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Why Are Com Domains So Expensive

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Transferring A Domain Vs Renewal

Why Are .IO Domains So Expensive?(The Real Reasons)

A cool trick is to transfer a domain name in between registrars when you are close to the renewal. That way you will always get better prices compared to the renewal price. When you transfer a domain name your new registrar will charge you the renewal fee . Registrars use the low transfer price as an initiative to move your domains to them.

In reality the transfer fee is just the renewal price.

The domain registrar cant refuse you a transfer. Some they delay it some days or they ask you again and again if you are sure about your choice.

Of course, you can avoid that hassle if you initially chose a registrar with good prices. You need also to consider that price is not always the only thing you need to consider. Things like interface, support, and security are crucial too.

*Check also the links I shared in the previous paragraph to compare the transfer cost since these prices might change.

What Makes A Domain Name Premium

There are no clear rules which domain will be a premium one. This is decided solely by the registry, at their own discretion. Whether an existing domain will be premium depends on its owner and the price that potential buyers are willing to pay. Yet, there are a few characteristics that differentiate a premium domain name from the pool of all names. They can give you an idea whether the price you have to pay is justified.

Popular marketplaces where you can buy or sell aftermarket premium domains:

Other Questions About Domain Names

If you are interested in knowing more about domains beforebuying your own, beloware some articles you may find useful. You can find even more in mycomplete list of domain name articles.

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The Explosion Of Internet Growth

More and more people use the internet every day and even more, businesses want to have an online presence. Some countries like China, India and other Asian countries have high economic growth. They have improved also a lot their technology infrastructure.

Back in 1995, only 16 million people used the internet. Fast forward in 2019 there are 4.5 billion internet users ! Source:

Appeals To Global Audience

How to Start a Profitable Domain Buying  Selling Business

In the last years, more and more businesses wanted to focus on a global audience. All these brands acquired a .com domain and probably because of the budgets they had, they invested in good ones.

If you notice carefully most of the big brands use .com for their main site. I did also my own test on a google sheet and downloaded the 1000 most successful sites by traffic. What I found out is that 72% use a .com domain!

Dropbox and Facebook even invested more money for a better .com domain. The first domain of dropbox was and Facebooks first domain was

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How Much Does A Premium Domain Name Cost

Premium domain names are pre-registered domain names that are often branded. Domain investors often register these premium domain names to sell them later at a higher price for a profit.

The cost of premium domain names can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the uniqueness of a title, brands overall potential, and the length domain.

Here are the following most expensive domains sold to date:

  • $ 8.5 million
  • 5. $ 7.5 million

    *The data is taken from*

    Furthermore, one can easily find out the premium domain names stated for sale by some sellers on multiple websites. Besides, we recommend purchasing domain names from trusted websites to ensure a secure transfer of the domain name.

    Why Tld Domains Cost Different Amounts

    Not considering how the same domains are different prices at different providers, I’m wondering why different TLDs are different prices. For example, you might find this:

  • .com: $15
  • .co: $5
  • I’m wondering why they are different prices. Some domains are high-priced across providers , while others are high price in one place and low price in another .

    I’m wondering if they are all the same price “under the hood”, and they are just pricing it these ways for arbitrary reasons, or if at the base level there is some fixed cost that starts the price of each TLD at some unique price for that particular TLD. If so, I’m wondering what is causing the pricing differences.

    Adding one more view because all other answers seem to concentrate only on gTLDs while you mention at least one ccTLD and also because there seems to be a huge misconception on the running costs and the differences between price and value.

    The domain name industry is built nowadays, typically, but not always, around a registry/registrar split.

    The registry can have multiple forms. While they are for profit organizations in the gTLD space, you can find other kind of organizations in the ccTLD space, like non-profit organizations, government bodies or public institutions like universities running the TLD.

    You also obviously have vastly different running models between a TLD that has millions of domain names and a TLD that has 1000 of them

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    Which One Should You Go With

    Its best to look up your desired domain name on both websites to see which company can offer you a better deal.

    Namecheap offers .com domains at a lower price than GoDaddy . Yet its important to remember that money is not the only thing that matters, so you might want to take a closer look at GoDaddys and Namecheaps track record in terms of their views and their behavior to see which companys values resonate with you more.

    Not sold on GoDaddy or Namecheap? Make sure to read our blog post.

    Reason : Tech Industry Loves Io Domains

    Is Webflow Hosting Too Expensive?

    As I mentioned above, .io is attractive to techies because I/O stands for Input/Output. And, as simply put by, Computers are based on the fundamental idea that every input results in an output.

    The computers components relate to input-output, such as keyboard-monitor. Computer processing is input-output: data in-results out. Or, a user enters a command , and the computer performs a task .

    So, as you can see, the I and the O really mean something on a fundamental level to those who work closely with technology.

    If I were starting a new tech-related company, I might choose to spring for the extra cost to have a domain that reflects my industry. At once, it shows the world I am too savvy to settle for .com, while connecting the company to others in the startup community using the domain.

    Its a brand identifier and establishes a company as part of a scene. And companies will pay for that.

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    Premium Domain Name: Their Value And Why They Cost So Much

  • 6.0.2 Which is the most detrimental for your business?
  • Why do premium domain names cost so much? What is the difference between a premium domain name versus a domain name?

    Domain names are quite powerful entities in the world of the internet. In fact, they can make or break a business when an owner allows the domain name to expire.

