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How To Transfer A Domain From WordPress To Squarespace

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Want To Transfer A Domain In

How To Transfer Your Domain Name Away From GoDaddy

Our domain transfer process is highly automated and designed to ensure that transferring a domain name is as easy as possible while causing no downtime to your website. Transfer your domain in now.

Pro Tip:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If youre not satisfied with MyDomain, well give you your money back. No questions asked. During the first 30 days, well refund your hosting fees in full.

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Can Squarespace Host My Domain

All Squarespace plans include hosting for your site and its content in addition to unlimited bandwidth and storage. If you own a domain from a third-party provider, you can transfer it to Squarespace, or you can leave it registered and hosted with its provider and connect it to your Squarespace site.

Importing Content From Squarespace To WordPress

As this tutorial shows how to migrate Squarespace to WordPress, were going to assume that you already have WordPress installed on your Hostinger account.

If thats not the case, well show you how easy it is to install the platform using Hostingers Auto Installer.

  • From your hPanel, find the Auto Installer option under the Website section.
  • Choose WordPress and fill in your details in the required columns. Then, click Install.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes for WordPress to be successfully installed.
  • IMPORTANT: Write down your administrator username and password as you will need them to access the WordPress dashboard.

    To import the content from your Squarespace site to WordPress, follow these steps:

  • Log into your WordPress admin area and head to Tools -> Import.
  • Squarespace exports its content in a WordPress compatible .xml file format, so choose the Install Now button under WordPress and press Run Importer once the installation is complete.
  • Select your exported file and click Upload file and import.
  • Once the file is uploaded, youll see a screen with options on user roles and attachments, select the ones that are suitable for you. When all is set, click Submit.
  • Now you can review your WordPress website and make sure all of the needed content is successfully imported.

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    WordPress Has A Plugin For Every Problem

    Another thing that WordPress has which Squarespace doesnt is plugins. There is a saying that as soon as you have a problem thats gonna require a lot of time and manual worklook for a plugin first.

    This is because there is literally a plugin for almost any WordPress problem. Plugins can solve issues from loading speed to mobile optimization, broken links, and more.

    WordPress currently has over 54,000 free plugins.

    Its vast array of free and paid plugins also make third-party integrations very easy.

    Organize Design And Optimize Content

    How to Transfer a domain from Godaddy to Squarespace? (2021)

    You are now ready to address site content.

    • Organize. Use the Squarespace Pages panel to organize your site and add new pages. Consider website redesign best practices and user experience as you structure the site. Proper site architecture is an important part of SEO.

    • Design. Use your templates style settings to design the look and feel of your site.

    • Optimize. Ensure that you fully optimize your new site for search engines. Read up on the latest SEO best practices. Check Google Search Console to determine key landing pages and protect any SEO elements that are important for these pages, such as title tags, content, keywords, image alt tags, etc.

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    Check Your Site Links And Set Blog Links Redirects

    Once you implement all the pages, its time to review all the links on the site. Open the Excel document you prepared on Step 1, and go over each page on your new site and make sure all the slugs are applied correctly. To keep track of the edits, just color-code each reviewed page inside the Excel document. During this process, you should also transfer your page titles and descriptions or any SEO relevant settings you had on your WordPress site.

    As you go through your links, prepare the list for page redirects. This isnt necessary for pages that keep the same exact URL slug both on your previous site and on your new site , but it is applicable for all pages/links that changed their slugs.

    To set your redirects, go your Settings Tab inside the Squarespace account: Settings Advanced URL mapping. If you had a non-descriptive link for one of your pages, lets say /page-3 that should redirect to your new About page with slug /about-me, you will list out the redirect inside the URL mapping tab as /page-3 /about-me 301 .

    When it comes to blogs, Squarespace has a different URL structure for blog posts links. In WordPress, a blogs link is www.yoursiteurl.com/blog-title, while in Squarespace it is www.yoursiteurl.com/blog/blog-title. As such, you will need to set 301 redirects for all your blog post links.

