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How To Change Shopify Domain Name

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Two: Use The Shopify Admin Website

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You can also change your store name in the Shopify website.

Log in to your Shopify admin account on your computer and head to the Settings page. The option is located at the bottom left corner along the vertical navigation bar. Select General.

You can see your current store name in the field under Store name. Delete to change your store name and type in your new name for your store.

How To Change The Shopify Store Name And Domain Name

Perhaps you have made a mistake in your brand name. Perhaps you have a better name than the one you had. You might want to move into a more lucrative niche.

No matter what reason, changing the name of a Shopify store is easy. We will show you how to change your Shopify store name using two simple methods.

How Do I Change My Store Name On The Shopify App

STEP ONE: Launch the Shopify app and click on the store icon in the bottom-right corner

STEP TWO: Click on the settings option

STEP THREE: Once youve opened the settings page, press general

STEP FOUR: Open up the store details menu, your current store name will appear in the store-name field

STEP FIVE: Click on the store-name field and delete your existing store name

STEP SIX: Enter your new store name and click the save button to confirm your changes

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Think About The Future

Make sure that your store name isnt too specific. For instance, that it doesn’t refer to a particular product or somehow “locks” you in a particular geographic location.

If your business name is too narrow and very descriptive, it can prevent your business from expanding into different niches or even going international. Not that its not going to be possible, youd just have some extra and not so easy work to do to fix that later.

Or in other words, choose a name that you can grow into.

Make Sure Your Chosen Shopify Store Name Is Available

Change Shopify Store Name

After you have decided on the right niche for your store, using the Shopify store name generator will help you deliver hundreds of unique name ideas with a click of a button.

We recommend choosing the .com domain name for your brand. Why? Users are more likely to click on than abcd.anythingelse. Additionally, .com is easier to remember, its almost the default TLD that most professional brands use.

Of course, its not easy to grab a .com domain, most good ones are certainly bought already. If thats the case, .net, .co, or .io could be good alternatives.

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How To Change A Shopify Store Name And Domain

Shopify is one of the most user-friendly eCommerce platforms available. Sometimes though, it can be a challenge to change a Shopify store name and domain, but its definitely not impossible.

From your Dashboard, you can either change your store name and add or remove the domains directing to your store.

Lets take a look at how to change your stores name!

What Is My Shopify Domain

A domain is the website address, also called a URL, where people can find your store on the internet.

When you first create a Shopify account youâre asked to choose a store name. This store name is used to dynamically create your Shopify domain in the format This domain is initially set as your primary domain.

This domain is used for logging into your Shopify admin dashboard. It can also be used as your customer facing URL but we strongly advise against it. Instead, we recommend you buy and use your own branded custom domain name to build credibility and trust. Customers want to do business with your brand not with Shopify.

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How To Change Shopify Domain Name

When you first create your Shopify store, you are given a shop name and Shopify domain name. The shop name is the name of your shop, and the Shopify domain name is the web address that customers will use to access your store.

If you want to change your shop name or Shopify domain name, there are a few things you need to do first. In this blog post, well walk you through the step-by-step process on how to change Shopify domain name.

There are many reasons why you might want to change your shop or domain name. Maybe you want to switch to a custom domain, or maybe youve decided on a new shop name thats different from your original domain.

So firstly, lets talk about what is a Shopify domain name.

Youre Following A Short

How To Connect Your AutoDS Account To Shopify

A trend can influence your business. In fact, capturing the trend by your store name can bring a huge benefit to your business.

However, short-term trends frequently develop associations with certain groups or stereotypes which are rapidly changing. After a while, you might find the trend no longer overlaps your target customer, you should rename Shopify store.

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How To Change Store Name

Changing the store name which is visible to your customers is really easy and can be done from your store admin. In order to change your Shopify store name simply follow the steps below.