    If the owners fail to pay the domain name renewal fees, then the domains become the property of the domain registrar.

    You may know this or have already experienced this costly lesson.

    Nevertheless, expired domain names become available to the general public once again if no one purchases the domains in a public auction.

    Expired domain names sometimes become the property of domain investors, known as domainers, or sometimes trademarked expired domain names end up in the hands of unethical cybersquatters.

    However, no matter who owns a given domain name, there is a different class of domain names on the market known as premium domain names.

    Typically, premium domain names were registered in the early to late 1990s. Some of these domains are actively developed. Others are parked, and a small percentage simply doesnt resolve to a web page.

    In most cases, many of these valuable domains are redirected while others are parked in hopes that someone would come along want to purchase the domain name for their business.

    How The Battle Over Domain Prices Could Drastically Change The Web

    Net neutrality has beenrepealed and a few big techmonopolies control most of the internet. Now things might get even worse for consumers with a decision that could send prices for .org, and eventually .com, domains skyrocketing, making running a website prohibitively expensive.

    Domain names are how people access information in their browser, acting as an address for each website. ICANN is the organization that governs the webs domain name systems. And it just opened the door to monopolies charging whatever they want for registering a web address.

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    Domain Name Cost: Quick Overview

    Every website owner will need to factor domain name cost into their budget. You have the choice of either registering a new domain name, or purchasing one thats already been registered. A new domain will cost around $10-20/year, while the price of a preregistered domain will be more expensive, and vary depending on popularity.

    What If Someone Already Has The Domain Name I Want

    Top 100 Most Expensive Domain Names sale In 2019

    This is a valid concern, given that over 1.7 billion websites are live on the Internet right now. Chances are a lot of great domain names are taken, and when this happens, the cheapest option by far is to brainstorm a different name. But if youre dead set on a domain thats taken, and dont want to compromise, you still have some options.

    You can use resources like to see domains that have recently become available . Otherwise, youll have to pay much more for an aftermarket domain, usually by dealing with online auctions in which youd bid on an already-registered domain to be transferred to you.

    Aftermarket domain prices are so expensive because the value that a short, relevant domain name can bring to a brand is, well, invaluable . For example, if you were looking for car insurance and werent sure where to start, you might head to a domain which sold for $49.7 million in 2010.

    Of course, not all aftermarket domains will go for millions, but as a rule, any useful one will still be pretty expensive. Since most of us wont be dropping our lifes savings on a domain name, were going to have to come up with our own. So you might be wondering

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    Are Premium Domains Worth It

    Sometimes it makes sense to spend more money on buying a premium domain than the usual 10$-12$. If you are planning to have a big budget for your business expenses then it makes sense to spend some hundred or thousands of dollars on your domain especially if the online part of your business is crucial for you.

    If you are a small business owner that you dont rely mostly on the web for your potential clients or a site is just a nice to have add-on to your small business then you dont need to spend more than 10$-12$ dollars for a domain. For example, if you own a local coffee or restaurant it wouldnt make sense to spend a lot of money for a premium domain.

    On the other hand, if the site is the first point of contact for your potential customers or you are an established company with a big revenue then it is normal to spend a bigger amount of money for a premium domain.

    I hope after reading this post you will have a better understanding of why do we pay for a domain name. If the content of the post was helpful to you, please dont forget to share it on social media!

    If you start your own website and search for a domain and hosting you can check here: Where and How to Buy Free Domain Name and Quality Hosting

    If you want to know how a domain affects your rankings on Google and other search engines, check here:

    Great Com Domains Are Incredibly Expensive

    While there are cheaper dot com domains the good ones are 10-100x more expensive. Many founders want to build their website on a short domain. But all 2-letter dot com domains are already taken. The same goes for 3-letter and even 4-letter domains. Adding to that, all 5-letter domains for English words are also registered. The only 5-letter domains still available are made-up words & garbage, which makes it incredibly hard to find good domains. Even we at Indiebrands barely hold 5 letter dot com domains.

    Not only dot io is growing with great margins, but also dot co is becoming more and more popular. The trust in alternative TLDs is increasing rapidly, especially among young and tech-savvy people. This is not just a belief we have, but we have done in-depth research on this topic. In doing so, we learned that dot co has grown by 79% from 212,000 registered domains in 2018 to 379,000 in 2020. Read more about it here: 10 Reasons why .io & .co Domains are growing in popularity and trust.

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    Icdsoft’s Opinion On Registry Premium Domains

    We at ICDSoft believe that domains should be a commodity service, as reflected in our fair pricing for domains policy. Premium domains are against our fair pricing policy – they are a way to extract more money from domain owners, without putting any additional work, or creating any additional value. That’s why we do not sell premium domains on our site, and in general, we do not recommend their use.

    Top 3 Reasons Why Io Domains Are So Expensive

    How Much Does a Domain Cost – And Why?

    Securing a domain name is one of the first steps in planning a business. You cant do business online without a domain. And if youre a tech or computer-based business, you might want to use the .io domain because it has cachet in your industry.

    After all, if there is a place a tech-related business might want to look good, its online.

    While the .io extension isnt exponentially more expensive than the more pedestrian .com or .net, it can have an annual cost of at least triple that of other domains.

    I made a quick comparison by looking for domains on a popular domain registration site

    Price comparison of an available domain name with different TLDs:

    So why do .io domains cost so much?

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