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How Much Does Squarespace Domain Cost

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The Squarespace Basic Commerce Plan

How Much Does Squarespace Cost?

The Squarespace Basic Commerce plan is the first of two dedicated Squarespace ecommerce plans.

It contains all the features provided by the Business plan and does away with transaction fees. And, as the plans name suggests, it unlocks several important ecommerce features, namely:

While the above features do beef up Squarespaces ecommerce functionality significantly, theres one very important feature which isnt included in the Basic Commerce plan: abandoned cart recovery.

This feature lets you send an automated email to site visitors who go part-way through a transaction only to leave your site at the final stage of the purchase. It can boost sales by up to 15% so its omission is potentially significant to merchants.

What Squarespace Pricing Plan Should I Choose

If you are looking to create an online portfolio, start a blog and occasionally sell goods or services, either the Personal or Business plan will work well. If you have a robust online store and plan to have a high volume of sales, choosing the Basic Commerce or Advanced Commerce plan will be your best bet.

So Is Squarespace Worth It

If youre looking for a totally free website builder, Squarespace obviously isnt the way to go. But if you want premium features for building an e-commerce store, professional blog, or just about any kind of website, Squarespaces website builder plans offer excellent value for an affordable price.

Its a great option for creatives, bloggers, local businesses, charities, and small online stores. Youll get a well-designed website with lots of brilliant features and youll never be forced to upgrade over issues with bandwidth or storage limits.

If youre setting up an e-commerce store, you should definitely consider Squarespace. Its Commerce Plans offer advanced features at a competitive price and choosing it over the likes of Shopify will save on transaction fees.

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Buying A Domain Why We Recommend Namecheap

The first thing you need to do when looking to purchase a domain is to check We used Squarespace to create our website and we love it so much that weve

Oct 31, 2020 You can buy a custom domain from Squarespace but it will cost you from $10 $20. If youre paying monthly and want to save some money, you can

How Squarespaces Prices Compare To Wix, Weebly, & Others After your first year, however, your Squarespace domain will cost between $20-$70/year,

Squarespace Pricing In 2022

Squarespace Pricing

Pricing went up in 2022. The goal here is to help you figure out what Squarespace plan is right for you.

The are 4 plans which Ill cover in detail below.

Ill also compare these with competing platforms.

Finally, well figure out which plan is right for you.

But first, heres the current pricing and what you’re guaranteed with every plan.

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What Is The Squarespace Business Plan

  • Annual $18 per month
  • Monthly $26

The Business Plan allows you to sell products and accept donations, making this plan a good option for businesses who want to test online commerce.

With a Business Plan, you will receive advanced sales and conversion metrics to help you understand how visitors contact you, book your services, join your mailing list, and RSVP to events.

A Business Plan is also required to integrate with Gmail, Mailchimp, Opentable, and Chownow.

A word of warning: Business Plans incur a 3% transaction fee on sales. If you plan on selling more than a few items, consider a Basic or Advanced Commerce plan.

What Features Do You Get With Each Squarespace Scheduling Pricing Plan

As mentioned, Squarespace Scheduling is a completely separate tool from the Squarespace website builder. However, it does have the added bonus of merging seamlessly with a Squarespace website. For that reason, we recommend using both in tandem if your business needs a website, online scheduling tool, and backend calendar.

But what else can you expect from each pricing plan?

To start, here’s what you get with all of the plans:

Here are some of the tools that aren’t necessarily included with every Squarespace plan, but you have the option to get them by upgrading from the Emerging plan:

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Domain Name Cost: Final Thoughts

The simple answer to how much is a domain name is: it depends on your needs. Registering a new domain should never break the bank, though prices will increase after the first year. But if you need an aftermarket domain, be prepared to pay a lot more. In any case, privacy protection, domain transferring, and auto-renewal shouldnt add much, if anything, to the cost of your domain name.

Generally, the cost of a brand new domain name will be between $10-20 a year, which will fluctuate depending on introductory and renewal prices.