  • Go to your store admin > Settings> General
  • In the section âStore detailsâ update the âStore nameâ field
  • Changing Shopify store name

    Where To Buy A Domain Name From

    When you first sign up for Shopify, you will run through the setup steps to build your store and get all of the technical settings and aspects in place.

    One of the steps is to purchase a domain from Shopify themselves. This will cost you $14, but the perks of purchasing it here is that it will be automatically assigned and run live on your store.

    In all honesty, you are paying for the convenience here. A lot of store owners generally decide to purchase the domain from Shopify thinking its too complicated to purchase a domain and set it up from anywhere else. This couldnt be further from the truth, and you can save over $6 dollars by shopping elsewhere. Ill explain how to do this in the section below.

    There are hundreds of online domain registrars, some are great, others not so much.

    Personally, I have had excellent results with Namecheap and use them for all my domain needs. They have a 24/7 and excellent support team who can help you if you were to experience any issues or need any help with assigning your domain to your Shopify store. Plus the general interface is very easy to use unlike others .

    But as the name suggests, its their pricing that stands out.

    At Namecheap, you can purchase a domain for just $8.91. This is literally half the price as it would be if you decided to purchase the very same domain on the Shopify platform .

    I suggest you purchase your new domain there. Trust me when I say you will not find a cheaper or better registrar for this.

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    Purchase A Shopify Domain Via The Shopify Admin Website

    Here are the steps on how to purchase a Shopify domain through admin website, such as:

    • Login to your Shopify account by using computer.
    • Then you need to click online store in the sales channels section.
    • Choose domains and click the button of buy new domain that place on the top right.
    • Type the domain name you willing to buy in the search box and see whether it is available or not.
    • To complete your purchase, you need to add your payment details and methods.
    • After that, you need to return to the domain screen. Then click change primary domain link if your new domain wants to be listed. After it has been listed, click save.
    Do You Want to Manage Multiple Marketplace Just by Single Person?

    Of course you can! You can handle multiple stores from all marketplace just by single dashboard. Cut your Businesss cost, and Boost your Efficiency at the same time.

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    How To Remove Shopify From Url

    How to change my domain name on Shopify

    If you have just signed up with Shopify, then first and foremost, your store will have a shopify URL.

    This will be tied onto the name of the store that you entered during the sign up process.

    It will look something like this:

    Of course myshopifystore will be replaced with the name you called your store.

    While you can technically sell under this domain, its not great for branding and does not look good for acquiring customers. Its also, not great for your general brand image.

    As such, you are going to want to use a custom domain, and one that you register with a domain provider. You will need to set this as your primary domain.

    The primary domain is the domain name that customers see in the address bar while they browse your online store.

    So by default, would be your primary domain.

    To an assign a primary domain, and manage your domains in general, you simply need to navigate to Online Store> Domains when you are in your Shopify Admin.

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    Run A Successful Ecommerce Business With Shopify

    Running a successful ecommerce business takes work, but Shopify has plenty of tools to help. If you dont know how Shopify works so you can leverage the platform, start there.

    Getting your shop ready to launch is the hard part. With the right marketing strategies, your online business potential is limitless.

    Domain Names Purchased Elsewhere

    Now lets say you already own your domain name. Then, what are your options?

    Note: If your domain name is currently hosted with GoDaddy, Namecheap, or 1& 1, we have a domain name tool that will provide more detailed information.

    Basically you have two choices: either transfer or connect your domain name to your Wix site. There are fundamental differences between the two options so lets break them down in detail.

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    Managing Your Domain Settings In Shopify

    After you add a domain to Shopify doesnt mean it is over. You still need to manage your domain settings for online stores through the Shopify admin. You can choose which domain you want your customers to see while browsing your online store. Here are how to manage your domain settings in Shopify such as:

    • Configuring the renewal for the domain.
    • Add the subdomains.
    • Edit the DNS settings and also the registrar information.

