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Can I Build A WordPress Site Without A Domain

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A Buying Your Domain Name And Hosting

How to Create a Free Website with a FREE DOAMIN name and free web hosting

Note. While things like buying a hosting package might sound intimidating at first, theres really nothing to worry about. The process were presenting here is simplified and doesnt require you to do any technical heavy-lifting.

Beginner’s note: What is hosting anyway?

To say it simply, web hosting is something that no website can live without. Its the place where your website sits and waits to be accessed by visitors.

Contrary to popular belief, websites are not just on the internet or on Google. Instead, theyre housed on web servers web hosting setups and then get served to all visitors from there.

To keep your website online, you need to rent out server space from a web hosting company.

This is all much simpler in practice than it sounds, which youll see in just a minute.

There are tens if not hundreds of different companies that can register a new domain name for you. Then, there are also tons of companies that can sell you a hosting package

But lets not complicate things for ourselves and instead get everything from a single company and in one go.

Were going to use Bluehost. Heres why:

  • Bluehost is a reputable web host thats optimized for WordPress and will make sure that your website operates with no hiccups
  • its one of the few companies recommended on the official website
  • its cheap
  • its easy to use and beginner-friendly
  • you get a domain name for free

Heres whats going to happen now:

Next, provide your personal data:

WordPress For Beginners: How To Use WordPress

There are a number of ways for you to create your dream website with WordPress. Users generally find the software easy to use, but getting started can be understandably intimidating if youre completely new to the process. Thats why we have built this WordPress for Beginners guide. Want a quick introduction before you dive deep? Check out this helpful video:

For even more resources, we’ve also compiled some of the best websites for learning about WordPress these can be incredibly valuable sources of information as you start you journey.

Below, we will take a closer look at how to start creating your website.

Build A Website: 6 Steps From 0 To Launch

Look, I havent had a job in years.

Instead of rushing to be at work on time, I have the freedom to live each day on my terms.

Building websites that generate revenue is how I won that freedom.

Ive learned a ton over the years. What to do. What not to do.

In this post, Im going to teach you how to build a website right the first time.

Well walk together through the entire process. If you follow this post, youll have a website when you are finished.

Everything is explained in plain English, so dont worry if you are not familiar with domains and hosting. Ive included clear, simple guidance for every possible stumbling block.

The important thing is getting your site up now. Its the first step on the road to steady income and your new job-free life.

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Where Can You Purchase Hosting

In some cases, the domain registrars such as GoDaddy, Name sell their own hosting services.

However, most website users tend to use another service or provider for their hosting needs.

There are many players to choose from depending on your needs. Here is just a small list:

  • SiteGround
  • The hosting provider you choose depends on your needs, your location, privacy requirements, scalability, speed, etc.

    Build A Website Step : Your Site Needs Somewhere To Live

    How do I create my portfolio site without a ...

    The first component of building a website is finding a web host.

    It might seem intimidating, but it isnt.

    Think of your website as a collection of files. When its hosted on your computer , only you can open it.

    When you host those files on a web server, anyone can connect to that server through the internet.

    Hosting companies offer space on these servers for peoples websites so they dont have to maintain their own server.

    When Im evaluating different web hosts, there are really three major things Im looking at: uptime reliability, site speed, and customer service.

    • Uptime is how often your website is up and running. If your site is down, people cant access it, which renders it useless.
    • Site speed is super important. People dont stay on websites that take a long time to load and Google ranks faster sites higher.
    • Customer service really matters because websites have issues. They just do. Being able to reach out to expert support and get your problem solved is hard to put a price on.

    All of the reputable web hosting providers will have these areas covered, just make sure you arent going with a dodgy one.

    Bluehost has been around a long time and has a great reputation. Youre not going to have to think about uptime or speed, and 24/7 customer service comes with every plan they offer.

