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How To Find The Domain Host Of A Website

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What Is A Hosting Company

Domain Sleuthing to Find Domain Registrar, Website Host, and Email Host

A hosting company is a business to business company that sells internet real estate so that other businesses and individuals can host a website. They have a wide range of services outside of hosting environments that help you set up a website, run one efficiently and protect against cybercriminals.

Hosting companies come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are not all created equal. You want to choose a hosting company with a robust set of services and one that is a one-stop-shop for all of your hosting needs. But lets breakdown the basics. Most hosting companies offer 3 main hosting environments to choose from with tiers.

Three Types Of Hosting Services

Beginners Shared Hosting

: this is a hosting environment where multiple websites share a server and all its resources. All the server components are allocated to hundreds of websites. This type of hosting environment is recommended for small business and blogs with low traffic flow. A good hosting company will have scalable shared hosting plans to match an expanding websites needs.

VPS for added privacy and computing power

VPS hosting: this is a hosting environment that behaves like a shared space bit instead of sharing all the server components like in shared hosting, VPS hosting offers virtual private server compartments in a large shared space. Thats right each virtual private server has all the server components dedicated to one website. Because of the nature of VPS servers, they have a built-in security feature so that if one website is affected by a cyberattack the others arent infected like in a shared space. VPS is a powerful hosting environment and because it works in a shared environment while having separated server compartments the price is kept low. VPS is recommended to serious business owners that hope to scale their business quickly.

Dedicated servers offer exclusive access to a server

Beyond having hosting capabilities, a hosting company will also offer other services like domain hosting, website monitoring, cloud services, SSL certificates and other server security options, back-up services and more.

Are The Domain Owner And The Website Owner The Same

In most situations, the domain owner and the website owner are the same. But technically, that doesnt have to be the case. So, who is the owner of a domain?

Businesses are a great example to look at. A business website is part of the company, which can be owned by a partnership or corporation. However, domains are usually registered to one individual.

When a domain is registered, it will have several contacts listed for it. These are Registrant, Admin, Technical, and Billing. The Registrant contact is the legal owner of the domain.

If you hired an agency to build your website, someone on its staff might have registered the domain. If its not under your contact information, you wouldnt be the websites legal owner.

And finally, sometimes, domain registration services retain ownership of your domain. If they charge you for managing your domain, such as updating MX or A records, then thats a good sign that you dont legally own your domain.

However, if you find the domain owner, it will be easy to get to the website owner and vice versa.

Lets look at five proven ways to find out who owns a website.

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How To Find Out Who Hosts A Website

Now the best way to get an answer to your question is, to go to Who is Hosting This.

Once youre on the website, enter the name of the website in the search bar.

On the next page, youd get all the details about the website. For eg., the website checked by me is hosted on Amazon AWS servers.

See? Easy enough!

What Are The Prices

How to Manage your Domain Name from Host The Website

I also liked Jumps prices. They are literally unbeatable on the Bulgarian market and are several times lower than for similar services on my old hosting. As we can see from the table above, this is hosting that can scale with us over the course of time. If our site grows we can always upgrade to a plan with more resources without having to move to different hosting every time the site hits the limits.

Why did I choose Jump hosting?

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The Difference Between Domain Host And Hosting Lookup

Remember that domain hosting and internet hosting are two different things. To find a domain host you simply can use a WHOIS records website to find out who is hosting a particular domain and who it is registered to. With hosting lookup, the information will tell you where a website is hosted and the company that is hosting it.

Contact The Domain Name Owner

If one of the steps above leads you to the website owner, its time to reach out! Craft an email letting them know that youre interested in purchasing the domain.

To avoid looking like spam, make sure your email conveys seriousness and professionalism. If you have a professional email address at a domain name you own, that will look more legitimate than one from a yahoo or aol account. If not, consider at least setting up a gmail address, which looks a bit more respectable.

Make sure your email includes:

  • Your contact information both email and phone, so its easy for them to choose the method they prefer.
  • Language that makes it clear youre willing to pay you may not want to include a specific offer yet , but theyre more likely to respond if they know this is a genuine business offer
  • Something that shows your legitimacy how can you show youre a real person with serious intent? Maybe thats a link to a website you already run or a LinkedIn profile.

People get a lot of spam emails, so you want to clarify that youre a real person with real interest. If you can pull that off, the chances of getting a response are much higher.

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Why You Might Want To Find The Owner Of A Website

Wanting to purchase a domain is the most common reason for learning how to find the owner of a website. Lets say youre starting your own website, and you do a URL availability search or a Bluehost domain search only to find that the domain you want is taken.

You can find the owner of the domain or website and contact that person to see if theyre willing to sell you the domain.

There are a few other reasons you might want to find the owner of a domain or website. Perhaps you wish to contact the website owner for another reason, such as having a question about their content or design.

And finally, you might want to find the owner of a website if you believe that the content or the business is questionable.

Whatever reason you choose, there are several strategies you can use to look up a websites owner or domain registration history.

How Do I Find The Dns Provider Of My Domain

Pointing Your Domain to Your Web Host

Once you purchase a new domain, you need to set up DNS records for it. With those records in place, you will be able to use email hosting and any other services you might have on this domain. A DNS hosting provider for your domain stores your DNS records.

While a DNS hosting service is commonly provided by a domain name registrar, it may also be a dedicated hosting company.

To find out who is responsible for DNS hosting of a domain, you need to find the authoritative DNS servers for that domain. A list of DNS servers authoritative for the domain is shown in the Name Server record. To find this record, you can use the NSLOOKUP tool. Read the Knowledge Base article on How do I use the NSLOOKUP tool provided with Windows? for more information. You can also use or MxToolbox, or any other website which provides the same functionality.

