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How Do I Find Out Who Owns A Web Domain

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Option #: Visit A Domain Name Registrar To Use Whois

How to Find Out Who Owns a Domain Name

Domain name registrars sell domain names, but they generally offer hosting too. If youre not ready for a website, most ICANN-credited registrars dont require hosting services to purchase domain names. The same scenario applies to web hostersthey offer domain name purchases alone. and are a couple of registrar examples. Your domain name searches use WHOIS automatically. However, you can scroll to the bottom of the companys website and access the WHOIS database through their system the same way you would with a web hosting provider.

How To Find Out Who Actually Owns A Domain Name

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Do you want to find out who actually owns a domain name?

Looking up who owns a domain can help you find the owners contact information, so you can purchase the domain name.

In this article, well show you how you can find out who actually owns a domain name, step by step.

Why Find Out Who Owns a Domain Name?

Finding out who owns a domain name can tell you valuable information about the domain name owner.

Usually, this information will include an email address and other contact information, so you can get in touch to purchase the domain name.

It also shows you useful domain name information, like the last time it was registered, how many owners the domain has had, and more.

If you find that multiple people have owned a specific domain name, then this increases chances of the domain being used for spam.

When youre creating a WordPress website, one of the biggest decisions youll make is choosing the perfect business name and matching domain.

If youve found a great domain, but its already registered, then youll want to reach out to the owner to see if theyre willing to sell it to you.

Method 1: Search for a Domain With WHOIS Lookup Tool

Then, the tool will display the available WHOIS results.

Who Owns My Website Domain

Who owns my website domain? is often the first question that a new client asks, and with good reason. Your website domain is the key to your entire website, and losing access to it can do significant damage to your online presence. You can move servers, upgrade your CMS or change to a completely different web language but your website domain will always stay the same. You should always take care to ensure that you or your company owns your domain, as taking control of a domain owned by someone else can be a very difficult process.

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How Do I Use The Whois Lookup Tool

Do you want to know more about a domain and find out who owns it? Use our domain owner lookup tool by entering the URL into thesearch bar above.

Here you will find the answers to important questions like:

  • Is the domain available for registering?
  • Who is the domain owner?
  • What contact information is available?
  • When is the registration expiration date?

Discover further information on any domain, and find new opportunities for your personal or professional website.

How To Find Out Who Owns A Business

How Do I Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name In Us

How To Find Out Who Owns A Business. You’ll see a list of matching results on the business names register. How to find out who owns a domain name.

Before you can learn whether buying your domain is even a possibility, you need to figure out who to contact about it. Find a property and search for land and property information. Google, bing, and yahoo can provide contact information like an email.


How to find out who owns a property in 2022. The search will also display who owns the business whether its a sole proprietorship, partnership, general partnership or incorporation.


Simply enter the url for the domain name in question here: First, whois will show basic information, like the domain name, id, domain registrar server and.


Determine the state where the business is organized. When you first enter the ownership page, youll simply be given the reported owner of the property.


This makes the process of finding out the owner quite simple. Ever wondered how to find out who owns a domain name?


Determine the state where the business is organized. First, whois will show basic information, like the domain name, id, domain registrar server and.

Source: gaga.awbymary.comSource: trk.boomtown-toolkit.orgSource: rava.authenticsavalanchestore.comSource: trk.boomtown-toolkit.orgSource:

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Negotiating With A Domain Name Owner

If youve consulted WHOIS databases or otherwise discovered the identity of the domain name owner, the next step for those looking to purchase a domain name is to negotiate with the owner.

Its important to remember that as long as an owners domain registration hasnt expired, they retain complete control over the name and can either sell it or keep it, as desired. Sometimes, even if youve discovered the perfect domain name, the owner might be unwilling to put it up for sale. Circumstances like these arise rather frequently for that reason, its important to keep an open mind and be willing to entertain the idea of registering an alternative name.

Send an email or otherwise get in contact with the owner by using the information youve acquired through research. Reach out with a positive attitude. Even if there wont be any face-to-face negotiations, its important to be friendly. Once you agree to the deal, exchange payment for ownership.

Why Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name

Before you start on your mission to find owners of domain names, lets answer a question or two. Lets also find out more about the body behind domain name registration.

Our initial questions are:

  • Why do you need to find out who the owner is?
  • What do you hope to get from finding out who they are?

Surprisingly, knowing who owns a domain or website can be very beneficial. For example, people often sell domains, and you may wish to buy one that you come across. By finding out who the owner is, you will be in a position of being able to contact them to inquire if its for sale.

Many of our clients have a brand name in mind or are already established as a business and therefore want the website that matches their brand name. In some cases, its possible to buy a domain name from the owner, especially if its recently been registered.

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Where Can I Go If I Get Stuck

You can always ask us, well do our best to advise the best course of action. Weve overseen the domain transfer process countless times, so well quickly be able to advise the best way to proceed. You can also try contacting the registrar in question directly. If youre not sure what to do, please contact us and well let you know what to do.

Hosting Checker: The Server Details

How to Find Out Who Owns a Domain – HostGator

The first part of the hosting checker report tells you who hosts this site or what is your hosting company. The second tab answers the question Where is this site hosted?. There you will find its IP address, sites webserver location , and name of the organization managing it.