    Why Would You Want To Transfer From Godaddy To Porkbun

    The transfer from GoDaddy to PorkBun is a need of the hour. This is because, in the past few years, we have seen a significant increase in the cases of cyber-attacks and data leakages.

    These threats dont seem to be going away anytime soon. So, you need to find a new domain name registrar that can guarantee your safety and security when it comes to hosting your website.

    Domain names are one of the most important aspects of any website because they are what people enter into their web browsers when they want to get directed to your site. If youre not careful with how you choose your domain name, then you may come under cyber-attack or lose control over your domain name altogether!

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    How To Transfer Squarespace Domain To Shopify Ilana Davis

    How to transfer Squarespace domain to Shopify. Squarespace is a great website platform. Its a fairly simple tool that is easy to understand and has some pretty

    You will not see the Register Free Domain button if you did not sign up for annual or biannual billing. How to transfer a Squarespace-managed domain. You can

    If I cancel a domain recently registered through Squarespace how long will it it to your preferred registrar you can keep domains while switching registrars. 17.

    Step 1 Start the connection in Squarespace. To connect your domain, start in the Domains panel: In the Home Menu , click Settings, and then click Domains.

    A Guide To Renewing Your Domain Name

    How to Migrate a Squarespace Site to WordPress

    Many of our clients wonder if they own a domain name when they purchase it. The answer is a resounding no!

    When buying a domain name, consider it a lease that you have to renew before it lapses. If you dont, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers will suspend and eventually cancel it. If this agency scraps your site, you lose all the information on it and any associated email addresses.

    Now, if you miss your renewal date, a third party can buy it. When this happens, you cant renew your domain name anymore, and you might not even have the option to buy it back.

    Naturally, its better to renew your domain name than face the consequences of such a scenario. It could lead to revenue losses, a drop in site traffic, and a damaged reputation.

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    Before You Begin The Transfer

    To get started, youll need:

    • A WordPress.com account. If you dont have one, create one here.
    • To ensure the domains TLD is supported If not, contact your Technical Account Manager.
    • To ensure your domain is not under any 60-day transfer lock at your current provider.

    As part of the transfer process, your domain will be renewed for an additional year. If your domain has already been renewed to the maximum possible term , it wont be possible to transfer until the domain becomes eligible for renewal again.

    Clean Your WordPress Site Pages

    Once you comb through all of your links and pages, you may discover links that are not user friendly, ie. yoursitename.com/about-3, etc. Or you may find that some links, pages, or even posts, are not relevant any longer. You may want to adjust these links to your new site or repurpose them. If you decide to remove them, you will need to set redirects. Before removing a link/page, double-check its value through Google Analytics – is this popular content that still brings people to your site? Create separate columns in your Excel document to comment on links that should be repurposed or removed. Weve shared some recommendations on how to declutter your site here – all the tips included in the article are relevant both for WordPress and for Squarespace sites.

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    In Order To Move From Squarespace To WordPress You Need To First Get Your WordPress Hosting Set Up

    Ideally you are moving to a self-hosted WordPress site. In order to do this you need to buy hosting. I use and recommend SiteGround, it starts at just $3.95 a month and has an excellent reputation unlike other hosting solutions .

    After you purchase your hosting, follow the instructions to install WordPress on your hosting plan.

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    Update Your Registration Info At Squarespace

    Wix to WordPress: How to Transfer a Domain Name // Im ...

    The first thing you should do is update your domain names Registration Information at Squarespace. Specifically, make sure you have access to the email account listed.

    Here are the steps to do it :

  • Log into Squarespace and go to Domains. Click on your domain.
  • It should appear under Domains Managed by Squarespace. Click on it again.
  • Check Apply to all Whois records
  • Update your info, making sure the email address is good. I recommend setting this to your email address, not the clients, so you have complete control over it. It can be changed later!!
  • Very important: youll receive a confirmation email with a link to click. You need to be able to receive that email and click the link.
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    Transfer Squarespace Ecommerce To WordPresscom Ecommerce

    If you use your Squarespace website for eCommerce, youll want to move your online shop over to WordPress.com too, for which youll need to download an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce.

