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How Much Does An Internet Domain Cost

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Your Domain Name Should Be Easy To Remember

How Much Does a Domain Cost – And Why?

You want to make sure that your domain name is easy to remember. But what exactly does that mean?

Basically, the more items you ask someone to remember, the harder it is for them to do that.

When it comes to domain names, every word and symbol is a separate item, which is something to keep in mind when you are considering various options.

For example, is easier to remember than .

Try to keep your domain short, avoid using symbols, and get a well-known extension.

What Factors Impact The Cost Of A Domain Name

As I have mentioned, the cost of a domain name does differ depending on a number of different factors, including the registrar you choose. Below, I am going to talk you through some of the factors and the role they play on domain name cost so you can get a better understanding of why quotes differ for domain names across the web.

Dont Forget The Extra Costs

Its easy to focus so much on purchasing a domain name that you forget about the additional costs associated with it.

Obviously, a domain name is not a one-off purchase, it needs to be renewed every year, which will generally cost you the same amount of money that you paid to get it .

However, then there are also various add-ons that you can buy, the most popular of which is privacy protection that ensures that your personal or business details dont come up when people look up your domain name.

Generally, these extra costs dont add up too much but its still something that you should keep in mind.

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The Cost Of Private Domain Registration

Domain Privacy is privacy protection for your domain and comes free for life when you register an eligible domain with Namecheap. This service also extends to existing domains.

This service protects people from discovering personal information such as your name, address, phone number, and email.

Domain Privacy contact information is provided instead of your own, meaning that youre protected from telemarketers or identity thieves. For more information on private registration, check out our Domain Privacy page.

Registrar Of Your Choice

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost? A Beginners Guide

Domain registration costs will depend on the services that a registrar offers. Some domain registrars will provide simple registrations, while some will offer packages that include web hosting services.

Select a registrar that suits your needs and budget best. If a domain registrar is too expensive, try looking at other registrars that might have a better offer. Whichever registrar you choose, its crucial to make sure that its an ICANN accredited registrar.

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How Should I Choose My Domain Name

At first, you might think its annoying that the most relevant domain names for your site are probably taken. But now that the obvious names are out of the equation, were forced to think outside the box which can lead to some memorably creative results.

The most important point to keep in mind while you brainstorm is the radio test: in other words, could potential site visitors spell your domain name just by hearing it? By asking yourself this question, youll avoid common pitfalls like including numbers and words with multiple spellings .

Avoid Hyphens Or Odd Spellings

How often do you use punctuation when searching for something online? My guess is rarely. The last thing you want is a domain name that requires extra effort from your visitors. Using something like, no matter how compelling wont do you any favors.

When possible, avoid using uncommon spellings or numbers. Is that a 4 or a four? What about 2, to, two or too? You catch my drift. If anyone ever shares your domain via word-of-mouth, your name could get lost in translation.

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How Much Does A Domain Name Cost And Why Do You Need One

The cost of a domain name depends on multiple factors, but the average price of a domain is around $10-15/year. You cant avoid it every website needs a domain name for users to access the web pages.

This article will explain what a domain name is, where to register one, and how your domain cost is adjustable to your needs. Also, it will introduce different types of domains, such as premium and expired domains.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Domain

How Much Does A Website Cost?

Once youve purchased your domain and happily growing your online web presence, there are upkeep costs to consider when it comes to owning.

  • Registration period costs If youre wondering How often will I pay?, it will depend entirely on how long you decide to register your domain. Once this time is up, you then need to renew it for it to remain active.
  • Renewal costs If you wish to continue using your domain after your initial registration period, a renewal fee will be charged. Most registrars will send out reminders so that you dont miss the deadline. The renewal price is usually the same as the registration price for a total of 30 days after the expiration date.
  • Redemption period costs If you are not able to renew your domain in time, it enters the Redemption Grace Period. During this time, the domain will stop working and no changes can be made. To restore it from Redemption, depending on the domain in question and the upstream registry involved, you will be charged a fee that can range between $88 and $250. On top of this, you will also be charged the regular renewal fee.

To keep costs down, its important to renew your domains on time. At Namecheap, we offer auto-renewal to help you avoid surprise payments.

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Hire An Agency To Develop Your Ecommerce Site

Partnering with an agency is more expensive, but a good eCommerce development partner will generate measurable ROI. Depending on the web stores size and complexity, this agency could range anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000 for an enterprise eCommerce website.

On the other hand, agencies usually provide a full-spectrum of services from conception and branding to development, roll-out, and maintenance. On top of that, you can commission a scalable website that grows organically with your business, instead of being confined by a host of features a website builder provides. Thats where the long-term ROI will come from.


  • Build a high-performing eCommerce platform that meets your current business needs and can be scaled to accommodate future growth
  • Create a sleek user experience and delightful shopping experience with the help of professional consultants
  • Choose any eCommerce platform or go for a fully custom build there are no limits


  • Seek out an agile web development agency that can rapidly iterate on your feedback and requirements, unless you want an incredibly long development timeline
  • In-house technical expertise will be required to oversee the development process

Other Factors That Influence Web Hosting Prices

While the type of hosting plan you choose is one of the most important factors in determining cost, there are a few other factors that play a role in what youll spend each month on web hosting. The main ones are:

While many of these factors will influence the cost of your web hosting solution, often the value they provide makes the cost worth it. If spending a little more means gaining the functionality you need, or makes building and maintaining your website more intuitive, the cost difference will pay off.