    Worry-free hosting is the first reason I recommend Bluehost. Its $2.95/month and comes with a free domain name, one-click WordPress install, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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    Finding Your Login Credentials To Log In Later

    Towards the top of the dashboard youll notice a box with your WordPress login credentials. If youre using the WordPress test site for a few minutes theres no reason to remember the credentials. But if youre planning to come back to your WordPress test site in the future, make sure to save the credentials for future use.

    You can use this test site for seven days. If you want to extend it by seven more days, simply logout and login using the given credentials.

    Step 3 Install WordPress

    In just a couple of clicks, you can set up your WordPress.

    There are a few ways to install WordPress, but we recommend the SiteGroud Wizard as shown in the image below .

    Once you select WordPress you will be asked to create a username and password, and in less than a minute your WordPress account is setup.

    PRO TIP:

    If you already have a WordPress instance set up and is hosted elsewhere SiteGround makes it very easy to migrate your WordPress in a matter of few clicks .

    Once installed, you can always go back to your SiteGround client dashboard to look at your installations

    Click on the Websites icon on the top menu, and it should show you the list of your websites.

    Once you click on Site Tools it will open up this tab below.

    By clicking WordPress Admin you should be able to access your WordPress Dashboard.

    Accessing your WordPress Dashboard

    You can also choose your browser to access your WordPress dashboard.

    Its usually

    It will take you to a login screen that looks like this.

    Use the username and password you used during the SiteGround installation process.

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    How To Create A Free WordPress Website

    Wondering how you can create a free WordPress website?

    To get your website online, you need a domain name and web hosting. If you dont want to pay for it, keep reading this post.

    A domain name is what people type to get to your website. Its your websites address on the internet. I use for this site.

    On the other hand, web hosting is where your website lives. Its your websites house on the internet.

    In this post, I will show you how to get your free domain name and free web hosting service so you can start building your website.

    Keep in mind though that free domain and web hosting usually are not as good as premium services have to offer. This is basically used for testing and showcasing simple websites or projects. If you are an established blogger or website owner this might not be a recommended option for you.

    Are you ready? Lets get started.

    How Does Jurassicninja Work

    how to create wordpress website without domain hosting | install wordpress locally Bangla

    Rather than installing software like all the local development methods linked above, you simply start by going to the website.

    The homepage is about as simple as they come, with a nice black background to go along with the name and a simple button to create your WordPress test site.

    To start the process, you click on the button that reads create.

    A cartoon spins around for a bit , telling you the site is being created. And within minutes a page shows up that says youre all done and you can continue to the installation. Click on the The new WP is ready to go, visit it! link to proceed.

    Youll then see the regular WordPress dashboard. You can perform any of the actions youd normally take. Feel free to install plugins or themes, write posts, change up settingsits full-featured.

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    Can I Build A WordPress Site Without Hosting

    Yes, you can build a WordPress site without hosting. There are various ways to do this. The basic versions are all free and will allow you to build a WordPress website without any hosting.

    You can even build a WordPress website without the domain name, if you like using these methods.

    The first way to do this would be to download some software. The software you download will depend on whether or not youre using a Mac or PC. Although the Mac link does have a Windows version as well.

    Should You Choose A Com Domain Name

    Most of us recognize the most common domain extension .com

    All your favorite websites that you visit every day,, all use the universal .com domain extension.

    However, you dont always have to choose the same to make your WordPress website.

    The domain extension you choose will depend on your business situation, requirements, location, industry, etc.

    There are over 500+ domain extensions in the market, and ultimately the choice is yours.

    We recommend you choose a .com domain because it is the most common and widely recognized.

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    Three: Choose A WordPress Theme

    If youve chosen Bluehost as your web host, WordPress will be automatically installed for you. All you have to do is click, Log in and choose a theme. if you arent sure which theme you want, dont worry! You can go back and change it later. If you dont like the generic themes, you can upgrade to one of the premium themes.

    The next screen will ask if you are building your website for personal or business reasons. This will help us provide you with accurate recommendations to help on your website building journey.

    How To Create WordPress Website Offline Using Local By Flywheel

    Can I Build a WordPress Website Without Knowing Any Code ...

