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How To Choose A Domain Name For Affiliate Marketing

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Stay Away From Url Names With Weird Words Popping Out

How To Choose A Domain Name For Affiliate Marketing (5 Tips)

You really have to pay attention to how your domain name looks when the words are pressed together in your URL.

Here are some examples of well-intentioned domain names that actually look like completely different words.



These are actual URL names, and they just look and read weird.

I almost bought a domain name with one of these words in it. Luckily my wife pointed it out to me before I pulled the trigger, we got a giggle out of it, and I went back to the domain name list.

You definitely dont want to buy any domain that spells words that you do not want for your brand when they are put together.

Double, triple check the letters and words in your domain name. Make sure theres nothing weird or awkward popping out of it before you invest into a domain name.

Choosing A Domain Name For An Affiliate Marketing Website

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Affiliate marketing can be one of the most profitable income levers if you know how to do it right and are willing to put in the time and hard work needed to succeed. Here are some tips for beginners in this field on choosing a domain name for an affiliate marketing website.

Site Support 24/7/3: How To Create A Free Website For Affiliate Marketing

Site Support is exactly that it helps you with any issues you have. Maybe youre having problems with your site speed after uploading a plugin or logging in. Log a support ticket and the support team gets your site back better than before. The coolest part is Site Support works 24/7/365 so if its 1am or breakfast time, you are in good times with average response times of less than 5 minutes.

Here are the categories of the problems you could be getting:

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Is Your Niche Scalable

When it comes to selecting a niche and doing keyword research, it is important to find a niche that is scalable. This means that you are not stuck with reviewing one single product.

This plays an important part when selecting a domain name because a smaller niche, youre restricted to only writing about that one product whereas a scalable niche has more content options.

For example: best masticating juicer vs. juicer reviews

How To Choose & Buy A Domain Name For Your Affiliate Site

How to Choose a Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing

How to Choose & Buy a Domain Name for your Affiliate Site

Choosing a domain name for your affiliate site is one of the most important decisions youll make.

A dynamic and memorable domain name can help you stand out from your competitors and build an audience.

A bland or overcomplicated domain can do the opposite, putting you on the back foot from the get-go.

In this article, were going to cover the dos and donts of domain names and walk you through the process of purchasing a domain for your affiliate site.

We’ll also show you some useful tools to help you choose a brandable name for your affiliate website.

This decision is pivotal to your affiliate sites success, so you want to get it right.

Lessons Contents

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Watch Out For Trademark Infringement

Choosing a trademarked domain name can cause all kinds of legal issues. While you may not mean to infringe on someone elses trademark rights when choosing a domain name, accidents do happen, and in this case, they can be costly.

Understand that trademark infringement doesnt necessarily mean that youve copied someones domain name word for word. Using a name so similar to a trademarked domain such that it causes users to reasonably think that the two sites belong to the same person/business can amount to infringement. So while theres nothing wrong with being inspired by another brands domain name, you need to be careful not to cross the line.

For illustration, lets say youre looking to launch a site that offers legal advice. A few google searches later, you come across a site named Creative Genius Law . You like the name. But since you cant copy it word for word, you decide to name your site Creative Genius Legal Advice.

This is a prime example of when being inspired by another domain name can mean an awful day in court. Sure, you didnt exactly duplicate the other sites name. However, you intentionally used a domain name so close to it that anyone would reasonably assume that both websites belong to the same person/business entity. Legally, this is known as causing the likelihood of confusion, and it can amount to trademark infringement.

There are two ways to determine the nature of a domains history:

Lets review each option in greater detail below:

Choose Url Names With Com

Forget the .net and the .info. When you go to buy a domain name, go with a .com URL.

You can get away with .org for your domain, but looking at user behavior, you can never go wrong with a .com. It’s the most popular URL for domain names and conveys authority and legitimacy.

Your domain name is going to give your visitors their first impression of your site.

