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What Is My Email Domain Name

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Boost Your Business With A Domain Email Account

How to set up email at your own domain name

The difference between using a business domain email address and a generic one is plain to see the former will have a positive impact on your companys image, while the latter will harm it.

If you were considering hiring one of two companies, and one had a domain email address while the other had a generic one, its likely that youd be more impressed by the company with the domain address. Your prospects and customers will have the same reaction when comparing your company to your competitors.

Using a domain email address helps promote an image of professionalism and credibility, sending a signal to people that you take your business seriously. It helps establish and maintain branding for your business and separates you from competitors who choose to use a free email account.

Add to those reasons the increased privacy, accessibility, portability, and security that come with a domain email account, and you can only arrive at one conclusion setting up a domain email account is a smart move for your business.

Do you have a professional email address for your business or do you prefer sticking with the free services?

What Is A Domain Name And How Does It Work

Almost everyone who uses the internet has heard of a domain name. But what exactly is a domain name, and how do they work? Should you have your own domain name?

No matter which Development Career Path you’re following, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of domain names. In this article , we’ll answer all of your domain name-related questions. Use the table of contents to jump to a specific section.

Can You Own A Domain Name

While you hear a lot about people buying, selling, and owning a domain name, the reality is that the registry owns all of its registered domain names.

When you “buy” a domain, you’re really leasing it or buying the right to reserve a domain name for your use for a certain amount of time â usually not more than 10 years. Still, it’s always possible to keep renewing a domain name, which means that people and companies can effectively control it indefinitely.

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Connecting Your Email At Your Own Domain To Your Existing Email Client

If you already use a third-party desktop or mobile email client, such as Thunderbird, Outlook or Apple Mail, you may also want to add your email at your own domain to your existing email client. This has a major convenience bonus, and the process is very similar for all email hosts.

First, set up your email host to integrate with email clients. This involves enabling IMAP and varies per provider:

  • G Suite: Load up your G Suite Gmail, clicking the gear icon and then Settings Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Enable IMAP and Save Changes.
  • Zoho: Load up Zoho Mail, go to Settings Mail POP/IMAP and Email Forwarding. Under IMAP Access, change the Status to Enable. Save and youre done.
  • SiteGround and most web hosts: IMAP is enabled by default.

You now just need to add your email to your client of choice. For most desktop clients, this is just a case of heading to Accounts Add New and then entering your email and password, and server details. For the iOS Mail app, youll need to go to Settings Mail first, and add the account as ‘other’. For the Gmail app on Android, tap the top left Menu icon, and then the down arrow next to your username. From there, you can Add account, selecting Other as your email service .

Once youre ready to add in settings, get the appropriate settings for your host:

Whichever email client you’re using, add your new email at your own domain for extra convenience.

How To Use Gmail With Your Own Domain Name

How to Create Your Own Personalized Domain Email Address

So can you use Gmail with your own domain name? And if so, can you do it for free? The answers to those questions are yes and yes. And in this post, youll learn how to do it.

You can either use a nifty workaround to access your custom email domain from your existing free Gmail account. Or, you can pay for Googles business tools service, called Workspace. Heres a breakdown of the two methods:

  • Free method as long as you already have email hosting , you can connect Gmail to your own domain name for free using SMTP/POP3 credentials . Jump to the tutorial for this method.
  • Google Workspace / G Suite method if youre willing to pay, you can use to have a dedicated Gmail account for your own custom domain name . Jump to the tutorial for this method.
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    Can I Create A Custom Email Domain For Free

    Well, you cant get a custom email domain completely for free. Only those email domains that end with the mailing services name are free

    However, you can get a custom email domain as a free extra with the web hosting plans of some providers.

    So when you choose your web hosting, it makes sense to choose a provider that offers free email as a bonus!

    Bluehost is one such web hosting service provider that gives you a free custom email domain once you purchase their premium hosting plan. Since Bluehost is incredibly affordable and only charges you for your sites web hosting, the custom email domain name you get is virtually free.

    Can I Create My Custom Email Domain

    You can try to create your custom email domain. If you dont mind, it takes some time. But there are a few limitations you need to consider first. I will try to cover all this in this article.

    Because our platform is built using cloud services like AWS S3 and Route 53, we do not have complete control over the DNS settings of this service.

    Therefore, creating sub-domain namespaces with custom domains might require additional access that must be gotten separately from Amazon or Route 53 before successfully mapping it to our account.

