extension was initially meant to be used for network and network-related products.

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    Com Vs Net: Quickly Find Out Which Is Right For Your Business Website

    Kelly is a former Google Tech Entrepreneur and Apple Developer who has counseled businesses of all sizes and growth stages. You can find her expertise across Fit Small Business in , business website, and business trend content.

    This article is part of a larger series on Small Business Websites.

    If finding an available domain name wasnt difficult enough, once you find one, youll have to decide which domain name extension you want. For many, it will come down to .com vs .net. Chances are, you will want to go with the .com as it represents a commercial entity and is the most recognizable domain extension. However, if youre in a niche tech or web services area, a .net might be better for you.

    Heres when to use .com vs .net:

    • .COM: Best for nearly every type of business
    • .NET: Best for technology and web-service businesses

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    ‘infrequently Asked Questions’ Seeks The Answer

    While most of us spend our time on “.com” websites, the alphabet soup of web addresses continues on–.org, .net, etc.

    But what are they all for?

    Curious, we reached out to Gaurav Naik, assistant research professor at Drexel University’s College of Computing and Informatics, for an answer.

    For starters, what are these names for?

    • The world is full of questions we all want answers to, but are either too embarrassed, time-crunched or intimidated to actually ask. With Infrequently Asked Questions, we set out to answer those shared curiosities. Have a question you want answered? Send an email to , and well find an expert who can give you the answer youre craving.

    In the operation of the internet, a domain name is translated to a numerical Internet Protocol address that is used for locating and identifying the service or device for that particular domain. A domain name consists of multiple parts that are separated by dots. We call the right-most part the top-level domain and the left-most parts are called subdomains of the domain name. For example, in,” edu is the TLD, drexel is a subdomain of edu and www is a subdomain of

    What’s the origin story of these domains, and what are the fundamental differences between them?

    Does anyone regulate or oversee this domain system?

    “.ly” has been showing up more and more. What’s with that? Are there more like that on the way?

    Is anyone still using “.net”?

    Can anyone register as .mil, .gov or .edu?

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    Org Vs Com Differences

    As you compare .org vs .com, youll notice that the distinction between the two appears to be fairly simple: one is for nonprofit uses while the other is used by commercial organizations. If you want to create a nonprofit website, use a .org domain. If your goal is to build an online business, go for .com instead.

    But, of course, nothing is ever black and white. As the availability of .com domains drops, businesses are opting for alternative TLDs in order to be able to use their intended domain names. With only around 10 million .org domains registered, accounting for less than 5% of the global total, the .org has risen as one of the preferred alternatives to the .com extension.

    Technically, any type of business or organization can use a .org domain as long as they back it with the right that will avoid potential misunderstandings among those who still connect this domain extension with nonprofits. However, the notion that .org domains belong to charities, NGOs and educational platforms is so ingrained in the collective mindset that you might want to keep this TLD as a last resource only.

    If youre in need of a strong .com domain alternative for your business or online portfolio, you should take a look at .net instead.

    What Is The Meaning Of Net How Should Net Be Used

    What does Domain Name Mean in Computer Terms

    The meaning of .NET was network. See, its all rather logical, isnt it? You may be scratching your head by this point, thinking, but tell what domain would be champion in a .COM vs .NET vs .ORG showdown?

    We already know that .ORGshould be used for non-profits, but you may be contemplating the difference between .COM and .NET. While .COM was intended for commercial organizations, .NET was designed with networking organizations in mind, such as Internet service providers and email service providers.

    These days, like the majority of TLDs, .NET domains can be used for any purpose, whether you run a social media network or provide an online service.

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    Why Have The Lines Been Blurred For These Top

    Because no one enforced the rules about each extension. The differences were meant only as guidelines, not hard and fast rules.

    That said, an organization manages domain names so that no two websites can have the same domain.

    This organization is called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers .

    Because the internet is so vast, ICANN outsources registration to hundreds of different registrars around the world.

    When buying a domain name and extension, you have to pay one of these registrars.

