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What Is The Average Cost Of A Domain Name

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Privacy And Protection Costs

Domain Name: What is it /Example/How Does it Work / Cost/ Where to Buy

Whenever someone registers a domain, the registrar is required to provide that users contact information to be added to the Whois database, which publicly lists the owners of every domain name online.

While its required that you provide your information, its not required that it be easily accessible to everyone. When you purchase a domain, each registrar provides varying degrees of privacy to ensure that your personal information isnt visible on the Whois database which ultimately protects you from things like spam phone calls.

Some registrars offer full privacy on the Whois database free for the first year. Others offer tiered solutions, with the bottom tier free for the first year, which will still mask most personal details in the Whois directory. Its rare to find a reputable registrar offering free Whois protection after the first year.


Why A Domain Name Is A Must

A website must have a domain name and a web hosting server. You can find more about the difference between domain and hosting plan on our blog.

Without a domain name, visitors will only be able to access a site using its IP address, which consists of a series of numbers, making it difficult to remember. Therefore, by using a domain name, visitors will be able to remember how to access your website much more easily.

Other benefits of a domain name include:

  • Branding. A domain name will be the first thing visitors will see. Therefore, its considered as a part of the websites identity and branding. A domain name can also add credibility to your site, ensuring others that you own a trustworthy business.
  • SEO . If a domain name consists of a keyword in your industry, for example, it can drive high organic traffic since its easy to remember and find.
  • Investment. Its possible to buy a popular domain name and sell it once you have no more need of it. There is a large marketplace that is continuously growing for domain names.

Domain Name Structure Explained

The structure of what we usually call a domain name is made of two parts: the actual name and the extension . Its important to understand this, in order to avoid registering the wrong one. Unlike the English language, domain names are read from right to left. This explains why the Top Level section is actually the last part to appear in your URL.

SLDs: The Second Level Domain is the actual name of your domain. In many ways, your SLD is the identity of your website and should therefore represent your services or products. For example, taking the domain, the SLD part would be wix.

TLDs: A top level domain refers to the last segment of a domain name, after the last dot in your URL. The most common TLDs that youve encountered when browsing the Web are .com, .net, .edu, and .org. Here are the main groups of TLDs that businesses and particulars can acquire:

Did you know? Youve probably heard about the word URL. This abbreviation actually describes what you see in your browser when youre reading a web page. Its made of the following elements, from left to right:

The transfer protocol + The machine name + The Second Level Domain Name + The Top Level Domain Name + The folders and directories

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How Are Domain Names And Search Engine Optimization Related

Its important to start thinking of ways to make your site search engine-ready from the outset. Since keywords are used by search engines for ranking your content, you might want to consider including a relevant keyword in your domain name.

Keep in mind that Googles algorithm is resistant to keyword-stuffing: the practice of cramming your domain name with keywords so as to rank higher than other websites. So dont try to include multiple keywords in your domain as this can have a detrimental effect.

The good news is . The search engines algorithm treats new TLDs and legacy TLDs equally.

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Top 3 Cheapest Domain Name Registrars


#1 Use coupon code Sitehub to get 25% off domains and hosting

#2 get a .com for as low as $8.88

#3 Free domain when you buy hosting.

Several of the best domain registrars offer affordable domains. Theres also web hosting providers that will take care of the registration process for you and offer a free year of domain registration. These options can help you get your site established without breaking the bank. In this guide, well go over some of the cheapest domain names around. Before we do that, its important to understand the basics of what a domain is and what a registrar can do for you.

Disclosure: When you purchase a domain or a web hosting package through links on this page, we earn some commission. This helps us to keep this site running. There are no extra costs to you at all by using our links. 

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Godaddy Dedicated Server Hosting

Okay, if you want the absolute best performance possible, its time to look at dedicated hosting. So youll lease the entire server, and will get complete control over the data, security and configuration.


GoDaddy Dedicated Server Hosting notes:

  • You can boost your storage to use SSD NVMe on all plans, which is meant to be up to 25 faster. The prices go up to $139.99, $179.99, $319.99 and $419.99. However, storage is reduced to 2 x 500 GB on DS -32 and 64, and to 2 x 1TB on DS-128 and 256.
  • The prices above are all for servers with no control panels. Its also possible to pay around $20-30 extra a month for a cPanel or Plesk Web Host Edition with CentOS 7 and preinstalled software like Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP and more.
  • You also get discounts for 24-month plans, and the discount gets reapplied at renewal.

At this stage, its all about tailoring the plan to your technical requirements, so its very hard to recommend a plan. But GoDaddy does have hosting specialists available, so its definitely worth calling them to ask about precise needs.

What If My Preferred Domain Name Is Already Taken

So youve realised someone else has already registered the name you want. You now need to be prepared to:

If the domain you want is parked , then you may have the option to put it on backorder.

Essentially, you pay the fee and the registrar will register the domain for you when it becomes available .

However, this may not be a viable option for you because you really cant put a timeline on its availability. The best option is to find out if the person who owns it is willing to sell it.

I wouldnt recommend this for a newbie if the owner is a professional domain investor, you could be eaten alive.

Use a domain broker instead. Yes it will cost you a little extra, but the broker will give you a better chance of securing the domain and paying less in negotiations.

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What Is The Average Domain Name Price How Much Does It Typically Cost

There are hundreds of domains available on the market. A top-level domain is the part of a domain that follows the dot, for example, com or inc. A domain will either be a generic top-level domain such as .org and .net, or a country code top-level domains like .us and .fr.

As the Internets popularity grew throughout the years, so did the need for domains. This resulted in the introduction of new gTLDs, such as .blog and .music, which actually help the audience to understand the type of content they are about to see before the website has even loaded.

Due to the variety on offer, it can be difficult to work out a common price for an online domain name, however, there will be a typical price tag for each TLD.