    Buy New Domain From Shopify

    Debutify 4.6 Shopify Theme Tutorial | Beginner Dropshipping Course 2022

    Using the Shopify mobile app, purchase a Shopify domain

  • On your mobile device, open the Shopify app and tap the Store icon in the bottom right corner.
  • In the Sales channels section press Online Store.
  • Press Domains
  • Press the BUY NEW DOMAIN button at the top.
  • In the domain search box, type the domain you want to buy to see what’s available.
  • Select the domain you want and click the Buy button to purchase it.
  • Complete your purchase by entering your payment information.
  • Go back to the Domains page. Your new domain will be listed here once it is ready. Change the primary domain by clicking the Change link.
  • Congratulations! Your new Shopify domain is now operational.

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    Can I Change My Shopify Domain Name

    When you are starting an Shopify store it can be hard to come up with a store name. More difficult still is finding a domain name when the one you had in mind has been taken. Usually you have already started a store by this stage. You therefore may be wondering if it is possible to change your domain name once you have already registered and assigned on to your store. Having run multiple stores over the years, I would like to share with you some important insights on the topic here with you today.

    So, can you change your shopify domain name? Yes it is possible to change your domain name at any time. To do this, you will just need to purchase a new domain, add the new domain and assign it to your store in Shopify, update the CNAME records and verify pwnership. The process only takes between 5-10 minutes.

    I know what its like, when you are starting your new store your mind goes blank. Unless you have really thought about your name and your brand ahead of time, its easy to panic and choose a brand/domain name you no longer like in a couple of months.

    Thankfully, its easier than ever to change your domain name. Id like to share with you how to do this as well as some other considerations.


    Is Center Right For You

    .center benefits

    Looking for an on-brand domain name for your organization but the .com domain extension is taken? Try using .center instead. As a newer top-level domain, its more readily available and a great generic alternative.

    Ideas for your .center domain

    .center is a fresh option for any business, organization, or individual, regardless of your focus or purpose. Not tied to a specific location or industry, .center can help you reach audiences far and wide. Its also a great domain hack for businesses with names that end with center.

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    Is Land Right For You

    .land benefits

    If your brand name does not clearly explain your area of expertiseas is the case for most developersa .land domain name can help prospective customers understand what youre all about.

    Ideas for your .land domain

    Are you a realtor who specializes in large properties outside of an urban core? Or a developer turning a fresh plot into a new highrise? Whatever the case might be, .land can help make your website memorable.

    One: Choose The Right Store Url

    How to Set Your Primary Domain on Shopify in 4 Easy Steps â AVADA Commerce

    Before investing the time and resources into a new custom domain, you may want to do some research into traffic data. The new business name you want to change to should benefit your customer branding and help you rank your website more easily in the search engines.

    Choosing a top-level extension such as a .com will help increase the trust that customers have in your new business. If the new store name is not available with the .com extension, then create a new domain with extensions like .net or .org.

    If you cant get any of these top-level extensions, you may want to brainstorm again and change the name to one that has a .com available.

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    Getting Started With Wix

    To get started with Wix you need to first sign up to their service. On the homepage, select Start Now and then either create a new account with Wix or sign in using Google or Facebook.

    Wix will now ask you what type of website you would like to create. Here we have selected Blog.

    Next you need to choose whether to let Wix use its Artificial Intelligence tool to design your site or to build your website yourself using the Wix Editor. The two processes are quite different.

    Using the Wix Editor gives you access to all of Wixs templates, and editing tools and features. You can also use numerous apps that are available for adding functionality to your website. This gives you full control of customization on your site, and lets you create a website to your exact specifications.

    If you create your site with ADI, you will edit your site using the ADI editor. This gives you far less editing features and options and is quite restrictive as far as the design process is concerned. However, there is no doubt that using ADI is a quicker and easier way to create a website. And it is also possible to switch your site from the ADI Editor into the Wix Editor at any time. So lets have a closer look at both of these processes

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