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Do I Need Domain Protection

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Whats The Advantages Of Buying Domain Id Protection

Why you need Domain Privacy

The advantages is your privacy. Many people do not like having their address and contact information publicly visible for security or privacy concerns and they are well warranted concerns. Even though companies are not supposed to, many companies worldwide use the WHOIS database to contact people for marketing purposes and the WHOIS database can be used to easily distribute spam.

What Godaddy And Domain Registrars Should Be Doing In Terms Of Privacy

Whilst GoDaddys WHOIS privacy practice is on the right edge of lawfulness, it is less than ideal for several reasons:

  • Privacy is a Fundamental Human Right

Of course, this is not a new idea. Privacy has been a basic right long before GDPR and other global privacy laws. The fact that GoDaddy aims to make a profit by charging people for basic privacy protection seems unethical.

  • More Data Privacy Scandals

The rapid technological progress in the last decade, coupled with several data breach scandals, has raised awareness regarding data protection. This has caused massive change in privacy laws all around the world. Therefore, charging a fee for a full privacy protection is not in line with the most recent developments in data protection laws.

  • Someone will Lead by Example

Being one of the largest domain registrars out there, GoDaddy has the opportunity to lead the privacy movement by example. They dont have to wait for the introduction of new rigorous laws to raise the bar of privacy protection.

Its safe to say that they have the tools in their hands to show how the protection of personal information is being done. However, they have chosen to charge fees instead.

  • A Loss of Trust
  • No Default Upselling

What Is Domain Privacy Protection

When you buy a domain name or register for it, your personal information is publicly available in a database called WHOIS.

The information with WHOIS is accessible for everyone across the Internet. Without domain privacy protection anyone can access the registrant information such as an address, contact details, etc.

Domain Privacy Protection is allows to protect your personal information from publically available sources i.e. WHOIS Lookup.

When you dont have domain privacy protection that means you are exposing your personal data on the WHOIS public database.

So, anyone on the internet can see your contact details such as your name, phone number, email address, and any other information related to legally registered domain names.

WHOIS is a directory that keeps a record of all domain registrations publically that is accessible to anyone. This includes detail such as verifications, their expiry, renewal dates, name, address, etc. of the domain registrant.

With that WHOIS features, you can able to determine the ownership of any domain on the internet.

In the following example, you will see, how we can find domain registrant details.

For a giant company, it is not a big deal to make information publically available. But for a small company and business owner, we need to be cautious with the accessible information for security point of view, where its available, and why.

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What If You Checkout But Want To Add Domain Privacy Later

No problem. If you already purchased the domain, you can simply go login and click on the my domains tab and then click add privacy next to your desired domain. I have done this for many of the domains that I own.

Some may decide not to add it at. For example, some people buy and sell domains for profit online. This practice is called domain flipping. There are many helpful domain flipping guides online that show beginners how to make money with it.

If your idea is to buy domains on Godaddy and flip them quickly on Godaddy auctions,, Sedo, etc, then you might bypass Domain Privacy. However, if you are buying a domain on which you plan to build a website on for the long haul, then getting Godaddy Domain Privacy Protections is definitely worth adding it if you already purchased it.

Do You Need Domain Name Privacy

Why Do I Need Domain Privacy Protection?  Hosting Safety ...

Once you have registered a domain name, your personal data, such as your name, physical address, e-mail and telephone number are saved in a publicly available database called WHOIS. Domain name privacy protection is an option that web hosting companies offer to prevent spamming and exposure of personal information of a domains registered owners.

Here at BlackSun, we do more than just provide powerful web hosting. We also provide extra tools to help protect our clients and their personal information. One of these features is Domain Privacy.

Domain Privacy protection can provide a sense of security, buying it is a choice, not a must-do for your business. At BlackSun we mask your personal information. You own your domain, but your contact information wont be publicly displayed.

You can trace the ownership of any domain on the internet using the WHOIS lookup feature. In the following image, we search the domain registrant details for

Below, we can see different information like the registrars names and when the registration expires. Moreover, in which city the company is located, address, phone and email.