Choosing a registrar also depends on what youre looking for whether thats simply a registrar, a hosting provider included, or a registration with a website builder, there are options for every commitment level.

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Squarespace Themes & Website Templates Prices

Squarespace Pricing – What Plan Should I Pick?

One significant feature of this website builder is that all Squarespace themes are available for free. You can opt for whichever template you like without any financial concern. Moreover, Squarespace offers hundreds of elegant and eye-catching website templates on its App Market.

These themes are divided into 16 distinct categories so that store owners can easily locate the best option for their stores.

In case you want to create a one-of-a-kind theme for your online business, you can consider hiring a website designer to work their magic on your site. These professionals will help you build a store from the scratch, add vital eCommerce features, or optimize your stores SEO score. However, the price for this service is not fixed.

It might cost up to $2500+ to set up a completely new site depending on your selection of designers and your workload.

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Squarespace Pricing Compared To Other Website Builders

Although Squarespace is quickly becoming one of the biggest site builders on the internet, it still has a wide array of competitors. One of the biggest considerations most website designers will make when designing their site is the cost of their chosen builder.

Below you can see how Squarespace stands up against competitors and which option is the best value for money!

Plans For Business Websites

There are two Squarespace plans that are best suited for simple business websites: Personal and Business. While its Business plan does offer some e-commerce functionality typically, if youre looking to launch a full-fledged e-commerce shop, youll want to opt for one of Squarespaces designated commerce plans.

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How To Buy A Domain

Follow these instructions to purchase a domain:

  • Search for an available domain. Identify the one youd like to purchase.
  • Click Add to cart
  • To review your cart, click View cart. To remove a domain, click the trash can next to a name.
  • Some domains require you to provide additional information. Click Enter info to do so.
  • Select a privacy option.
  • Google Domains defaults to opting you in to Auto-renew. You can choose to opt out, if desired. Auto-renew helps you keep ownership of your domain by not missing a payment. When auto-renew is on, Google automatically bills the payment method on your account each year around the time your domain expires. Learn more about renewal options.
  • Click Checkout at the bottom of your cart.
  • Enter or edit the Contact information for the domain. The information you enter becomes the public contact information for your domain in the WHOIS database.
  • Select your payment method.
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    How Does Squarespace Scheduling Differ From Acuity Scheduling

    How Much Does It Cost To Have A Website On Squarespace / Squarespace ...

    It’s actually the same product with some small differences. Squarespace Scheduling is a repackaged version of Acuity Scheduling, meaning Squarespace partnered with Acuity to build a custom solution to integrate with the Squarespace ecosystem. Therefore, you won’t see any Acuity branding, and some of the advanced features are slightly different. In addition, Squarespace Scheduling integrates directly into the Squarespace website builder, keeping all of those elements on one custom domain.

    Having said that, if you’re familiar with Acuity Scheduling, you’ll notice plenty of similarities throughout the interface.

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    Can You Use Squarespace For Free

    Yes, you can use Squarespace for free but only for 14 days.

    That might seem like a shame, but as weve spoken about elsewhere, free website builders are far from ideal. Youll have a very limited feature set, your site will be littered with adverts, and theres a high chance you wont actually be able to publish your website at all.

    Squarespaces 14-day free trial, though, gives you the chance to try-before-you-buy. Youll be able to set up your site exactly to your liking, and when the 14 days are up, youll be able to publish it straight away.

    Squarespace Business 15 Per Month

    • Access to unlimited contributors so members of your team can edit and collaborate on the site
    • Access to analytics tools so you can monitor website performance, including traffic, session duration and bounce rate
    • Ecommerce functionality and the ability to sell online
    • Premium integrations with third party apps that can help you capture leads and connect with customers – including OpenTable for restaurant bookings
    • Ecommerce functionality is limited – store design and checkout functions are more simplified than dedicated ecommerce plans
    • A hefty 3% fee on every transaction you make if running your online store on the Business plan
    • No multi-channel selling functionality on platforms like Instagram

    The Business plan is perfect if you want an affordable way to build and manage a business website or small online store.

