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What Is Google Domain Name Server

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Changing Nameservers On Godaddy

Google Domains- Change Your Name Servers
  • Log in to GoDaddy account
  • Go to Manage Domains under your account
  • Then Click on Manage DNS
  • Add Primary Nameserver first and then the secondary Nameserver
  • Once you have changed, it might take a few hours to completely propagate the updated nameservers. It may take anywhere from 10 minutes to up to 4 hours in most cases. If it doesnt propagate within 4 hours it is advised to contact the support team.

    You can change other DNS records from your domain management interface. But once you have changed your Nameservers you can change other DNS records as well from the Cpanel. You might find a DNS Zone Editor, where you can select the type of record to update, as shown below:

    Mobile Or Other Devices

    DNS servers are typically specified under advanced Wi-Fi settings. However, asevery mobile device uses a different user interface for configuring DNS serversettings, we provide only the generic procedure. For more information,please consult your mobile provider’s documentation.

    To change your settings on a mobile device:

  • Go to the screen in which Wi-Fi settings are specified.
  • Find the screen in which DNS server settings are specified.
  • If there are IP addresses specified in the fields for the primary andsecondary DNS servers, write them down for future reference.
  • Replace those addresses with the Google IP addresses:
  • For IPv4: and/or
  • For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and/or 2001:4860:4860::8844.
  • For IPv6-only: you can use instead of the IPv6addresses in the previous point.
  • Save and exit.
  • Test that your setup is working correctly see Test your new settings.
  • Test Your New Settings

    To test that the Google DNS resolver is working:

  • From your browser, enter a hostname URL . If it resolvescorrectly, quit the browser, load the page again and refresh it for severaltimes to make sure the result is not from a cached web page.

  • If you are using on an IPv6-only system, repeatthe above test with an IPv4-only hostname URL .
  • If all of these tests work, everything is working correctly. If not, go tothe next step.

  • From your browser, type in a fixed IP address. You can use as the URL.1

  • If you are using on an IPv6-only system, use as theURL instead. If this test does not work, you do not have access to aNAT64 gateway at the reserved prefix 64:ff9b::/96 and cannot useGoogle Public DNS64.

  • If you are using an IPv6-only system without Google Public DNS64, use as theURL instead.

  • If this works correctly, reload the page with a new opened browser to makesure the page is loaded from scratch. If these tests work , then there is a problem with your DNS configuration check the stepsabove to make sure you have configured everything correctly. If these testsdo not work, go to the next step.

  • Roll back the DNS changes you made and run the tests again. If the testsstill do not work, then there is a problem with your network settings contact your ISP or network administrator for assistance.

  • If you encounter any problems after setting Google Public DNS as your resolver,please run the diagnostic procedure.

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    Transfer Your Domain To Chemicloud

    There is no need to juggle separate providers, contacts, and services when you can have everything you need, all in one place.

    If youd like to manage your nameservers and your hosting in the same place, here at ChemiCloud, you should consider transferring your domain from Google Domains to ChemiCloud.

    Once you have your EPP code and have confirmed the domain is unlocked, and privacy is disabled, follow the steps to initiate the domain transfer.

    Well assume that you have already unlocked the domain at its current registrar and that you also have the authorization code from Hostinger.

    1) Head over to our Domain Transfer page and enter the domain name you wish to transfer to ChemiCloud and the domain Transfer Code in the appropriate text field .

    2) Click the Order Now button.

    3) You will be asked if you require hosting as well. Click the Continue button to finalize only the domain transfer without hosting.

    Click the Checkout button to send your domain transfer request.

    A domain name transfer can take up to six days to complete. Once the domain name transfer is complete, you will receive a confirmation by email.

    Thats it!

    Google Public Dns Ipv6 Addresses:

    Change nameservers to set up Office 365 with Google Domains
    2001:4860:4860::8888 2001:4860:4860::8844

    This doesn’t happen if you use Google’s resolvers, as their network is always answering the right answer to each dns query is made against them. And in case you are requesting something that doesn’t exist, it will show you a NXDOMAIN error, which means there is no answer to the requested dns query.