For companies like Nike, it is not significant to have this information exposed. However, for smaller companies and business owners, this is sensitive information and should be protected.

In the following image, you can see how your information will look like if you decide to add BlackSuns ID protection to your domain names.

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One Final Important Point

Please read the following quote from Namecheap:

Due to registry restrictions, WhoisGuard cannot be used with .asia, .ca, .cn, .uk,, .de, .eu, .in, .id,, .nu, .li, .ch, .fr, .sg,,, .us, .es,,,,,, .paris, .vote, .voto, .xn--3ds443g, .nyc, or domains.

These restrictions are not only enforced by Namecheap. All domain registrars that offer a Whois privacy protection service have to abide by these rules. So check first that the domain you own can be used in conjunction with privacy protection.

I should mention that if you own a .uk domain and it is not used for business purposes, you can remove your address details from the Whois database. If this is something that might interest you, you can find more information on the subject by clicking here.

You Cant Use Fake Personal Information When Registering A Domain

When it comes to domain registration, you have to use your actual contact details for security purposes. The person or company listed as the registrant of the domain name will always be the legal owner from the standpoint of ICANN.

Using false contact information may lead to a legal dispute about who owns the domain name. Its essential to use legitimate contact information, especially for businesses it can affect customers trust and loyalty to your brand.

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Domain Privacy + Protection

Every domain name has public information tied to it about the owner of the domain. The name, email address, phone number, and even home address of the owner is publicly available online in the WHOIS database. The rules and laws surrounding domain names require every domain name owner to disclose their contact information. But most people wouldn’t want their personal contact information available to the public where scammers, hackers, and anyone else can see it. This is what makes Domain Privacy so useful. Domain Privacy is a service Just Host offers that will hide your personal contact information from the public WHOIS database and replace it with generic Just Host contact information instead. You are still the owner of the domain name, but your personal contact information can be kept safe.

Domain Privacy + Protection protects you from:

  • Spam and other unsolicited email.
  • Unwanted phone calls and postal mail.
  • Identity theft.
  • Competitors being able to look up which domains you own.
  • Malware and SEO blacklists
  • Receive SMS notifications regarding important changes to your domain
  • It Protects The Contact Details Of The Domain Registrant

    Domain Privacy – Is It WORTH the COST? Don’t Leave your info open to the public

    The world has access to your domain registration information through the WHOIS database. So anyone can easily see your contact details, including hackers, scammers, and competitors.

    If your website is hacked, your business will suffer, and customers data can get stolen as well. Youll lose the audiences trust and potential traffic. Plus, it may take some time to recover from reputational damage.

    You will reduce the potential of experiencing the problems mentioned above if you use domain privacy protection.

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    Selling Of Your Personal Data

    The dark forums are filled with people trading other peoples personal information for nefarious reasons.

    It is even worst when ads company engage in something called data scraping to collect your personal data from publicly available WHOIS records, in order to bombard you with sales pitch or sell it to third parties.

    It Prevents Domain Theft

    Domain theft or hijacking is when someone changes your domains registration information without your permission. This is possible by accessing your email address and domain registrar account.

    Hackers can use your domain to aid other cyber-attacks like malware installation. Moreover, theres a chance they might use it for phishing.

    In other words, they might create web pages identical to the ones on your website, especially pages that collect sensitive customer data.

    Losing control of your domain can lead to financial loss, regulatory and reputational damages.

    The dummy email address will give hackers an extra obstacle by enabling domain privacy protection if they try to break into your account.

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    Godaddy Privacy Protection Review Conclusion

    Today in this review, you have learned about how Godaddy domain protection works and also what it costs to have it. Although I highly recommend getting this protection on ALL of your domains, you now know where to get it 100%FREEforLIFE.

    Believe me, I cant overemphasize how much of a headache and time this will save you!