Youve probably seen some tech websites with the .IO at the end of their URL. It stands for Indian ocean. Startup and tech companies are using it because to them, it represents “input output.” It’s kind of this new hipster thing but, I don’t think it’s something that’s going to last. However, a .com is definitely going to last in the domain name world.

Depending on where your audience is from, you can use an URL that’s relevant to your location. If your audience is from Australia, then you can go for .com.au. New Zealand websites have the .com.nz. United Kingdom blogs use a .com.uk. These domain names reflect the location.

But .com is global, so wherever in the world you may be, you cant go wrong with a .com.

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Why Are Hyphenated Domain Names Not Ideal

Again, it’s not so much that the search engines prefer a non-hyphenated domain. It’s because if your domain name is www.great-pie-recipies.com, you will invariably get confused with www.greatpierecipies.com and you could end up losing links and traffic.

A hyphen also has a faint whiff of this was the best I could get it looks more spammy and you might get fewer people clicking on your listing in the search engines.

Domain Names With This Type Of Extension Are More Memorable

How to Choose a Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing – Tips

Thats particularly true for the older generation and individuals who arent tech-savvy. More often than not, this group will automatically complete every domain name with the .com extension without even thinking about it. That means if your domain name is something like Becky.photography, and someone looking to access your website keys in Becky.photography.com, they may get an error page or even end up on another site.

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Principles Of A Great Domain

Here are the general rules for picking the best domain name for your affiliate marketing website. Read these over and understand them. Also, understand that they are guidelines, and you wont necessarily find a domain that meets all these characteristics.

If you do, grab it!

But, follow these principles and you will end up with a winning domain name every time.

Other Tips Aboutlanding Pages Domains

Domain names in Affiliate Marketingare way more important for desktop sphere than for mobile. It happens because users usually dont see the whole URL on their mobile devices. Hence, they mostly just dont care about it.

At the same time, a good name is a crucial thingwhen youre promoting products with high price. People are willing to pay a lotof money only for valuable products that are sold by trusted vendors. Anappropriate domain name is an important authority factor here. So, make sure tochoose a suitable one.

There is one more thing about domain names in Affiliate Marketingyou should definitely know. Dont use words that might have a bad influence on your reputation. Its all about things like fool, fraud, scam etc. This way you might lose a lot of visitors, so youd better dont do this.

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Tips To Choose Best Domain Name For Affiliate Marketing

Here are the five tips for your affiliate marketing domain name:

  • Keep your domain short
  • Make your domain name easy to pronounce
  • Make it unique and brandable
  • Choose the right domain extension
  • Try to think a year ahead
  • And Ill go through these points here now and then afterward I will actually go and Ill go and choose a domain name along with you.

    So, lets talk about these points here.

    How Important Are Domain Names For Affiliate Campaigns With Paid Traffic

    How to find a good domain name for an affiliate marketing ...

    Do you have to care about how to choose domain name, in case youre just buying and selling traffic, but not trying to build any brand? Thats a bit tricky question, cause it really depends on many things.

    In general, they are way less important than for site owners and product sellers. There are two types of domain names in Affiliate Marketing that marketers usually use.

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    Choose The Right Domain Extension

    .com is still the most trusted domain extension in the world.

    I highly recommend sticking with the .com domain.

    If for any reason you cannot use the .com, try out the .org or .net because they are also very recognizable.

    Dont go for .biz or .io or .online if you want to build a serious affiliate marketing business.

    Consider Securing Other Main Extensions Later On

    After securing your perfect .com extension , it might also be a good idea to get hold of all other popular extensions and then redirect them to your primary domain. If your main domain name is Janebeautytips.com, for instance, youll also want to secure the likes of Janebeautytips.org, Janebeautytips.co, Janebeautytips.co.uk, Janebeautytips.net, and so on.

    While doing this may add to your domain names overall cost, itll help you avoid competing with other sites that may use your domain name but a different TDL. It can also be a great way to prevent other people from creating impostor websites or trademarking some of the other TDLs you havent secured and then selling them to you down the line at a much higher price.