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    What Is A Nameserver Why Are Nameservers Important

    If youre trying to point your domain name to your web hosting, youve probably come across the term nameserver. So, what is a nameserver?

    Discover how Kinsta customers are seeing up to a 200% increase in performance.

    Nameservers help connect URLs with the IP address of web servers. Nameservers are an important part of the Domain Name System , which many people call the phone book of the Internet.

    In this article, well go deeper into the topic of what nameservers are, how they work, and how you can use them to manage your sites domain name and other parts of your site:

    Web Hosting Hub Only Uses Two Name Servers:

  • When you completed adding your name servers for your domain, click on SAVE in order to save your changes.
  • If you are using Web Hosting Hub for hosting, then these are the only name servers you will need to add for your Google Domain. Any change to the name servers may require a propagation period of up to 24 hours to complete.

    We value your feedback!

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    Why You Should Change Google Domains Nameservers

    The DNS service you use for your domain can have a significant impact on the TTFB performance of your website. Using a highly scalable and available DNS service ensures high performance all around the world. All ChemiCloud plans include a premium DNS service.

    Typically, domain registrars do not provide customers with a premium DNS service like ChemiCloud DNS. For this reason, we recommend switching nameservers to ours if your domain is registered with Google Domains and you are hosting your website with us.

    How To Check Which Nameservers Your Website Is Using

    Domain Name Server

    If youre not sure which nameservers youre currently using, you can check by entering your domain name in one of the many Whois lookup tools. For example,

    Alternatively, you can also run a simple test from your local computer.

    On Windows, you can test your nameservers by following these steps:

    • Open PowerShell
    • Type nslookup in the Powershell interface
    • Type set q=NS and hit Enter
    • Enter your domain name and hit Enter again

    You should then see your nameservers:

    On Mac, you can open Terminal and run the following command:

    host -t NS

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    Change Nameservers To Set Up Microsoft 365 With Any Domain Registrar

    • Article

    Check the Domains FAQ if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

    Follow these instructions to add and set up your domain in Microsoft 365 so your services like email and Teams will use your own domain name. To do this, you’ll verify your domain, and then change your domain’s nameservers to Microsoft 365 so the correct DNS records can be set up for you. Follow these steps if the following statements describe your situation:

    • You have your own domain and want to set it up to work with Microsoft 365.

    • You want Microsoft 365 to manage your DNS records for you.

    Using Microsoft Nameservers Google Domains And Firebase Hosting

    It looks like you’ve changed your name servers. All settings for your domain are currently disabled. To enable these settings, you will need to restore the Google Domains name servers.

    I can’t restore these nameservers to Google, because it will mess/disable his emails. So what to do? I have exhausted my Google searches for an answer, and unsure of what direction to look for an answer. Maybe I need to add the records on Microsoft’s side? Do I need him to transition to GSuite? I’d prefer not to tell him he needs to, but maybe that’s the only solution!

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    How To Change Name Servers For A Domain Registered Through Google Domains

  • Login to your Google Domains Account

  • If you have multiple domains, you will need to select the domain where you will change the DNS. If you hover over the icon, you will see that the third icon to the right will be labeled Configure DNS. Click on this icon.

  • A section titled Name servers will appear and you will have the option to select either: Use Google’s name servers or Use custom name servers. Click on Use custom name servers.

  • Click on the blue button labeled ADD in order to add your name servers. If you make a mistake or there are name servers already in this section, you can click on Edit in order to make changes to name servers.

    Not As Many Smaller Extensions

    Custom Domains â Teachable

    Google Domains supports 100+ domain extensions, including all of the popular options. However, other domain registrars support even more.

    For example, Namecheap offers 400+ extensions.

    Does this difference matter? Not for most people because the majority of people will purchase a mainstream domain extension .

    But if youre in the market for something out there like a .vodka domain name, you might need to go outside Google Domains.

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    Set Google Public Dns On Unix And Linux

    Unix and Linux often use one single file to set the DNS resolvers, and this is the /etc/resolv.conf file.