    Namecheap is the second largest domain name registrar in the world and also has the cheapest prices online. Whether you are new or advanced, if you are looking for a great way to save money online with your business, then start with Namecheap web hosting. Its only $2.88/month and is awesome for beginners & they have everything that you will need to get your website online fast and indexed in the search engines. I have been using them for quite some time and extremely happy with their services. If you give them a try today, I know you will also!

    How has this Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection Review helped you? I hope that you have learned a lot today that will help you to save money for your business. I would love to read your thoughts below..

    Do I Really Need Domain Privacy

    Do I Need Domain Name Privacy Protection?

    Yes! you really need it, if you want to hide your information from displaying publicly. But if you purchase a domain and you want people to contact you then you might not need it.

    If you are in the domain buying-selling business then you may want your information shown to the potential buyers.

    Adding Domain Privacy + Protection from any company replaces your information from their own from the whois database, which is publicly visible to anyone on the internet.

    Without Domain Privacy Protection
    United States8017659400

    Yes! you really need domain privacy protection to protect your personal and sensitive information from being stolen. Trust me choosing domain privacy really pays itself by saving you from spammers.

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    What Is Domain Privacy Protection Bluehost

    Domain Privacy is a service that protects your personal information from being visible publicly. This information could be your name, address, phone number, email id, and anything you provided while registering a domain.

    Domain privacy protection is a service by Bluehost to protect your information from stolen by anyone. Domain privacy offers by all the domain registration companies out there.

    While buying a domain you have to provide your personal information for billing purposes. If somehow you dont opt for privacy protection then this information will be visible to everyone.

    Hence anyone can access your information from the website. Thus not having domain privacy can lead you to get unwanted emails and sells pitches from marketers and spammers. is a Website to lookup for the personal data of the owner of a certain domain.

    • When you opt for domain privacy then Bluehost or any other company replaces your personal information with their official information. In this way, your information is shielded by Bluehosts information.

    Let me clarify it,

    How is it to give fake information for domain privacy?

    Honestly, you should not be doing this, if you do then this goes against the ICANN terms. And as a result, your domain registration could be terminated.

    ICANN is an NGO that manages and looks after domain name registrations worldwide.

    Privacy Protection Isnt Always An Option

    Although Whois privacy service is available for almost all domains, some are unavailable due to registry restrictions.

    Currently, this includes .ca, .ch, .cn,,,,,, .de, .es, .eu, .fr, .gg, .id, .in, .is, .law, .li,,, .nl,, .nu, .nyc,,,, .paris, .sg, .to, .uk, .us, .vote, .voto, and .xn--3ds443g domains.

    Privacy protection may already be in place for certain TLDs, or restrictions may be in place for specific geographic locations.

    Take .us, for example. In 2005 the National Telecommunications and Information Administration requested that all registrants must make their contact information public. This was to help make sure that .us registrants followed the requirements, such as that they must be a US citizen or resident, when registering their domain.

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    How Do I Get It

    The process varies from registrar to registrar, but for the most part, its pretty simple. You have one of two options:

    1. Purchase domain privacy at the time of registration.

    Once youve found your awesome domain name, you should have the ability to add domain privacy before checking out. If you dont see it in as an option in your cart, call customer service. A representative should be able to help you add domain privacy.

    2. Purchase domain privacy at a later date.

    You can add domain privacy to any domain youve registered at any point in time. However, if you have the ability to add privacy up front, do so.

    Thats not to say that your information wont become private after adding domain privacy, but there will still be time for spammers and scammers to take advantage of your personal details. Plus, the internet archives data, which can be searched by using the Wayback Machine.

    Should I Buy Domain Privacy

    Domain Privacy Protection | Protect Personal Details WHOIS LookUp [2022]

    You may find that some domain registrars charge for domain privacy protection. Here, customers will find that our domain privacy service is free for life as we believe in going that extra mile and making sure that our customers are protected.

    We want our customers to know exactly what will or will not happen with their personal information and strongly believe in upholding privacy standards.

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