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What Happens When You Purchase A Domain Name

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What Is Your Intent

How To Buy A Domain Name From Google Domains

First things first, what is your intent with the domain name that you are registering? This will be a very important factor for any juror, judge or panelist assigned to your case. A claim of trademark infringement will often boil down to whether the registrant of a domain name had good faith or bad faith intent.

Purchase Your Domain Name And Complete Its Registration

Once you settle on a domain name, its time to purchase it. When you buy through Mailchimp, well let you know the annual cost of the domain name as well as any available discounts.

During the checkout process, youll be required to enter your contact information, including an email address, to register the domain.

What Happens If My Dns Provider Doesn’t Support Certain Record Types

If you manage your own DNS records and your DNS host does not support all the DNS records that Microsoft 365 needs, some Microsoft 365 features won’t work. We recommend that you transfer your domain to a registrar that supports all required DNS records.

Providers that support all required DNS records:

  • Dynadot


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Create Social Media Accounts

Building social media presence takes times. But you have to create your social media accounts as soon as possible to secure social media URLs.

It is recommended to choose the social media URLs that match to your domain name. For example, my domain name is and my Facebook page URL is In this way, people can find my page easily. And it will rank higher for the term Host Later .

There are several social networking sites. But you dont have to join all of them. Join social media sites based on your audience. Here is a list of common social media sites.

How To Choose A Domain Name

What actually happens when you buy a domain name?

Since your domain name can have a major impact on your online presence, what you choose is a vital first step in building your brand. Finding the perfect domain name, however, can be challenging.

While its true that there are millions of domain names available, many of the popular domain names that are easy to remember are taken. Fortunately, you can still get what you need if you go through a simple process and use a bit of imagination.

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How To Buy A Domain Name Permanently

You may be wondering how to get a domain name forever. Unfortunately, it is impossible to register one permanently.

However, you can buy a domain name for 10 years. Once that time is up, your chosen registrar will let you know that it is about to expire, and give you the chance to renew it.If its too costly, or too daunting to register it all at once, you can start with one year, or three years as many years as youre comfortable with as long as its no more than 10 years.

Who Owns Your Website Domain

Because its so valuable, we cannot stress enough the need to OWN YOUR OWN DOMAIN. This is a mistake we see hoteliers make all too often they entrust someone else to purchase their domain name for them, and wind up in a pickle.

For example, they may inherit a website domain through the acquisition of a hotel. Or ask their agency or web developer to purchase a domain name for them while building a new website.

This raises a number of issues around domain ownership. If a third-party purchases your domain name, then you technically dont own it. So if you were ever to leave your agency, switch website providers, or lose touch with the previous hotel owner, you might lose access to your website domain as well.

This has actually happened to one of our customers, a Comfort Suites property in Utah. The owner purchased the property, but the domain name still technically belongs to the previous owner. She now finds herself in a holding pen, unable to launch her new Vizlly website until the previous owner contacts the domain registrar and transfers ownership, which is proving to be a very slow process.

You can see how this scenario could be even worse if your website provider or web designer owned your domain name. If the relationship soured, they could essentially hold you captive for fear of losing access to your website.

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Create A Holding / Under Construction Page

With the excitement of a new business or website launch comes the urge to tell the world of your future plans.

If you do this before you have any kind of web page present its an opportunity missed. This is why its a good idea to get a holding page for your website online.

A holding page is useful for a few reasons

  • Firstly, it proves you have an active presence
  • You can give a website launch date
  • Build your mailing list nice and early by including an email form
  • Encourage social network shares
  • Include a contact form / contact details so interested parties can get in touch

When building your website wed recommend trying out WordPress in fact, we use it for this very blog. Its extremely flexible and since it is so incredibly popular, theres loads of fantastic support guides available online.

A major benefit of WordPress is that by using plugins you can pretty much get any functionality you could dream of all at your fingertips, often without the need for any coding skills.

How To Buy A Domain Name For Your Site

How to Buy a Domain Name: How to Start a Blog

Follow these 7 steps to get a domain name you love:

  • Have a few domain names in mind before you get started.

  • Pick a domain registrar and web hosting service.

  • Search to see if your name is available.

  • Select a domain extension.

  • Choose if you want private or public domain registration.

  • Buy your domain.

  • Connect it to your website.

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    Pick The Right Tld For Your Domain Name

    Your TLD affects your credibility, so its important to choose wisely.

    Check out this graph on the topic:

    TLDs ranked based on trust, memorability, and times used

    These are the extensions that you should consider if you are serving a global audience.

    Of course, .com domain names are much more expensive than the rest, so you might have to compromise there if you dont have the budget for it.

    Why Do I Have An Onmicrosoftcom Domain

    Microsoft 365 creates a domain for you, like, when you sign up with the service. The user ID that you create when you sign up includes the domain, like .

    If you want to have your email look like :buy the domain or just follow the steps in Add your users and domain to Microsoft 365 if you own it already.

    • You can’t rename the onmicrosoft domain after sign-up. For example, if the initial domain you chose was, you can’t change it to be To use a different domain, you’d have to start a new subscription with Microsoft 365.

    • You can’t rename your team site URL. Your team site URL is based on your domain name. Unfortunately, because of the way SharePoint Online architecture works, you can’t rename the team site.

    • You can’t remove your onmicrosoft domain. Microsoft 365 needs to keep it around because it’s used behind the scenes for your subscription. But you don’t have to use the domain yourself after you’ve added a custom domain.