The newer TLDs such as .club, .online, and .site can cost anywhere between $10 and $25, whereas traditional TLDs like .com, .net, and .org are usually priced between $6 and $15.

The most expensive range of TLDs includes .inc, .protection, and .security, which can cost in the region of £2,000. These domains are more expensive due to their keywords and brandability.

How To Register A Domain Name

What is the True Cost of your domain name?

There are hundreds of domain registrars companies that sell domain names and help with the domain name registration process. Different registrars will offer different services, prices, and packages.

Due to the number of online websites, domain name registrations are overseen by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers . As a non-profit organization, ICANN has databases for all the available domain names and where they point to.

To safely register a domain, use an ICANN accredited registrars, such as Hostinger, GoogleDomains, or Hover.

The ICANN database stores all related information of a domain name. In other words, an ICANN accredited registrar has the permission to change your domain name information in the database on your behalf.

Another way to register a domain name is using a websitebuilder. Some website builders integrate registering a domain as part of the sign-up process. Its a popular option for beginners who dont want the hassle of finding a domain registrar.

The process of buying a domain name can differentiate depending on the registrar that you choose. Therefore, dont forget to consider every detail before selecting a registrar for your domain name.

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The Costs Associated With A Domain Name

When creating a brand new website, there are several costs associated with the process, from hiring a web development company and purchasing a hosting plan to signing up for a continual support plan and registering a domain name. A good domain name is critical to any new website and will allow users to easily remember and find your website. When people can find your website quickly, it makes it easier for them to make a purchase and for you to increase your sales.

An important question that comes up frequently when a website is being developed is, How much does it cost to purchase a domain name? The short answer is anywhere between $10 and $30+ million. Unfortunately, there really isnt a specific answer, but here is some information that can help you understand the pricing differences you may encounter as you search for that perfect domain name.

Bluehost $999 Free With Hosting Plan

If you are using WordPress as your website platform , Bluehost is far and way the cheapest domain name registrar. Though BH customer support isnt quite up to par with SiteGround , they offer cheap hosting starting from $2.95 per month or as low as $12.99 per year.

On top of that, Bluehost also offers Domain Privacy Protection and a custom email with G suite. Like SiteGround, the most affordable hosting packages all come with a free domain bringing the cost down to effectively nil.

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What Is The Cost Of Building An E

The e-commerce industry is growing. It is the go-to online shopping place for people during the pandemic. So, its probably a wise decision to start an online store now.

But, what is the cost?

Well, the domain name and web host is needed to start an e-commerce website.

The Bluehost WooCommerce Plan is highly recommended because it includes all the features you need to set up an online store and run on WordPress.

The Bluehost WooCommerce Plan presents various advantages such as:

  • It is pre-installed with WordPress, which is convenient for starting an online store.
  • SSL certificate is included in the WooCommerce Plan.
  • Customer support is available 24/7.
  • Domain registration fee is waived for a year.

To build an e-commerce website powered by WooCommerce, the cost is around $190 per year. The price may go up if you install premium addons and themes for the online store.

Premium Domain Name: Their Value And Why They Cost So Much

Sometimes domains with hyphens make dollars and sense ...
  • 6.0.2 Which is the most detrimental for your business?
  • Why do premium domain names cost so much? What is the difference between a premium domain name versus a domain name?

    Domain names are quite powerful entities in the world of the internet. In fact, they can make or break a business when an owner allows the domain name to expire.

    If the owners fail to pay the domain name renewal fees, then the domains become the property of the domain registrar.

    You may know this or have already experienced this costly lesson.

    Nevertheless, expired domain names become available to the general public once again if no one purchases the domains in a public auction.

    Expired domain names sometimes become the property of domain investors, known as domainers, or sometimes trademarked expired domain names end up in the hands of unethical cybersquatters.

    However, no matter who owns a given domain name, there is a different class of domain names on the market known as premium domain names.

    Typically, premium domain names were registered in the early to late 1990s. Some of these domains are actively developed. Others are parked, and a small percentage simply doesnt resolve to a web page.

    In most cases, many of these valuable domains are redirected while others are parked in hopes that someone would come along want to purchase the domain name for their business.

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    What Is The Value Of A Domain Name

    Landing a domain name that is short, memorable, and on-brand is a critical step in legitimizing your business.

    Lets be real here, with all of the costs associated with setting up a business, a domain thats $15 per year is a nominal cost to pay for getting a professional online address, enhance search engine positioning and increasing brand awareness.

    Cant figure out what would make a great domain name for your website? Find tips and examples in our free guide.

    What Should You Look For In A Domain Registrar

    We discussed this in-depth in our How to Select the Best Domain Registrar article.

    Here are the most important things that you should look for:

    • Low pricing. You dont want to spend more money than you have to. Fortunately, the competition in this industry is fierce, so all major companies offer affordable pricing.
    • Free WHOIS protection. People can look up the details of any domain name and find out who owns it. This might present privacy issues. Its best to use WHOIS protection which prevents snoopers from seeing this information.
    • Auto-renewals. If you dont renew a domain name it eventually goes back on the market. This might cause serious problems if some enterprising individual snatches your domain name and then offers to sell it back to you for a substantial amount of money. Thats why its best to go with a domain registrar that automatically renews your domain name.

    Also, if a domain registrar is not transparent about their pricing, you should see that as a red flag and stay away.

    Another thing to watch out for is a bad user interface. You shouldnt need a computer science Ph.D. to figure out how to do basic tasks such as parking or transferring domains.

    Finally, if a domain registrar doesnt offer 24/7 customer support, it might be too risky to use their services. What if something goes wrong and you need immediate assistance? You can lose a lot of money in potential revenue if the problem isnt solved right away.

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