    Edit the file by typing:

    nano -w /etc/resolv.conf

    Remove/delete all the existing lines and add this two:

    nameserver nameserver

    That’s all, now you know why Google’s Public DNS are one of the best thing to improve browsing speed and security when you are surfing the network from your local office or home.

    DNS Tools & Docs

    Change Your Dns Servers Settings

    Because the instructions differ between different versions/releases of eachoperating system, we only give one version as an example. If you need specificinstructions for your operating system/version, please consult your vendor’sdocumentation. You may also find answers on our user group page.

    Many systems let you to specify multiple DNS servers, to be contacted inpriority order. In the following instructions, we provide steps to specify onlythe Google Public DNS servers as the primary and secondary servers, to ensurethat your setup correctly uses Google Public DNS in all cases.


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    What Is A Domain Name Server

    A DNS is a computer server that contains a database of many IP addresses and their associated domain names. It serves to translate a requested domain name into an IP address, so that the computer knows which IP address to connect to for the requested contents. The Internet is a network of connected computers, and they communicate with each other through IP addresses. A DNS plays an important role in helping us to conveniently use the Internet and it is one of the most essential foundations of the Internet as we know it today.

    It is much easier for us to remember a domain name,, rather than a string of numbers, to WebNICs website. Both the domain name and the DNS are extremely important and they work together to make this possible. Read our blog here if you are unsure what is a domain name.

    A great example is to see a DNS as a phone book, which matches a name to a telephone number. You can search for the name you want and find the corresponding phone number. It is also a similar concept to your smartphones contact list, which will match a contact name to a phone number. Remembering domain names is definitely easier for us than to remember a string of numbers. DNS helps us to do this by match domain names to IP addresses, and simplifies our web surfing experience significantly.

    Does Google Domains Work For Email

    Connect your domain to Site Ground 2020 Using IP address or Name Server | Google Domain

    Yes! Google Domains makes a great option for creating your own custom email address. Btw, do you need to find someones email address? Here are a few solid tricks.

    There are two ways to use emails with Google Domains:

    • Built-in email forwarding: Free, create up to 100 email aliases and forward them to your existing accounts. You can send emails from these aliases using Gmail or any other email client.
    • Email hosting with Google Workspace From $6 per month you can easily integrate with Google Workspace for hosted email, 30 GB of storage, and more to have a professional email address. .

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    Ways To Check Nameservers Of Your Website:

    The easiest way to check what nameservers your website or any other website is using Whois Domain Lookup Service, which is free to use:

    Enter the domain name in the input box, and it will return with the Domain Info as well as Nameservers:

    The other method involves using Poweshell on your Windows computer.

    • Search for Powerssell in your Start bar and open Windows PowerShell.
    • In the interface type nslookup and hit enter
    • Type set q=NS and hit enter
    • Type and hit enter
    • The name servers will be displayed.

    If you are using iOS, open the terminal and execute the command:

    host -t NS

    Manage Domain Name Servers

    Domain name servers store all resource records for a domain name. Most top-level domains require 212 name servers. Multiple name servers ensure that if there’s a problem with one server, other servers make sure that your website still functions.

    When you buy a domain name through Google Domains, name servers:

    • Are provided at no extra cost
    • Don’t need setup or management

    You can also use custom name servers from third-party providers. If you do so, before you create custom name servers on Domains, you must set up your resource records through your name server provider.

    Tip: For help with name server security, learn more about DNSSEC.

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    Change Your Domain Registrar’s Name Servers For Your Domain

    Now that you have the list of Cloud DNS name servers hosting yourmanaged zone, use your domain registrar toupdate the name serversfor your domain. Your domain registrar might be Google Domains,Cloud Domains, or a third-party registrar.


    Typically, you must provide at least two Cloud DNS name serversto the domain registrar. To benefit from Cloud DNS’s highavailability, you must use all the name servers.

    After changing your domain registrar’s name servers, it can take a while forresolver traffic to be directed to your new Cloud DNS nameservers. Resolvers could continue to use your old name servers until the TTL onthe old NS records expire.

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