You might wonder why the server location is in the host lookup tool report. The proximity of the webserver is essential as it influences the loading speed. The closer the webserver is to the target audience the faster the data will transfer. Some web host providers even charge extra for choosing a specific webserver location. To check where a specific IP address is, try our Free IP Checker.

If you want to save the content of any tab of our host checker, you can do it in one click. Copy it to a clipboard to paste elsewhere, download it as a pdf-file, or share it on social media.

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Use Whois To Identify Website Owner

You may be asking what WHOIS is in the first place. Simply put, this term is used whenever anyone wants to access information about a website. Whenever someone registers a web domain, relevant information becomes part of a public database.

If you are looking for the domain name, IP address, or even the address and contact numbers, WHOIS will serve as your best friend.

WHOIS websites:

  • WHOIS record

Some More Registrant Information Domain Server Information Domain Name Record Information

WHOIS performs the required task efficiently, however, at the same time it should be noted that the information available may be exploited or utilized for spam and other purposes. You may end up receiving emails and unnecessary information from different resources and start filling up your inbox. To get rid of this problem, there are certain tools to help protect your privacy.

As in the case of, we are able to see only limited information about the actual owner as the information is camouflaged through a privacy protection service called domain name privacy. Many domain name registrars offer domain privacy to mask the actual information of the domain owner. The privacy feature helps display third party information to safeguard your personal information from publically available information. Personal information is collected by the registrar and is accessible only on request by following certain privacy rules and regulations.

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Are The Domain Owner And The Website Owner The Same

In most situations, the domain owner and the website owner are the same. But technically, that doesnt have to be the case. So, who is the owner of a domain?

Businesses are a great example to look at. A business website is part of the company, which can be owned by a partnership or corporation. However, domains are usually registered to one individual.

When a domain is registered, it will have several contacts listed for it. These are Registrant, Admin, Technical, and Billing. The Registrant contact is the legal owner of the domain.

If you hired an agency to build your website, someone on its staff might have registered the domain. If its not under your contact information, you wouldnt be the websites legal owner.

And finally, sometimes, domain registration services retain ownership of your domain. If they charge you for managing your domain, such as updating MX or A records, then thats a good sign that you dont legally own your domain.

However, if you find the domain owner, it will be easy to get to the website owner and vice versa.

Lets look at five proven ways to find out who owns a website.

Discover More Information With Another Tool

How Do I Find Out Who Owns A Godaddy Website

In addition to there is another resource tool that can provide you with further information about domains and website. Its called DomainTools. On their WhoIs lookup search tool youll be able to find other information such as the type of server its on. From a competition point of view, youll also have access to some SEO information. Knowing how many links a site has and an SEO score can give you a competitive advantage.

Information about SEO and how many images are stored on the site can give you a foot up on the competitive ladder. Also, you can use the tool to run a check on your website.

If the information about your domain name isnt correct, you may miss out on receiving notifications regarding it. For example, some domain owners receive purchase offers, partnership requests and the like.

If youre a private person and you dont want to share your personal information with the world, then you can protect your identity by using privacy controls. By searching for your domain name, you can determine whether these privacy controls are being productive.

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Difference Between Website Hosting And A Domain Name Registry

Weve described a way to check website hosting whereabouts for free. But you may wonder how a website hosting is different from a domain name registry. Lets make it clear.

A domain name registry is a database with all domain names and the associated information. Why do we need domain names in the first place? Each website has its unique ID called an IP address. That long string of numbers isnt easy to remember. A unique domain name is associated with the IP address. It serves as a human-compatible shortcut a user can memorize and easily refer to. A domain name is what people use to find your website. If you are looking for domain names for your business, you may use our Domain Availability Checker.

Website hosts store, serve, and process files for many websites. When you use web hosting, you lease space on the servers to house your sites files and make them available for the visitors. If a website is a shop, then a website hosting company is a shopping center, providing you with all the necessities.

How To Tell Who Owns A Domain Using Whois

JamieRead more December 1, 2020

Domain names are supposed to be unique, and some are now worth quite a lot of money. If you are searching for a domain name and your preferred choices are taken, you can find out who owns them and see if they are interested in selling their domains.

WHOIS is a great source to get what you need. Find the owners contact information, make a connection, and see if they are open to offers. So, what is WHOIS, and how do you identify the owner of the respective domain name? This article answers those questions and more.

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What Steps Can I Take To Ensure My Domain Privacy Is Protected

Some Registrars offer privacy protection services that allow their customers to mask their actual contact details in the Whois search result in order to prevent their private contact information falling into the hands of spammers and scammers. Get in touch with your Registrar to learn more about your options.

Three: Contact The Domain Registrar

Web Site & Internet Help : How to Find Out Who Owns a Domain?

Many domain registrars now offer domain name privacy, which keeps the owners personal information from being listed in the WHOIS directory. Between that and GDPR legislation, the WHOIS directory is no longer a reliable way to find a domain owners personal contact information.

That means in many cases, you wont be able to learn directly who the owner is via the directory. But you will be able to find out who they registered the domain with.

This still isnt a dead end. Go to the website of the domain registrar , and look for their contact information. Give them a call or write them an email letting them know what domain youre interested in buying, and ask them to pass along your information to the owner. The registrar will have the owners contact details on file, and will be able to share your interest with them without violating any privacy concerns.

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