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What Is The Difference Between Domain And Subdomain

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What is the Difference Between Domain and Subdomain

People are often confused when they hear that a core domain is actually a subdomain. In his DDD books, Eric Evans refers to them as Core Domains, but he also refers to them as subdomains. Confusing much?

When you view domains and subdomains as fuzzy, and subdomains also as domains, using core domain and core subdomain interchangeably doesnt really matter. Its fuzzy but not ambiguous.

Core Domain sounds better, Core Subdomain emphasises that there is a higher-level domain to which this belongs.

The Difference Between A Domain And Subdomain

Do you know what the difference between a domain and subdomain is? A lot of people have heard both of these terms, however, one of the most common questions we here is what is a subdomain, and why would I use one?

Your Domain NameYou know what a domain name is, this is your website address, the www.yourcompany.com one, and this allows people to easily get to your website through common English rather than typing your direct server address within their web browsers such as

Your domain is something that you need to register, associate with your business and use for your website. But what is a subdomain?

A SubdomainA subdomain is simply another folder on your hosting account that is another location for a different website to live under your domain, an example of a subdomain would you members.yourcompany.com members being the subdomain. When people type this address they are brought to a different website then your main website at yourdomain.com.A subdomain is mainly used to separate websites, create multiple websites under one domain, or host different web applications without the need to register for multiple domain names themselves.

Other uses could be companies that operate in multiple regions, if they had a branch location for each country they operate in, they may have subdomains like ca.yourcompany.com or us.yourcompany.com.

The Difference Between Addon Domain Vs Subdomain

In this post, were reviewing the difference between Addon Domain Vs Subdomain. You may have used these words, but you dont really know what they say. Here we will provide the information required for each of them to get a better understanding.

But before heading any further, its very important to understand what is the domain name. A common internet protocol address is a domain name. This is a numerical address containing a website on a list. Domain names are like the entries in your phone book, where you have numbers to make calls for each name.

Likewise, when you type a URL on your browser, you give the Internet a name representing one or more IP addresses. Although the network knows only the language of the IP addresses, the domain name that you join can not be found.

Every web server needs a Domain Name System server in order to translate these names into IP addresses. Now, that youve understood how the domain name works, its time to go further explaining the differences between Addon Domain Vs Subdomain.

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What Is A Domain Name

A domain name is the address of a website that internet users type in their browser URL bar in order to visit a specific website. Every website is identified by a unique series of numbers called an IP address. This numeric set is what your computer uses to find and connect to the server where the website data lives. A typical IP address looks similar to this:

Numbers may be great for computers, but in general, for humans, they are hard to remember, especially when compared to words. The words used to identify entities on the Internet are known as the domain or URL, and just like the IP address, they’re unique to each website. So Instead of using numbers to visit a website, all you need to know is the domain name of that website, and then type it into your browser URL bar .

A domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers, and it can be used in combination with the various domain name extensions , such as .com, .net and more.

The domain name must be registered before you can use it. Every domain name is unique. No two websites can have the same domain name. If someone types in www.yourdomain.com, it will go to your website and no one else’s.

Domains Subdomains And Paths The Difference Explained

What Is The Difference Between Subdomain And Domain


If you’ve registered after April 6, 2022 and would like to set up your subdomain or learn more about domain installation, please contact our Support Team via chat or email. The following guide is intended for the users registered before April 6, 2022. Guides for new users will be available soon.

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Is Com A Root Domain

Technically, the root domain is the highest hierarchical level of the Internet, even above top-level domains such as .com and . The root domain microsoft.com encompasses subdomains such as mydomain.microsoft.com and www.microsoft.com as well as webpages branching from the main site and any subdomains.

Hosting For A Company Blog:

Some of the website owners may want to separate their company blog from the rest of the site. This becomes highly useful when the main website does not come equipped with the proper features or the software for managing a blog effectively.

Using a subdomain for such cases makes more sense. Creating a subdomain for such a situation becomes very useful.

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Setting Up A Subdomain

Subdomain setup for different sites or applications is quite a lot simpler, because each subdomain you setup can point to a different server address.

  • Log into your website hosting dashboard.
  • Select the root domain you want to use.
  • Look for an option to add a new subdomain, or A name.
  • Enter a name for the subdomain, and the IP address of the server you want to point it to.
  • Once the DNS record is updated, it will be ready to use once it has resolved, which can take up to a day .
  • Creating A Site Resource Or Support Page

    What Are Subdomains? The Difference Between a Subdomain and a Subdirectory | The Journey

    If your website requires an extensive support, documentation, or a tutorial section, then you might find a subdomain useful.

    When youre trying to create and structure a ton of different content, youll need to think about how you can organize this content, so its easy to access and digest.

    For example, youll find a separate support section at Google thats using a subdomain.

    Other types of websites might create a separate tutorials section, a knowledge base, or any other aspect of your site that requires extensive content management outside of a traditional blog.

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    Create A Subdomain Via Hpanel

    To create subdomains via our hPanel, your domain must be pointing to Hostinger.

    However, if your domain name is registered in another registrar, simply follow our guide to point your domain to Hostinger.

    Once done, go to your hPanel dashboard and scroll down to the Domains section. Click on Subdomains.

    Enter your intended subdomain and click Create.

    You can tick on the Custom folder for subdomain box if you want to create a specific custom directory.

    Once done, youll get a pop-up on the upper right corner of the screen saying Subdomain created successfully. Right below, there will be a box with the List of Current Subdomains so you can check its information or even delete it.

    Now, you need to install the platform you want to use in your subdomain. For the purpose of this tutorial, were going to select WordPress.

    Navigate to the Website tab on the left menu bar and click Auto Installer.