    However, products are one of the few things we mentioned earlier that cant be exported by default as part of the bulk export process. Nevertheless, you can export your Squarespace products in a single CSV and then import them into WooCommerce in a few easy steps:

  • In your Squarespace Home Menu, click Commerce, and then click Inventory
  • Click Export all
  • In your WordPress Dashboard, go to WooCommerce and click Products
  • Select Import at the top. This will display the Upload CSV File screen
  • Select Choose File and choose the CSV you downloaded from Squarespace
  • The Column Mapping screen will automatically attempt to match the Column Name from your CSV to WooCommerce Fields
  • If there are fields you dont want to import, use the drop-down menus on the right-hand side of each field. By default, the importer will not import unrecognized columns.
  • Select Run the Importer. Do not refresh or close the browser tab while the importer is running.
  • Your Squarespace Products will now be available as WooCommerce Products!
  • More detailed guidelines on using the WooCommerce CSV Product Importer can be found here.

    The WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is a substantially more powerful eCommerce solution than Squarespace.

    What Squarespace Does Differently

    The transition from Squarespace to WordPress is a tricky one. So much so, that many hosting companies wont do it but we do

    At Bigscoots, we go to great lengths to assist with your transition over from Squarespace, and most importantly ensure that your live site remains functioning and uninterrupted throughout the entire transition.

    Similar to other site builders, such as Wix and Blogger, every Squarespace site is hosted and stored on their servers and the design, including all cosmetic elements, are not yours to move, whereas WordPress gives you the option to host your site anywhere on the web. So if you ever chose to move again, you can feel good knowing you have full control over your entire site and not just your content, to move as you wish.

    So, why is it so difficult to move from Squarespace to WordPress?

    Each time a website is migrated from Squarespace to WordPress, all blog posts, media and files need to be exported using Squarespace tools in a WordPress format it becomes quite a tricky task given how many elements an average site is comprised of and how many of those are not available to move and therefore need to be reproduced.

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    What Happens To Your Domain

    If you register a domain through MyDomain, please note there is a non-refundable $15 domain fee. This fee not only covers our own costs, but it ensures that, even if youre dissatisfied with your experience at MyDomain, you wont lose your domain name. Youll be free to transfer it or simply point it elsewhere.

    Please note: The 30-day money-back guarantee applies to our hosting plans it does not apply to most add-on services, such as domains, as mentioned above.

    Offer Details

    Special offers are limited-time promotional prices availabe to new customersand valid for the initial term only. All products and services automaticallyrenew for the same term length, using the payment method provided in this initialpurchase, unless you request a change. Renewal pricing will be available throughyour control panel.

    Verify That The Domain Name Is Eligible For Transfer

    Move from Squarespace to WordPress Part 1 :: Flothemes

    To make sure your domain name can be transferred, sign in to your current Registrar and check the following:

    • The initial registration of the domain name was at least 60 days ago and the domain has been with your current Registrar for at least 60 days:

    Per ICANNs Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars, domains that are less than 60 days old or were transferred between Registrars within the last 60 days cannot be transferred. Please wait at least 60 days before transferring.

    • The domain name is not on hold with your current Registrar.

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    Pointing Squarespace Domain To WordPress

    If youve been using a custom domain name with your Squarespace site and want to continue using it after migrating, you will need to change your DNS details.

    The process depends on where your domain name is registered. If the registrar is Squarespace, then DNS details must be changed within their control panel. If thats the case, refer to this tutorial for additional information.

    However, if you register the domain name with a different company, then the DNS details will have to be changed in their system. We have a great guide that you can follow here. Plus, the process is similar to most registrars

    PRO TIP: This method only works if you have a custom domain name as you cant point the built-in Squarespace subdomain to any website or server.

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