    You have access to unlimited contributors so members of your team can help run your website and collaborate on content. Whilst Squarespace’s integration with premium third-party services starts with the Business plan, this enables you to add advanced features such as restaurant booking systems and lead capture forms to help you grow your business.

    You also have access to analytics tools that show you how your website is performing, and have the freedom to completely customise your website with technical tools like CSS and JavaScript.

    The Business plan costs £15 a month when billed annually , or £21 a month when you pay month-by-month.

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    Squarespace Pricing Canada: A Comprehensive Guide To

    Oct 27, 2021 Squarespace does not have a free plan but you can get a 14-day free trial. You can save Squarespace costs by paying annually.

    Dec 1, 2021 Squarespace Pricing How Much Does Squarespace Cost? Squarespace Domain & Hosting Cost. Unlike Magento or other open-source eCommerce Rating: 5 · Review by LitExtension Team · $16.00

    How much does Squarespace really cost? Squarespaces domain registration service is powered by Squarespace LLC and Tucows. Tucows is also the parent

    2 answersIts a convenience fee. Squarespace makes it easier for the layperson to register a domain by keeping it How much does it cost to get a domain name?

    Squarespace Pricing And Plans

    Connecting a Network Solutions Domain To Your Squarespace Site | Squarespace 7.0

    Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and here’s how we make money.

  • Which is right for you?
  • If youre hoping to build a website or an e-commerce store for your small business, Squarespace is a great place to start. This popular website-building platform offers tons of professionally designed templates and other useful features that let you build and manage your website easily. With four plans to choose from, you may wonder which is the best for you. This guide is here to help you decide.

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    Why Doesn’t My Site Load When I Go To My Squarespace Domain

    If your Squarespace domain isnt directing to your site, review the following:

    • If you recently registered your domain, ensure that youve verified ownership. If you don’t verify your domain within 15 days, it will be temporarily suspended and might not direct to your site.
    • Ensure that your domain is active and not expired.
    • If youve changed any DNS settings, restore the original settings with the Website Defaults preset. Wait up to 72 hours for your settings to readjust.

    If youre still having trouble, contact us, and well help you troubleshoot further.

    Squarespace Pricing : 4 Tips To Get The Lowest Price

    Jul 22, 2021 Squarespace charges $20 per year for a .com domain name whereas Namecheap offers it at under $10 . Do you want to Rating: 4.2 · Review by Robert Brandl

    You can purchase a domain through Squarespace, typically starting at $20. Or you can purchase your domain through a third-party site such as Bluehost.

    Squarespace gives users the ability to purchase a custom domain name hosted by its registrar, Tucows. Each registered domain name costs $20 to $70 per year.

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    Unlimited Bandwidth And Storage

    With Squarespace your paying for hosting, content management and templates all in one. There are no constraints on how much traffic your site can handle. Each plan allows you to have as many pages and upload as much content as you like. Ill talk about how this compare to something like WordPress below.

    Best Squarespace Plans For Regular Websites

    How Much Does A Domain Cost On Squarespace

    If you need to build a small and simple, personal site with no eCommcerce features, then the Personal plan is right for you.

    If you want to build a general business website, the Business plan is the right choice for most of you. The Squarespace Business plan lets you sell online but with a 3% transaction fee for each final order total.

    With the Business plan you also get access to all of Squarespaces extensions, the option to accept donations, business email setup with G Suite, Gift Cards and up to $100 Google Ads Credits.

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    Pricing Per Domain Ending

    Prices vary based on domain endings listed in the pricing table.For example, if you buy,,and, the yearly cost of each of these domains differ because thedomain endings .com, .charity, and .wiki have different costs.The yearly price of each domain that you register is added to get the total cost. Seethe Pricing example.

    For detailed information about domain endings, click the domain ending on the page.

    Cloud Domains does not support the following kinds of domains:

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