    You can keep using the initial domain even after you add your domain. It still works for email and other services, so it’s your choice.

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    Avoid Slang & Pop Culture

    Imagine if today you tried appealing to a millennial demographic by using the term xtreme in a domain. You might reel in droves of fortysomethings, but the target audience would likely find that choice of words laughably outdated.

    Planning for long-term success means picking a web address with classic appeal, not something that fades from popularity within a few years.

    Similarly, avoid slang or use only slang thats universally recognizable. With the global reach of the internet, its not unthinkable that youll attract some folks who speak English as a second language. Make it easy for them.

    How To Protect Yourself

    How to Buy a Domain Name with GoDaddy

    Protect yourself in the following ways:

    • Purchase your own domain name from a registrar like GoDaddy or They have customer service teams who can walk you through how to do it if youre unsure.
    • If possible, try to register your domain name under the hotels name, not an individuals name. That way, if someone leaves the business, you dont have to worry about transferring the domain name into someone elses name. Ask your domain registrar provider if this is an option.
    • Dont share your domain registrar password with anyone . Your web developer, agency or website provider does not need direct access to this. GoDaddys customer service team can help you with the technical aspect of launching a new website if needed.
    • Keep login details separate for your domain registrar and web hosting provider . The last thing you want is a hacker gaining access to both!
    • If a third-party does purchase your domain name for you, ask the right questions. Who owns the domain if you end your contract? Who owns the website, including all design, code and content? If its not you, then dont sign.

    With Vizlly, well always advocate for our customers to purchase their own domain name, because its the right thing to do to ensure their long-term success.

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    I Bought A Domain Now What Exact Things To Do Next

    1. Get a hosting for your domain

    The next thing to do after registering a domain is to buy hosting for it.

    If you dont already know, let me explain you what a domain is and why you need hosting.

    A domain is like your address to your offline retail store. And hosting is like the brick and mortar shop where you store your goods to sell . Got it?

    Now for the hosting, there are dime a dozen hosting providers. Dont ever settle with a free hosting or something that is too good a deal to be true. These do more damage to you than good.

    I recommend Bluehost hosting and easy to deal with. I am not a technical guy and when it comes to online business I want a resource/hosting I can turn to when I have a glitch. Bluehost never has let me down on this.

    Their basic plan starts at $2.99/month.

    2. Connect Your Domain to Bluehost Hosting & Install WordPress on It

    Now that you have bought the hosting, but you have your domain name bought elsewhere, all you need is to direct the domain name to point visitors to your hosting. You can easily do so by updating the DNS of the domain.

    Ill share the step by step way to do so with Godaddy registered domain .

    Here is how to point your Godaddy domain to Bluehost:

  • Login to your Godaddy domain
  • Select the domain from the list of domains you own.
  • Click on manage DNS on the end of the page.
  • Under the nameservers section, add the following each at a time:
  • 3. Design Your Blog

    Buying And Selling Domain Names

    There are many different ways to buy and sell domain names. Many standard domain registrars, such as, will facilitate sales via auction. Meanwhile, specialized websites, such as Sedo, are designed exclusively to buy and sell domain names. Finally, parking domains with a for sale page is a great way to draw targeted interest from potential buyers.

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    Tips Before You Buy A Domain Name

    When it comes to picking a domain name, its important to help clients look beyond a mere web address for their sites. A domain name will become the anchor of a brand for years to come. Before registering a domain name, its essential to do the work up front to ensure it meets a clients needs over the long run.

    And to help you out, here are 10 tips to consider before you buy a domain name.

    Your Domain Name And Branding

    I have Bought a Domain Name now what ?

    People often think that the word brand means a company name.

    However, a brand is much more than that, your brand is the overall company image that you present to the world.

    Its important to make sure that everything in your business, from the company name to the domain name to the website design to the content to the tone of voice, works together and conveys the image that you want to convey.

    Imagine that you are conducting a job interview and you think that the candidate is great.

    She is professional, she has the relevant experience, she seems like a great fit in terms of the company culture

    But when she leaves, you take another look at her resume and you notice that her email address is .

    No offense to the sk8ergurls out there, but lets keep it real: an email address like that would make you question your original impression of her.

    Well, its the same with branding. If everything about your company conveys a certain image but your domain name doesnt fit that image at all, it will put potential customers on guard.

    And the last thing you want to do is give them a reason to be suspicious.

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    Buying A Domain Name This Is What You Need To Know

    Anthony Heddings is the resident cloud engineer for LifeSavvy Media, a technical writer, programmer, and an expert at Amazon’s AWS platform. He’s written hundreds of articles for How-To Geek and CloudSavvy IT that have been read millions of times. Read more…

    A domain name is your websites location on the internet. It translates the digits that make up your IP address into something catchy that people can remember. Domain names are bought through Domain Name Registrars, companies that manage the reservation of domain names and point them to your website.

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    Your Domain Name Should Be Easy To Type On Mobile Devices

    Do you know what happened on June 29th, 2007?

    Ill give you a few hints: Apple. Steve Jobs. iPhone. Yes, you guessed it: on that day Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone, which changed the world forever.

    Now, a little bit more than a decade later, we are all struggling with smartphone addiction, and we got to the point where dumbphones are making a comeback. But what does this have to do with domain names?

    Well, in the first quarter of 2019, mobile traffic accounted for 48.71% of global website traffic and its safe to say that this number is only going to increase.

    This means that its best if your domain name is easy to type on a mobile phone.

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