    Typically, sites have to renew their domain annually. If they dont, it becomes available to the next buyer.

    While ORG, COM, and NET are the primary top-level domain extensions, theyre not the only options.

    There are literally hundreds of unique extensions that companies can use.

    Not all extensions are available to everyone, though. For example, the extension .museum is only reserved for actual museums. In that case, an entity has to prove that its a museum to get the extension.

    There are also country code domains, such as .uk, .ca, .cn, and more.

    There are currently over 250 country code domains, which tell users in which country the domain originated.

    Only the U.S. has special designations for specific domains, such as .gov or .edu. While every country has a government, only the United States can use .gov without adding a country code.

    How To Register A Domain Name

    Different name providers utilize different systems and so while this answer covers what the process typically looks like, it may differ slightly depending on the provider. For more in-depth coverage, you can check out our domain buying guide.

    Youll usually start by running a domain name search. Most domain name providers will allow you to type in your desired domain name and see whether its available as well as registration price. Here on Hostinger, we also provide plenty of suggestions for other potential domain names, which can be useful when the domain that you searched for was already taken.

    From there, its just a case of completing the checkout process and paying for your new domain name. Once its registered, youll be given access to a control panel with all the essential management tools.

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    What Is The Meaning Of Org How Should Org Be Used

    The, .ORG extension stems from the word organization. Back in 1985, the domain was part of the original TLDs and it was initially intended for non-profit and non-commercial organizations. In 2019 it all changed, the restriction lifted, meaning anyone can register a .ORG.

    The .ORG domain should be used like any other domain. You can use it for charity, cultural, art, or social websites, or a non-profit community. In reality, there is little difference between .COM and .ORG, whether you want to use it for a non-profit or startup, the choice is yours.

    What Is A Domain Extension

    Change Domain Name

    There are two parts to every domain name: the name and the extension. Together, these form the address of your website on the internet.

    The name, also known as the second-level domain, is the unique identifier of the website. The domain extension comes after the second-level domain. Domain extensions are also referred to as the top-level domains, or TLDs. These terms are used interchangeably.

    While the second-level domain signals the name of your brand, the domain extension specifies the entity that your website represents. HubSpots top-level domain is .com because were a business.

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    Other Domain Name Types

    While the above-mentioned domain name categories are the most frequent, there are other variations that you can run into.

    Second-Level Domains

    Youve probably seen these domain names before. Were talking about a domain that sits directly below a top-level domain name. Were not going to get too technical here because its easier to show with examples, particularly when it comes to country codes.

    For example, British companies occasionally use instead of .com, and its a perfect example of a second-level domain. Another second-level domain is, which is often used by governmental institutions, and, which is used by academic institutions and universities.


    Subdomains are useful because they dont require webmasters to purchase an additional domain name to create divisions within their site. Instead, theyre able to create a subdomain that effectively points to a specific directory on the server. This can be super useful for campaign sites and other types of web content that should be kept separate from the main site.

    For example, Facebook uses to provide specific information for web and app developers who want to use the Facebook API. Another great example is

    Free Domains

    There are also free domain names that you can get from different website builders such as, Squarespace, Weebly, etc.

    Gtld: Generic Top Level Domain

    A gTLD is essentially a top-level domain that doesnt rely on a country code. Many gTLDs are intended for a specific use-case, such as .edu which is aimed at educational institutions. That said, you dont have to meet any specific criteria to register a gTLD, which is why a .com domain might not necessarily be used for commercial purposes.

    Other examples of gTLDs include .mil , .gov , .org , and .net, which was originally designed for internet service providers but is now used more widely.

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    Pros Of Using A Net Domain

    • Choice of domain names available: Less than 4% of total websites are registered with the .net domain. Thats why its easier to find .net domain names if compared to the .com domain. On top of that, you can register your favorite domain name with the .net extension.
    • Memorability among tech-related websites: The .net represents network. People generally recognize that the website provides tech-related information or provides web-based services like internet, web hosting, email hosting, cable tv, etc. and are great examples of it.

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