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How Does Buying A Domain Work

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Secure Matching Social Media Handles

Domain Name: What is it /Example/How Does it Work / Cost/ Where to Buy

Getting social media handles that match up with your website will help to establish your brand online. Even if you dont plan on using the social media platform right away it can be helpful to lock down specific usernames.

If the branded version of the username is already taken, then trying adding a qualifier to the end of it. Getting an exact match isnt the most important thing, but try and get it as close as possible.

For every social media profile, it can be helpful to try and match your usernames across various accounts. This will make it easier for your fans to find you across different platforms.

Who Is Responsible For Domains

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a non-profit organization that creates and implements the policies for domain names. ICANN was established in 1998 to ensure the Internet remains usable by everyone.

ICANN gives permission to sell domain names to companies called Domain Name Registrars. These domain name registrars are allowed to make changes to the domain names registry and pay a small fee to ICANN every time they need to register a domain name.

How To Use A Personal Domain

So, what do people use personal name domains for? Perhaps you’ve registered a personal domain name because you thought you’d create a website and never did. Or maybe you’re just hosting a custom email address and you wish you were doing more.

There are plenty of benefits to having your own domain, whether you use it to promote yourself, provide quick information, or just do something cool. Here are our favorites.

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Purchase Your Domain Name And Complete Its Registration

Once you settle on a domain name, its time to purchase it. When you buy through Mailchimp, well let you know the annual cost of the domain name as well as any available discounts.

During the checkout process, youll be required to enter your contact information, including an email address, to register the domain.

Dont Sell Yourself Cheap

What is a Domain Name and How Do They Work?  Quick Guide ...

Another true story: An entrepreneur went looking for the .com version of a business domain and it was already taken, but for sale on the domain aftermarket for $2,500 a price he considered too high to shell out for the ideal domain name. He decided to go with the .net version because it was available at a normal price.

Within a few years, the business exploded their product was everywhere. This happy entrepreneur then decided to invest in the .com version of the businesss domain name.

Heres the catch: A lot of people had been typing .com instead of .net when searching for the businesss website. The impressive number of hits to the parked web page attached to the premium .com domain had spiked its price to $15,000.

So, if you know you want a domain for your business and its available as a premium domain, save up and invest in the perfect domain at the beginning. You can save yourself money in the long run.

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Use A Domain Name Generator

Due to the sheer number of domain names that have already been registered, it is often the case that your ideal name has been long taken. Instead of spending days and days brainstorming new names, you should consider using a domain name generator.

There are numerous domain name generators available. They work by taking a keyword from you, and then turning it into thousands of relevant suggestions. Lets have a look at a few domain name generators to help you get started

  • Lean Domain Search Brought to you by Automatic, Lean Domain Search will help you find domain names by pairing your search phrase with other common and relevant keywords. It also shows you which ones are available to register.
  • Domain Hole This domain name generator allows you to search, find, and buy new and expired domains. It comes jam-packed with an array of domain name tools including a name spinner, a brainstormer, and a complete availability checker.
  • Name Mesh With over six million words in the Name Mesh library, this name generator will be able to find the right domain name for you. Simply enter your keyword, and Name Mesh will provide a range of suggestions, as well as check the availability for most common TLDs.

For more information on domain name generators, check out our article 9 Best Blog and Domain Name Generators.

Once you have decided on an appropriate domain name for your website, you will now need to buy it. But how much will it cost and where should you buy it from? Lets find out more

Transfer Your Domain To A Different Domain Registrar

If your domain is managed by a provider that doesn’t support all the necessary DNS records, you can transfer it to a different registrar. When you transfer the domain, you change who you send payments to in order to renew and keep your domain name.

Request the transfer at the registrar that you want to move your domain to. Look on their website for an option such as Transfer DNS. Be aware that after they make the changes, it can take a few days update across the Internet.

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Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

Finding a domain thats available, valuable and relevant is important to online success, which is why registering a domain name requires strategy.

Choosing a domain name that points out your value proposition , vertical , or geographic area can help you drive business and stand out from the competition.

As A Central Location For Your Social Channels

How to Buy a Domain – Why Buy Your Domain from Namecheap

In the early days of the internet, it was en vogue to build your own website bursting with content. Today, third-party sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. host most of our content and general online shenanigans.

You may have a sizable social presence that you want to continue to use. Having an individual domain wont conflict with that. Personal landing pages are commonly used to forward or redirect to other profiles you may have online. Use your personal domain to place the sum of your content spanning the web and bring it into a single, centralized location.

Your special domain could then serve as the hub for your digital life. Share the same content you post on all social networks all in one place, or embed shortcuts to all your social media networks. Naturally, your data seems secure on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, but you cant be 100% sure. With a personal domain, your information is safe as long as you renew your contract, and store it with a dedicated hosting or website builder platform.

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What Is A Domain Name And How Do They Work

Are you thinking of setting up your own website or starting a blog but feeling a bit daunted by the prospect? For those new to web design, there is a lot to learn and think about but dont worry! In this article, we cover the first step of any web project the domain name.

Read on to find out exactly what a domain name is and gain an in-depth look at how they work. We will explain technical terms like IP addresses, the Domain Name System , and top level domains . We will then share some top tips on how to choose a domain name, where to purchase one, what you can expect to pay, and much much more. Are you ready to get started?