    From there, Select WordPress as the platform for your subdomain.

    Fill in the required fields to install WordPress on your subdomain:

    • Select the subdomain of your choice
    • Add your login credentials

    Once youve filled out the form, click Install. This may take a few minutes.

    Now, your subdomain should be listed here:

    Keep in mind that creating a subdomain adds an entry in your DNS zone, so it can take up to 24 hours for the new subdomain to start working.

    What Are Subdomains Used For

    Besides being great for site organization purposes, you can create subdomains to help you with several other tasks, such as:

    • Testing out a new website. You can edit and rebuild sites without having to put the main domain in maintenance mode.
    • Launching different language versions of your site. You can have separate websites that cater to different regions. For example, in.yourdomain.com for India, to fr.yourdomain.com for France, and id.yourdomain.com for Indonesia.
    • Creating a mobile version of your website. To make sure the site looks and works great on mobile devices, you can use a subdomain URL such as m.yourdomain.com, for example.
    • Offering different products and services. Separate your forum site, store, blog, help center, and other unique content from the main domain.
    • Creating unique designs. You can host your subdomains on platforms that offer better services for your needs, such as other CMSs, website builders, or eCommerce site builders.
    • Better site organization. For instance, having a subdomain for customer support allows your business to have a dedicated website for FAQ, community, documentation, and other help pages.

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    What Is The Difference Between Forest And Domain

    The main difference between Forest and Domain is that the Forest is a collection of domain trees in an active directory while Domain is a logical grouping of multiple objects in an active directory.

    Overall, an active directory is a directory service developed by Microsoft that stores information on users, network resources and files which is capable of organizing all user and resources into groupings. These information helps to users and resources. Usually, there are multiple active directory objects which denotes the physical entities of a network. Forest and Domain are two such objects. Moreover, users, groups, shared folders, organization units etc. are some other active directory objects.

    Hosting Vs Domain: Can Each Be Purchased Separately

    What is the difference between Domain and Subdomain?

    There are a few different reasons why you may choose to purchase your hosting and domain name from different sources.

    For example, you might want to secure a domain name right now but youre not ready to choose a hosting plan yet.

    Or, you may want to set up your own business email accounts with your chosen domain, but dont yet have a website with that domain.

    Its good to know that youre able to register a domain name at a registrar your choose, but can later move or point that domain to a host you decide on later.

    As an example, you may want to register your domain on Namecheap, but use iThemes Hosting for your web host.

    Other hosts to consider include:

    • Nexcess

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    The Difference Between Root Domain Subdomain And Url Level Explained

    In Majestic Site Explorer and reports, users have the opportunity to look at sites on the root domain, subdomain or on the individual URL level. In this post well be looking at what these different terms mean and why you might want to be able to analyse sites on these different levels.

    Reports and Site Explorer queries taken at the root domain level will return results for the whole of the website being analysed. The root domain is the overarching structure which contains the subdomains and every URL. If you want the data for an entire site, sticking with the root domain will likely be the easiest way to access this data.

    Root domains are sometimes subdivided into other smaller domains called subdomains. Common reasons for this might include different subdomains covering different languages or regions. Examples from Majestic would be our French site or our German site. If youre looking for data only on a specific subset of the root domain, you may be best served doing your analysis on the subdomain level. These subdomains are smaller parts of the root domain so youll see fewer backlinks and referring domains on the subdomain level.

    Subdomain Vs Subdirectory Subdomain Or Subdirectory For Seo

    Do you know the difference between subdomain vs domain or subdomain vs subdirectory? S What is the difference between a domain and a subdomain? In this article, youll learn the differences between a subdomain and subdirectory and their effects on SEO. Its better to consider all the pros and cons before starting your project.

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    Subdomains Vs Bounded Contexts

    Perhaps the most confusing and controversial topic of all is subdomains vs bounded contexts. Two types of boundaries.

    Some people suggest that subdomains are part of the problem space an chosen by The Business whereas bounded contexts are software boundaries defined engineers.

    To me this has a very antiquated feel about it. And it makes sense. DDD was published 20 years ago, at a time when there was a split between the business and the separate IT department. There was a big gap between business boundaries and software boundaries.

    But in modern, product-led organizations, this no longer makes sense. IT is embedded in the business. There is no separate IT team. Empowered engineering teams own the products they are building, and they shape their own team topologies. The business, organizational, domain, and software boundaries are all defined by the same people.

    Domain Subdomain Bounded Context Problem/solution Space In Ddd: Clearly Defined

    What is Difference Between Domain vs Subdomain vs Addon domain? CPanel Tutorial

    Domain-Driven Design is an approach to designing systems, usually software, that emphasises creating a common language between domain experts and system builders. Famous DDD principles include Use a Ubiquitous Language and Make The Implicit Explicit.

    If you like this article, you may like another article Ive written: What is a Domain?

    I would also highly recommend Why I Dont Need a Bounded Context by Herman Peeren.

    However, some concepts in DDD do not have a clear definition and are highly implicit. Everybody has their own definition of Domain, Subdomain, Problem Space and Solution space. In this article, Im going to provide working definitions of those concepts and clear them up.

    Its also worth keeping in mind that DDD was published in 2004 at a time when empowered, cross-functional product teams were rare. At that time IT was a separate department from the business.

    This post is based on a long conversation on github involving many people from the DDD community.

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    While Testing New Products Or Features:

    While you feel the need to expand your service or site, it becomes easier with a subdomain to test the features of the products or services. With the setting up of a brand-new website, you can use it hassle-freely for setting up a completely new domain.

    Knowing what are subdomains can help you in a variety of ways to build up a completely new site without struggling to make a new domain. It makes things easier for you to manage everything from a separate site while keeping your actual site untouched.

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