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Your Domain Name And Branding

People often think that the word brand means a company name.

However, a brand is much more than that, your brand is the overall company image that you present to the world.

Its important to make sure that everything in your business, from the company name to the domain name to the website design to the content to the tone of voice, works together and conveys the image that you want to convey.

Imagine that you are conducting a job interview and you think that the candidate is great.

She is professional, she has the relevant experience, she seems like a great fit in terms of the company culture

But when she leaves, you take another look at her resume and you notice that her email address is .

No offense to the sk8ergurls out there, but lets keep it real: an email address like that would make you question your original impression of her.

Well, its the same with branding. If everything about your company conveys a certain image but your domain name doesnt fit that image at all, it will put potential customers on guard.

And the last thing you want to do is give them a reason to be suspicious.

How Much Does A Domain Name Really Cost

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost

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If you have ever tried to register a domain name before, then you have likely seen a wide-variety of prices ranging from $9 to several thousand dollars.

The cost of a domain name varies based on the domain extension , domain registrar, availability, and few other factors.

Apart from new domain names, you can also buy premium domain names from someone else who has registered it before you. Domain name investors often register premium domain names that are shorter, brandable, and easy to remember for the sole purpose of reselling.

In this article, well explain how much does a domain name really costs. Well also show you different ways to buy a domain name including a way to get one for free.

Since this is a comprehensive guide on domain name costs, we have broken it down into few sections:

How Much Does a New Domain Name Cost?

Buying a new domain name would typically cost you anywhere between $9 and $14.99 per year. However, these prices may differ based on the domain extension or the domain registrar you choose.

If you are starting a new website, then we recommend using Bluehost. They are one of the top web hosting companies in the world.

Hidden Costs of a Domain Name

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Can Domain Registration Costs Rise

You may be wondering if the domains you own can go up in price. In short, yes, registration costs can rise.

As a registrar, it is our job to communicate with registries and tell them to reserve the domains that you want to purchase.

If an increase in price occurs on the registry side, that means we may raise our prices to help cover costs.

But dont forget, that here at Namecheap, we also provide expert customer support, helpful features and account management everything you need to build your online presence.

Another external factor to consider is ICANN the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which announced last year that it would remove historical price caps for the .org top-level domain from the Public Interest Registry contract.

Our concern is that removing the price cap for these legacy TLDs could lead to large and unpredictable price increases that would harm Internet users and stifle innovation. Its worth checking out our CEOs blog post on how were standing up to ICANN.

Verify Ownership Of Your New Domain

Paying for your domain might seem like the last step in the process, but you also need to verify your ownership. This step lets you send email using the domain and keeps other people from using it without your permission.

If you purchase your domain through Mailchimp, this process is simple. Youll receive a verification email after you complete your purchase. Simply click on the Verify Domain button in the email and follow the instructions on the next page, and you can start using your domain to build your brand. Youll only ever have to complete this step once.

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Where Can I Buy A Domain Name

There are plenty of domain name registrars out there, but only a few are worth your consideration:

You can also buy a domain name through a website builder. Website builders are platforms that help beginners set up professional websites, without having to know any code. When you sign up with a website builder, the domain registration process is integrated as part of that sign up making it a perfect option for beginners!

Content Management System Costs

How much should a domain name registration & email hosting cost?

A CMS provides graphical controls for managing your website. These come in-built with online website builders as well as SaaS eCommerce platforms.

Also, you can use one of the popular free content management systems:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

For an enterprise website, you might want to build a custom CMS. Depending on your specs, this can cost between $10,000-$35,000 to develop.

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How To Find Available Domains

Whether youre just starting to look or you need a replacement for an existing domain name, there are a few ways to explore your options. You might start by doing some brainstorming based on keywords that are related to your business or website.

Youll generally want to keep your domain name simple, to avoid misspellings and confusion. A search tool can come in handy here. You can enter your ideas in our domain search tool to learn about availability and pricing. Youll also get suggestions for related domains, which can be helpful when your first choice is unavailable.

This tool also enables you to move right on to the purchase phase if your desired name is available.

Some rules of thumb to keep in mind as you shop for a domain name are:

  • Buy a .com domain unless you have a good reason not to . To learn more about your options, check out our guide to new top-level domains.
  • Short domains are generally best. However, short doesnt always mean simple. Youll want to strike a balance between length and memorability.
  • Dont forget to research the domain name. Youll want to make sure that your brand and domain names dont infringe on any trademarks and that there isnt a negative history associated with the domain. Its also important to note that many registrars dont allow users to register domains related to tragic events or disasters. For example, NameCheap restricted the registration of domains with COVID-19 related terms, such as coronavirus, n95, or covid, to combat fraud.

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