What Is The Difference Between A Domain Name And A Website

Its easy to think of a domain name and a website as being the same thing. But while theyre closely connected, theyre different things.

When you register a domain, you get a web address but not a website . So while you can have a domain and choose not to use it for a website, you cant have a website without a domain.

For example, if you want to get started online and youve picked a name, youll first need to register it, then build your website and then find a host so your site is visible on the web and people can access it. As your business grows, you can always change the look or design of your website while keeping the same domain name.

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How To Buy A Domain Name: Domain Registration Guide

What you need to know about domain names, how to choose the right one, and the steps to take to check if a domain name is available and to register your domain.

If you want to start a blog or a new online business, youll need to register a domain name, the name for your website. Getting the right domain for your needs might sound technical at first, but the process is pretty simple.

This domain registration guide will tell you what you need to know about domain name extensions, how to choose the right one for your needs, and the steps youll need to take to check if a domain name is available and to register your domain.

Other Domain Name Types

How Buying &  Selling of Website Domain Names Work?

There are a couple of other domain types that are worth a mention

  • Second Level Domains A second level domain sits directly below a TLD in the DNS hierarchical system. These are often used in conjunction with country code TLDs, for example,, or
  • Subdomains A subdomain is an extra part of a domain name. Subdomains are viewed as separate websites by the search engines, so, amongst other reasons, creating subdomains can help improve your sites SEO. A good example of when to use a subdomain is if you want to keep your blog separate from your website. In that case, your subdomain for your website might look like this

So, now you know about the domain extensions that are available. Lets next look at how to choose a domain name for your website

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Million Dollar Plus Domain Names

GoDaddy recently published a list of the most expensive domain names that have been publicly reported. Here are just a few

  • $49.7 million

Ive also published a list of the oldest .com domains here.

As you can see, these popular domain names sell for big money. But lets also check out the other end of the spectrum how do you get a free domain name?

Search For Your Desired Domain Name

After you have chosen your domain registrar, you will need to search for your domain name and see if its available. For this part of the process, you will want to keep the domain naming tips in mind:

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Consider combining what you do with your location for a unique domain name.
  • Consider registering additional domain extensions.
  • Avoid domain naming mistakes such as choosing a name thats too specific and doesnt allow you to grow, not checking the domain name spelling, or trying to save money by not buying a premium domain.

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Summary: How Domains Work

In this guide, weve covered what a domain name is and their technical background. Weve discussed different types of domains and basic terms that are associated with domain names. Weve also shared tips on how to choose the best domain name for your website and gone over the steps of buying and registering a domain name.

The only thing left to do now is to register your desired domain name and start working on your website. Happy launching!

What factors do you consider when choosing a domain name? Anything to add to the above? Let us know in the comments section below!

Can I Transfer My Domain Name To Hostinger

How to buy a domain name and hosting from Namecheap (Step-by-step guide)

Yes, its possible to transfer a domain name from another registrar to Hostinger.

However, there are a few requirements before transferring a domain to your web hosting account:

  • More than 60 days must have passed from the registration or last transfer date.
  • You must have the domains auth-code from your current registrar.
  • The domains WHOIS privacy protection has to be disabled.
  • You have to point your domain name to Hostinger.
  • The domains status cannot be Pending Delete or Redemption.

To transfer a domain to Hostinger, go to the Hostinger Transfer Domain page and enter your domain name. Then click Transfer.

After finishing the order and entering the domain EPP code, the transfer process will begin and youll receive an email regarding the domain transfer that you will have to confirm.

The domain registration will also be renewed for a year after the transfer, except for ccTLDs like .es,, or

Keep in mind that your website might be unavailable during the DNS changes, which can take up to 24 hours to propagate fully.

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Pricing And Domain Options

Domain names arent generally going to be a huge expense. Most of the common domain extensions are available for in the ballpark of $10 to $20 per year. But something that you might want to consider are additional options for your domain, such as bulk registration, domain privacy, theft protection, etc.

But what do those options mean? Lets take privacy, for example. While privacy isnt required for your domain, it can go a long way in protecting your personal contact information.

Domain registrars are required to provide valid contact information for registered domains on WHOIS searches.

While there is a benefit to having valid contact information available there, the unfortunate downside is that spammers and scammers love to gather email contact information from WHOIS directories. In other words, privacy on your domain is a great way to protect your personal contact information. Make sure its available with your domain registrar before purchasing a domain.

What about additional extensions? While many businesses choose .com domains for their primary web address, there are tons of interest-, industry- and geo-specific domain extensions available that you might find more appealing.

Not all domain providers will have a wide selection of domain extensions, so if this option is important to you, make sure theyre available through your selected registrar.

Make It Easy To Type & Remember

Even if a website ranks well in searches, its still important to have a web address that clients can relay via word of mouth. That can mean limiting creativity a bit, as its very difficult to visualize and remember domains with odd spellings of words, multiple hyphens or other characters, numbers and so forth.

People should know how to type it as soon as they hear it or after a very brief explanation. In the domain industry this is commonly referred to as the radio test. If your client is running an ad or talking about their business over the air, how do they say the domain? Something like presents far more of a problem than, say, for a web address.

Also try to avoid words that have more than one common spelling, such as ambience . If you must use one of these, try to register an additional domain with that alternate spelling. Its very easy to forward the variant to a primary domain, letting people find the website without confusion.

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