If you use MxToolbox, you may find your Name Servers using Whois Lookup: select Whois Lookup and type your domain here > click the button to proceed.

Check Name Servers for you domain.

In this example, Name Servers are NS*.DOMAINCONTROL.COM. These Name Servers belong to GoDaddy. Here you may see a list of most common Name Servers and the DNS hosting companies that own them.

MxToolbox also allows to find your DNS host the easier way: locate A record box and type your domain name here > click the button to proceed.

You will see who your DNS hosting provider is.

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What Do I Do If The Website Name I Want Is Taken

If the domain name you want is already registered, you have a few options. First, check out the recommended, similar domain names in your search results to see if one of those works. You should also consider an available domain name with an extension other than .COM, such as .IO, .CLUB, or .ROCKS. There are hundreds of new TLDs to consider. If youre really set on securing your first choice of domain, find the current registrant using Whois Lookup and see if they are willing to sell it. Learn more

Check Your Billing Records

Checking your billing records is probably the easiest, and therefore, the first method you should use. Typically, your domain name registrar is who you bought your domain name from. If you dont remember who that registrar is, try searching your email archives for records regarding your domain name registration . The domain registrar should be listed on your invoice.

Its imperative that you keep your domain registrar up to date regarding changes to your email address and/or contact information. Registrars send renewal notifications to the email address they have listed.

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How To Find Out Who Is Hosting Any Website

Posted on October 8, 2020 by B.J. Keeton in WordPress |

Have you ever been visiting a website and been amazed by the split-second load times? Or maybe your competitors website blasts past yours in terms of loading speed and the ability to handle massive loads of visitors. You might even be a first-timer and have no idea which hosting company is best, so you want to emulate a popular site. Perhaps a previous administrator set up a site that you inherited and left you no information. Whatever your reason, you can easily find out any websites host using multiple methods.

Identify Your Hosting Provider

How To Find The Web Host of a Website

To identify your hosting provider, perform the following actions:

  • Navigate to Digital.coms WHOIS Tool. This website allows you to search for a domain names hosting provider.Note: While this article uses Digital.coms WHOIS Tool, other similar search sites also exist, such as Webbiums cPanel, L.L.C. is not affiliated with either of these third-party sites.
  • Search for your domain name. Enter your websites domain in the Search text box, and then click Search. A new page will appear.Note:
  • If you do not know your domain name, search your billing records. If you see a Site not registered message, you either have not registered the domain, or the domain is not hosted anywhere. If you receive that result, use to check whether the domain is registered.
  • You can search for any domain, regardless of whether you own that domain.
  • Identify your hosting provider. The list of hosting information should include the following information:
  • Hosted by â The name of the hosting provider. This link might not point directly to the hosting companys website. Use your favorite search engine to search for the company website.
  • Country â The websites country of origin.
  • WHOIS â A link to access domain registration information. Most website owners often use their hosting companies to register domains. However, it is also possible to register domains through a separate company from the company that hosts the website.
  • Additional Documentation

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    Find Out Who Is Hosting Any Website

    From time to time, you might notice some websites you become interested in. For instance, it might be your new competitors site or just some web portal with superb loading speed. Who is hosting this? you may be wondering.

    Imagine another situation: you want to transfer your domain or connect it to a web hosting provider. Who is hosting my domain? is what youll probably want to know.

    Whatever the question, the answer has never been easier to find! Use our free tool to check host of any site and get a lot of other information. Lets have a quick look at how it works and how to interpret its output.

    Why Do Companies Choose To Keep Whois Data Private

    Companies might choose to keep WHOIS data private for any number of reasons, including:

    • A home-based business that doesnt want or need the public to know its exact physical location or phone number.
    • Some companies use WHOIS data to look for prospective customers. If your WHOIS data is private, you can avoid receiving these sales pitches and emails.
    • Criminals can use WHOIS data for identity theft and other forms of fraud. Keeping the data hidden can help prevent this.
    • Ahead of an upcoming merger, Company A takes ownership of Company Bs domain. By keeping the WHOIS data private, they keep observers from learning of the merger before its made public.
    • Companies can choose to keep WHOIS data private for a variety of strategic reasons. For example, they may want to make it harder for competitors to see how many or which domains they own and use.

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    Three: Contact The Domain Registrar

    Many domain registrars now offer domain name privacy, which keeps the owners personal information from being listed in the WHOIS directory. Between that and GDPR legislation, the WHOIS directory is no longer a reliable way to find a domain owners personal contact information.

    That means in many cases, you wont be able to learn directly who the owner is via the directory. But you will be able to find out who they registered the domain with.

    This still isnt a dead end. Go to the website of the domain registrar , and look for their contact information. Give them a call or write them an email letting them know what domain youre interested in buying, and ask them to pass along your information to the owner. The registrar will have the owners contact details on file, and will be able to share your interest with them without violating any privacy concerns.

    What Do The Whois Results Mean

    How to Connect Your Domain to Your Web Host

    The WHOIS results give information about a website or domains:

    • Hosting provider: Company that manages the servers on which a businesss website information is stored. To create a website for your business, youll need to choose a provider to host your website, then it will be available online.
    • IP address: Every device connected to the internet has an IP, or internet protocol address. The IP address in the WHOIS results is the IP address for the server hosting the website.
    • Owner details: Detailed contact and location information about the owner of a domain or website. While ownership details are sometimes private and hidden, some contact information is usually provided.
    • Nameservers: Nameservers work behind the scenes, translating domain names into IP addresses. When you type into your browser, a nameserver tells your device which IP address to connect to.

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