    This means it would take us longer than anticipated to get things ready for you because either Amazon or Route 53 requires additional verification for your request .

    Since the platform is built using cloud services, some sub-domain names might be reserved by AWS or Route 53. These are reserved for our use only.

    Therefore, you will not create a record with these sub-domains because there isnt one available since we already take it up. For example, if you try to make, this would have been created, but there will be no a records associated with it because it points to nowhere since we are using this namespace ourselves.

    Although creating CNAME records is supported for your custom domains, this doesnt mean everything can work out of the box just like that without any problems.

    Because we do not own any domains ending with xxxxxx. We do not know what xxxxxxx means either .

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    General Instructions For Finding Your Email Address

    To identify your email address in almost any email program or service, make sure your email is functioning properly and then open the program or service and:

  • Start a new email message.

  • Look fora line that begins with From. It contains your email address.

  • If you have more than one email address configured for sending, they usually show up as menu choices in the From line when you compose an email. All the email addresses listed are yours. You can use any of them.

  • What Is Email Forwarding

    How to setup a custom email address using your own domain name with Google

    Email forwarding is a feature that allows incoming mail to a domain email account, such as , to be redirected or forwarded to another email address, such as Email forwarding is the easiest way to set up a new email address without having to change your email program.

    Forwarded email addresses are sometimes called aliases. An alias, as you know, is another name that refers to a given person. In our example, John has an email address with gmail He has just purchased the domain name and sets up a forwarding rule which reads: Whenever an email comes in to , forward that email to In this case, the address is an alias for , as all email goes to the same Gmail address.

    Many services allow hundreds for forwarding rules or aliases to be created. Suppose John runs a small business but wants to give website visitors the confidence that theyre dealing with a solid company. He could create forwarding rules for , , , and so on, and have them all forwarded to As John adds employees he can change the forwarding rules to go to other email addressesyou can have as many aliases as you want pointing to the same destination email.

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    Finding Your Email Address Is Easier Than You Think

    • Wichita Technical Institute

    What’s my email? The steps you take to find out what email address people see when you email them depends on the service or email program you use. Below are general instructions as well as specific instructions for popular email providers.

    The general instructions work for all email services, but there are specific directions for some of the major providers.

    You Need More Than Just An Email Address

    It is becoming increasingly important to have your domain name with your company name on it. However, having your personal mail server, Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo does not make any difference. These emails do not look professional at all! The reason why? They dont even require you to include your private email address in the web URL when people look at your email, which looks spammy and cheap.

    Even worse, if you were an entrepreneur consulting on choosing the best company name for your startup, why would you go for something already so widely known to look unprofessional? If you dont know already about google / Hotmail complaints, addresses and Hotmail scams to give a few examples of what I mean!

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    What Are The Types Of Email Domain Names

    Email domain names are of four types, namely:

  • Personal email address These addresses are for personal use only.
  • Corporate email address Companies or organizations use this to send business emails to their employees or customers.
  • Classified email address The classified domains specify the type of mail that one receives in his mailbox.
  • Free email address These domains are free, and they help people save some money when it comes to using an email service provider .
  • Free Products & Services When You Register

    How to Set Up an Email Account that Uses Your Domain Name offers more for less, with free perks like URL and email forwarding to sophisticated account features like Two-Step Verification and DNS templates.

    Fair, transparent pricing

    We clearly display domain discounts and renewal pricing during the domain search process so there are no nasty surprises when your domains renewal comes up.

    Everything in one place

    Once you have a domain in hand, we make it simple to attach email, hosting, website builders, and more. Its everything you need in one convenient place.

    90 Day Free Trial with any domain purchase

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    How Do I Search For Expired Domain Names

    Expiring domain names are just what they sound like: Domain names that were unavailable because they were already registered but are about to expire, making the website name available for purchase again. You can search for expiring domain names using keywords or you can check the list of about-to-expire names. Search domains expiring now

    Frequently Asked Questions About Creating Your Own Email With Gmail + Any Domain Name

    Is Google Workspace Worth Paying For?

    You certainly dont need to pay for Google Workspace when you start out because all the tools you will need are provided for free. Eventually, however, you may want to upgrade to Google Workspace. One of the major advantages of Google Workspace is that it works well with teams for example, administering your team with a collection of personal Gmail installs would be a nightmare. Google Workspace makes this easy.

    Google Workspace offers several other advantages such as 24/7 technical support, integrated team calendars, additional storage, video conferencing, and more. As your business grows, you should consider upgrading to G Suite. The entry-level plan starts at $6 per person, per month.