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    Premium And Dropped Domain Names

    You may find that your perfect domain name is already taken but for sale. There are lots of people and even domain registrars in the parking business. These are perfectly safe to use if you have the budget. You can checkout BuyDomains to get an idea of the premium domains market.They are often overpriced and emotions can get the better of you so just be cautious.

    Dropped or otherwise previously used names are more risky.

    Anytime you are buying an existing name you will need to do additional research.

    • Was it used before or just parked?
    • How was the name used before?
    • Any Google Penalties?

    What To Look For A Domain Registrar

    How To Choose A Domain Name For Affiliate Marketing ð¡ Beginner’s Step By Step

    Heres what you should look for when deciding on a domain registrar for your affiliate website:

    Pricing and Registration Duration

    Pricing is always a key consideration when choosing a domain registrar.

    The majority of domain registrars offer promotions and discounts to new customers.

    You can usually register a domain for a discounted price for the first year, but you want to check out the renewal price as this usually costs significantly more.

    Domain registration runs for a minimum one year contract, but its possible to register a domain for up to 10 years at a time.

    You can usually move after a year, but some domain registrars require a minimum two-year registration.

    Transferring a Domain

    You want to have the option to move to a different company if you find a cheaper deal or encounter any issues with a registrar.

    If you choose a reputable domain registrar, this wont be an issue

    …But you should check the terms and conditions to ensure your registrar doesnt charge any additional fees before you purchase your domain.

    Domain Expiration Grace Period

    As we mentioned above, domain registration lasts for a set duration.

    The majority of companies offer an automatic renewal policy, but you should check the domain expiration policy.


    Because you dont want to dedicate your time and effort establishing your domain name as an authority in your niche only to let someone pounce on your expired domain due to an expired credit or debit card.

    Whois Protection

    Control Panel

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    Exact Match Domain Name

    Exact Match Domains contains all of your main keywords. The benefit of EMD is you can rank fast. And the reason is this, the topic is pretty set in stone when you pick a domain name.

    And if I were to decide to pick a domain like BestVitaminCSerum.com, Ive just decided, I set it in stone, this is what the topic of my domain is going to be about, Im committed to it.

    So, Google has a really easy chance to figure out what your site is about.

    And thats to have the name, and again when youre creating your onsite SEO, is just to tell Google what this is what it is about. This shortcut that process.

    The bad side of EMDs that, theyre hard to do outreach for. People dont like to link to the BestVitaminCSerum.com.

    Its also easy to over-optimize for example when it comes to anchor texts and sending links to your site. And in addition, theyre not as easy to sell later on.

    What Domain Name Is Best For Affiliate Marketing Website

    For newbies in affiliate marketing, you can try a variety of combinations and don’t be bound by principles.

    For Chinese and English affiliate marketing websites, the above rules apply. Then, for English website construction, I suggest using EMD domain name. why?

    I mentioned earlier that EMD domain names are not fully trusted by Google, but the reason for this is: only focus on EMD domain names and not high quality content.

    If the content is good, EMD still has advantages.

    This is Google’s suggestion on the use of EMD domain names in the past few years, and it is greatly advocated. The following video is an explanation by Google engineer Matt Cutts , emphasizing the importance of using keywords in domain names to affect search rankings.

    Remember this person has a speech: If you can persist in writing 500 words every day, then your future changes will be great. Probably it means this, it's pretty good, go to search and have a look.

    New domain names with short English domain names that can be adopted now are difficult to find, so the domain name can be longer, and the longer domain name is EMD. Moreover, this EMD domain name essentially uses a niche as the domain name. Visitors will know what you are doing when they see this domain name, which is convenient for marketing.

    How would you feel if you saw a website with such a domain name-Whiskey101.com?

    Here are a few more examples of EMD domain names:

    makemoneywithmike.com or makemoneywithmichael.com

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