    Local by Flywheel is a new tool by Flywheel hosting that allows you to install WordPress locally on your computer for learning and testing purposes.

    I recently came to know about this and found it very easy to use for building WordPress offline websites.

    Here are the steps that you should follow to install WordPress locally using Local by Flywheel:

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    Create A WordPress Staging Site Using Your Builder

    Many website builders offer one-click staging environments as part of their packages. The exact steps to set up a staging environment may vary slightly from platform to platform, but theyre all fairly similar. BoldGrid, for instance, offers staging as part of their premium package.

    Here are the steps for creating a staging site on BoldGrid:

  • Log into your BoldGrid admin dashboard
  • In the left-hand menu, click Inspirations
  • Select a category for the staging site
  • Select an inspiration for the staging site
  • Choose the pageset and functionality that you wish to use with the theme
  • Fill in the contact information
  • Choose Keep my existing website available for visitors and make this new inspiration a Staged Website or select Make this new inspiration my Staging Site
  • Wix Excellent Business Features

    The biggest of them all is Wix. They have more users than any other site builder, and its easy to see why. Its packed with unique features and great templates. According to our tests, its the best website builder to create a paid site but what about a free one? Does it fare just as well in this arena?

    Well, it depends on what you are looking for. Its great that they hardly have any restrictions on the free plan in terms of features and templates. On desktop computers, they place a pretty visible ad at the top of your website that is sticky . Fortunately, on mobile phones, it far less visible and also not sticky. To use your own custom domain name, youll need the Combo plan at least, which is $10 US per month.


    Our demo website: Coworking Barcelona

    What we liked: their spectacular selection of themes and the flexibility of their drag and drop editor. Also, they have an extensive app market and 500MB free webspace. No page limit. Full SEO customization and plenty of free apps in Wixs App Market. In terms of functionality, its definitely the strongest free website builder.

    Where they should improve: the Wix ad is very visible and should not be sticky. Also, the free URL is far too long and not easy to remember, unfortunately.

    Wix Video Review

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    How To Build A New WordPress Site While The Old Site Is Live

    by Melinda Bartley |

    Worried that shifting to a new WordPress site will disrupt your business and visitors?

    Rehauling your website can take weeks. If you carry out the process on your existing website, it will lead to prolonged downtime. Your websites traffic, SEO rankings, and revenue take a hit.

    Luckily, there are ways to work around this. You can create and switch to a new WordPress site without facing any of these risks.

    In this guide, youll learn how to build a new wordpress site while the old site is live and how to move it to your live environment without downtime or enabling maintenance mode.

    TL DR

    Replace your old website with your new WordPress site using an efficient WordPress migration plugin. Install the BlogVault migration plugin on your site, select your new website, and migrate! The automated process will replace your old site with your new one in under a few minutes. No downtime or maintenance mode required!

    Table of Content

    Build A New WordPress Site While The Old Site Is Live

    Create a Free Website with WordPress (inc. domain, hosting & WP theme)

    Having worked with WordPress for over a decade, we know how often WordPress site owners want to change the way their site looks. Maybe your current site looks outdated or maybe you found a better theme.

    There are different ways to set up a new WordPress site and replace the old one. But there are a few factors that will affect the route you choose. Here are important questions to answer before we get started:

  • Are you creating a new WordPress site from scratch?
  • Are you going to switch web hosting providers?
  • Are you going to revamp your existing WordPress website?
  • Do you want an easy automated process?
  • Do you have sufficient technical knowledge to do it manually?
  • Once you answer these questions, you can decide which method is best for you to use.

    • Build A Fresh WordPress Site From Scratch

    For those looking to build a WordPress site from scratch, you can build your WordPress site either on your local server, or your existing server, or with a new host. You can then migrate your site to replace the old one. If this matches what you require, you can jump to the migrate section.

    • Build A New WordPress Site Using Existing Live Site

    For those who are looking to revamp their existing WordPress website, its best to use a WordPress staging site. This is a secret environment that allows you to improve and enhance your existing site without affecting your live site. We cover in-depth details in the staging section.

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