    One possible downside of using Google Workspace is that the global setup can be a bit intimidating with things like MX records. However, Google provides you with step-by-step instructions that are specific to your installation so this shouldnt be a problem. And you can use the provided technical support if necessary.

    Is Gmail for Business Free?

    How to Make an Email Address for a Custom Domain?

    What Are the Drawbacks of Using POP3 or IMAP Email?

    Can I Use Gmail with my Own Domain for Free?

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    What Is The Storage Space Of Email

    Email storage space is the total amount of data, in megabytes, that your email messages occupy on the server. Each character written in your email message is equal to one byte of space. The size of your email attachments like PDF, images, slides, etc. are also included while calculating the storage space used.

    All professional email providers have a fixed storage space that they allocate to each email account. Once this limit is breached, all incoming emails will bounce. Also, you will not be able to send any new emails. Hence, it is important to monitor the current storage space consumed by your email account to prevent the loss of important incoming client emails.

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    Manage Multiple Email Channels

    How to get a domain name and professional email easily!

    Most email providers allow you to create multiple email addresses that can be managed from a centralized location.

    So for instance, you can create 5 emails for different purposes like:

    • Customer service

    These are just a few business email address examples. Then you can keep your emails organized but still manage them easily from a single place.

    This feature allows you build credibility. Plus, you have the flexibility to prioritize emails and grant access to team members according to what theyre working on.

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    You Could Get A Customised Sign Made With Your Web Url/domain

    Using Hotmail or Gmail for business was discussed in the Facebook group I am in, and a question was asked by a freelance PR consultant called Laura. Laura posted a comment in a Facebook group that confirms why you need to have a unique website address to make your business more successful than one that doesnt have its own web URL/domain.

    Would you please take your time to read the comments from the journalists with their opinions?

    Laura: Can I ask a question? Im a freelance PR and use a Hotmail account and was wondering if this makes a difference when sending pitches by email as I havent had a single reply to an email pitch for the past 4 weeks. My stories arent that bad, I have good reputable clients and interesting, relevant stories. I dont spam people, and I make sure that everything is individual and relevant. I also dont ask how people are all the time. Do you tend to avoid us, freelancers, with such email accounts, preferring to only use stuff from agencies? Just out of curiosity, thanks

    Are Domain Email Addresses Portable

    You might wonder since you can get a free email address from your ISP or from an email service provider like Gmail or Yahoo, why bother creating a domain email address.

    Email portability is possible because you own your domain name. Free emails typically fall under the control of the email service providers if they shout down their service, your email messages will be gone from their servers. This creates a problem, especially if email is a key component of your business. By creating a domain email address with your own domain name, you take full ownership and control of your inbox at all times.

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    The Domain I Want For My Email Is Not Available What Do I Do

    More often than not, the domain name you want is probably already taken. The best way to find a domain name that is available and perfect for your business is by using our Domain Name Generator.

    You simply have to enter a few keywords related to the name you want. The tool uses AI technology to generate name ideas that you can choose from. Every name you see in the results list is available as Nameboy only shows results after cross-checking with Bluehosts domain registry.

    Add A Custom Email Domain For Icloud Mail On Icloudcom

    Email Domain Management

    If you upgrade to iCloud+, you can add a custom email domain name you already own to iCloud and use it with iCloud Mail. For an overview of the feature, see Personalize iCloud Mail with a custom email domain and share with family.

    If youre part of a Family Sharing group, you can share the email domain with members of the group. Anyone in your Family Sharing group can add a custom domain and choose whether or not to share it.

    Note: Custom Email Domain isnt available in all countries or regions.

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    How To Register A Custom Domain Name

    There are a few ways to register a custom domain name. You can go to a domain name registrar, like GoDaddy, and use their registration form to create a new domain name. You can also use a search engine to find a domain name registrar. You can also use a domain name registration form on the website of a domain name registrar.

    When you register a custom domain name, you are giving away your prime real estate to the world. You are giving away the right to be the only person in the world to use that domain name. You are giving away the right to be the first to market that domain name. You are giving away the right to make money from that domain name.

    The registrar will also give you a license to use the domain name. This license will allow you to use the domain name in your business, in your web site, in your marketing materials, and in your advertising. The registrar will also provide you with a set of instructions on how to use the domain name in your business.

    The registrar will also provide you with a list of other domain names that you can register with the same registrar. These other domain names will be owned by the registrar and will be used for the same purposes as the custom domain name you have registered.

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